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This is a story of corruption, greed, lust, and death. Be warned that there will be strong, offensive language and violence.

* = not real

Adolescent Innocence

As I watched the city disappear into the horizon, the shocking truth of what I had really done haunted me. All had ended well in the game and I was not blamed for the deaths of my so called "friends". Still the pain and guilt hammered me. I knew that I would remember the
past 3 months for the rest of my life.....

3 months earlier....

I had mixed feelings about my families recent move back to my home town. It had been 4 years since I lived in *Portersville and now we were moving back. I had spent the past 4 years in *Thomastown with my mother and brother. My dad was locked in the state penitentiary for some shit he didn't even do, but I'll get to that later. We were nearly there, school started for me tomorrow and I couldn't hardly wait to see some of my old friends. I was excited to see everyone except one person. Let me go back, about 10 years ago, I was 4 at the time, but my dad was working for this big shot construction supervisor by the name of Daniel Frosteg. Frosteg was a mean guy who loved using his power on the town's residents and his staff. He owned over half of the towns houses and apartments. My dad had worked for him for 20 long years and he was looking to get promoted when Frosteg was looking for a vice president for the business. Now everyone knew my dad was right for the job, even Frosteg. But he hired some new white recruit of 3 weeks for the job and laid off my father. My dad planned to steal some computer files that could send Frosteg to jail for his illegal acts on his houses, like embezzlement. But somehow Frosteg's son, Garret, warned his dad about my father's plan. My dad was framed for the illegal acts, along with espionage and he was sentenced 15 years in the slammer. Ain't that fucked up? Since then, Garret has been my nemesis, and I was not too glad to see him or Frosteg.

We neared out two-story house at about 8:00 pm. The moving van had already unloaded and the decorators had already set up our stuff. Yeah, yeah, I know what you're saying. How can these people have all this? Well my mom is an independent woman, enough said. " Mom, this is great. I only wish dad could be with us." I said. She blew a puff of air. "Yeah you are right. But things will work out for him and us. Now let's go relax in the house!" she said enthusiastically.
The next day I was staring at all the unfamiliar faces and a weird looking school. This was all new to me because when I left, it was my 5th grade year. Now in the middle of my 8th, I was a bit confused until a hand clapped on my shoulder. " Hey, who in the hell..." I started to reply, but I was cut off by the young boy that had his hand on my shoulder. " Who are you and why do you have your hand on my shoulder?" I said questioningly. " You should know me man. I'll give you a hint. I used to call myself The Great Caucasion." Then I remembered with a flash. It was my old friend Heith Parker. " Hey man, how's it going? You've changed a lot." I said. " It's cool man. Talk about me changing, you have really changed. You should see yourself. You have gone from skinny stick to buff beef man. " Maybe I have changed. Heith and I were best friends back in the days. We had so much in common it was hard not to be friends. We have the same age (14), we like the same things (girls, hip-hop, cutting class), and we both get in trouble around the school house also. The only difference we have is our race in which I'm African-american and he's Caucasion. " Man, everyone knew you were coming back. You were like a star at elementary school, and everyone likes you. I can tell you right now, with your looks and everything, you are going to get a lot of pussy thrown at you." He said. I really didn't care much about sex though. I wanted to wait for the right time and the right person. That meant that I was not going to tell Heith that I was a virgin, even though I have been in some situations where I had to back out before intercourse. Heith was about to say something when the bell rung. " Hey, I'll see you in lunch, ok?" he shouted over the bell. As the remaining students ran to their classes, I started to jog to my own room.

