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In order for the reader to get a more complete understanding of the
perfect society situation, it is necessary that I share a little of
what I know about God. That "sharing" is the purpose of this chapter.

Once, long, long ago, before "time" existed, a physical being lived.
This physical being had consciousness, intelligence, emotions, and self
awareness, but this physical being was alone in existence. This
physical being is who I call **God**.

God was "self contained" meaning that God was able to sustain His own
life (I am using the male gender when I refer to God only because this
is the custom in the English language, but God is NOT gender specific).

God has attributes that some might consider to be female (such as being
a life giver, and also emotional sensitivity, compassion, etc.,), but
God has other attributes that some might consider male (such as being a
provider, and also being determined, authoritative, initiator, etc.).

However, none of those attributes, are "exclusive" to either gender,
instead they simply are qualities which can be developed by individuals
and which are common to emotional, rational thinking beings. For that
reason, in the perfect society, no set "gender" roles will be assigned
to either gender, other than the fact that females bear the offspring.

At that "alone" period in His life, God was "internal", meaning that He
was "within Himself" as opposed to His being "externally involved".
God pondered His situation and determined to create other living beings
that they may also experience the delight of being alive (God very much
enjoys being alive), and so that He would no longer be alone.

Since God was only "internally involved" at that period, "time" did not
then exist. When God acted "externally", He created this universe, that
we are becoming familiar with, in a "raw" condition.

God chose to be a creator in such a way that would provide Him with the
enjoyment of many other opportunities to exercise His "creating" and
"organizing" throughout this new "raw" universe. Contrary to the
prevailing wrong myths about God, God does not sit upon a throne with
knowledge about everything and anything that will happen, nor does God
direct all that happens.

God does **sometimes** intervene and cause certain things to occur, but
usually God refrains from controlling His living creations. God is
able to "read" our thoughts and memories and thereby learn what we have
done and why we have done so. But God does not do this unless He has a
specific reason to do so, because God respects our privacy.

God has the capability to learn and to grow in experience. God is
knowledgable about "the past", and God is able to bring about any
"future" that He chooses to. BUT, having said that, it is important to
state that God chose to create *free* living beings, and since we are
*free*, we represent a normally uncontrolled component within God's
universe, with all of the unpredictability that goes along with
intelligent and emotional physical living beings being *free* to make
their own decisions.

Since God has the capability of bringing about whatever He chooses to,
He can determine the course of "future events" by intervening in the
present, such as when He freed the Israelites from the bondage of
Egypt, as recorded in the Jewish/Christian bible.

But God controls human events for only a limited time sufficient to
bring about a specific result that He wants to obtain and He then
returns control to us.

God prefers to interact with "free beings" who are able to choose their
own courses of action. God has "freedom of choice" and that is one of
His gifts to us, that we too might have "freedom of choice".



"Time" is simply a system for measuring change, either plus or minus
and "time" began with the creation of our universe.

Our universe is within the universe of God, but our universe is NOT all
there is to God's universe. In fact, our universe rotates and orbits
about God. Again, in order to be clear, "Time" is NOT a dimension, it
is a system for measuring change.

For example, on this earth, we use a 24 hour day (*approximately*
representing the earth's rotation), and a 365 day year (*approximately*
representing the earth's orbit of the sun) for measuring the passing of
"time", while elsewhere on other planets the inhabitants use other sets
of values for measuring "time".

But they and we, are each measuring the same thing, that is, the period
of change that occurs, either plus or minus in accord with a standard
unit of measurement, which is determined by local conditions.



God had a purpose in mind for creating human beings. That purpose is so
that we would populate worlds throughout the universe.

Since earth humans in the perfect society will live long, long, lives
and since this earth has finite resources, it is part of God's plan
that He will prepare other planets for us to expand to. And, since
this universe is also finite, God will create another universe for
human expansion when necessary. And another and another, so on.

God creates in "steps". On this earth, those "creation steps" of God
are mis-understood, and some humans, wrongly call those steps as being
"evolution". We humans are not descended from apes, but those monkeys
and apes were previous models (prototype steps) created by God.

We humans are an advanced design. Yes, we truly are "physically
advanced", but we have been stuck at a substandard attitude level, for
a long period of time. We humans, are responsible for developing our

Also as part of God's purpose, God would like to remain involved in our
lives, and His physically renewing us, His changing of human genders,
His restoring female physical virginity, simply are some of the ways
that God would like to be involved within our lives on a continuing
basis, IF we choose to have it be so.

Other ways God would be involved in our lives would be for Him to
accomplish things for us that we can not do for ourselves. For
example, God would intervene to stop a drought, or to stop volcanic
activity, or to set up a habitable environment for us on another planet.

God does NOT require our "subservient worship". Instead, God prefers
that we have a relaxed, familiar, friendly, respectful, safe and
harmonious relationship with Him.

