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In the perfect human society, there will be no national borders that
restrict people, because there will be no "nations".

However, because it is *efficient* to have areas of responsibility in
which various programs will be administered by assigned governments,
there will be administrative boundaries, but those "boundaries" will
not restrict the movement of residents between administrative areas.

The "governmental organization" of this earth will be such that local
areas (perhaps tens, or hundreds, or even thousands of square miles,
whichever the geography suggests would be efficient) will administer
the programs for that area. Next, local areas would be joined together
into a region (about 7 or 8 regions worldwide). Lastly, there will be
one Earth council to administer the worldwide administrative programs.

............. Area Council = administer local programs
........... Region Council = administer programs for multiple areas
............ Earth Council = administer worldwide programs

An adult person will be a voting member of an Area and a Region by
reason of his/her residing within that area or region. However, for
worldwide elections and referendums, each person will choose a group
within which to cast his/her vote.

For example, a man who was born in the former state of New York of a
native American mother and an Irish father, who was educated as a
scientist, and who lives in the former state of Florida, might choose
to join a Native American group, an Irish group, a scientific group, a
New York group, a Florida group, or any other group that he so chooses.

Remember governments will not "rule", instead they will administer the
various programs, that have been approved by residents, within assigned
areas of responsibility.

Since the perfect society is a society of "inclusion", NOT exclusion,
the "councils" that make up the "government", whether Area, Region, or
Earth, will expand or contract in terms of numbers of members based
upon the number of candidates elected by the people.

Yes, in the present society of glory/power seekers, that provision of
"all candidates" being elected, would most likely be unworkable because
some groups could take advantage of it. But, in the perfect society,
only those groups who think that their unique viewpoint would be of
benefit to the residents, would actually present candidates.

The result will be that there will be very broadly based councils,
representing all viewpoints, that will administer the programs, whether
area, region, or worldwide.



In the Perfect Society, the Earth Council will be responsible for
administering worldwide programs.

For example, the Earth Council will be responsible for collecting
information about harvests throughout the earth, so as to determine if
the food needs are sufficient to feed all residents of the earth, so
that there will be no starvation upon the earth.

The Earth Council will be responsible for storing an adequate supply of
food so as to meet any and all contingencies. The Earth Council will be
responsible for the distribution of the stored food to needy areas.

The Earth Council will be responsible for collecting and analysing data
(actual orders, expected needs, reserve supply, etc.) for the mining of
earth resources, so that sufficient supplies will be on hand for all
product uses. The actual mining will be done by commercial companies
based upon the data collected and distributed by the Earth Council.

(1.) The Earth Council will administer any and all programs that are
.... world-wide, or that effect more than one region.

(2.) Those programs that effect one region only will be administered
.... by the Region Council, and those programs that effect more than
.... one area will also be administered by the Region Council.

(3.) Those programs that effect one area only will be administrated by
.... the Area Council.

That is the perfect society "governmental" chain of responsibility.



In our present system of society, "culture" is usually connected to a
territory, such as, the Irish culture is connected with Ireland,
African culture is connected with Africa, Arab culture is connected
with Arabia and the middle east, etc., etc., etc..

That "territory culture" was developed during a time when few people
were able to move very far from their place of birth, so people in any
single area tended to behave in accord with their local customs.
However, in the perfect society, residents will have the freedom to
move as they choose and they will also have the capability to do so.

The result, as people move to other areas, will be that "culture" will
become recognized as a method of "group" identity that enables people
to build a sense of bonding with others who share common traits (such
as ancestors), even though they are separated by much physical or time

Although "culture" in todays society is usually centered around aspects
outside of an individual's control, such as, place of birth, racial
identity, etc., the fact of today's society is that if a person is not
in agreement with "tradition", then he/she simply does not participate
in its observence.

In the "perfect society", after the general concept of "culture" is
closely reviewed, it will then be seen as a matter of choice, that is,
people choose to associate themselves with others by continuing with
**some** of the traditions of the past, THAT THEY FIND AGREEMENT WITH.

"Culture" is constantly being "updated" and changed with some past
practices being discarded while other "new" practices are accepted as
representing the "old culture".

"Cultures" will continue for as long as individuals choose them to.
But in the perfect society, "culture" will NOT divide people, because
all earth humans will be involved in building our "new" collective
earth culture.

Why build a "collective" earth culture?

Because we are entering an era when it will be discovered that we are
not the only inhabited planet in the universe, so our "culture
thinking" will be expanded from distinctions of customs between areas
of this earth to distinctions of customs between people of various
planets within the universe. (More about this later on.)

Various "cultures" will be continued upon this earth for as long as
people want to continue them. As our society becomes "One", all racial
and nationalistic differences will cease to have **negatives**.
Instead, people will "borrow" from all "cultures", as we form one
"earth human culture".

This issue of "culture" is a delicate issue, because there are many
conflicting sub-issues. For example, people have the right to make
their own decisions. People also have the right to equal opportunities
of education, health, and economic freedom. Society also has the right
to expect all peoples to adhere to its mandate of non-victimization.

If an isolated tribe of natives were to be discovered, they would have
the right to maintain their own culture, but they would also have a
right to the education, health, and economic benefits available within
the general society. The fact that there may be children as well as
adults within that isolated "culture" would further complicate matters.

If that isolated tribe had customs that involved violence, they would
have to be included within society's non-victimization mandate, and
that would have to be an immediate change (eliminating the violence)
for them to deal with.

However, much of the debates relative to the morality about bringing
"isolated" people into knowledge about our general society has to do
with the fact that our present society is a flawed predatory society
which often takes advantage of the weak and unknowing, AND that our
present society is burdened with much physical violence.

None of those negatives would be present in the "Perfect Society".

So, even "complicated" issues such as incorporating isolated peoples
into the "Perfect Society" can easily be resolved, when all parties
concerned are sincerely seeking the "best solutions" possible.

Remember that the "Perfect Society" is not a society without challenges
and differences of opinions on how to best accomplish "goals", but the
"Perfect Society" is a society where those challenges and differences
of opinions will be peacefully worked out by people whose "goals" and
agenda (a safe, honest, and non-violent society) are the same.


Less Death

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The following comments are for "Perfect Earth Society, Ch 5"
by lessdeath

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