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It was a dark misty day at the mining colony. Jesup was standing outside one of the Gold mines smoking a weedbine, which is the same as a woodbine, but only this contains dried seaweed. He heard a cough behind him.
"SORRY", he said over the noise.
"IT 'S NOT YOU IT'S THE DUST AND FUMES", shouted the fellow worker. After, Jesup carried on working, he got out his pick axe and started to chip away stone looking for gold. As he was chipping away a large bullman knocked him by mistake and apologized in a very low voice. They are used to carry out the waste from the mines. Bullpeople were very big up to nine foot tall and are well suited for the job, it made Jesup feel like a fly. When he finished work he started to walk home over some vast fields. The scenery was breath taking, he could see for miles on end it was like a patch work quilt with different shades of green. He stopped for a second to take in the fresh smell of newly mowed grass and hay. He also noticed and smiled at two cabbage white butterfly's dancing together in a very gentle breeze. He carried on walking with his spirit up lifted until something strange caught his eye, he noticed a strange path that looked as though it had been trampled down by odd shaped feet that were about the same size as his. He knelt down and looked a little closer, after a while he shrugged his shoulders and came to the conclusion that it was just a large group of farm animals and carried on walking home. It was dark by the time he got home and he took off his coat and fired up the stove. He lay back in his armchair and started to doze off. Well he started to doze off, his black and white cat sitting infront of the fire started to consider hopping onto his knee. After a while a faint snore and purr was heard from the living room.

Meanwhile two trolls were starting to plan a way of getting into the mine to steel gold. They have to get past two other large trolls which were employed to guard the gold mine.
"Pssssstt Come here," said one of the thieves.
"WHAT," shouted the other one. The two guards heard it and started to look round a bit.
"Probably just idiots outside the grounds," said one of the guards.
"Shshshsh, we don't want to be heard do we," said the first thief. The first is quite bright he had more of the brains than the Braun.
"Sorry," Said the second thief. The second thief is completely the opposite he had more Braun than brains.
"Write this is what we are going to do. There is a bolder above them w-"
"What's a bolder?"
"Unff, It's a big massive rock O.K."
"Aah write O.K."
"Write so we push the big rock onto those two big nasty trolls O.K."
"Write we're actually getting somewhere, when the bolder has fell down on to the two trolls we go inside and take what we can as fast as we can. Now is that clear or isn't it?"
There was a few seconds of complete silence as the second thief thought about this.
"Errrr yeah I thinks so."
"Right lets go."
They crept off into the night to carry out the plan when the second thief hesitated and said.
"Could you run that pass me one more time."

In the darkness of the night there was a faint sound of small pattering feet not far from the thieving trolls. The sounds got louder, into loud thuds and sqaurks.

"Are you ready?"
"Er yeah."
There was a loud BANG as the bolder hit the two trolls on there heads. The two thieves ran past the two knocked out Guards which were slumped on top of each other. The second one suddenly stopped and said.
"What's that noise?"
"What noise, I can't hear anything."
"I can here something."
"It's nothing, come on hurry, we have got to get this done."
"They hurried inside."

The sound of the squawks got louder, and they were heading towards the gold mine, where the two thieves were.

Two sudden groans came from the mining entrance as the guards opened there eye's, they suddenly saw hundreds of fury eight legged black things coming towards them, which looked like rats. They got up ran off fast as a bullet screaming funny words.

Meanwhile the two thieves were getting into steeling as much gold as they could. The brightest of them both laughed and said. "This will last us right through until we dye."
"Keep filling the bags."
"O.K, er do you know when I said I could here a funny noise."
"Well I can here it again, but this time it's a bit louder, and it's coming from behind us." The two thieves turned and saw the mass of eight legged rats racing towards them. Suddenly from outside the cave there were sudden screams and bad language, then a muffled sound, then quiet.

Next morning Jesup woke to the sound of birds. He got up and said morning to his limp cat which took up most of his bed and then went down for breakfast. He ate his breakfast and had a wash and got dressed ready for work. Before he went to work he looked in the mirror and said to himself that he would have a better day than yesterday. He didn't know, but Jesup was about to have a big surprise. When he got to work he noticed that the guards weren't there, he didn't think much of it, and thought the manager must have let them off early. He went inside and he could smell something vile. He went on a bit further and noticed that there were bits of trolls body everywhere. There faces were ripped to shreds beyond recognition. He ran out in shock alerted two other guards on the other side of the mine and went to see Mr. Collins the manager, to explain what he had found.
"Have you sent for help?" said Mr. Collins
"Yes, someone called inspector Jackson is coming to see you sir," said Jesup.
"Right good, the first thing we do is to find the two guards that were there last night, so I can talk with them. Go around the mines, and ask if any of the other miners noticed anything strange last night."
" Ill get on it straight away," said Jesup.

Inspector Jackson, a large troll went to see Mr. Collins the manager in his office. Mr. Jackson was about eight feet high and had a fair sized beer gut hanging out. Despite the size of Jackson he was always smartly dressed clean shaven and had his hair greased back.
"AAA inspector Jackson , nice for you to come, have you seen the incident in the mine," said Collins.
"Yes I have, and I will launch a full investigation." Mr. Jackson had the kind of voice, that would measure 6.4 on the Richter scale. "And I will keep you up to date, on what we have found." Collins had the temptation to say, would you like to have a gallon of coffee instead of a cup, due to the shier size of him, but thought against it. "Would you like to have a cup of coffee Mr. Jackson."
"No thankyou, I must help with the investigation, and I would very much like to see those two so called guards."
"Why's that?" said Collins curiously.
"We suspect that the two murdered victims were thieves trying to steel your gold."
"I suppose then, it was a good job they were killed, atleast they didn't get away with anything," said Collins with a smile on his face. Jackson wasn't smiling he leaned over his bulky body and said, " Mr. Collins I don't care whether they were thieves or beggars, they did not deserve to die the way they did do, and I intend to find who did it to them. Now if you please I would like to go."
"Oh right o.k then goodbye," said colons holding out a shaky hand.
"Goodbye," said Jackson. The ground shook as he walked away.
Collins sat there. He blew out a sigh of relief and relaxed and thought to himself, well that went well didn't it.

Meanwhile Jesup was asking questions about the night the incident happened. First off he went to a small but bulky dwarf called Mr. Short, he was busy picking up lumps of gold.
"Mr. Short, I have been sent round by the manager to ask you some questions about last night, did you notice anything strange or perculia?"
"Well no not really, but I did hear something strange though. It was like the sound of rain pitter-pattering on paving slabs, like a sudden down poar."
"Where were you at the time?"
"I was just finishing work in mine 6. Oh and I ain't shore whether this would help, I found a piece black fur on the way out from work."
"O.K thanks Mr. Short that'll do nicely." Jesup walked off writing all of this down, ready to give to the manager, to pass on to the police. Then after he written it down, he went to the next worker to ask some questions. This time it was to a Mr. Flint he was also a dwarf, he was thin featured just slightly taller than Jesup and very rugged, also without fail you would always see the remnants of a smoldering joint hanging out of his mouth.
"Mr. Flint, the manager has sent me hear to ask you some questions."
"Oh yeah."
"Did you notice or hear anything strange last night?"
"The only thing I did notice last night, was that there was no guards on one of the mines."
"Did you hear anything Mr. Flint?"
"Where were you last night?"
"I were ere."
"Thankyou Mr. Flint." After a while going round the miners asking them questions, Jesup took the note paper down to Mr. Collins, so he could pass it on to inspector Jackson.
"Thankyou Jesup, I will pass this on to the police."
"Is there anything else sir?" said Jesup.
"No that is all thanks Jesup, you may carry on with your work." Jesup walked off feeling a bit left out, he was starting to enjoy asking questions, but he still had that urge to help. So he started to do some private investigating, he started to write down what he could remember, and worked on it.

When Jesup got home, he got changed out of his work clothes into his ordinary clothes. He got himself a hot drink and sat by the fire with his cat. There was a loud purr coming from the cat, the cat sat there looking very satisfied and content. After a while Jesup started to nod off himself because he was tired and the cat purring on his knee wasn't helping much. Not long after he woke up and started to look at his information, which he almost knocked off with his arm. He got up and went over to his work clothes and pulled out a bit of that black fur which someone gave to him. He put the piece of black fur on a table that his cat was sitting on, the cat got up and went over to the piece of black fur and sniffed it, and in Jesups amazement spat at it and then ran off. He went over to see whether his cat was o.k and noticed that he was trembling. So Jesup picked up the piece of fur and put it in his pocket so it wont bother his cat anymore. He stood there for a while and suddenly thought of a friend of his he used to know. Jesup went over to his filing cabinet and picked up an address book off the top, and started to look for the address of his friend and then start to write down the letter.
Number 20 Pine Forest Valley.

Dear Mr. Sedrick Acorn

First off how are you I hope you are doing well. I would like to see you later about a piece of black fur that I have found, it is quite of some importance that we should try to identify what it came off. It is part of a investigation. I look forward to your reply.

Yours Sincerely Jesup.

He rolled up the letter and tied it on a messenger pigeon. And sent it off to send the letter to Sedrick. When the pigeon disappeared out of sight, he decided to feed the cat and then go to bed. Jesup got out some liver that he saved for his cat and he sliced it on a plate into small chunks. He went over to his cat and tried to call him over, but with out success. His cat was cowering behind the chair looking very bewildered and fluffy. "BLACKY BLACKY, aaaah there you are, come on Ive got some liver for you." The cat looked at him enough to say. Bugger off, I'm not coming out. So Jesup just put his food down by the fire where he normally has it. Then he got ready for bed and went to sleep with out any rocking. Jesup was always a heavy sleeper even when he was a boy. Jesup would even sleep in a pine forest aslong it was sheltered and he wouldn't be bothered. That's if you ignore all the howling wolves and the sounds of all other unthinkable creatures.