The school day was awesome. I got about 14 digits(phone numbers) from the finest of the fine girls at the school. I met my old companions and had fun. All was peachy keen until after the last period. Me and Heith were chilling against the lockers talking about stuff when all of a sudden two other girls were interested in us. " Wow, he has grown." One said. " Yeah, he is kinda cute also. Garret has some competition now." The other replied. Garret! I despised him and hatred came upon me at the sound of his name. " Who gives a fuck about that preppy ass anyways. " said Heith. " We were not talking to you, you wannabe Eminem. " said the tall one. They were twins, except one had longer hair and more beauty. They were both green eyed, thick thighed, and both had creamy skin. " You remember Tyler and Tess Andrews don't ya Lee? " Heith said. Oh yeah I remembered them from the get go. Who could forget a more beautiful pair of sisters who seduced you in front of their own boyfriends? Heith told me that he got the shit beat out of him for talking to one of the sisters and he also warned me to watch my back. " Lee you have turned so handsome. Why don't you give me a call? " Tyler said as she wrote the # on a slip of paper. I was astounded. This was jungle fever and I wasn't making any of the moves! As I reached out for the number, two vagabonds arrived. They were both guys our age and both were built like a couple of rednecks. " Whats up boy. " the larger one said simply. Who the hell did he think he was, racially discriminating me in my own face. " Don't be funny cracker. " I said acidly. I already knew who this fellow was. It was Garret and his sidekick Jay. " Lee, I'm sorry. " he said with fake sempathy. " We got off to a bad start. We have so many bad starts. Like your dad. I bet he got off to a bad start when he got fucked in the ass for the first time. " he said with a laugh. That was it. I blew up. Like a bolt of lightning, I ran at Garret and caught him by surprise. He uttered an " oof " as the air rushed out of his lungs. I had him on my shoulder when I slammed him on the locker doors. He was on the ground trying to catch his breath when I prepared to kick him until a pair of hands grabbed me and pushed me against the locker doors. It was Jay. " Chill out before you get laid out you fuc-", he couldn't finish his sentence because my knee had crushed him right into his genitals. He fell to the floor with a dull moan. Garret reared his head up," Guys, come get these assholes! " he said. Then I saw 3 jocks running toward us. Probably some of Garret's bitches. Before they could help Garret and Jay up, me and Heith had dipped out of there and left the scene with the dumb jocks and the awestruck girls.

Ring ring! The phone was ringing off the hook. It was 6:30 that afternoon. I was feeling kinda cocky with my ordeal and so was Heith. He said I had just done what so many guys at the school were afraid of doing. What was to be afraid of from Garret? I was soon to find out. Lee: Yeah? Person on Phone: Hey Lee. This is Tyler. Lee: Hey girl. Wassup? Tyler: Oh nothing. I'm just kinda still shocked from what happened today. Lee: Yeah. I'm sorry you had to see that. He shouldn't have said anything about my dad. Tyler: Don't worry about Garret. He is such a prick. Lee: I thought you went out with him. Tyler: Of course not! Did he say that? That sexist pig. Tess goes out with him. Jay likes me but I have a new interest now. Lee: And who's that, Heith? Tyler: Of course not silly. It's you. Lee I really missed you when you moved. I want to make it up and start over. Saturday there is going to be a party at the park. I would love for you to come. Lee: Ok. Thanks, I'll guess I will see you then. Tyler: Sure. We exchanged goodbyes and hung up. Wow, the sexist girl in the school invited me to a party! Little did I knew that if I wouldn't have went to that party and got caught up in the game, I would not be a ruthless killer now...


At 5:00pm I arrived at the park. The park is huge, spanning over 6 miles of trails, a beautiful lake, and lots of land. I found Tyler with Tess by some tables talking to some other kids. A loud stereo was playing mixed tunes with the volume turned all the way up. There was about 70 people out there having fun and being wild. Tyler grabbed me by the arm and hustled me to some tables. " It is too loud here. Let's go somewhere we can talk in peace. " She said loudly as she started leading me into the beginning of a trail. Oh man! This was way awesome. She looked back at me seductively." Come on, I don't want to go alone. " She said silkily. Portersville was getting better and better everday. I thought to myself as I admired Tyler's curves on her body. " We're almost there. Just a bit further as she pulled my hands around her side. I made my mind up just then. Tyler was going to be my first. But my thoughts were interrupted when we neared a clearing. In the clearing there was a circle of benches with a fire burning in the middle. Sitting in those benches was Tess, Heith, a guy named Cory, and Jay.

