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Part One
A New Road

Riding on horseback, Tur Claff was on his way home to the town of Green Way. He was currently on the Way’s Road, which connected the two towns Green Way and Riverside. Tur had recently run errands in River Side to a blacksmith named Paul Noos.
Tur worked for his Uncle-Daim Claff who ran the local inn, which went by the name of Claff’s Inn. Way’s Road ran south from Riverside and was about ten miles long.
As the wind softly blew in Tur’s face, he whistled a tune to break the silence. Tur was tall, had blonde hair and blue eyes, and was around the age of seventeen. He usually hung out with his cousin Ree Tind, and his two other friends Sam and Tim Burly.
Tur was excited that he was finally coming home, he had been gone for a week now, and was ready to see his friends.
As Tur was deep in thought, his horse suddenly went wild, and began to jump up and down, and then gallop down the road.
“Whoa Nancy! What’s a matter?”

He looked around the deserted road trying to figure out what caused the sudden outbreak. But it was still as empty as ever.
But within the trees there contained some sort of movement. Tur was sure though that it was just a few rabbits and nothing more. For a while, Tur tried to figure out what had set off the commotion made by his horse, but as time went by, and nothing more than the wind shook the trees, he gave up on the matter.
For the next hour, until he arrived in the town, he continued to keep a watchful eye on his surroundings, but nothing set off Nancy for he remainder of the ride.
Once back in the town, he rode back to his uncle Daim’s inn. When he walked inside Ree and Sam were there; waiting for him.
“Welcome home Tur!”
Tur smiled with delight at the sight of his friends. But when he looked around, he noticed that Tim wasn’t there.
“Where’s Tim?”
Ree, Sam and including his uncle suddenly began to frown and stare at the floor.
“I asked a question, where’s Tim?”
Sam scratched his head.
“He disappeared two days ago. We think he may have gone to Easy Waters.”
Tur frowned.
“Why would he go there?”
“He found out that our cousin was in trouble with an illness, and ever since he found that out, he’s been talkin’ about how he wants to go.”
“Have they sent any guards to search for him?”
“No, Mayor Hon won’t allow it; says ‘We’re to far in debt and it would be too costly to have the soldiers go out on a wild goose chase for just a boy’.”
“He said that?” Asked Tur.

