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There simply is no more time.

I’ve read recently in the news that the Bush administration is planning on breaking its promise, made months ago after the initial 2003 invasion of Iraq, to forgo invading Syria. Apparently they feel that enough time has passed since the initial public furor over the concept of eternal, country-to-country, preemptory invasion in the Middle East. Now, they believe themselves free of restraint and are now going to attack Syria.

The Government knows that the majority of Americans is intellectually stymied and cannot put two and two together. It’s simply never going to stop until we do. As long as the Left is in the minority and most Americans remain mesmerized by flag-waving, Pledges of Allegiance and misplaced religious appeals by false friends of Jesus, we are going to continue to watch Uncle Sam madly funnel young people into a machine of chaos and murder. This selfish insanity is slowly but surely enraging over ONE BILLION PEOPLE with us. And ONE BILLION PEOPLE can’t be wrong, whatever we may think of their social mores or theological tenets.

As has been noted by some editorials in the American press, this is actually a far worse and more important situation than the debacle of Viet Nam forty years ago. Nevermind the irony in the fact that many of the capitalists pushing the government into this quagmire of blood were hippies and draft protestors ‘back in the day’. Now they are people of privilege, and they and their children are safe from the danger of having to fulfill their own warlust.

There are people in America who know the truth and think it’s perfectly alright, as long as America has all the power and glory. All of this sickness works for them, because they’re so polluted spiritually that they’re beyond caring about what is really right and wrong. For them, it’s all about What Works.

This means that America is becoming even more sinister in its darkness and deeper in its sickness than it’s ever been, and we haven’t made any progress at all that matters. We’re not moving any closer to being anything resembling the original promise made long ago to the world to be a ‘bastion of freedom’. America is a big compromise where anyone who plays ball with the boys can win. In the meantime, anyone will be suppressed and killed and invaded, and the sons and daughters of the working class will die and be maimed for this. We’ve now lost more people than we did in the first three years of our involvement in Viet Nam, and we have over 2,000 maimed young people being shipped home daily, after midnight when the Press is asleep in bed, so people won’t notice them. The military hospitals are full to the gills and beyond any hope of truly coping with the situation.

And it’s all about saving an illegal Dollar from irrelevance and this Nation from well-deserved bankruptcy vs. the Euro and the freewill of other nations. All of these people are dying and getting maimed… and killing thousands of innocent people for absolutely NOTHING but the gain of a relative handful of people who don’t even consider the rest of us human, much less their association. Finally, if they somehow were even to win this impossible situation, they’ll just go back to mismanaging the economy and manipulating the rest of us.

This can’t possibly be what the Founding Fathers wanted. This can’t possibly be necessary. The American People desperately need to become educated about the truth and to take control of this runaway government NOW, RIGHT NOW, by any means necessary.

There is simply no more time.

The Alienist

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The following comments are for "This Government is Out of Control"
by The Alienist

I Agree
As with most of your political essays, I fully and wholeheartedly agree with you. However, I must ask...can you tell me where you found out some of the information in your essay? I would like to look at those sources myself. 2,000 injured a day just sounds so hard to believe. No offense, I just want to see these sources for myself. Often, independent news sources are just as guilty for propagandizing as corporate news...

( Posted by: Virtex [Member] On: December 6, 2003 )

This first issue is an error on my part:

I wrote this very late at night after a tough day: I'd just watched the movie 'Hair' (the adaptation of the original play), and seen the end scene where the hippie Berger (played by Treat Williams, of all people) has died in Claude's place. I was actually crying, which I always do when I see the end of this movie... as I did when Spock died at the end of Star Trek II.

We have over 2,000 maimed men from this war (already). We do get many wounded daily but it's not 2,000. I wrote this hurriedly and it's my mistake.

However there are articles about this and they're shocking. Try searching for 'Iraq wounded' on Yahoo!. When I read it it was current. The article I read indicated that a Democratic Congressman pointed out during a session that all these guys (and the dead) were coming home after midnight, when the Press can't see them or photograph them. It's very well known that the military hospital system is at the breaking point.

I apologize profusely for this error, but I do insist that I did NOT write this in the intent to propagandize. It's just a poor piece of writing during a tired yet fevered session of writing.