" Nice to see ya boy. " came a voice from behind me. When I looked, it turned out to be my nemesis, Garret. " What the hell are you guys doing here and why are we here Tyler? " I yelled. I was mad as hell. To be absolute and truthwise, I was fucking horny and now I was fucking angry to be in the same spot with Garret. " Just chill out and take a seat Lee. " she said softly. I took one. Maybe this was some initiation or some shit like that. " I brought you all here to play a little game. I sent for you because I thought you would all be competive opponents." Garret said. " What are we playing? I thought this was a party man. I've got no time for kids games. " I said with a sneer. " Oh believe me. This is no kids game. The game is this: We all divide up into two teams. The team that does the most damage to the other team is the winner. The remaining members of the winning team get the codes for my fathers online account, worth about $100,000 dollars in untraced money.'' I couldn't believe this. You'd have to be a fool to believe any of this gibberish. " How can someone do that Garret? Huh?! You are making fools of us man. We would get sent to jail for this kind of stuff." I said skeptically. " NO, it is true. " he said harshly. " Because this is the embezzlement money my father took and then framed your deadbeat dad for! " He shouted. No way in hell this was true. This was the clue that my father had been innocent! Suddenly I sprang to my feet, preparing to fight Garret. As I got ran at him, he quickly pulled out a black glock .9 ( a gun ) and leveled it at me. Reality hit me like a sack of bricks. " Stay back man. I swear I will kill you. " He said wildly with a funny look in his eyes. This was all too real. " Look, I don't want to play your game. You guys do whatever you want. Just leave me out of it. " I said quickly while I was backing away from the gun with fear. " Lee, you are the sole character in this game. You will play it. " Jay said. The gun was still leveled at me, but I had a plan. As I was nearing the fire, I stepped backwards and kicked the sparks into Garret's face. " Aaargh! " he screamed, grabbing his eyes. I was running by the time he looked towards me and out of sight within seconds.

That night, I thought of going to the police with what I heard when a scream came from upstairs. CRASH! BOOM! I hurried upstairs to see what was the matter. When I reached all the ruckus, I say my mother defending herself with a broom and a dressed in all black figure attacking her. He had a knife in one hand as he tried to slash my mom. I saw my chance and rushed him into the mirror. His head broke the glass and it splintered everywhere. As he got up I took a long shard of the glass and slashed the hand with the knife in it. " Aaaaah! " he yelled. I kicked him in the chest and slammed him into the floor. WHUMP! Then with my mom's help, we tilted the dresser drawer and dropped it onto his back. BLAM! The attacker layed still. " Call the police. " I said to my mom. She rushed out of the room. I looked at the black hood he had over his face. I decided to take it off. I was astonished to find that the person in the hood was none other than Cory.

The next day at school everyone was drooling their sympathies and acknowledgements at my ordeal with the attacker. I didn't tell anyone that it was Cory who did the attacking, but that didn't help one bit because it was on the front page of the Portersville newspaper:
Wow. In the newspaper, it said that Cory had broken the glass and appeared to attack my mom when I appeared and me and my mom kicked his ass. I still didn't get it though. Why would Cory try to harm us? I mean, I never really talked to him, he was just an acquaintance that I knew from around. What was with this? Just then Heith showed up. " Hey dude. I heard about you and Cory. " he said. " Do you know anything about if Cory had any beef with me grudge he had to settle with me? " I said suspiciously. " That's what I came here to tell you man. Meet at the library after school. It's important man. " he said as he left. Yes. Now maybe I can see why that fool attacked us. I thought. Heith had never been this serious before. He was always joking or laid back. What was with everyone?

After school, I went to the school library to see what was up. It was empty and quiet. No one in their right mind would stay after school just to go to the library. Then I saw Heith motion at me to come into the quiet room. The quiet room is a soundproof room where you can study or talk without anyone listening or interrupting. As I walked in, I saw Tyler, Tess, Jay and Garret sitting down in seats.