“Every word Tur,” Daim said, as he was resting his elbow on a broom.
“Well, why haven’t you gone Sam?”
“I asked the same thing,” Daim spoke up again. “I even told him he should, but he insisted on waiting for you.”
“Why’d you do that?” Tur asked.
“Cause I wanted your opinion on it. You’re easily the smartest of us. I’d just feel more comfortable going if I had your saying in it.”
“Yeah, even though I said you should because for one thing, he’s your own brother, and another thing, I’m cousins with Tur and if it were me having the choice of visiting Tur if he was ill, I’d go like a mouse does when he sees the shadow of a hawk.”
“Wow! That’s pretty fast,” Tur exclaimed dully.
“All I’m saying,” Ree continued, “is that I care a lot about Tur and my father Daim, and I wouldn’t want their last days go by without me being able to say my good bye. So not only should you go to Easy Waters to get your brother, but go to see your cousin too, because it might be the last chance you have to do so.”
“Well spoken.”
Everyone turned to the door to Eric Morrow standing at the doorway. He was a man known around the town for his wisdom, and when you got a comment like that from him, it would be in the ladies’ gossip for a week- and unfortunately that’s never a good thing.
Tur thought for a moment.
“Well, have you at least consulted the town’s council about this matter?”
“Nah,” was Sams abrupt response. “They just take sides with the Mayor.”
“Tis true,” Eric said.
“Mr. Morrow.”
Eric looked up at Tur, as he waited for what Tur had to say.
“What would you do?”
“Oh, I don’t know. I think I’d have to agree with what Ree had to say.”
Daim nodded.
“That’s exactly what I’d do too, Sam. If you’d like, I can prepare a wagon for you, and you could be off by tomorrow, and be in Easy Waters by the day after,”
Sam thought about it for a while. Daim straightened up and thought for a brief moment too.
“I’ll tell you what Sam, to make things easier for you to decide I’ll send Ree and Tur to go with you-how does that sound?”
Sam began to nod his head, and then smile.
“I’ll do it. I’ll go to Easy Waters.”
Ree clapped him on the back.
“That a boy,” Daim said, as he too began to smile.
Suddenly the door to the inn burst open and there stood Lalisa Burly-the mother.
“Sam Burly, you get home right now, I’ve been worried sick about you. It’s hard enough already having one of my sons gone.”
“Yes ma’am.”
Sam walked out of the inn with Mrs. Burly, and as soon as the door shut everyone burst into laughter. After the laughter died down, Daim straightened up and looked Tur directly in the eyes.
“I know Tur, that you just got back, and I’d hate to do this to ya, but I need you to go with Sam to retrieve his brother Tim.”
“I understand uncle Daim. “I’ll probably even have a good time too. Ree and Sam will be there.”
Daim laughed.
“Way to look at the good the good side! Oh, but I have to warn you. Easy Waters may sound like a nice place, but it’s very different from Green Way and Riverside. It’s probably the most different place in all of Farry. Be careful. Now, why don’t you and Ree go back to the house and get somethin’ to eat; I need to talk with Eric here about some things that wouldn’t interest you boys.”
Outside of the inn, Tur and Ree, began down the dirt road.
“Hey Tur, we need to bring as much money as we can to Easy Rivers,” Ree said.
“Why so?”
“Because I’ve heard that everything there is really inexpensive.”
“Such as?”
“Swords, shields, and a lot of other cool things.”
“And why would we need these things? Nothing involving the use of those ever happens here.”
Ree slapped Tur on the arm.
“Come on Tur, don’t you ever have fantasies where you’re fightin’ off Rayules side by side with a Druid. And even though the Druid has a lot more experience than you, he’s admired by your cunning skill to slaughter the lot of ‘em?”
Tur laughed a little.
“Yeah, when I was like-ten.”
Ree sighed. He was still determined to get those things. The rest of the walk was silent until the two rounded the last corner.
“It’s good to have you back cousin.”
Tur smiled. He put his hand around Ree’s shoulder. Ree was also around the age of seventeen, along with Sam. The town of Green Way had a lot of interesting shops, and people. It was a standard town for the land of Farry. As they neared the house, Ree turned into Mrs. Bakers flower shop.
“Where are you going?” Tur asked.
“I need to see if she needed me to do any errands yet for her; I asked earlier, but she told me that she would later.”
Tur nodded. E followed Ree into the shop, where they walked to the back where Mrs. Baker was. As she was planting some flowers in a pot, she looked up at them.
“Oh hello there Ree.”
“Hello Mrs. Baker, need anything done?” Ree asked.
“Not yet dear, but maybe later.”
She noticed that Tur was standing there, and her face turned into a wide grin.
“Hello Tur! Good to have you back in Green Way.”
Tur smiled in return.
“Thank you Mrs. Baker, it’s good to be back.”
She nodded and then looked back to Ree.
“I’m sure if you come back in about two hours-near sunset, I’ll have somethin’ for you to do.”
Ree nodded and then motioned for Tur to follow him back out of the shop. Outside they continued down the road. At the end of the road was their house.
Tur tried to see what Ree uh-oh’d about. He tried to follow the direction of his eyes. Then he saw them, two girls walking down the street.
“The Sable sisters,” Ree said.
Everyone knew that the people of the town got their rumors from the Sable sisters.
“Just don’t make eye contact with ‘em, and you won’t get any rumors, at least not yet,” Ree said, as he kept his eyes to the ground.
“It’s not like I’ve been gone for a year Ree, I know the drill for when they come around.”