Thanks for pointing this out to me.

( Posted by: the alienist [Member] On: December 6, 2003 )

You're right.
I try to intimate, at least, in every article that I write, that the US Government is a puppet/whore to the conglomerates as this is exactly what I believe, but the people need to separate them for once and for all.

Thanks for the clarification.

Hey, check out:

( Posted by: The Alienist [Member] On: December 6, 2003 )

My 1st amendment rights to yours.
Hey let me give you some advice. when getting facts don't get them from websites. Number one reason why is because some yahoo can go on there and make up stuff. Not calling you a yahoo. I am 16 yrs old. Let me tell you every hard day I have I would never get so pissed off to write what you wrote I would end up writting something well like I have written. I disagree with what ever deamons you have inside of you. But Hell I will die to defend your right to let those deamons speak there mind.

( Posted by: Mr36 [Member] On: December 7, 2003 )

Raising Cain
IT's aparent that you don't feel too proud about this essay, so may I be forgiven if I neglect a critique of the style? Your views are honestly supported and sincere, perhaps the two most important features of any opinion. I congratulate you for that.

Something interesting I noticed here, and tend to notice elsewhere, is that when this particular issue is brought up in its many shapes and sizes, people tend to talk about their ability and willingness to support, defend, or recognize the rights of others, laud the efforts of countries that support that willingness, or turn it into a debate about the press, or other related issues. This all happens in opposition to the call for action usually sounded. How strange, no?

Now I'll excuse myself and go write a real critique of something of yours *smile*.


( Posted by: Kitten Courna [Member] On: December 7, 2003 )

Statistics of wounded and Yahoo
I didn't get this information from some guy writing his own site. I got it from the sites of established journalistic publlications. Having a journalism degree myself, I'd say I'm a pretty good judge of credibility of such sites. And once again we have someone practically out of the intellectual womb who thinks he knows it all but simply spouts something that anybody can say... and isn't really relevant.

Think deeper.

And who was bitching about the 1st Ammendment? Or trying to deny it to anybody? Isn't Bush and the Republicrats the entity that pushed through the horrid, anti-American Patriot Act?

They're still lying about Iraq, still trying to find new ways to lie about it, new ways to justify it. And we're still losing people because Bush, his dad and their friends have something to lose. Meanwhile the working class people in America still see all the flag waving and send their kids willingly to die for the rich and the illegal Dollar.

( Posted by: the alienist [Member] On: December 7, 2003 )

. In america the left is present in so much of everything. So is the right. I support some of the patriot Act. As you having your journlism degree you still know not to trust alot of stuff. I spent alot of my early days listening to World War Two vetrens and I will never forget what one told me " Paul enless you have been there and enless you have touched what has been touched and enless you have heard what has been spoken etc. you will never know the truth." Now in days you will never know the truth. Being a brainy master in journlism you yourself should know that. I do not belive I am being lied to about Iraq. THe Patriot act is a little overboard but I do not see FBI agents knocking down my door when I say something that I don't like about the goverment. Or if my mom says something. Its Iggnorence that fuels fires today. And every Person in this world has a certain amount because we are humans. No degrees, No sources can ever take that iggnorance away. You never know what is being pulled over your eyes. One day I hope to find out the truth but that might not be for awhile. I will keep in touch and if I do find out why share because there will be always nay sayers and doubters that will think other wise. But at least I will know. Stay strong with your notion and know that I am a real american and I think so are you.

( Posted by: Mr36 [Member] On: December 7, 2003 )

Considered response
You're right in that there is no substitute for life experience, but I didn't say anything that should have caused you to think that I relied on my university education to guide me on everything. I said nothing like that.

However, the Bush Administration has been forced to backpedal on many things, such as prior evidence that it used to justify its attack, plus things the military has done since it has been in Iraq. Connections to Al-Queda (an American/CIA creation!), bin Laden and other lies abound. There is plenty of information out there that is consistently supported that shows Bush to have done this from motivations he has had since before he took office. It has been shown that he has forced the American Intelligence Community to force evidence to fit what he wanted to say. He ignored FBI officers and other sources that indicated there would be a 9-11 attack (and of the sort we experienced).