Mr. Collins was standing outside of Inspector Jackson's Office trying to syke himself up, because Collins was basically petrified of him, then he knocked on the door and waited.
"COME IN, MR COLLINS," said Jackson in a very loud deep gravely voice. Inspector Jackson new that Collins was scared of him, but he didn't care two hoots about that, he just wanted to do his job and get it done well. Collins walked in rather nervously.
"Come in Mr. Collins take a seat. Did you say you had some extra eye witnesses."
"Err yes in- inspect-ter." Collins cleared his throat and thought to himself, pull myself together for godsake he's only like me but a bit bigger.
"Yes I have and erm, I think erm, you may find this interesting, errm I think." Collins past over the piece of paper with the statements on, with a shaky hand. There was silence for a while, then the inspector said. "Yes thankyou for your help I will add this to my equiries, Is there anything else you need to share with me Mr. Collins."
"No th-there isn't."
"Well then that is all Mr. Collins, if there is anything else you need to share with me send me a message, I am sorry to rush you off like this but I am a very busy man. So I wish you goodday Mr. Collins."
"Goodday sir," said Collins feeling surprised at how fast it went. Collins got up and walked out feeling better now it was out the way. He went down some stairs which was by inspector Jackson's office and went home for the night.

Jesup woke up next morning to the sound of the messenger pigeon come flying into his bedroom with a message tyde on it. He took off the message from the pigeon and thought to himself that was quick, he looked at his clock it was 11 o'clock in the morning.
"OOOOHHH bugger I missed work, umph the boss ain't going to be happy."
He opened the message and read the letter, it said.

Dear Jesup

First of all it's good to hear off you again, I have read what you have sent me and I would be very interested in what you have found for me. I will see you some time tomorrow because I would like to find out what you have been doing and help you with your investigation. See you tomorrow.

Yours Sincerely Sedrick Acorn.

Jesup got up and went down to get something to eat. He went into the kitchen and got out a large loaf of bread and did himself toasted bread with jam, then he did himself a coffee. He walked into the front room and noticed that the cats food wasn't eaten. He went and looked behind his chair, there was the cat sitting there like a fusby with four pairs of claws clamped into the carpet. Jesup tried to wrestle the cat off the carpet, but without any luck.
So he contacted the local vet over the phone and explained what the problem was, he couldn't actually say what the problem was because it would have sounded a bit stupid. I think the vet would have told him if he felt alright. I bet your wondering why people still send out messenger pigeons when they've got phones, well the reason is that people do like to keep tradition alive aswell as moving with the times. Jesup waited until a rather lowed voice came down the line and asked him what the problem was.
"Well erm I don't no what actually caused it, but last night he suddenly went a bit hysterical, and this morning well, he's flipped. Yes he is very shaky and he seems to be staring into nothing. O.k yeah bye."
Jesup put the phone down and looked at the cat, which looked as though it had just been stuffed.
What have I done, he thought.

Mr. Collins caught a horse tram from the town center to the countryside where his mining works are. If you are wondering what a horse tram is, it is just one shirehorse pulling a very basic but nice carriage. He got off the coach and walked into the valley, then he walked up some steps and down a dark alley which went past some of the mines. He got so far down the alley when he heard a slight pitter patter behind him, he turned round to look behind him but there was nothing there. Finally he got to the door of his office, he got out his keys and unlocked his door and went in. The office was quiet, he took a deep sigh and sat down by his desk and began to sought out some papers. In the back ground he heard a bit of movement, he could also see it in the corner of his eye, when he turned round slowly a mass of black fur lashed out at him and caught him on the side of his face and neck. Collins scrabbled to get to a paper knife which was on his desk and then with all his strength struck out and stabbed the creature with his knife. The creature screamed in pain and fell to the floor a squirt would spurt out every second as it bled to death. Collins got up shocked and covered in blood and managed to stagger off into the alley, a fellow worker found him and helped him out of the alley. By now Collins was bleeding heavily, his fellow worker managed to get him to a horse tram and firmly instructed the driver to hurry them to a hospital and not to hang about, Collins was in a critical condition.
"How bad am I," said Collins.
"Well let's put it this way your not in tiptop condition sir."
"Remind me to give you a pay rise for this."
"I will sir."
Not long after Collins went pale and passed out. The worker started to panic a bit, because he had never been in this situation before.
"Sir sir, driver hurry."
"I'm going as fast as I can, I cannot go any faster!" Finally the horse tram pulled up by a hospital. The driver got down and helped the worker to take Collins out of the tram.
"Thank you driver."
"Don't thank me thank my horse."
Three nurses came dashing out and took Collins and rushed him into the hospital. The worker relaxed a bit and leaned against the tram.
"Would yu like a drink Ive just finished," said the driver as he got back onto his tram.
"Why not."
The worker climbed up on the front seat with the driver and they both went to the nearest inn.
"My name's Larry what's yours," said the driver.
"Pleased to meet yu Spike, put it there. It was pretty brave what yu did there, I don't think I could have done that. I heard that there were some strange things happening down your work area."
"Yeah there is, I think it's some strange creatures that's moving round the mine shafts attacking the workers."
"Well why don't they move the workers out?"
"It's the government crap, they want us to carry on working because of some stupid gold shortage. Which personally I think is a load of crap."
"Talking about crap, would yu like some, a quid a bag," said Larry.
"Yeah Ill have a bag. Dam, can yu take me to the Police Headquarters because I need to report this to the police."
"Yeah no problem at all."
They stopped at the Police Headquarters. Spike got off the tram and went into the Headquarters. He went to the receptionist at the desk.
"Excuse me."
"Yes sir how can we help you?" said the woman.
"I need to report a attack on my manager."
"What is his mane sir?"
"Mr. Collins."
Inspector Jackson in his office heard this and came striding out. "Thankyou Madeline Ill take over!" said Jackson.
Spike turned round quick slightly startled.
"Please step into my office sir." Spike cautiously stepped into his office.
"What is your name sir."
"Spike Jason."
"What seems to be the problem?"
"Well It might sound a little strange."
"Yes," said Jackson inpateintly.
"Well my Manager Mr. Collins has been attacked by what seems to be a giant eight legged rat."
Jackson paused for a few moment's to take this in. "When was this?"
"Well it was about say an'hour ago."
"What's been happening since then?"
"I took Mr. Collins to a hospital."
"What sought of condition is he in?"
"I don't really know what sort of a condition he's in now, but when I took him to the hospital earlier he was in a bad state sir."
"Do you know where this so called eight legged rat is?"
"Yes it is in Mr. Collins office dead I managed to catch a glimpse of it, it is rather a mess in there."
Jackson went quiet for a moment to think about this. "Right thankyou for letting me know Mr Jason, we will get some one on it straight away to collect the body."
"Is that all?" said Spike.
"Yes Mr. Jason you may go."
Spike walked out quite satisfied and went back down to Larry. As Spike walked out of Jackson's office Jackson was trying to take all this in, he never worked on a case like this before. When Spike got down to the horse tram Larry the driver was dying to know what they said. "Well what did they say?" said Larry curiously.
"They asked a few questions and said thanks and that was it."
"That's it, said Larry disappointed."
"Oh well lets go and get this pint then ah?"

Ten minutes later Jackson got up and ordered all the other police officers to gather in his office. There wasn't allot of them, probably about twenty officers.
"Write gather round men," there was a pause for a minute. "Now I am about to tell you some good news and some bad news. We have finally got somewhat of a strange description of the suspect. A Mr. Collins who is the manager of the local gold mine has been attacked by this some what bizarre creature. He is in critical but stable condition, I have just contacted the hospital that he is in. What I need from you is to go and interview some of the workers. One of the workers that work there named Jesup has already written down some statements, I am about to see him now. So let's get to work. And also just to add, I would like this to stay confidential o.k, that is all gentlemen." Once everybody had gone Jackson got up and got himself ready to go and see Jesup. He went down and caught a horse tram outside the police station. By the time he had got to Jesup's home night had fallen. He knocked on the door and Jesup answered.
"Yes sir."
"I am Inspector Jackson, I believe you are Jesup."
"Yes I am."
"May I come in sir."
"Have you got any ID."
"Yes." Jackson took out a scruffy wallet and held it up infront of him.
"Come in."
They both walked through to Jesup's living room, as Jackson walked in he noticed that some of the carpet had been ripped up.
"Forgive me I couldn't help but notice that your carpet is ripped."
"Yes that was my cat, sadly he had to be taken to a home for bewildered cats." Jesup didn't say why. "Well what's the problem officer."
"It is about your manager, he was attacked today one of the workers found him and took him to hospital. He's in a stable but critical condition."
"When was this?"
"It was earlier on today. Apparently he was attacked by some sort of creature which someone described as a eight legged rat it sounds strange I know, at the moment I'm having trouble believing it. Anyway I was wondering whether you could help me in some way?"
"Yes I could, there's a friend of mighne which knows a bit about strange animals, he would be interested."
"Can I see him?" said Jackson.
"Yes," said Jesup.
"Do you no when?"
"Tomorrow, we are old friends we haven't seen each other for a while so we are having a sort of like reunion."
"I would like you to bring him to me tomorrow at the police station if you can, we will need his help."
"Yeah O.K no problem," said Jesup.
"O.K then I will expect to see you then. Now I must go I've got other matters to tend to." Jackson got up and let Jesup show him to the door. "Goodnight," said Jackson.
Jackson walked off and went to catch the earliest horse tram to go home for the night. He stood waiting for a while for the horse tram, when he heard some strange song that someone was wailing when they were coming out of the local inn. He turned to see who it was, they were walking towards him.
"Mr. Spike Jason I believe," said Jackson.
"G-good e-evening Misther Jackson."
"Who's your friend Mr. Jason?"
"Ooh y-yeah thiz iss erm Larry."
"Have you enjoyed tonight?"
"Not erhm to bad, we've only juszt been to er the local ffor a qu-quick drink'ees that'z all really."
"Have a good night then," said Jackson now trying to get rid of them because of his tram.
"Goodnight then Misther Jackson," said Spike.
Jackson saw them stagger off and stood there thinking, it's good to see people able to go out knowing that there are some descent people out here, although they are slightly pissed. The horse tram startled him a bit when it came, he stopped it and then went home to the comfort and safety of his home.