" Are you guys my own personal fan club or something? Heith why do you keep hanging out with these guys? " I said almost angrily. I noticed that there was one less person : Cory. " I hope you liked my little surprise the other night. " Garret said. " You mean Cory?! Are you trying to kill me or something? I getting tired of your shit Garret. Anymore stunts like that and I will kill your ass. " I said. " Cory was meant to be a warning to you. You will play this game. " he said with a frown. " You guys are with him aren't you? All you guys probably planned this. Nice game, you play with peoples lives for fun. " I said sarcastically. " Not necessarily Lee. " Tyler said. " We needed you so it would be even sides. See, all of us have been either pressured to play or we have already played and we are hooked. " What kind of sick person would find this kind of game addictive? " You guys are wackos. Fuck Cory, fuck this game, and FUCK you guys, peace. " I said as I walked toward the door. " One thing you need to know Lee, I still have many associates that would love to do my bidding. " Garret said. " That means, until you join the game, I will have your loved ones hurt, harmed, or killed. " he said with an evil smile. " You touch my family, and I will stuff you head so far down you throat, you will have to stick a toothbrush up you ass to brush you teeth. Who do you think you are? Huh?! Who the fuck you think you are? " I said as I got ready for another confrontation. " I am the lifetaker. " he said as he stuck a videotape inside the VCR and pressed play. Suddely, my mom was on the screen walking toward her car. Then, it showed a clip of my brother getting on the school bus to his elementary school. It showed more and more clips of my family. I just sat there staring at how Garret was right when he said he could take my families lives. " Is this enough proof, or do I need to send another bandit to ramshackle you family? " Garret said as he turned off the T.V. I lowered my head and looked defeated. I didn't want my family to get hurt because of me. " What do I need to know about this game? " I said. " What was that? I didn't hear you. " he said cheerfully. I know he fucking heard me. I thought. " What do I need to know about this game? " I said through clenched teeth. " Right now there are 6 of us. We will divide up into teams of 3 and then, we will start the game. The first team that destroys the other team will be the victor of my father's, oops, I mean Lee's father's embezzlement money. " he said with a laugh. I said nothing, soon I would have my revenge. I will let him have his joy now. But I will make a vow to myself that I will kill Garret and free my father. I thought. " There will be two captains of the teams. Me and Lee are the captains. " Garret said as he stood up. " The team captains cannot drop out of the game at all. The others can, but they must not have any more contact with the captains or the other team members anymore. " Jay explained. " Why can't the captains drop out? " I said, trying to find a necessary escape. " The captains already have too much dirt on them. If Lee dropped out, I could find a way to blame him for the death of his family after I send someone to kill them and frame Lee." He said. " But if I dropped out, then Lee could go to the authorities. " he added. I hope he is enjoying this. I thought. " Now we will choose teams. All on my side, come to me. " Garret said. Jay and Tess joined Garret. At least Tyler and Heith respect me. " Now my side." I said weakly. Only Tyler joined me. " I'm sorry Lee man. I can't do this. " he said as he grabbed his stuff and ran from the room. " Some friend. " Garret said. " The sides are picked. We will begin the game tomorrow. Your team should plan out their strategy. Good bye. " Garret said as I walked away. " Oh and good luck. " he said fakely. I didn't care about the others. All I wanted to do was strangle Garret until he sputtered and died in my hands.

That following night, Heith came over. " What the fuck do you want friend. " I said meanly. " I want to fucking talk to you about that. Come on man, I had a reason for doing that. I could help you win this game. " he said seriously. I told him to come in and we went to my room, closed the door and locked it. " So what do you want? " I said. " Today at the meeting, I was fibbing. I am going to help you put Garret and his father in jail secretly. " he said. " Wow thanks man. But to tell you the truth, Garret hasn't really done anything except having a gun and sending Cory, no one can trace that. Everyone thinks he is a perfect angel. " I said. " HE IS NOT! " Heith yelled. " Garret has played this game before. He is an expert in it. His father also helps out. They are a bunch of fucked up killers man! 4 other kids have been killed in this game by Garret's side! His father can cover it up and protect him. " he said shrillily. " Garret threatened us all about this and he has all of us on strings. I can help you do this man. " Oh man. This was not some unorganized setup. This was a crime game. " Mr. Frosteg works with some of the underground mafia. People are getting rich off of us. They make bets and we die. " Heith said. " Man we got to tell the police about this. " I said." A guy named Kris already tried that. He was found with 30 bullet holes in his body. We got to move secretly. Look, you pretend to hold off Garret's team for a day or two, then I will have faxed the necessary clues that would put The Frosteg's away for a long time, ok? " he said. " Alright. You be careful man. " I told him. " You also. Watch your back. " he said as he left the room. What Heith didn't notice was a figure in the trees videotaping him. " Heith, Heith, when will you learn? " the figure said quietly.