There is enormous evidence he cheated in the Florida election, with the help of his brother Jeb, who was re-elected later in another incredibly shady election, this time with voting machines that were supposed to solve the problem of the 'hanging chads'.

It's never-ending, and right-wingers just accept it and poo-poo everything the left says. It boggles my mind how accepting republicans are of the things that the government says.

Hasn't anyone noticed how much more difficult simple things in life are getting in this country? Buying/keeping a house, staying healthy, obtaining healthy food without running up a credit card, staying out of debt... Isn't there something wrong with this?

It's the left that ended child labor.

It's the left that gave us the 40-hour work week; think of the hours people (including children!) worked before this.

It's the left that brought us civil rights (in any sort of truth).

But nevermind. Those people demand us to think, so we won't listen to those people. We'll just listen to Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity (a disgrace to the Irish) and Ann Coultier tell us what we want to hear... what we already believe or desire to believe.

Reinforce the indoctrination!

No wonder the Christian Right mixes in so easily with the Republican Party and other rightwingers.

So much for the liberal acceptance Jesus gave us. Never mind what He said about wealth or justice. Never mind what He said about moral compromise.

And the log in one's eye.

I suppose that we're just going to have to watch this get as bad as it can get, until radiation is just hanging there palpably in the air and everything is dying and burning around us to get this mental midgets to stop supporting this horrible, selfish and evil people who have less respect for them even than they do for us.

At least they know we see it all coming.

( Posted by: the alienist [Member] On: December 7, 2003 )

Thats great
The circles you create are amazing. Sure each sides of the row have made this country great. There are some descrprencies in the 2000 election such as the "road Blocks" outside of voting areas to keep blacks away from voting. I have a feeling that if Al gore was president not alot of things would be different. Maybe Clinton would still be having one night stands in the white house. I am not aware of any lies. I know 9/11 was a fluke but it was the Clinton Admistration that didn't stop it. They had their chance and they did nothing. and people say bush is sending our boys into harms way. Somallia Ring a bell. My point is that All sides are to fault to some extent. You can't be proud of being a democrat enless you look at the past and look at stuff from the early 1900's for a recent good things. ACLU do nothing but elevate people's rights at the cost of stepping on others. Lately the left has done nothing but sit around and bitch because they lost the election of 2000 and put this terriable person in the white house. Who if you look hard hasn't done alot but try to protect a country that was attacked by fundlmentlist basterds who couldve been stoped. And in my Estimation we will be out of Iraq by August of 2004 due to the fact George bush won't make the mistake his dad did. Its not Bush's fault that people get sick. Its not his fault people are getting lazy off of welfare and medicare and the insurgance of illeagal immigrents is giving away the jobs that thos people could get off. So next time you bitch about how bad the right is getting look at the left and say things arn't going to well there either. I mean if your using an example from 60's and nothing else is good your party has a problem. The country has some problems and hopefully someone strong be him or her democrat republican etc. I think this is the time. But then again there is always a ying to yang.

( Posted by: Mr36 [Member] On: December 7, 2003 )

Congratulations Alienist for writing many thought provoking posts continuing in your trend ,I agree that war and violence of any sort cannot achieve political objective that is of a everlasting nature. Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela , Martin Luther king all are advocates of non-violence.
However it is true to a certain extent that war leads to a situation of demand in the economy due to the large consumption of materials in a war of all variety including the lives of human beings.Are we to boost the economy at such cost?
Violence in any form or manner MUST be avoided

( Posted by: RightingIt [Member] On: January 17, 2004 )

Go to Hell
Religion aye? Check this on for size.

"Christian" religions such as Catholics go to war and kill other people. Their bible states that killing is wrong. It also states that christians should remain seperate from the world - meaning not voting or holding an office of government. Yet, they do.

In the world wars, and battles before and after (yes, that includes today) religions are killing themselves. German Catholics during WWI and WWII blessed the bombs and their members went to war and killed. "God is on our side," said their spiritual leaders.

Who did they kill? American Catholics, who also were told that god was on their side. Their bombs also being blessed.

The Bible says killing is wrong. The Catholic leaders say it is good. The people, all being stupid and blind follow.

Therefore, God has lied. God is now evil and we all go to Hell.