Jesup sat back in his chair wondering whether his cat was alright. So he decided to ring up his local vet.
"Good evening is this the local vet which took my cat to a bewildered home for cat's there?"
"What is your cat's name sir?" said the vet.
"One minute sir."
"Yes erm the vet which took your cat is not in today but I can tell you that your cat is slowly on the mend. He had to have allot of therapy but it seems to be working."
"Is there any news of when he will be coming back home?"
"I can't quite say just yet."
"O.k thankyou bye."
Jesup put the phone down feeling much better knowing that blacky was o.k. Jesup doesn't have many friends so the bond between him and his cat was very important to him. If anything happened to his cat it would be horrible to him.

Larry dropped Spike off at his front door of his house and he literally did get dropped off.
"Shee yuh then Spike." said Larry.
"Sshee yu Larry."
Larry drove off into the dark damp streets. Spike picked himself up and tried to mooch round in his pocket for his keys, all he picked out was a old sticky jam sandwich which he left in his lunch hour. In the end he found his very sticky keys, he tried to aim the key to the key hole and missed about five times and almost gave up to sleep in his shed. But he got it in the end and he had to push it into the key hole because the jam had gone crusty on the key. He went in and shut the door after him, then he staggered upstairs and flopped into his bed, two seconds later you could here deep snores.

Next morning Jesup hauled himself out of bed, he didn't want to but he new he had to get up because Sedrick Acorn his friend was going to see him that morning. He started off doing his usual ritual by having a wash getting something to eat and getting dressed. Not long after he finished getting himself ready he heard a knock on his front door, he looked through the hole and was happy to see it was Sedrick.
"Sedrick it's good to see you come on in."
They both went into Jesups front room sat down and started talking to each other.
"Well Jesup what yu bin doing with yourself just lately."
"Not allot really still working for that goldmine company."
"What that old place still, ain't it about time you moved onto something else."
"Like what there isn't really anything else to do round here apart from there, besides I quite like the job."
"Well what about the markets aren't they still going?"
"No they finished them along time ago. Anyway enough about me what about you?"
"Well this and that, I started a new breeding project on a rare species of bird."
"Have you what kind?"
"I think it's called the Pink Blossom bird, it's a very small song bird about the size of a blossom flower. The smallest known bird in this country."
"Anything else," said Jesup curiously.
"No not really, anyway whats this bit of fur yu got for me."
Jesup took the piece of fur out of his pocket and gave it to him. Sedrick looked at it for a while and then asked.
"Do you know what it came from?"
"Well not long before you came, the head of the local police station came to my house and said that my manager was attacked by what he said was a eight legged rat."
"How does he know that?"
"Someone said they saw it. Oh and by the way the head of the police said he wants to see you about this."
"Ive got nothing to do with this!"
"No he doesn't want to interview you, he just wants your help."
"Oh I see. O.k then this'll be interesting."

Collins lay back in his bed in a fair amount of pain, he lost allot of blood and was very week. A doctor came round to see him.
"Right Mr. Collins how are you feeling today?"
Collins slowly opened his eyes because the light in the room was fairly bright. When he finally opened them fully he saw a very pale man with big fang like teeth and black hair which was greased back.
"Are you a vampire doctor?"
"Yes I am a vampire this is a multiracial country is it not."
"Yes I suppose so, but forgive me doctor I'm getting a little tired of big teeth and fangs."
"I'm not surprised," said the doctor feeling a little bit sorry for him. "Thats a nasty gash you've got."
"Why am I so week doctor?"
"Well what ever gave you that nasty gash caught a main artery in your neck. You're very lucky you are alive."
"How did you stop it from bleeding any more?"
Well we located where the artery was and clotted it, and it should stay clotted until you grow another artery."
"I didn't think we could grow anymore main arteries."
"Yes you can but they need help to start growing."
"Well we extract the liquid of a Arthianthus plant and put it into your blood stream which in return activates any dormant arteries."
Collins gave up asking any more questions because the answers were getting to technical for him.
"Now I will ask you again Mr. Collins how are you feeling?"
"I'm feeling allot better thankyou. How long will it be until I'm allowed out?"
"It shouldn't be long if you keep progressing as you are."
"Do you mind if you give me something for this pain, it's killing me."
"Of course. I must warn you it's not very nice but it will do the job."
The doctor poured a sticky clear liquid and gave it to him. Collins took it grimaced and swallowed it.

Jesup and Sedrick made there way to the police headquarters to see inspector Jackson. They came to Madeline the receptionist at the desk. She was slim, dark shoulder length hair and had a very attractive looking face, sort of like a dolls face.
"Erm my name is Jesup Stone and this is Sedrick Acorn and we are here to see Inspector Jackson."
"Yes one minute sir". She got up and walked over to his office, you could here faint talking. A minute later she came out.
"You can go in and see him now." Madeline couldn't help but watch him.
"Thank you," said Jesup. They made there way to his office.
Madeline at the time when he said thankyou was fixated on him.
"Good afternoon gentlemen please sit down," said Jackson. "You are Mr. Acorn I believe?"
"Yes sir."
"You specialize in animals?"
"Yes sir."
"Good, why I brought you here today is not that I want to question you, but that we need your help and your expertise will you help us?"
"It depends."
"What do you mean."
"What I mean is will I get anything out of this?"
"What do you want?"
"To be paid, because if you think about it your asking me to do you a job, so I expect to be paid."
"That's fair enough we will come to some agreement. So will you help us?"
"Yes as long as I get paid."
"Good, I'm glad that's done with let's get down to business," said Jackson impatiently. "Now what I want you to do is to examine a dead rat which looks to be a mutant of some sort."
"In what way does it make you think it's a mutant?" said Sedrick.
"Well it's got eight legs."
"Yeah, erm I can understand why you think it's a mutant, but because it's got eight legs that does not mean it's a mutant. It could be just a new species of rat. How did this rat get killed?"
"It got stabbed twice in the neck with a paper knife."
"Now to kill a mutant you will have to expose it to allot of radiation."
"Why radiation?" said Jackson curiously.
"Well the radiation when it goes through the skin breaks down all the cells and genes in the mutant which then turns the creature into basically a big pile of blob."
Jackson now feeling a bit sick having thought about it quickly went on to the next thing.
"Yes well after you have done your thing on the rat I would like to see Mr. Collin's in hospital just to have a quick word."
"Do you want us to come with you?" said Jesup.
"Yes if you want."
Just then one of his officers came rushing in looking stressed.
"I'm sorry to interrupt sir but I have just found out that a few of our men have been attacked by these creatures."
"I thought you said they were contained," said Jackson shocked.
"We did contain them sir but they have some how seemed to have spread."
"How?" said Jackson demandingly.
"I don't know sir."
Sedrick suddenly had a chilling thought.
"There breeding."
"What!" said Jesup.
"Well think about it."
"I don't want to," said Jesup worried.
"In these mines it's dark, reasonably dry and can be pretty mild, it's a perfect place for them to breed."
"Have the creatures been caught?" said Jackson.
"No sir, they dashed off before we even tried."
"NOT GOOD ENOUGH!" yelled Jackson. "You should be on the alert at all times not asleep, now because of your lots laziness, some of my officers are seriously injured."
Jackson took a deep breath and calmed down. Everywhere went silent for a moment.
"Now get out there, and I seriously suggest that you find those rats that got away before they cause more mess, and be more alert this time O.K."
"Yes sir."
The officer went away a bit shocked and pissed off.
"I do apologize gentlemen for my outburst," said Jackson feeling calmer.
"It's o.k, I'm wondering about that officer there, he walked off a bit shocked."
"I wanted him to be shocked basically to wake him up, in cases like these I cannot afford to let my officers fall asleep for there safety. I need to have faith and trust in my officers at all times. Now enough of that, Mr. Acorn needs to examine the rats body I will take him there myself."
"Would you care to join me Jesup, they can be quite interesting," said Sedrick.
"Erh no I think I'll pass on that thankyou."
"There is tea and coffee available in the waiting room," said Jackson.
"Thanks," said Jesup.
Jesup walked into the waiting room to get some tea it came out a bit like soup but he wasn't bothered, then he sat down to reed something just to pass the time away. He picked up a science fiction book called revenge of the killer trees, it was about trees that put out there roots to drag down people and suck out there body fluids. He read this for a while but eventually he put it down because it was making feel more depressed, also it put him off his tea. As Jesup was about to throw his tea away he noticed some one approaching in the corner of his eye.
"Hello," said Madeline.
Jesup looked up and had the pleasure of seeing a full frontal of Madeline's slim waist and legs, he sat there fixated for a moment then looked up at Madeline.
"Erm hello," he said feeling a bit hot.
"If you need me for anything at all, you know where to find me," said Madeline in a slow smooth voice. She walked back behind her desk and at the same time as she was walking gave a slight sway of her hips.
"Yeah sure," said Jesup trying to peel his eyes away from Madeline. All of a sudden Sedrick came walking back.
"Well what's the news?" said Jesup quickly coming back into reality.
"Well it's just as mortal as us and strangely enough it's a mutant."
"I thought you said that mutants were very hard to kill unless you expose it to radiation."
"I know thats what I thought," said sedrick surprised.
"What are you going to do then?"
"Well I am going to expose some of the corpses skin to radiation just as a experiment, if that goes well it could find us a way to eradicate them altogether."
"Well isn't that wiping out a species?"
"No not really because it isn't a naturally produced species, it's man made, because I bet it was some experiment that went wrong and they didn't clean up after them."
"Who did the experiment?"
"We don't no I'm afraid," said sedrick disappointed. "Come on we've got to go and see Mr. Jackson at the entrance."
"To see your manager."