Heith's house, that night

As I looked over the information that would but The Frosteg's away, I accidentally dropped a yearbook from last year. Inside of it, I had stuffed some pictures from some of the parties and trips we had taken in school. " Wow I remember this shit! " I said cheerfully. Then I noticed that in the picture, Garret was holding Tyler passionately. I quickly looked at another picture. I saw Tyler holding Garrets hand. Almost every picture that Tyler and Garret were in, they were holding hands or embracing. Then I came upon the picture from the party in the park. This was the first picture that Lee was with us in. In the picture, Tyler and Garret were separated and Tyler was next to Lee smiling. Something was up with this. I quickly logged on to the Internet and emailed Lee a message. Then I took the files, hid them and left the room. My Eminem CD was playing " Kill You " . I was home alone, so how did the stereo just come on by itself? Then I saw a person sitting with their back facing me. " Who the hell are you? " I said as I stepped nearer to the person. He/she was like 5 feet away. " Why Heith, this song is so ironic. Who would think that this song would be exactly what would go down tonight? " the person said. " What the fuck are you talking about and who the hell are you? " I said demandingly. " What I'm talking about is, " the person said as the chair spun around in my direction. I choked on air as the person in the chair turned out to be Garret. " BITCH I'M GOIN' TO KILL YOU! " he shouted gleefully as he ran at me. I threw a chair at him and ran towards the hall. He slowed down but kept coming. I turned around a corner and picked up a vase. When he came around I smashed him with it. He punched me in the side. " Ooof! " the air rushed out of me, but still I fought. I brought up my fist and nailed him in the face. WHUMP! He thumped the wall. I ran towards the laundry door. He ran in also but I was ready. I dropped kicked him in the chest and he fell towards the floor. I ran out of the room and lock him in from the outside. I also barricaded the door with a chair. " What now bitch? Huh?! " I said in triumph. Garret showed a small smile and nodded when he looked above my head. As Heith turned around a figure dressed in black tackeled him to the ground. Garret smiled as the figure slashed and stabbed Heith until the white lineoum floor turned blood red and Heith struggled no more. " Ha ha ha. Nice work Jay. " Garret said with a laugh. " Lee 0 Garret 1. " Jay said, covered in blood.

The next day I tried to get in touch with Tyler but she was no where to be found. Neither was Tess. Tyler has been somewhere. She wouldn't return my calls and Heith was not even home last night. I thought suspiciously. I eyed Jay. He flashed me a thumbs up sign and raced away. The days were getting weirder and weirder. Heith was absent, Tyler and Tess absent, but Jay flashing me a thumbs up sign like he's my friend. I couldn't wait until I moved back to Thomastown where there was some sense. After school I went straight home. When I was there, I got the mail and went to my room. Maybe Heith has some excuse to why he has disappered. He is taking a big risk for me when he is out there playing Sherlock Holmes. I thought. As I logged on, I went to check my email and there was two messages. One from Heith and one from some guy named shadow. I checked Heith's first. It said:

Lee this is Heith. You are in serious danger. Tyler is a traitor. She is on Garret's side. Tess is missing. Tyler was trying to get close to you so she could kill you. Garret wants her to pretend that she hates him. I should have seen it before but, she and Garret have been close all the time before you came back. When you did, she acted like Garret was the most disrespectiful person when she really still went out with him. Stay away from her and I will talk to you later.