Sorry folks, but hell is not in the Bible. Check the translations - it's not in the actaul papers. Also, if Hell is where satan is and the bible says Jesus cast satan down to earth, then we are already in hell.

Next, God punnishes people who sin by tourture in hell? What kind of a father would force his childs hand on a hot stove burner becuase they did something wrong? None. So are we then better then God?

Some people think Gehena is hell. Wrong again. This was a burning garbage dump outside Jeuruselem back by King Jehoiakim or Jehoiachin - can't remember but they went back-to-back in history. One made human sacrifices to 'god.' This king was killed and the place where they did those horrible things was turned into a garbage pile - the command came from God.

Sorry folks, but that is the truth.

( Posted by: hotzelj [Member] On: May 20, 2004 )

Jesus is not a religion but a chosen life style
What a bomb you dropped! As I read the discussions started by this article, I am amazed at the differences in how people look at the same subject. The article and responses are all rational and well stated: almost to the point of defying any agreement. That's why we right! That's why we debate!

But to say "Christians" kill people is oversimplifying the situation: both governmentally and spiritually. I doubt the crusaders were born again! Therefore, they were not Christians in the true sense of the word.

And to say Christians are told by the Bible not to vote is ludicrous to me. As humans, born as American’s people of all faiths have a right to vote. More than that, they have an obligation to God to vote, for they are supposed to choose godly leaders over their form of government. And they are responsible to God, in the end, for who gets into office for they have given that person power over them!

Those who act in ways contrary to the dictates of the Bible (regardless of faith, or nationality) are biblically “heathens,” (which is only to say they are “people without Jehovah!” Jehovah is not Alla, and vďsa versa): people alienated from the goodness of Jehovah/God.

I could spend the rest of my life on this subject but I won’t, so I will quit here. Just as we can not, and must not, label all Muslims as “terrorists” [for they are not!] Neither should we lump all Christians under one title, as “killers” [for we are not.]

In this case, oversimplification causes more errors in concepts than it cures. But I surely can see some books being formed from this discussion!

( Posted by: MaxiiJ [Member] On: May 20, 2004 )

Yes, it's a truly explosive topic, but I think that with the developments of GW Bush's actions and decisions and the actions of his followers, for example Rumsfield and the military, we see the true fruit of allowing him to cheat the election. America is now forever sullied, internationally, as it has never been before. All of this was done in our name by a government we truly do NOT control.

In any case, yes, the true followers of God will keep a rational mind and look deeply at all sides of a debate or situation, and make no judgments based on sentiment or loyalties.

Were the Crusaders true believers in Christ? Many were still pagan, fighting for the pope because they were told that if there were not a successful crusade against Islam it might have to be against them. Also, most of the knights who fought in the crusades didn't have any true understanding of Christianity and simply fought because that was the side for which they were more or less declared. Illiteracy prevented them from understanding Who Jesus is. They were really still pagans, fighting, from their perspective, for their soil and the newest god.

This all really comes down to the corporations and the insane, fearsome and evil power that Abraham Lincoln himself wrote of when the carpetbaggers and other sinister 'rebuilders' went down South after the US Civil War: the founding fathers made corporations illegal at the beginning for a reason. They should have remained illegal. Now, as Lincoln predicted, America is undone.

In the end, this world will truly resemble mythical Perdition once they're done with us unless we can take control as a People.

( Posted by: The Alienist [Member] On: May 20, 2004 )

Jesus is not a religion
The Bible states that God's people would not be involved with the 'world' - govenrments, etc. Voting is just one thing. Voting means that we as humans have the right to govern ourselves, that we can choose a different way of life then what God deems for us.

Adam and Eve 'voted' they took from the one tree they were told not to. They signified that they had the right to govern themselves - that what they wanted they should get, that they can rule themselves better then God.

I doubt you'll say they were right.

Then a little later the Bible says "Man has dominated man to his injury." How right that statement is!

No human government has solved our true problems of war, crime, violence, death, old age, and sickness. Only God himself can do that.

Jesus did not have anything to do with the governments of his time, his followers, those before and those after him. The jews once came to make Jesus their king and he went away from them. He recognized that only God has the right to rule mankind and only if God made him king would he rule.

The bible, Jesus, says that we are to pay Cesars things to Cesar - such as taxes, and obeying the laws. But those laws only go until they interfear with God's rules. God's rules are far above man's.