Collins was sitting up comfortably in bed feeling allot better, he sat there for a while taking notice of what was going on around the ward. There were very young and attractive nurses running round the wards which he didn't mind at all, there were people being ill all the time which he wasn't particularly thrilled about. Then there were a group of children with there mother coming to see there father, they were laughing and playing games and reading books which to Collins brought a smile on his face for the first time in a couple of days. He lay back and sighed a bit and picked up a magazine to reed, as he was reading a nurse came up to him.
"Excuse me sir a group of people would like to see you, are you feeling well enough to see them?"
"Yes I am thankyou," said Collins kindly.
The nurse went away and led them through the ward, they said thankyou and the nurse went off to do her duties.
"Ah Jesup and inspector Jackson, who's this?"
"This is Sedrick Acorn he studies animals," said Jesup.
"AAh a animalologist, I've heard of them, its good to meet you."
"It's a pleasure sir," said sedrick.
"I believe you are all here to talk about those strange things I was attacked by."
"Yes we are here just incase you need to let us know about anything," said Jackson.
"I believe the man who had helped me had told you everything because really don't remember much of what happened. Who was that man anyway, I would like to thank him for what he had done for me?"
"I can't really mention any names it's against my rules," said Jackson.
"Oh come on inspector, I only want to thank him and may be give him bit of a thankyou present on the side."
"Oh alright, it's Spike Jason," said Jackson giving in.
"Old Spike yes I no him. Anyway how bad is it getting at the mines?"
"It's getting bad sir, I'll let sedrick explain," said Jesup chickening out.
"Well to put it straight to the point, there breeding like rabbits. We have tried to stop them from spreading through the mines, but we failed."
"That was my fault, it won't happen again," said Jackson.
"That's nothing to worry about, aslong as we concentrate on the matter," said Collins reassuringly.
"I am starting to do some tests on some tissue off the animal," said sedrick.
"We need to evacuate all my workers from the mines for there safety," said Collins.
"We have started to do that, also we have blocked the entrance to the mine off to stop any other people other than my officers from getting in. All we have to do now is make a plan and act it out," said Jackson.
"Me and Sedrick will sort that out if you want," said Jesup.
"Done, then come to me once you've done it and I'll prepare my men ready."

Jesup, Sedrick and Jackson said goodbye to Collin's and started to head back to police headquarters. They had a break and then Jesup and Sedrick decided to go to sort out the plan. They went back to Jesups home and sat down with a pen and paper and started the plan.
"Where shell we start?" said Sedrick.
"Why look at me, you know more about these creatures than I do," said Jesup.
"Yes I know that, but we need to find away to trap them in one of the tunnel's and the person for that is you because you work in them."
"True," said Jesup who couldn't argue at that comment, Jesup sat there for a while thinking. "I suppose we could block the openings to one of the mines off."
"How?" said Sedrick.
"Well we use allot of explosives in mining, so I suppose we could blow up the front of the mine which should hopefully make a cave in."
"That will trap them then?" said Sedrick hopeful.
"Yeah, should do with out any problems."
"Do you know how to use explosives?"
"I've done a bit in the past, besides I will probably ask some one who is more experienced in it to set the explosives up."
"Do you know such a person?"
"Yeah I know some one that will do it, especially if there's something in it for him."
"Who?" asked Sedrick curiously.
"I don't no his actual name but I know his nickname and that's GunpowderJack."
"GunpowderJack, why that?"
"He loves blowing up things."
"Write now we figured out how to trap them, how do we kill them?" said Jesup.
"I've been working on this radiation theory, it seems to be working, but I prefer to do some more tests," said Sedrick.
"Suppose we did use radiation, where would you get it from and also how will we use it to kill the rats?"
"Well for one of your questions I know where to get it from. Back at home where I come from we have a old toxic waste dump and it gives off a varied amount of radiation, not lethal to us but strong enough to probably eradicate the rats."
"But wouldn't they stand up to that because they're mutants?"
"No that's there only deadly weakness, I think. Now to use it we could put the toxic into barrels and roll it into the mine and once it's in we can cause the cave in infront of the mine. Then leave it for a while and hopefully the radiation should have melted them down to a blob. While we are waiting we can throw acid bombs at the few that are in the other mine which should burn through there skulls if we aim them properly at there heads of course," said Sedrick being a bit dramatic.
"Easier said than done," said Jesup.
"All we need to do now is inform Mr. Jackson of the plan and get it prepared," said Sedrick.
"If you go and see Jackson about the plan, Ill go and see GunpowderJack," said Jesup.
"No wait, I think what would be best first is to go and see Jackson about this and get it confirmed, because I don't want any cock up's."
Jesup agreed and they both went to see Jackson about the plan.

Jesup and Sedrick went towards the receptionist who as usual was looking at crappie magazines and stuffing herself full of chocolate.
"Erh excuse me miss, Jesup and I to see Mr. Jackson," said Sedrick.
"Yes of course go straight through, oh and erh call me Madeline." She gave them a wink and a smile which revealed allot of sticky chocolate covered teeth. Sedrick and Jesup grimaced said thankyou and walked on.
Sedrick knocked gingerly on Jackson's door.
"COME IN DON'T HANG ABOUT!" shouted Jackson. "I believe you've got a plan gentlemen."
"Yes we have, we only came for you to confirm it thats all."
"Well let me have a look then." Jesup passed him over the plan, there was silence for a while while he read it.
"I must admit this is a good plan but where are we going to get the materials from like the toxic?"
"We have both figured that out, I'm going to get the toxic from home and Jesup knows some one who will plant the explosives safely," said Sedrick hopeful that he will agree.
"Well I suppose if you know where to get them from and the job gets done safely, then
I see know reason why you shouldn't do it."
They both sighed with relief feeling quite pleased with themselves.
"I will get my men to prepare the area for you while, you get the materials."
They all agreed and they all went there own way to prepare for the battle of the mutant's.

Jesup left Sedrick and was starting to make his way into pickston which is a small pixy town. Infact the town is so small that anyone higher than three feet isn't allowed in, luckily Jesups a dwarf so he can go in. Now the highest ever known pixy was about 18 inches, now it is about 12 inches. So if you compare a pixy to a fully grown human it'll probably reach the knee, now you can understand why they have hight restrictions in there towns. If they didn't have them, there would probably be a major crisis of squashed pixy's. After a while from traveling on the horse tram Jesup finally came off suffering from major leg cramp and a painful awrse. He walked towards the gates and there were some guards there, they stopped him and measured his size.
"Stop please sir, we need to measure your size."
"Yes of course," said Jesup.
"How long are you here sir?"
"Not long, I'm only here for a couple of hours."
"Right sir you can go through."
"Erh before I go, you haven't heard of a pixy called GunpowderJack by any chance?"
"Yes sir I have, he's quite a regular round here."
"You don't happen to know where he lives do yuh?"
"Yeah, go through these gates and it's the street on your right, and it's a house with a orange sloped roof not a arched one, yuh can't miss it."
Jesup made his way through the gates and started to walk through the street on the right looking for GunpowderJacks house. Finally after five or ten minutes looking he found it, he went to knock on the door. While he was waiting he was looking at the house, it was a shabby but reasonably strong house. Suddenly the door opened a bit.
"Yes can I help you," said a woman behind the door. She was standing in a long dress with flowers all down it which looked quite pretty, if it didn't have all the tea and dinner stains.
"Yes miss my name is Jesup and I'm wondering whether a man named GunpowderJack lives here?"
"One moment." The woman pushed the door too and left him waiting for a minute, then he heard the woman shouting.
"JACK SOME STRANGE BLOKE CALLED JESUP WAN'TS YUH." The woman came back. "He'll be with yuh in a sec he says." Before Jesup could say thanks the door suddenly shut and he was left by himself again, not long after the door opened again and out came gunpowderJack. Jack was pretty tall for a pixy, unshaven and had on a half unbuttoned white shirt and black trousers. He was a proper couch potatoe but a kind one at that.
"Owdo Jesup what do yuh want?"
"I need you to do me a big favor."
"What," he said getting worried.
"It's a bit of a long story."
"Well I'll tell yuh what there's a pub along they're, We'll go there."
"I've just gathered that your name is Jack off your wife."
"Yeah, she's got a right lowed voice ain't she as that one," chuckled Jack.
As they were walking along Jesup started to observe what was going on around him, he noticed the local market selling mice and frog meat, also he noticed that they were selling off large brown rats for pulling there carts and farm machinery. They used rats because they were very intelligent and adaptable, also to pixy's the size of them are like horses to them. These rats weren't the one's that you find down your local sewer, these were specially bred for working so they are not dirty rats. Not far from the market there was a cart with a sign by it. The sign was quite big and it said in capitals DIRT CHEAP FISH FOR SALE, there was a man sitting by it puffing a way on his pipe. The fish looked quite fresh, he was selling stickleback's for 25p a piece and minnow's for 50p a piece. They finally arrived at the small pub, it was called THE OLD CART SHED. It was early evening, Jesup was wondering whether they will let him in because of his size.
"Do you think they'll let me in?" said Jesup worried.
"Yeah sure they will, you've got a short awrse anyway."
"Thanks very much," said Jesup not amused.
"Your welcome."
Some pixy's at the door looked at him and agreed to let him in. Jesup walked through with Jack, it was basic but quite nice, also it had a nice bar with quite a selection at Jesup's surprise.
"They've got a good selection of drinks in," said Jesup.
"Yeah, all pubs round here have a good selection, people like there drink round these parts especially when early evening sets in. People are allowed to get pissed at six o'clock in the evening and carry on through the night if they want, aslong as they don't cause trouble."
"Do you get allot of trouble?" said Jesup.
"No not really, we get the odd scuffle or argument that's it really. They're pretty well behaved round here. Do yuh want a pint."
"Ahh go on," said Jesup forcing himself.
"What do yuh want?"
"What is there and then."
"Well there's Viper which is cider 9% proof, half pint of Rocket Fuel which is wine 12.5% or a standard beer which is 5%."
"A pint of beer," said Jesup wisely.
"Done, I'll have the same."
A few minutes later Jack came back with the drinks, to Jesup they looked like two pints of the finest gut rot compared to what he has round his area, you could even see small bits of hops in it. Jesup took a cautious sip.
"JESUS that's strong stuff, what's in it."
"Beer as far as I know. What was this favor anyway," said Jack taking a generous gulp.
"Well, have you heard what's been going on at the mines just lately?" said Jesup wondering.
"Yeah, they've been having a spot of trouble haven't they with some sort of creature."
"Yeah, it's supposed to be a mutant."
"A mutant," said Jack not believing what he heard.
"These creatures are dangerous yuh see, they are in one of the mines, and we need you to blow up the front opening to the mine to trap them." Jack paused for a while. "The police are involved in this, and they would appreciate it if you helped them, for the sake of lives and the mines." He paused a little longer. "You will get a reward out of this," said Jesup hoping that he'll say yes.
"Like what?"
"I don't know, look we need you for godsake, put yourself out for once."
"Alright all right, I'll do it."
"Thanks," said Jesup happy. "You won't regret this."
"We won't go tonight it's to late, stay over my place for the night."
"Thankyou, but what about the guards at the gate."
"What do yuh mean?"
"Well I did say that I would only be staying a couple of hours."
"Don't worry about them they wont bother you aslong as you don't cause trouble. Right drinkup my wife's expecting me back anytime now."
They both sank there drinks and went, and left a pound tip on the table for the waitresses services. As they were walking back to Jack's, Jesup explained the details of the plan.
"Well the plan goes like this, we are going to roll in two barrel's of toxic waste which should leek out radiation and kill the mutant's, hopefully. Then as the police, me and a friend hold back the mutant's, you set the explosives and get down to let them off."
"Sorry to interrupt, but don't you think the radiation will harm you in some way?" said Jack.
"No, it's harmless to us but lethal enough to kill the mutant's. Anyway, once the front entrance of the mine is sealed off and they are trapped in with the toxic, then we have to have a battle with a few more in a different mine."
"What with?" said Jack.
"Well we should have acid bombs. We throw them at there head's and the acid should burn through and kill them."
"Why can't we do that with the others?"
"Because theres to many of them, we'll get slaughted."
When they both finally got to Jack's, Jack set up a bed for Jesup for the night, it was in the living room. It was simple reasonably tidy and warm, it wasn't really a fourstar hotel but it was better than traveling getting cramp and a painful awrse again.

