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I've always been a little suspicious about violence. I am quite annoyed with the tremendous violence in certain part of the states. But, then again, violence is everywhere; If you look at people these days, they want to harm you, just for the look.

I spoke on this subject to one of the deacon of a certain church that I visited
once. He said, "Are you kidding me? I replied, no,,,,,,,, [no] I'm not kidding. Some teenagers, (not all) will see you driving down or up the street, or whatever direction you are going, or coming from. And instantly, there are some teenagers, who will actually step out in front of an oncoming vehicle, and will not move.

My perogative is this; I can sit there and blow my horn in their ears, until they move, or,give myself a headache, or
they can show some respect and remove theirself.

Then there's smart remarks from some teenagers! You know, adding remarks about injury to the driver. beware some will try you. Question is, Are you willing to take that chance? I know I'm not. It's like they want to send you to Heaven or to Hell! Some live a cruel, vindictive, and hateful life. So in order to ignore the outcome, sometimes, it's best just to keep your mouth closed. eventually, they will ignore you also.

There's help for teenagers out there, a lot of good programs. Teenager
and young-adult violence is growing epidemic. both suicide and homicide in age groups ranging from (10 to 21).

Their attitudes are changing rapidly. I thank GOD that 3 of my sons are not violent. But, then on the other hand, my 24 year old Son had a temper problem. I had to pray for him daily,and "The Glory belongs to God." He turned my son life around. Now my son lives for the LORD.

Stress, is very bad. Depression, is also bad. Soometimes teenagers, and young-adults, are mis-treated at home or some kind of other environment. We, don't know what they go through. But, there is some teenagers, and young-adults, just rotten to the core.

Prayer is powerful. I pray for our future kids all the time. Even some parents attitudes are changing. Some Psychologists cannot explain their adolescent behavior.

As adults, we have to take a stand, and let them know who is in charge of the house-hold. and will not bow down to their commands or to they behavior. Whether it's a child, teenager, brother, sister, or relative. they need to know their place, and recognize your place!

I call some families "A Dysfunctional Family". Broken by divorce, alcholism, drug use, sexual abuse, and violence. Who is to say "Why that teenager or young-adult, act the way they do?"


"If we will seek the counsel of the One who keeps us, and not of our own understanding; Then we would accomplish much, much more" - ~Jeannie Simpson~

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The following comments are for "Violence"

Y'know, the best thing to do, when teenagers step in front of your car, is run 'em over. If you put the pedal to the metal, the smart ones will scatter like pigeons. The dumb ones . . . well . . . they're just a waste of meat, anyway.

Seriously, teenagers have always been like this. I remember teens walking in front of cars in the 1950's, and getting in knife-fights (stilettos were very popular back then), and being drunk and disorderly. James Dean was an icon of that era's stupidity, and starred in the big hit movie, Rebel Without A Clue, or something like that.

And in the 1950's, I remember my grandparents and great-grandparents telling me that kids were just as bad in the 1920's. Back then, kids used to take cars, soup up the engines, strip the cars down so they were little more than a seat on wheels, and race each other.

They called these stripped-down cars speeders, incidentally, which is where the term comes from.

The more things change . . .

( Posted by: gsmonks [Member] On: January 14, 2004 )

Sorry I gotta say something.
You make alot of good points. My writings are very violent and have violent themes. It dosn't mean I am violent. Todays youth are grouped together so much and we only have ourselves to thank for it. I myself have come from an angry background I have done lots of angry stuff I am ashamed up but, Give Teens a chance. Its not TV or music that makes a Teen use violence its that they see they are invicible take that away. Using gsmonks idea might not be the most legal but a little tap wouldn't hurt anyone.
=) just don't hit me when I am doing carts at my job
God bless
Paul Aka Mr36

( Posted by: Mr36 [Member] On: January 14, 2004 )

naah! run 'em down!
Naah! Run 'em down, I say! Watch 'em scatter like bowling pins!


Just funnin', of course.

( Posted by: gsmonks [Member] On: January 14, 2004 )

tough love
Hi Jeannie. In defense of a lot of teenagers I have dealt with, I would say you are still talking about a minority. But with those you speak of, it looks to me a lack of faith. In something. Shows how important spriituality and hope is.
I think we've become a bit too visual, and lost our other senses. Well not lost, just forget to exercise them enough.

Like I said on clairesbest's blog, it's hard to put your thoughts and inner self on display. Harder than it looks. So I salute you too for having the heart to draw the line when it was crossed with your boys and put yourself on dislay here.

Respects and peace be with you

( Posted by: smithy [Member] On: January 15, 2004 )

I had to learn tolerance over time to keep cool because some, not all teens has this thing about them. They think that because of their age that nothing can happen to them. I used to yell and scream at them to speed up their walk across the street so I could go but the more I yelled it seemed the slower their walk became. So count to 10 or 20 and eventually they will be on the curb!

( Posted by: shytown45 [Member] On: January 16, 2004 )

uhm, ok.
This made me nauseous for a couple reasons. I don't believe in any sort of "higher power" so all the God-speak here I thought was ... honestly, very laughable. Prayer, in my view, is a placebo effect and kind of like any other pseudo-science, astrology for example, positive results oftentimes outweigh the numerous failures because people want to believe it works. Have to believe. Because if there is no celestial Daddy in the sky to look to for reassurance, if there is no power of prayer, then life is meaningless, right? No, not right.

I have no idea why religion is tied in here other than because I suspect you're a devoutly religious person. Super.

Other than that, sure, there's problem children everywhere. Certainly not as dire a problem as this blog suggests, and violence is necessary sometimes. Not everyone is reasonable.

I think the problem lies not only with people who don't have respect for their neighbors, but also with those who don't have backbones and allow people to step on them.

( Posted by: die_daily [Member] On: January 16, 2004 )

g.s.monks; run them over, shame on you

Thanks to all others who commented on this.

diedaily; To each own. huh,uh , well, I serve an "Awesome God" but thank you for commenting anyway.



( Posted by: JEANNIE45 [Member] On: January 23, 2004 )

Very touched
Keep up the great work, I know you will become a famous writer one day. And make sure you save me a autographed copy please. And thank you for telling me about this great site.

( Posted by: mrsscbedbug [Member] On: May 5, 2004 )

Jeanie the pain they feel is obvious and like you I think it comes from home problems coupled with the lack of a devine relationship. "Where would I be without the Lord?" There is no other relationship that can comfort encourage or enpower you like a relationship with God. For those who don't believe, I am truely sorry for you, I wish you had him to turn to in times of trouble.

( Posted by: Jade [Member] On: September 11, 2004 )

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