( Posted by: hotzelj [Member] On: May 20, 2004 )

Onward christian soldiers....
Alienist, we've sparred a number of times, and as usual I disagree with much here. But I would like more information on your source for us reving up to go into Syria. You see, this was my projection at the very start of the Iraq rhetoric. I said, "What the administration wants is a foothold between the two real issues, Syria and Iran." I hope, and I believe the administration does as well, that Iran will require non-military options. Iranians are highly literate, and have become dissilusioned with the current theocracy. But Syria is a large problem. Take note of this recent shocker (and to think I almost felt sorry for North Korea after the train wreck....).
Why isn't this in mainline news???? I have theories, but won't go into it here.
Israel is the issue. WMD's are much, MUCH more of a threat against their narrow densely populated land. All Syria needs, and wants, is the missile technology to hit Israel in a 'first strike' maneuver. That's the goal. And it is us or them, IMHO. There is no dealing with barbarism of a fanatic nature.
So, back to my question, are we going to Syria, and when? Show me sources!

BTW, from a logic standpoint your essay is flawed when you say Leftists are a minority (and correct in the issues) and then 'ONE BILLION people can't be wrong' (an implication that larger numbers in consensus equals correctness) You've just contradicted yourself. If the right is the can they be wrong according to your second argument? Tighten your argument.

( Posted by: Malthis [Member] On: May 21, 2004 )

The End is Nigh!
Ah, Alienist, the biggest problem I have with your editorial is that you've made it so apocolyptic and self-righteous -- especially in blaming the ills of this country on blindly loyal right-wingers. Now, I'm not going to take an indefensible stance and say that dronish Dittoheads are not a problem. It's just that a number of highly prominent conservative Democrats were responsible for drawing up the blank check which allowed Bush to take unilateral action in Iraq. Even Nancy Polowski bowed under pressure and allowed for heated rhetoric which called a questioning of wartime Presidents downright unpatriotic. Paul Krugman of the New York Times, an unabashed liberal, called for our entry into the war (albeit with conditions), going so far as to appear on Oprah to defend his case.

I read a brilliant essay a few years back which noted that the downfall of the push to eject Clinton from his Presidency failed, to a large extent, due to the heated and near-insane rhetoric leveraged by Republicans against him. The author of the essay noted that Democrats also seem to lose touch with the larger American public when they fall into likewise nutterish rhetoric regarding Bush. Truth is the larger portion of Americans are uninvolved in politics and the breakdown of political affiliation tends to go somewhere along the lines of 20% Republican, 20% Democrat, 60% doesn't really give a rat's ass as they're all a bunch of over-educated crooks, anyway. Where liberals appear to be in the minority is in the arena of issues where their more conservative representatives cross over to the other side of the aisle.

The larger truth is that many of the stances liberal Democrats take on certain issues are based on rather complex packets of information -- the accrual of carbon monoxide in the atmosphere over time, the framework of international law -- which the majority of Americans simply do not have the time or the education level to fully comprehend. Grossly oversimplifying these issues does not help the matter as it simply makes it easier for Republicans to apply their simpler logic sets and carry the day. Applying one's arguments in terms of Apocolypse simply smudges the lines between hard-core leftists and hard-core rightists and makes large political issues an even greater turn-off to the vast majority of swing voters, who have become an uninvolvable tie-breaker in the process of government.

Richard Brevard Russell, a Southern Democrat, helped maintain segregation for over a decade by understanding this essential political truth -- lapsing into high-pitched tirades only sways the choir. He formed certain understood rules: Senators discussing the need for segregation were not allowed to use racial epithets or even to discuss race. Instead, he encouraged the discussion of "States rights", framing the argument in terms of a conflict between the rights of States and the misunderstood needs of a seperate minority (who he kept insisting were quite happy with Jim Crowe). This had a significant impact, as it allowed even the educated to look blindly away from a great injustice going on in our own backyards.