No. This can't be right. Tyler said it herself that she loved me. Heith was wrong this time. He had to be. I sighed as I checked the next message. I almost threw up when I saw the message. It said : YOU ARE NEXT and it had a picture of a body that looked as if it had been through a human blender. Was this real? It also said : LOOK IN TODAYS PAPER. I ran downstairs as fast as I could and looked at the front page of the paper.
When I saw it, It almost made me cry. Heith had been killed last night by someone who broke in the house. The person was still not to be found. I knew it had to be Garret. I will kill him right now. I disposed of the items that would make me suspicious of the murder. Then I equipped myself in all black and leather gloves. After that I took the gun my mother had bought to welcome anymore attackers. I hope you've had fun Garret because now it's my turn. I said as I left the house with an instinct to kill.

When I arrived at Garret's house, I snuck around to the back. His house was immense and it was located at the edge of Portersville in the woods. " Good. Now no one will hear him scream for his life. " I said eagerly. I jammed the back door open with a screwdriver and walked in. It was warm inside despite the October weather. No one was about. I walked towards the living room area and saw a pair of stairs leading up. Garret's dad is pretty fat in the pockets. I wonder if it is made off of legal money. I thought doubtfully. I heard a person moan upstairs. I walked up the stairs quietly. As I neared the top, I heared another moan. What's Garret doing, jacking off? I thought. The moaning was coming from the door down the hall. It was open about an inch. What I saw made me want to shout, cry, and die right there. It was Garret and Tyler having sex. The moaning continued and I just stood there uncomfortably. How could she do this to me? Heith was right about her. I thought. They continued for about 10 more minutes when Garret said, " Hey, that was good. Now let me go use the little boys room. " he said as he walked away. I heard a door slam kind of far away. There was total silence except for Tyler's slow breathing while she tried to doze in the sheets. Time for me to visit my teammate, I thought gravely. I opened the door and went in. " Who's there? Garret is that you? " she said slowly. " No, it's me. " I said with a grin as I flicked the lights on. " Lee! It's you! I'm so glad. Garret tried to rape me. Come on, now we can put him to an end! " she said quickly and quietly. Does this bitch think I'm a total idiot? I thought. " Don't lie. I have been watching you two for about 10 minutes! What the fuck is going on?! " I said angrily. " Lee, let me get up and explain. " she said. I noticed her reaching for the couch ever so sneakily. Instinct made me cautious of that couch. Before she could react, I ran towards the couch and grabbed the pillows. But Tyler grabbed me and tried to wrestle me away from the couch! I quickly bitch-slapped her. BLAAAP! She uttered a cry as she fell back on the bed, her body exposed. I threw the pillows off of the couch and found a silver plated 9mm. I had rubber gloves on me, so I grabbed the gun. " Is this some kind of fucking birthday present? I WANT ANSWERS NOW! " I shrieked. " Okay! This game isn't about love or friendship! It is about survival, deceiving, money, and killing your opponents to get that money! " she said with vengeance as she covered herself with the sheets. " Then it was okay to kill Heith, then?! " I said. " Jay killed Heith. Who cares about him anyway. He was such a dipshit. " she said ignorantly. " I just tried to get to you just to find a vulnerable way to take you down. My bitch sis tried to warn you the other day. Don't worry about her, she was dumped in the river. In the end the score will be Garret 3, Lee 0 because you'll be dead you asshole! I hate you!" she said heatedly. Her anger shocked me. I had never seen this side of Tyler before. Her words also struck me like daggers in the heart. " NO. The score is now Garret 2, Lee 1. " I said as I sucked my emotions back in and tried to hold back tears from what I was about to do. Before Tyler could think or talk, I exploded. BLAM! BLAM! BLAMBLAMBLAM! I shot her 5 times with her own gun. I dropped it and ran. I ran like the devil. But I didn't run fast enough to get out of Garret's loud cry as he discovered Tyler's body. " NOOOOOOOOOO! " he echoed. But by then, I was long gone.


Weíve got a problem, Tylerís dead!

Tyler's dead?! But how?!

I believe Lee did it. I found her with 5 bullet holes on her upper chest and head.

Man, Garret, please, let me kill him. Come on!

Ok my friend. But watch your back. Lee isn't as dumb as I thought he was. Click!