It was a bright sunny morning when Jesup finally woke himself up, Jack came walking in with tea and toast.
"Aren't you going to have something?" said Jesup.
"I had my breakfast earlier, come on we better get ready to go, a horsetram will be waiting for us soon so get yuh self ready."
Jesup had his breakfast and got dressed, Jack said bye to his wife and they both went.

Jackson arrived at the police headquarters, he said morning to Madeline who was as usual stuffing her face with sweets and chocolate. He went into his office and assembled all the men.
"Write men before I talk about what we have to do today, I wan't a full report on how we're doing controlling the rats." One of the officers put a hand up. "Well sir, they are getting rather aggressive but we are holding them back pretty well. We could do with having a few more men to help us though." Another officer in the background put his hand up and said. "I would like to point out, that from all of us we are sorry for those who were injured and also we are going to send them a get well soon card."
"Thankyou for that men, thats very kind. Write now, the mission for today. We shell be helping three people a animalologist and two mine workers. So, as one worker starts to plant explosives on the opening of the mine, another two will be pushing in two barrels of toxic which gives off radiation. Our job is to hold back the rats until the explosives are ready and the barrels of toxic waste have been rolled into the mine. Once the front of the mine has caved in, we will then proceed to the few that are in the next mine and attack them."
"How are we going to do that sir?" a officer shouted.
" I'm just coming to that part. We will be using acid bombs, which are like water bombs but with acid."
"I thought they were mutant's, I thought they supposed to be immortal?" another officer shouted.
"Yes well that's another weakness they've got," said Jackson feeling a bit aggravated.
"It's utter rubbish," shouted the officer again. Jackson was now getting a bit pissed off.
"Excuse me you lower ranking git, you've had your order for today now I would like to see them carried out, and if you step out of line with me like that again, I will seriously consider stuffing one of these acid bombs up your awrse is that clear?"
"Erh yes sir," said the officer turning quiet.
"Any more questions," said Jackson feeling happy. No one said anything. "Good, then let's get prepared, goodluck and I'm sure we will do a fine job."

Jesup and Jack got off the horsetram outside the Jackson's headquarters and walked in. Jesup walked to the receptionists desk where Madeline was doing her usual, until she was distracted by Jesup walking in.
"Oh hello," said Madeline.
"Erm hello, my friend Jack is to see Mr. Jackson," said Jesup clearing his throat.
"Oh is he," said Madeline in a calm and relaxed voice.
"Erm yeah."
"One moment please." Madeline walked away with a close eye on Jesup, she came back still fixed on him. At this point Jesup was going bright pink and hot in the face. "You may go through," said Madeline in a slow seducing voice. Jesup at this point was pleased to go through.
"Thankyou," he walked off in a brisk manner. As he walked off he could feel Madeline looking at him up and down behind him.
"She fancies you," said Jack under his breath.
"No she doesn't shutup," said Jesup trying to deny it.
"I mean look at the way she keeps looking at you and stroking her long dark hair," said Jack.
"Listen, do me a big favor will you shutup, I've brought you here to talk about the plan not about how the receptionist fancy's me," said Jesup.
"O.k sorry," said Jack giving in. Jesup and Jack finally walked through into Jackson's office.
"Aah Jesup finally come in, you alright Jesup you're looking a bit flushed," said Jackson smirking.
"Erh yes of course I am, erm this here is Jack."
"Good to meet yuh," said Jack.
"The same to you Jack. So you are the explosive man," said Jackson.
"Yes the best you can get," said Jack happily.
"So you've agreed with the plan then?"
"Yeah I have, I will need a look at the entrance of the mine to plan where I am going to put the explosives."
"That's no problem, I was going to show you where it was anyway," said Jackson.
"Have you heard anything off Sedrick?" said Jesup.
"Yes he's going to bring three barrels of the toxic very soon today, and as soon as we've got the toxic we can start work. You can hang around in the reception hall if you wan't," said Jackson innocently offering.
"Erm no, if you don't mind we have things to get on with haven't we Jack," said Jesup quickly.
"Have we, oh yeah sure."
"Oh o.k, I shell give you both a bell when Sedricks back then yes." Jesup and Jack were already on the way out.
"Erh yes," said Jesup going.
"I'll see you both later then," said Jackson. Once they had both gone, Jackson got up and went into the reception.
"Madeline may I have a word for a moment?"
"Yes sir."
"I don't wish to sound rude and I know it's known of my business, but could you ease off Jesup for a while just until this is over with."
"What do you mean sir?"
"You know what I mean don't act all innocent with me."
"Yes sir," said Madeline a bit embarrassed.
"Thankyou," said Jackson kindly. As Jackson walked away Madeline pulled a face, then Jackson turned round.
"Oh Madeline, I'm just going to pop down to see Mr. Collin's at the hospital," said Jackson pretending not to have seen the face she pulled.
"Yes sir," said Madeline quickly.

Collin's sat up in bed eating his dinner, when he saw Jackson walking his way. He smiled at him to acknowledge that he saw him.
"How are you feeling Mr. Collins," said Jackson in a happy voice to brighten up the atmosphere.
"Well not to bad, still a little suar yet but steadily improving. So what give's me the pleasure."
"Well I've just came to update you of what was going on with the plan and to just see how you are."
"Yes I've been wondering about that, how are we going with the plan?"
"Well we've gone with Sedrick's theory, thats the animalologist, on using radiation to kill the rats. Jesup has found a way on how to trap them, by blowing up the front of the mine once we've put the toxic that gives off the radiation in. And then it is just hand to hand combat with the other rats using the acid bombs." A nurse came towards them carrying a bag with fluid in it.
"I'm sorry to bother you two gentlemen but I need to change Mr. Collin's drip," said the nurse kindly.
"Yes of course I'm not staying long anyway," said Jackson.
"Oh please I don't wish to be a pain but could you stay for a bit, I could do with the company." The nurse looked at Jackson encouragingly.
"Alright then," said Jackson. The nurse smiled at him and mimed thankyou behind Collin's back. The nurse went away with the empty drip bag to the disposal room.
"So what's the drip for, I thought they said you were getting to good health again?" said Jackson curiously.
"Well my throat isn't really a hundred percent just yet, so they put me on a drip to give me nutrients until I can eat properly."
"So what's this you had for dinner?" said Jackson.
"Oh that's just a bit of soup, they do allow me to have a bit of soup now and then. Do you mind if I dose off for a bit.?"
"No, it's up to you your the one that's ill not me," said Jackson reassuringly.
"You can go if you want, I know your a busy man."
"If you don't mind me saying, I don't seem to be doing allot of good to your mining business if I just hang around here."
"It's o.k, it's been nice to have a small talk and thankyou for keeping me updated."
"It's know problem for me, so I'll see you later when you come out."
Jackson got up and went so that Collin's could get some rest.