If that is what God prefers, then why are things so different than that
on this earth now?

God's plan has been temporarily interrupted on this earth, and how and
why that happened will be presented in detail in book two (the basic
information will be presented in a series of articles), but know this
for now, God does have that type of relationship with some individuals
now living upon this earth, just as He also did with Enoch, Abraham,
and Moses when they lived here.

Although God's plan was interrupted here on this earth, God chose to
carry on with His plan in another way, and in the 7th generation from
Adam, God found a man who rejected the predatory ways of this earth and
God began another colony of humans, with that man and a woman, on a
different planet in this universe.



The human male that God found in the 7th generation was Enoch. The
Jewish/Christian bible says that Enoch walked with God on this earth
for 365 years and then "God took him".

Once God's plan for the universe was interrupted upon this earth, God
prepared another planet for human habitation and then looked for an
acceptable human to colonize it.

That human male was Enoch. Since Enoch had lived within a predatory
society upon this earth, and he had rejected the ways of that society,
the society of that new beginning was established as a perfect society,
with the basic concepts that I have presented in this book.

Since death is a rarity in the society of Enoch, and is only for those
who choose to be anti-society, Enoch is still alive and well. Abraham
and Moses with his wife Zipporah are also alive and well living on
planets within the society of Enoch.

At present, on this earth, we humans have DNA that has been altered and
hence we have weakened physical bodies, but later in the perfect
society our DNA will be restored so that we too will be physically
well, just as the inhabitants of the society of Enoch are physically
healthy human beings.



There are 2 methods by which earth humans will perform long distance
space travel in the perfect society. Because of the "longevity" that we
will enjoy, the distance of our travel takes on less importance.

In fact, the priority then is for the design of space transports for
comfortability, for adults and children, so that life in transit will
be as pleasant as possible.

The second method of space travel will be provided by God. God has the
capability of transporting humans throughout this universe, and on
occasion, God does so.

For example, in the Jewish/Christian bible there are recorded instances
of humans from the society of Enoch visiting this earth (they were
called "angels", which means "messengers", or more properly "agents"),
such as the visit of 3 men to Abraham before the destruction of Sodom.

Also, when Moses was said to have been "on the mountaintop", he was
really visiting other planets in the universe.

There exists 2 "zones" in God's universe, a timeless zone (no change)
and a timed zone (where change occurs).

When God transports humans, they are brought from the timed zone at
point A and through the timeless zone to point B without aging. For
example, a human could leave this earth on Jan 1st and be brought to
the other side of the universe, remain there for a period of time and
then be returned to this earth on Jan 2nd with no ill effects from the



God deals with the death of earth humans in one of four different ways:

.. 1.) Some humans never experience death (such as Enoch, Elijah).

.. 2.) Some humans receive an immediate new physical life in the
...... society of Enoch (such as David's child with Bathsheba).

.. 3.) Some humans will receive another physical life upon this earth
...... (such as those "valley of dry bones").

.. 4.) Some humans die and their existence is forever ended (such as
...... those who have blasphemed God and will not be forgiven).

I will go into more detail, in books 2 & 3, about these 4 ways that God
deals with the death of earth humans, but for now, a reader should
realize that for the vast majority of those humans who have lived and
died upon this earth, they will receive another physical life
opportunity upon this earth.

The reason for these 4 ways are quite simple to understand. The society
of Enoch is a non-predatory society, thus only those earth humans who
are safe to live within such a society, that is, either those who have
rejected this predatory society (such as Enoch & Elijah) OR those who
died too young to have developed predatory habits (such as fetuses,
newborns, or very young children) are allowed into the society of
Enoch, with new physical lives, after they have died on this earth.

Those others who had developed predatory habits before they died (the
"majority"), will have to live upon this earth once again (except the
unforgiven "minority" who I will identify more fully in book 2).

The 2nd life opportunity on this earth is provided for the majority
of those who have died in order that they may have an opportunity to
rid themselves of those predatory habits. Thus, once the inhabitants
of this earth are no longer predatory, this earth will then be allowed
to join into the society of Enoch.

So eventually, all humans who have ever lived upon this earth (except
for the unforgiven), will become a part of the society of Enoch.



A final thought, that I want to leave you the reader with is this, the
message that Moses brought from God was a simple, direct message:

.. Before you is the way of life or the way of death, choose life, for
.. why would you die, -- choose life!



I plan to present the research information which I evaluated about and
from the Jewish/Christian Bible, prior to my writing this book, in a
series of articles. It is also my intention to eventually update this
book by adding those articles as follow-up chapters to the 10 chapters
already presented here. That information should make some of what is
written in this book seem the less fantastic.

Thank you for taking the time to read through this book 1. May we meet
on our journey to the perfect society and may we develop many fine
memories together on that journey!


Less Death

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The following comments are for "Perfect Earth Society, Ch 10"
by lessdeath

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