Garret hung up. Jay was getting an adrenaline rush as he got prepared to take another life. " I think I'll kill Lee with a knife I call, " The Heith Killer"! Jay said as he went to his dresser drawer to get his trademark blade. But he couldn't find it. " Where is it? I hope I didn't leave it in Heith's body somewhere! " he said with a laugh. " Is this it? " said a dark figure behind him. " Who the hell- "but Jay didn't finish because the figure grabbed him by the neck and slung him into the mirror. BRAAAAAAASSSH! Broken glass spintered everywhere. Jay punched the figure in the side and pulled off the person's hood. " LEE! " Jay cried. While Jay stood there, mystified, Lee took advantage and laid a well placed punch in Jay's nose. BROCK! Jay's blood seeped from his nose. Lee started hitting Jay with combinations now. " How do you like this?! HUH?! " Lee said as he jacked Jay up by the collar of his shirt. Jay evened the fight when he took a wastebasket and whacked Lee in the head. Bump! Jay then rushed Lee towards the stairs with intentions to throw him down the flights of stairs. But at the last minute, Lee kicked Jay's legs right from under him and flipped Jay down the stairs. Whump! Thumpbump-a thump! Jays body finally made impact with the ground. Jay tried to shake the dizziness from his head, but the stairs and the loss of blood had given him nausea. When Jay's eyes finally cooperated, he saw Lee at the top of the stairs with his hands on Jay's computer moniter. " This is for Heith. " Lee said as he heaved the monitor at Jay. " NONONON- " were Jay's last words as the computer monitor smashed into his head. BLAAAAAAASH! KRUNCH! When Lee turned around, he saw Jay at the bottom of the stairs, his head completely crushed and broken, and the monitor broken as well. " Lee 2, Garret 2. Time to break the tie. " Lee sighed as he prepared to leave.

When Lee got home, there was a note waiting for him under the door step. It said: tonight, the construction site on broad steet, 12:00 a.m. come alone It has to be from Garret. I thought. At about 8:00, the news came on. There were two new killings. Tyler Andrews had apparently killed herself and Jay Cain was found dead on arrival when lawmen found out that he was the killer of Heith Parker because of a mysterious knife delivered to the police station with Jay's prints on it and Heith's blood. I clicked off the screen. I hate this. This is not what life is supposed to be about. We should be having fun, getting drunk, going to dances. We should be having the time of our lives, not killing each other off. I thought sadly. I had had some long nights where I would sit up and think about my problems and such. But tonight was the longest night of my entire life. I had better get some sleep.

At 12:00 a.m., all was deserted in the city. The construction site spanned about 15 stories and was in the process of getting built. It was dark and cool out. The steel pillars and equipment stood still and were perfect hiding places. I quickly ran into the shadows. Garret was not going to get the best of me. " Thanks for coming. " someone said. " Garret, we have a tie. I really don't want to kill you so come out and let's end this fucking madness. " I said hopefully. " This is my game, my rules, and my win. You will be the one dead tonight Lee. You don't think I know about Jay? I saw the news. " he said accusingly. " Well now you know how it feels to lose a friend. Maybe in the next life you'll think twice about messing with people's friends. " I said. " Let's get this over with. I can't wait to feel your heart in my hands. " he said hideously. Suddenly, he swept out of the shadows straight ahead of me about 20 feet and fired. Theww! Thing! Taack! The bullets richocheted around me. I straffed from behind the steel pillar shot my own bullets. Garret had already dodged them and was gone from sight. He must be up to something. I thought as I eyed the rope leading to the second story. I started climbing it slowly and soon I was at the top. I sneaked towards Garret's previous spot. I couldn't see him anywhere. " Here I am! " he shouted from the third story! He was above me. I shot at him, and he shot at me. We both missed. But to dodge the bullets, we both fell down to the ground. Whup! I was back on my feet in a flash. My gun was lost but I saw Garret. Before he could shoot at me, I lunged for him and tackled him to the ground. We rolled into a sand pile and fought like animals. He shoved me into the sand. I grabbed a handful and threw it into his eyes. As he struggled to see, I kicked him right in the balls. " Awwww! " he shouted as his strengh left him. He was about 2 feet away from his gun and he knew it. I ran and jumped over the sand. Whoof! Whiff! The bullets lanced through the sand. I ran towards the empty 6 story offices next to the site. I ran inside and ran all the way up to the top. As I opened the top office, I saw an intercom and a chair and also a voice recorder.