Jackson got back to the headquarters and went up to see if Madeline had any news off Sedrick.
"Madeline have you heard off Sedrick yet."
"No sir."
"Right, contact Jesup and Jack and tell them to meet me down at the mine's, and if you here off Sedrick tell him to do the same as quickly as possible o.k. I'm going to go down to the mine myself to see how my men are going on, I want to see this on the way."
"Yes sir." Jackson made his way to the mine's. Madeline in the mean time picked up the phone and contacted Jesup and Jack.
"Is this Jack, yes well Mr. Jackson want's you to see him down at the mines straight away if that's o.k, great bye."
Madeline put the phone down then started to read her rubbish magazine again. She was reading something on how to attract the opposite sex in three different ways, and at the same time was thinking about Jesup. Not long after the phone woke Madeline up out of fantasy land.
"Yes Sedrick, yeah, you've got the toxic, great well Mr. Jackson want's you to see him at the mine's and to take the toxic with you, right o.k bye."
Madeline sat there feeling happy now all that was sorted out, and then suddenly got herself engrossed in her magazine again.

When Jackson got to the mine he was bombarded by mine workers demanding to know what was happening. He climbed on a large bolder to explain what was happening and tried to calm matters down. A police officer handed over a simple but effective megaphone. He drew in a deep breath and shouted over the noise.
"PLEASE, EVERY ONE BE QUIET AND CALM DOWN, I WILL ANSWER YOUR QUESTIONS WITH A EXPLANATION." The crowed went quiet. Jackson stopped for a moment to catch his breath then he started to speak normally through the megaphone. "Thankyou for quietening down. Now at the moment we have held back a number of creatures in the mine and we are going to start to take action against them to save your mines. Now to do so we need full cooperation off you by leaving the area for your safety. If you want to before you leave the area you may ask a few questions, but I cannot spend to long because of taking action, you may start." The hole of the crowed erupted by shooting questions at him in a hostile way. Jackson shouted down the megaphone again. "PLEASE ONE AT A TIME AND CALM DOWN." The crowed wouldn't calm down and Jackson was getting tired of it. He went to one of the officers that was standing by him."Get some officers in there and get those people back it's getting out of hand."
"Yes sir no problem."
To other officers took Jackson out and shielded him. When they got into a quieter area of the mine Jackson clammed down a bit. "For a minute there, I thought I was going to be attacked by hundreds of dwarfs," said Jackson.
"No sir don't worry we wouldn't allow that to happen, we are specially trained for this sort of thing," said the officer reassuringly.
"Yes thankyou I'm sure you are. How long have they been here?"
"I'm afraid to say ever since it started sir."
"Couldn't you get them out?"
"No sir we couldn't, there were to many of the buggers. All we could do really is to just control them and keep them in one area of the mine, where they would be reasonably safe," said the officer.
"Why didn't you say something to me, I would have sent more officers to you."
"We did try to reach you sir but at the time you were busy."
"Oh Jesus." Jackson was getting tired and fed up. He sat down on a rock holding his head in the palm of his hands. "I'm sorry," said Jackson behind his hands.
"For what sir?"
"I should have paid more attention."
"It doesn't matter about that now sir, the main matter now is to eradicate those creatures in the mine."
"Do you know something, that was the most descent and uplifting comment I've heard for a long time."
"Thankyou sir," said the officer turning pink.
"What I want you to do now is to contact my receptionist Madeline, and ask her if we heard off three people named Jesup, Jack and Sedrick."
"Write sir."
"Oh and stop calling me sir all the time."
"Sorry sir."

"Come on Jesup we've got to see Mr. Jackson down at the mine's."
"Why down at the mine's Sedrick isn't back yet?" said Jesup rushing trying to get himself ready.
"Don't know your fancy girl just rang up and told us to meet him down the mine."
"She is not my fancy girl!"
"How's your cat,"said Jack.
"He's been taken to a cat's home for the bewildered."
"Sorry to hear that."
"No he's alright, infact he's making good progress. He might well be back home soon."
"That's good to hear, Ill bring him some treat's when he's back."
"Very kind of yuh." Jesup finally picked up a coat and they quickly made there way down to the mine's.

Meanwhile Jackson was helping some of his other officers hold back some of the protesting crowed. Another officer tapped him on the shoulder from behind. He had to shout over the noise of the crowed.
"THANKYOU, I WILL BE WITH THEM NOW." Jackson moved away from the raging crowed and made his way to see them. Jesup and Jack were waiting in one of the quieter mines.
"Finally your here," said Jackson trying to catch his breath.
"I wasn't expecting this lot to be here," said Jesup.
"I wasn't either, apparently they've been here ever since all this happened. Are you ready to do your job Jack?" said Jackson.
"Yes, have yuh got the explosive's?" said Jack.
"Yes we have, but you don't need to put them up at the moment."
"Well what I thought was, that if I make a start on the explosive's by the time Sedrick is here I would have finished."
"Alright we'll do it your way, you'll need protection from the rat's." Jackson called over four of the most biggest and strongest officer's he had, and told them to protect him in anyway possible, it didn't matter what it took just aslong as he was protected. "Here are the explosive's Im sorry there aren't many, you must becareful out there, even though you are being protected by some officer's, they and you could be killed just as easy as anyone else could."
"Don't worry to much about me," said Jack.
"I do worry about you the same as every body else, because you are my responsibility."
Jack and the guards went to the mines entrance. Not long after they went another officer came up to Jackson and said that Sedrick had arrived with the barrels of toxic. Jesup and Jackson went straight down to see him. "You've finally got it then, said Jackson."
"What took you so long?" said Jesup.
"Well I had a bit of trouble getting the toxic, but I got it in the end."
"How did you get it then?" said Jesup in a rather concerned way.
"We'll I sort of borrowed it in a way," said Sedrick.
"Will you loose your job?" said Jackson.
"I don't no, anyway I've had my share of money out of them, I'm not short," said Sedrick.
"Right, now that matter is sorted we need to get ready to roll in the barrel's," said Jackson.
Jackson, Jesup and Sedrick started to roll the barrel's off a cart which Sedrick also accidentally borrowed. Jackson's spirit was now feeling a little more uplifted even though they are handling borrowed stuff. The barrel's were big and bulky but that didn't bother Jackson much, with being a big troll himself. The atmosphere in the mine was now getting intense for the police with the noise and chant's coming from the crowed, and also the work of holding back the vicious rats. Jackson noticed that all this noise was distracting Jack who had nearly finished setting up the few explosive's he had. Because Jack had only a few, it took that little more planning and time, but he didn't really have it. Jackson was now getting a little worried, the uplifted spirit was slowly sinking away. He also noticed the rats were also now starting to stir at the site of a potential meal over the entrance of the mine. He left the barrels for a moment and went over to the teamleader of the officers that were holding back the rats. He still had to shout over the noise.
"WHY", said the officer.
Jackson looked at him straight into his eyes, enough to say don't argue with me. The officer looked up at Jack and then ordered his men to go in a little further. Then Jackson hurried back to help Jesup and Sedrick with the barrels. All three of them rolled the barrels into position infront of the mines entrance.
"YES WE ARE," shouted Jesup.
Jackson hurried over to the officers, he was there for a while trying to explain the plan over the noise as clearly as he could. As he was explaining Jack managed to put in the last explosive and was now starting to make his way back down to the surface, it was a bit of a struggle for him because some of the rocks were starting to become a little loose. The noise of the crowed was slowly starting to drill into Jack's mind and he paused for a while. Jackson looked up, he kept saying stay focused Jack over and over to himself hoping he'll make it down in one piece. Jack started to make his way again, he stopped for a moment again. The noise was poisoning his mind he just wanted all of it to stop and to go back home to his wife safely. He managed to clear his mind from all distractions when he started to put his foot on a rock which was loose, his foot and rock lost there hold and slipped. There was sudden shock and despair in Jack's mind and then everything went quiet his hole body paralyzed in shock, he felt a faint rush of air behind him and a sudden mass of violent pain on his back, he looked up gaping mouths with large teeth were now starting to head towards him to rip off large chunks of his flesh, and all he could think of at the time was going home to his wife. He managed to get to his feet, but it was to late one of the rats took a hold of one of his legs and dragged him down to the ground. The rest of the rats gathered round Jack ready to have there share of the meal. One of the rats sunk his teeth into Jack for his first chunk of meat, Jack screamed out in pain. Jackson in all rage and terror by seeing this happening ran his huge muscly body forwards through the human fence to the rats. On the way he snatched a large knife off one of the officers and grabbed one of the rats by the back of it's neck and plowed in the knife until it came out the other end. One rat sunk it's teeth into Jackson leg, he screamed out in pain and stamped his large boot down hard onto the rats head until he heard it crumple. The other rats ran off in sheer fright. He bent down and grabbed Jack and managed to pull him and himself to safety. He put Jack down in a comfortable position and then felt his pulse, but it was to late Jack was dead. He clenched his hand hard into a fist trying to control his rage.
"We did sir, we tried but they were to strong for us."
"ARE YOU SAYING TO ME THAT A HOLE FORCE OF MEN COULD'NT TAKE ON THOSE RAT'S WHEN I MYSELF GOT JACK OUT, IS THAT WHAT YOUR SAYING TO ME." There was no answer from the leader, all there was was the look of blankness. "I AM IN CHARGE OF THIS FORCE NOW SO GET OUT OF MY FORCE!" raged Jackson. Jackson shouted over two officers to take Jacks body away. Write officers as you have just heard I am in charge, and all I'll say at the moment is to use what ever force or means to hold back these rats, that is all. The officers gave him a quick salute and went back to there jobs. Then Jackson limped over to Jesup and Sedrick to tell them the bad news. Jesup and Sedrick were standing by the drums knowing that they were going to receive some bad news due to the look on Jackson's face.
"Erh I'm not sure whether you heard what was going on but I'm afraid Jack is dead."
"Yes we know, we saw his body be carried away."
"I'm not sure whether it was loss of blood or shock that killed him, but they are taking him away to examine the body," said Jackson. They stood there in silence to take in the bad news, then Jesup noticed that Jackson was hurt.
"You better go and get that treated," said Jesup.
"Yes I will, don't worry about that." Jackson stood with them for another minute then got up to get is injuries treated. He went over to first aid and got his wounds cleaned and padded up. Once they were treated he went back over to Jesup and Sedrick. "Listen carefully both of you, I don't wish to sound cold hearted but we need to forget your friend at the moment and carry on with the matter in hand," said Jackson. Both of them looked up at him and agreed.
"Have all the explosives been put in," said Jesup.
"Yes, all the explosives have been put into place but the fuse cable hasn't been connected to them. To connect the cable to the explosives some one will have to climb to the top of the entrance and connect them," said Jackson.
"What's wrong with that?" said Sedrick.
"The rats have gotten closer to the entrance, anyone that goes near it will just get torn to
"Well thats good that's this plan cocked up," said Jesup slightly hysterical.
"Angone just calm down will yuh, what we need is something just to scare them back into the mine so we can gain access to the explosives."
"How?" said Jesup.
"Well we can use just a small explosive, just enough to scare them," said Sedrick.
"Thats no good, we've ran out," said Jackson. At that moment a officer came up to him.
"Excuse me sir your receptionist Madeline is here, she says it's important."
"What's it about?"
"I don't no sir."
"Tell her I will be there in just a moment."
"Yes sir."
"Think of some way of getting those rats back into the mine, and I would like you to concentrate on nothing else but this. If there is any problem off anyone tell them to come to me." Jackson ordered one of the officers to help him get through the crowed. When Jackson got to Madeline she seemed to be on edge.
"What's the matter?" said Jackson.
"It's about Collins sir, I can't quite say here sir I rather wait until we get back to the station," said Madeline. Madeline looked down and noticed that Jackson had been injured. "Is that a bite sir off one of those rat's?"
"Yes I'm afraid it is."
"We need to get you to a hospital straight after we've been to the headquarters, it very important."
"What for?" said Jackson.
"I'll explain when we get to the station, someone wants to see you."