I introduce this example for a number of reasons: significantly, because it is an important reminder that political affiliations are never a proof of moral superiority. 100 years ago Democrats proudly described their party as "lily white" and won significant approval in the process. Lincoln was a Republican. Teddy Roosevelt, who formed the National Parks act and layed a great deal of the framework for conservationism, was a Republican through the terms of his office. Leland Oldes, perhaps the most important Democratic economist of all, and one who I would advise you to look into if you wish to understand relative fiscal policy with any coherance, was politically assasinated by LBJ, another Democrat, who was too beholden to Texas oil money to support idealist policy.

The great weakness of the Democratic party is that it was vitally fractured during the 60s, particularly during the brutal 1968 Democratic National Convention and has never fully recovered. A great deal of it's former strength lay in the subtle appeasement of Southern Democrats like Strom Thurmond who fled the party following Civil Rights (part of the reason FDR gave a subtle nod to "Birth of a Nation" the KKK propoganda film). The Republican party was largely considered dead in the late 70s until Jimmy Carter became a kind of laughstock midst stagflation, oil embargos and the hostage crises; Ronald Reagan showed up to use the troubles of this country to reshape his party through Hollywood-style political tactics; and Rupert Murdock provided a new journalistic forum through which to do so (lots of pictures, fewer big words: make news easier to understand). The history of both parties is not the evidence of conspiracy, but of sociologically savvy individuals who understood the requirements of tone, precision, and deft editing in order to craft their rhetoric into an appearantly unavoidable conclusion.

The reality of nuclear war and the nearing inavoidability of global warming can make it difficult to lay out a cogent argument. Yet this is precisely what is needed if we are to make responsible decisions in government. The Shakers had a saying I consider highly apt, that an individual should live each day as though they were to die tomorrow AND as though they were to live for a thousand years. This is precisely how we need to approach presentday legislation, and precisely the key fallibility of Bush doctrine -- that what is needed is a framework of government, a series of laws which can stand muster against our needs for today AND the passing of a thousand years of historical scrutiny.

The current political situation in the United States is one of vast intolerance, much preaching and very little real discussion. There is a very dangerous lack of perspective in both camps and whether one favors Kerry or Bush, I think few political punters today have the argumentative tools required to describe what the overall goal of this country should be in terms which are dignified, resounding or even partially integrated into a coherent whole. In order to move into the needed perspective which makes for good politics we need to drop our current favored rhetoric and begin to talk in terms of simple mechanics. The debacle of the 2000 election is a battle in a war and should not be the focus of this party. The larger goal of creating solid world order is the war we are engaged in, and that ideal begins with sensible international law. It cannot be approached in terms used by street-corner preachers or homeless religious fanatics: the end is nigh! It can only be broached by sensible understanding, especially the kind which draws in more participation than it thrusts out. The world very rarely ends. What happens more often is that we are left with the radioactive fallout of today's wild fanaticism and inability to focus on the larger issues. This is as true of Jerry Falwell's mistaken battles, Billy Graham's son's sorry comments, Paul Krugman's half-baked philosophy, as it is of your editorial, here.

( Posted by: hazelfaern [Member] On: May 21, 2004 )

One Billion People is Islam.

My sources for the contemplated invasion of Syria is countless leaks from the Pentagon and White House as well as intelligent speculation by respected members of the press, during all of this drama, that Bush would make Syria a coming target after Iraq. At the time it seemed like he may well do it, and he is indeed attacking the Syrians on the border. The excuse is that they're sending fighters... which they well may be. You mean to say you haven't heard any of this?

( Posted by: the alienist [Member] On: May 21, 2004 )

Well-said, hazelfaern
...and point well taken:

>lapsing into high-pitched tirades only sways >the choir.

I confess to this. Remember that emotional appeals can be valid at times, at least to one's perspective: however I'm a far-leftist who does at times have trouble thinking outside the box.

Gimme some time. :) Thanks for your reference to Leland Oldes, I will certainly read about him.

However, I stand by the basic idea behind my editorial: this government is doing insane things, which is more apparent now than when I wrote the above, and the American People need to get control of it NOW.

( Posted by: the alienist [Member] On: May 21, 2004 )

I fully agree
It's because I'd like to see that happen that I left such a lengthy response on this article. Just remember there are four months till the next election, which is both an eyeblink and an eon in political cycles, depending on what breaks into news and how you look at it.

( Posted by: hazelfaern [Member] On: May 26, 2004 )

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