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Author's Note:
This is a story about Neopets! If you do not know about neopets, I suggest you going to to learn more about this story's characters

"Honey, we're going out...will you be ok in here alone?"
"Yes, of course, mother"
My mom and brother left, locking the door behind them. I sighed in relief at discovering myself to finally be alone again! Hey, my name is Nebel. I'm a young, green kougra who loves to be lazy yet I am shockingly tough. I may be short, but I can really kick bum in the battledome...if....I...have the right equipment....ok ok, so I may not be that tough, but I am a sort of punk...or getting that way dramatically. My three piercings (gold hoop at the top of my ear, two spuds on my lobe) and chain collar show me as a soft punk. I have one brother and a mom. My brother’s name is Amr, my mom’s name is Midori…but we just called her mom. My mom is pretty nice, she keeps us satisfied, healthy and well fed...we don't have the biggest house though...but that is fine. We love her all the same.
I lay lazily on the sofa of the enormous cruise ship. My mom, Amr, and I were cruising around the world of Neopia, and boy was it a hefty cost! She also bought us a suit! But Mom wanted us to relax and explore new places instead of being cooped up at home playing video games. I rolled onto my side and sat up slowly, yawning deeply. I looked around at the silent, empty room. To my left was the two queen beds, separated from the sitting room with a drawn back and red curtain. In the sitting room were a TV, some games and a game system, a wooden coffee table, a sofa, and two fluffy chairs. You can't imagine how much my mom spent on this room! There was also a bathroom! Nice and clean with a huge bathtub!
I jumped down from the comfy couch, marching over to the window. I pounced onto the soft, window seat and lay against the wall, watching the soft, blue ocean ripple pass by. I heard a soft clip on the door and I quickly tensed up…so I’m scared of being alone? So what? I jumped onto the floor silently and crouched down, the hair on the back of my neck starting to flare. The door burst open. I pounded forward and jumped onto the heavy object, knocking it to the floor with a THUD! "Owww!" cried a familiar voice. I blinked in shock as I looked down at my uni little brother Amr. "Oh! I'm sorry!" I screamed. I lept off of him and jumped onto the bed and posed there innocently. My mom giggled and smiled. Then, I noticed something...she had a bag behind her back!! Was it for me?! Man, I hope so...I'm not greedy...we just don't get a lot of gifts.
"So...uhmm....what's that behind you?" I asked, beaming joyfully. Amr got up and shook his well-groomed coat, his white mane flying gently around his neck, the gentle green tint shining in the light. His smooth tail swished softly. I shook my head, trying to get back into focus. I, once again, got lost in my brother's gleaming coat! My coat was very messy and dirty…I guess that’s what I get for not accepting my chance to use the brush and soap! Mom smiled innocently and Amr smiled. "Tah dah!" they chimed together, throwing the packaged at me. I lept up and caught it by the handle, landing back on the bed gracefully. I looked at them with the package between my teeth. They comically held up boards reading 10! I rolled my eyes, "Fery funny," (Very funny) I said through clenched teeth.
I sat the package down on the bed as they sat around me. I sat down and spread the opening with my paws and reached inside anxiously. Inside were many different small items: Lemon Faerie Bubble, Kougra Winged Collar, the book Battle!, a bottled water faerie, and a Twisted Roses poster. "Wow!" I screamed. Mom giggled and smiled. She stroked my head softly and scratched behind my ears; I purred gently and smiled. Amr rolled his eyes and smiled.
"That's not even the best part!" he said. He jumped from the bed and trotted out into the deserted hall, his hooves gleaming brightly in the dim lights. He galloped in with 2 more big packages, wrapped in gleaming blue paper. I quickly ripped the first open, knocking off the lid. Inside was the most precious gift I had ever got: a dual expert bow! I had been training with a normal bow for so long! Now I could actually use something more advanced in the battledome to beat those level 8 Kyrii! "Open this one too!!" Amr cried anxiously. I ripped the paper back and threw open the lid. Inside of this one was an improved air sceptre! I was so shocked!! Who knows how much they spent on me, and it wasn’t even a special day! Or is this a sign that there is bad news coming...? Well, I'll have to think of that later! Those Kyrii and my other opponents better watch their backs!
"Thank you, Mom!" I hollered, jumping into her lap and nuzzling my head against her cheek. She giggled and said it was no problem.
"Don't lose them! We spent tons of money on these!" Amr smiled. I grinned at him and jumped down and nuzzled against him and purred happily.
"Thanks, Amr"
"Anytime, Nebel. I had to hint to Mom about your good behavior lately," he said with a wink. I smiled broadly. All of a sudden the ship gave a huge lurch, sending us crashing to the floor. I thrashed into Amr and he kicked out at me as the lights flickered out. I heard Mom scream and heard her feel around for us.
"Ow! That's my paw, Amr!"
"Well then move it!"
"Will someone get some candles?!" my mother yelled. I scrambled up and felt around for a candle, occasionally knocking things over...especially lamps! They came crashing to the floor, spreading glass all over the floor. "Watch out for glass!" I screamed.
"Ok!" they yelled back. I kept feeling around for a candle and finally found the cabinet. I opened the drawer and withdrew a candle and a lighter. I set the long candle and base on the table and lit the match. I held the flaming match up to the wick and it slowly catches fire. I shake the match out and toss it into the waste basket. I pick up the base's handle with my teeth and walk back to them. "Otay! Aw....c-ceer...."(Okay! All clear) I mumble through clenched teeth, glancing out the window. Beside the window sat a silver figure, I was guessing it would be the Ghost Lupe. But then it slowly turned its head towards me, its back turned to me. I just then noticed the long ears, slender body, and curved shaped. The transparent gelert stood up slowly and faced me. I felt a cold sweat run down my body, matting my fur to me close. I’ve never heard of a ‘Ghost Gelert’ before! I didn’t know if it were a good thing or a bad thing, like the Pant Devil! I gulped and suddenly felt the world go quiet as the ghost started to step forward. All I could hear was the distant scream of my mom and brother screaming to me, and my own voice pondering in my head: What happened to the ship? Why is there a ghost on the ship, not to mention a gelert! Is this haunted ship haunted?
The gelert pulled back and pounced at me. I screamed and dropped the candle, sending it to the floor with no flame (luckily) which had been blown out by the blow. Everything went black...and all I could hear were gentle mumblings and screamings of my family, which soon faded into the darkness...I was alone...very alone....

To Be Continued...



The following comments are for "Legend of the Ghost Gelert: Part One"
by MidoriKori

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