When Jackson got to the station he was surprised to see a vampire standing in the reception room.
"Sir this is the doctor that was treating Collins," said Madeline.
"Tell me Madeline why don't I like the way you said was?" said Jackson. Madeline didn't say anything and walked off. The doctor walked over to speak with Jackson.
"Good evening," said the doctor.
"Is it," said Jackson expecting more bad news.
"I'm hear to give you some bad news and also a warning."
"Fire away," said Jackson feeling fed up.
"I'm afraid that Mr. Collins died not long after you left him today, the reason why I am telling you this so soon is that we found a possible contagent in his blood stream that killed him. It may well be a big possibility that it came from what ever it was that attacked him."
"So your saying to me that if one of these things attack you, you could easily pick up this contangent."
"I'm afraid so," said the doctor.
"Is there any cure against this?" said Jackson.
"No not at the moment, we have tried different sorts of medicine on the contagent but they had no effect on it."
"Well atleast it might explain how Jack died, how long does it take before it turns deadly?" said Jackson.
"Seconds, hours may be even days we don't no, I think it all depends on how good your immune system is."
"Can you do something for me, can you take a sample of my blood and tell me whether I have this contagent, I was bitten on the leg by one."
"I could do, but by the time I've taken it back to my lab and tested it, you could be dead because it is fast spreading."
"Excuse me sir, he could use the autopsy room, it should have what he needs there," said Madeline.
"Will that be alright?" said Jackson.
"Yeh that will do fine aslong as it's clean, you will need to come with me," said the Doctor.
"Good, can you just wait in the corridor for a moment."
"Yeah sure." When the doctor walked off Jackson went up to Madeline to thank her for her suggestion.
"Madeline I would like to say thankyou for what you said, for a moment there I was a bit stumped."
"That's alright sir it's my job," said Madeline smiling.
"Inspector I don't wish to sound rood but we need to get this done well you've got time."
"I'm coming." Jackson walked with the doctor to the autopsy room.
"Do you have needles there?" said the doctor.
"Yes we do, why."
"Well I didn't no that I was going to do a blood samples when I came, if I new I was going to take a blood sample I would have brought some needles with me."
"Are you going prick my skin to get a spot of blood then?" said Jackson. The doctor didn't no but Jackson has got a fear of needles above all things. When he was a boy he had a horrible grandmother and she always new he was a bit squeamish about blood. So what she used to do, she used to wait until he had a jam doughnut and take a bite out of it until all the jam dribble's down his mouth, then she would go up and sit write infront of him pull out a suringe and draw out blood until it was full, of course when no one else was looking.
"Yes what I will do is just prick your finger with a needle and take a small spot of blood and put it under the microscope, have you got one of them?"
"What, erhm yeah I think so," said Jackson. At this point Jackson was slowly becoming a bit nervous.
"Are you alright," said the doctor.
"Yes sure why shouldn't I be."
Jackson didn't want to go through this, but he new he had to. When they got to the autopsy room the doctor could smell something bad.
"What's that smell?"
"Yeah sorry, that was one of those creature's, it has been discarded and it has been cleaned in here, it's just a lingering smell we get now and then off the odd body or two."
"It bloody stinks," said the doctor holding his hand over his nose.
"I thought you would be used to this with being a doctor."
"Yeah I am most of the time but this takes the biscuit. Right anyway we need to take the sample, could you pass me a needle." Jackson looked around a draw and took out a silver tray which had various types of equipment such as big saw's and knives and a sort of half circle blade which was used to split open chests. Jackson finally found a needle and passed it to him quite reluctantly. "Write give us your hand and don't move it, this wont take long." Jackson closed his eye's and winced when he felt the needle break through his skin. Then the doctor squose out a bit of blood and put it on a slide.
"Now you will have to wait for a bit until I've done a few tests on it, so if you have anything to do go and do it because I would like to be left alone."
"How long will it take?" said Jackson.
"Not long." Jackson watched him examining the blood and wanted to ask him a personal question but wasn't sure whether to or not. In the end his curiosity got to him.
"Can I ask you a personal question?"
"Depends on what it is go on," said the doctor.
"Do you drink that anymore?"
"What blood no, I like eating roar meat it's tastier and fills you up more. Don't worry I'm not going to bite your neck and start sucking out your blood, besides I've gone off that business now, it's disgusting and bad manners."
"Oh right, said Jackson suddenly deciding to leave it at that."

The rats in the mine were starting to get restless, they noticed that one of the rats was injured and lame. The rat was struggling to get out of the mine because it new that it was next on the menu. The rats were ferocious cannibals, if they noticed one was weak in anyway it was meal time. All there instincts told them was to eat and breed, they didn't care what they ate aslong as it was flesh and blood. They all sensed the fear in the rat as it tried to struggle away, all the rats were squawking in excitement, there mouths showing glistening wet teeth ready to bite a chunk out of it. The injured rat tried drive them away by snarling to show it's long white teeth also trying to make himself appear bigger and stronger but to know effect, all it did was excite the others more. After five or ten minutes of this, the rat new that it had no hope and gave up, it slumped it's big fury body to the ground ready to be eaten, a rat noticed this and went in for the first bite, it went for the neck to make sure it's prey was dead. He drove his teeth into the main blood vessel so that the rat would bleed to death. Blood was pouring out and the smell turned the other rats even more wild. The smell also attracted small scavengers like beetles and fly's which would feast on what ever was left of the rat.

The doctor stepped out into the corridor to see Jackson to tell him what he found out. He found Jackson staring at a wall drinking coffee. "I'm sorry but I'm going to give you some bad news, I'm not going to mess about trying to tell you, I'm afraid you do have the infection and I have no cure for it."
"Thankyou doctor."
"I'm sorry," said the doctor.
"That's quite alright, don't worry. Atleast I know where I stand now," said Jackson still staring at the wall.
"What are you going to do?" said the doctor.
"Get justice, how long have I got to live?"
"The rate the infection is going maybe a day and a half, wait a minute what exactly do you mean by justice?" said the doctor.
"Well if I am going to die because of them, I'm going to take those little black fury shits with me." Jackson got up and went into the reception area where Madeline was sitting waiting.
"Madeline contact Jesup and Sedrick and say that I'm coming down to them, and tell them to find as much explosives or anything that is flammable and put it in large barrels."
"Why sir?" said Madeline concerned.
"I haven't got time to explain, just do it, the doctor will fill you in with the details."
"Wait, you may experience drowsiness, may be even blackouts so please becarefull," said the doctor.
"Thankyou doctor I will bare that in mind." Jackson picked up his coat and was gone.

Jesup and Sedrick were still trying to find a way to hold back the rats when they noticed that the rats had gone back in by them selves.
"Why have they gone back in by them selves?" said Jesup.
"I don't no," said Sedrick. They moved towards the wall of officers.
"Do you know why the rat's have moved in?" said Sedrick to one of the officers.
"I don't no, but I did here screaming going on in the mine," said the officer.
Sedrick thought about this for a while, why would they be screaming theres nothing to scream about. Sedrick looked towards the entrance of the mine and noticed that allot of birds and insects were sitting on the entrance waiting. He started thinking again about why they would be there, they couldn't have made a kill because they couldn't get out. Suddenly Sedrick got distracted by Jesup saying something to him.
"Been as they have gone in, why don't we quickly hook up the explosives," said Jesup.
"No, it's to dangerous still, we could still be attacked by them." An officer came to approach him.
"Excuse me sir, Inspector Jackson has given me instructions to say to you to gather as much explosives and anything that is flammable to be gathered and put into barrels," said the officer.
"Do you know why?" said Sedrick.
"He didn't say sir."
"Write thanks," said Sedrick. The officer saluted and walked off.
"He must have had a change of plan," said Jesup.
"He must have, let's hope it's better than the first one."
"I know where there is some paraffin we've got barrels of the stuff and maybe just maybe a few explosives but that's it," said Jesup.
"I'll come and help you get them, we'll load them on to the cart. But first off I would prefer to wait for inspector Jackson, and find out what his plan is."