Garret was up and ready for another bout with Lee. He struggled to see any shape or person through the darkness and remaining sand in his eyes. Then suddenly there was a voice. " Garret it's Lee. Come on to the 6th office for a final face off. " Lee said over the intercom. He must be the dumbest muthafucka that has ever played this game. Garret thought as he clenched his gun and ran towards the offices. " I'm right here you little shit! What? Are you scared? " Lee taunted over the intercom. Garret raced up the 2nd flight of stairs. " Come out come out wherever you are. " Lee teased. Garret now neared the 4th flight of stairs. Almost there. He thought greedily. " You forget Garret, I going to beat you at your own game. " Lee said again. Garret was now at the 6th and last section. He neared the room where Lee's voice was coming from. " You are one- " But Lee got cut off as Garret shot through the door into the tiny room. BLAMBLAMBLAMBLAMBLAM! Garret emptied the gun into the bowels of the room. There was silence. " Game, set, match. " Garret said in triumph. When he opened the door he expected to find a young, black teen dead on the floor. But all he found was a broken intercom and a shattered voice recorder over the intercom. It came to Garret quickly. It was a trick! Lee used the voice recorder to record all of the taunts and teasing on the recorder then he played it on the intercom! Just then there was a loud VROOOM! Garret looked out of the window to see a wrecking ball machine maneuver towards the office. Driving it was Lee! Then in quick succession, he reared the ball back, preparing to swing it in Garret's direction! Garret tried to run, but was too late. The ball smashed into the window and in less than a second, it had knocked Garret through two walls back outside. Garret flew through the air and grabbed the wire attached to the wrecking ball. He hung on for dear life, if he fell, he would fall 20 feet towards a hard landing on the concrete. Lee moved the ball over the fusion generators. The fusion generators were tubes of explosive matter that was used to blow up boulders and clear paths. The ball stopped directly over the generators. Then it shifted! Rump! Garret looked at Lee with surprise. Lee only shook his head with reluctantcy. Then he pressed a button and the ball was released from it's cables! "Ahhhhhhhhhh! " Garret screamed as him and the ball tumbled towards the generator field. CLAAASH! KRUNCH! Garret collapsed as one of his legs was slammed and then trapped under the 5,000 lbs. Wrecking ball. HISSSSSSSSSSSS! Then he noticed a hissing sound coming from one of the generators. The wrecking ball had ruptured one of the generators! " That means...." Garret said fearfully.

BOOOOOOOOOOOOOM! A firery explosion lit up the sky as if it were day time. I covered my face and eyes as the deadly heat swept over me. A huge fireball loomed high above my head. Now it's time to make my disappering act. I thought as I rushed from the scene.
As I snuck home, I noticed a horde of police and firefighters speeding towards the explosion. " Lee 3, Garret 2. Rest in pieces. " I said particularly to no one. It's over. The killing, the death is finally over. I thought with mixed emotions as I arrived home.

2 weeks later...

As the building blocks and the city streets diminished in the horizon, all the fear completely left me. Well almost. We were moving back to Thomastown and I was glad. The past 3 months had been a living hell. The explosion was from an unknown source. Garret was found in the destruction. After the news told that, I turned it off. I still to this day don't know if Garret is dead or alive and I don't care. All I care about is getting away from it all. I wasn't to blame for all of the coincidences and deaths of some of my companions. But that still didn't stop the dreams and the realization of what I had done. The sins of my past will haunt me for the rest of my life. My dad was getting out of jail in a couple of weeks when I finally got the embezzlement money that Mr. Frosteg took out in the public. Life was looking up. Hopefully it will keep looking up and all will go well. Time for a new start.

The End
for now....

*Authorís note:

Thanks for reading. This story took a lot of time and effort to come up with the complicated plot. A review would be very thankful to me. Thanks again.

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