Just then he had to go silent for they were passing by. Finally now at the end of the street, they were at their house. Ree took out a key and pushed it into the keyhole on the oak door.
Most houses and bui9ldings were alike in the towns of Farry. They were all made of stone, with wooden frames on the outer walls, and small arches curving up and outward to support gutters, and to place planks of wood on to set your flowers on.
Ree opened the door, and with the wave of his hand motioned Tur to follow.
“Welcome back to your house,” Ree said, as he walked into the kitchen.
The layout of the house wasn’t too perplexed; it was simply a kitchen, two bedrooms, an upstairs, and then the loft, where there was a large rectangular table for Daim to his work on.
“Don’t get unpacked Tur. We’re leaving tomorrow, remember?”
Tur nodded.
“What about washing my clothes? I need to do that. I’ve only had three shirts, a cloak, a coat and three pairs of pants to where for a whole week,” Tur said.
“We have some left over soap water in a bucket out back. Go wash your clothes in that, and then hang ‘em to dry when you’re done.”
Tur gathered up his clothes and went out back. He found the bucket where Ree said it would be and began to work. He was finished in ten minutes, and so when he was done, went back inside for lunch. When he sat down at the table, placed in the middle of the kitchen to eat what he had gathered from the cupboards, Ree opened the front door.
“Where are you going?” Asked Tur as Ree was almost out.
“I have to go run some errands real quick for Daim.”
“To who?”
“Tom Sable-pray his daughters aren’t home, and I think that might be it.”
“Oh, okay,” Tur said as Ree closed the door.
Tur quickly finished his lunch and went up stairs to his room. Tur was used to going to Riverside, and so he didn’t need a map any more so he left it behind, but he would need one for going to Easy Waters. He usually kept the map of Farry in his trunk that sat at the foot of the bed. When he opened the trunk, he found it just where it needed to be. He brought it downstairs, but then quickly ran back up.
He remembered that he had a small sword. It was once his father’s sword, and when he died, he had given it to Tur. Tur examined the sharp sword; it was a straight double-sided sword that had a legend behind it. Tur didn’t expect it to have even a small story behind it that other people talked about, he simply saw the sword as something to fight with when that rare moment came.
As he sat examining the blade and handle, he began to think of his unknown father. He set the sword on the bed and began to think to himself of how he imagined his father as a hero fighting Rayoles and fighting side by side with Druids. But Tur knew that his dad was just another town’s member that was as simple as Mrs. Baker running her flower shop down the road.
Tur was suddenly interrupted in his thoughts by a loud knock on the door. Tur ran down the stairs and opened the door. Sam stood outside on the small stair that led up to the door. In his hands was a nice looking bow, and on his back was also a nice looking quiver that matched the bow. Sam was smiling from ear to ear as he waited for what Tur had to say about it.
“Where’d you get that?” Tur asked.
“Mr. Morrow gave it to me. Where’d you get that?” Sam pointed at Tur’s hand.
Tur didn’t realize that he had picked the sword back up off his bed and ran downstairs with it.
“Oh this? T’was my father’s.”
Sam simply nodded and continued to look around saying nothing.
“So are you excited to go to Easy Waters?” Asked Sam.
Tur thought for a moment. He had just come back from Riverside after being there for a week, and he was already missing this place, and now he had to already leave in the morning for probably longer.
“I just got back here, and I’m not ready to leave it again.”
Sam nodded.
“That’s understandable.”
Tur didn’t realize, but he hadn’t invited Sam in yet, and Sam was tired of waiting so finally he just decided that he wasn’t welcome.
“Well, I should best be going. I have a lot of things to pack for tomorrow.”
Sam began to walk away as Tur waved from the door.
“I’ll see you in the morning,” called Tur from the doorway.
Sam turned and waved.

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The following comments are for "Farry: Chapter 1"
by ArturHawking

So this piece of writing is kinda I realize it's not with my writing today, but I was wondering what your comments were (keeping in mind I already realize that it's not very good)

( Posted by: ArturHawking [Member] On: December 4, 2003 )

... I read the first paragraph and was bored by the sheer amount of information listed, and that is indeed the proper word, therein. Too many facts so early makes the writing dry, in my opinion.

Spread the information out. Give only what is necessary at the time. Find interesting ways to tell me that Tur was a seventeen year old blonde haired, blue-eyed guy. Don't be so matter-of-fact. Fuck with the readers mind a little.

My theory is that those little details are thrown in there mostly because the writer doesn't know what to put next. I don't particularly care that Tur has blonde hair. It means dick to me.

This isn't an attack, and I'm not trying to be condescending. It's just that the first paragraph or so made it REALLY difficult to get into this story and because of that, I skimmed the rest.

( Posted by: die_daily [Member] On: December 4, 2003 )

Thankyou for your comments, and for you Die_Daily, I'll do my best to skim it out, and I appreciate your comment, and thanks pen. for the upplifting comment.

( Posted by: ArturHawking [Member] On: December 4, 2003 )

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