Jackson managed to stop a horsetram out side the police headquarters. The tram pulled up rather quickly and skidded a bit because the driver put his breaks on a bit hard.
"Quickly to the mines, I haven't got allot of time," said Jackson.
"Write sir." The driver picked up his cane and cracked it, the horses jumped up and galloped off. As they were going, Jackson started to feel light headed, he started to try and keep himself awake and focused, then he shouted to the driver to try and pick up the speed. "CAN THIS THING GO ANY FASTER," shouted Jackson over the noise of the tram.
"WRITE SIR." The driver gave another crack at his cane and now the horses started to run fast, they were racing down dusty streets and lanes narrowly missing other horsetrams and people. At one point the tram raced past a cart which was carrying a load of manure, the tram frightened the horses that were pulling the cart and they spead off in a different direction dropping there load, in the end the driver and both the horses were alright. The horsetram carried on racing to the mines until they finally got there. The driver pulled up and tried to alert Jackson that they were there.
"Sir, excuse me sir were here." The driver had no response, so he got off his tram and had a look. He saw that Jackson was asleep so he gave him a gentle nudge. He didn't want to make him jump because he was a troll, he was worried he might have his head ripped off or something.
"Sir," said the driver cautiously.
"Yes sorry thankyou I'm awake, how much do I oh you," said Jackson pulling himself up.
"You oh me one pound and thirteen pence."
"Keep the change," said Jackson getting himself out.
"Thankyou sir."
"One more thing, that was good driving, but that does not mean you can drive that way all the time."
"Write sir thankyou." As Jackson hurried off to the mines, the driver gave his horses a good pat on the back and a promise that they will get a pint each after work. Jackson finally got into the mines and went to a couple of officers for new's.
"Whats been happening men," said Jackson feeling tired. The officers gave him a salute and then started.
"Not allot sir the rats have gone back into the mine but that's it."
"Where's Jesup and Sedrick, I need to see them now?"
"They are over there sir." The officer pointed them out. They tried to give Jackson a quick salute but Jackson was off in a flash. Jesup and Sedrick were waiting by there cart when they saw Jackson rushing to them looking ill and tired.
"Are you alright inspector," said Sedrick.
"No I'm not, have you got the things I have told you to get?"
"No not yet," said Sedrick.
"Well then why not?" demanded Jackson.
"We wanted to know what was happening first."
"Well listen to me now and do as I say, I will give you a officer and I want you to go and get them, Jesup you stay here." Jackson shouted over a officer and told him what to do with Sedrick. As the officer and Sedrick went Jackson started to explain to Jesup what happened to Collin's and the plan. "Listen Jesup at the moment you are the only one I can trust, now listen. Collin's is dead, he died of a incurable infection, he got the infection off the rat that gave him the gash on his neck."
"So these things are carrying a infection," said Jesup.
"Yes, the rats also bitten me so I have the infection to. I haven't got long to live, now the plan that I am going to tell you may sound a bit crazy but that doesn't matter because I'm going to die anyway. Once Sedrick comes back with the explosives and the flammable liquid in barrels I want you to put the explosives on me, then I am going to put myself on that cart with the barrels. Now this is where you, Sedrick and some other officers come in, I want you all to push the cart into the mine, with me on it. Then I will detonate the explosives that are on me which should hopefully kill the rats."
"But thats suicide," said Jesup.
"No it isn't because I'm going to die anyway."
"Who says you'll die from it," said Jesup hoping that he won't get a answer from that.
"The doctor, I was tested for it and he confirmed that I had it and that I will die from it. Look I know this is hard and that you don't want anymore deaths, but if I don't do this there will be more and more deaths to come and I don't want that. So listen to me, just do as I say and push me and the cart into the mine so I can blow those shitty things to hell and back."
"O.K I'll do it." Jesup new he was right and he hated him for that, but still he had to do it. Jackson walked away and briefed his men on what was happening. Not long after that, Sedrick arrived with the explosives and the barrels of paraffin. Jesup went over to Sedrick and told him what the plan was, Sedrick agreed and helped him. They took the explosives and strapped them around Jackson. As they were doing so, Jesup started to explain something to Jackson.
"Really you won't need much of that paraffin because there will be a build up of gasses in the mine to cause the explosion, but take them all just in case. And also if you have time before the rats get you, pierce one of the barrels with this knife and let it pour over the rats then let off the explosives," said Jesup.
"I will remember that, oh and by the way I hope you and Madeline are happy together thats if you get together," said Jackson giving him a nudge and a wink.
"Thanks for that," said Jesup.
Jackson hauled himself on a large rock and signaled the attention of his men and stood there for a moment until they sorted themselves out.
"Right now all I'll say is that I hope this will work for you because I don't want anymore harm to you or to anyone else, and that it has been a pleasure to have been in service with you all, Thankyou." The hole force clapped and then gave him a salute, Jackson watched them and felt proud at what he achieved and saluted back. Jackson got down from the rock and looked towards the entrance of the mine and shuddered at the thought of what he would find in there. He quickly put it out of his mind and went towards the cart and got onto it, before he gave the signal to go he first shook hands with Jesup and Sedrick and wished them both luck. Jackson stood there for a moment to syke himself up, he thought of the damage and pain the rats had caused which in turn fueled his anger and determination to kill. Jackson took a long draw of air into his lungs and shouted as hard as he could. PUSH THE CART, he started to roll forward as Jesup and Sedrick and the officers pushed him towards the mine, he could feel the vibration under his feet as the cart rolled forward. He reached down to his belt where he put the knife earlier and drew it out and aimed it towards one of the barrels to puncture it. As he got closer to the wall of officers they started to move apart as though a crack would form in a road when theres a earthquake.

The rats could sense something was coming and were starting to get agitated. They started to squawk loudly to signal something was coming, something big. They snarled and hissed because they could feel the vibrations off the cart rolling down to them, so they began to gather up into smallpacks ready to attack what ever it was coming towards them. The cart smashed through into the mine with Jackson on it clutching the knife, as the cart went through it ran over some of the rats and crushed there fleshy bodies to a pulp. Jackson could feel and here them crumpling and squawking as the cart ran over them, he had a rush of adrenaline and pleasure as each one went under the cart. The cart finally rolled down towards the bottom of the mine it crashed into a pile of rubble, Jackson who was now feeling the effects of the infection hauled himself up on to one of the barrels, as he did he saw the entrails of decomposing body's and the smell was umbareble, he wanted to heave and be sick but there was no time for that because he could here the rats heading towards him. He clutched his knife ready to drive into the barrel when he saw a rat, he stood there quietly staring into the darkness of the mine he could here the snarling of the rats but couldn't see them, all he could do was wait. He saw movement down at the bottom of the cart, a rat jumped up and bit a lump out of his leg Jackson screamed out in pain and anger and drove the knife into the barrel the paraffin gushed out and went over the rats. Another rat jumped up onto the cart covered in paraffin and sunk his teeth into Jackson's leg, with the other rat they both pulled hard and tare off his leg leaving Jackson with just a fleshy stump, Jackson fell to the ground screaming out in pain he managed grab a hold to a match and strike it, then he lit the fuse to the explosives. Jackson had enough explosives to blow up three large mines, as the fuse was burning down to the explosives Jackson shouted. "TIME TO GO BACK TO HELL", and started to laugh hysterically, before he new it all he saw and felt was a white orange flash and a sudden rush of heat and that was it.

Outside the mines the blast was catastrophic from the mix of gasses paraffin and enough explosives to blow up three mines. The blast blew up the hole mine and caused a huge cave in, in most of the surrounding mines, it even blew down some surrounding woodland. The rats that the guards had to fight by hand were also killed in the next mine by the blast. All went quiet until people started to emerge from the rubble. Not far from the blast an injured officer picked himself up to get help when he noticed a movement behind, he turned round to take a look, it was half a rat struggling to get to him to eat him, dragging it's half mutilated body towards him. The officer managed to run round behind it and drive his knife into its head. Then he went over to another officer and told him to gather as many workers and officers and search the area for survivors. Meanwhile Jesup went over to Sedrick to see whether he was o.k, he had a few minor injuries but apart from them he was o.k.
"Well that's the end of the rat problem I suppose," said Jesup.
"I'm sorry it ended in the way it did," said Sedrick.
"Like Jackson said, he would have died from the infection whether he did it or not. Come on lets get out of here, we've got to get those wounds treated." As Sedrick's wounds were treated Jesup sat down a rock and held his face in his hands trying to take all this in. Madeline who had not long arrived at the scene noticed him and walked over to him. She sat down beside him and put her arm around him. "Theres was nothing you could have done you know to stop him, he always was a stubborn git. Don't feel guilty for not trying your best to stop Jackson from what he was going to do, besides I think he would have died a lot happier knowing that he died saving people from any more heart ake or deaths. He always did think about people and his job more than himself, stupid idiot. Please don't think I'm selfish by saying that, I mean I liked him allot, it's just I'm not surprised at what he did," said Madeline. Jesup looked up at her and smiled, feeling just a bit better after hearing what she said. "Can I ask you a personal straight forward question?" said Jesup.
"Go ahead," said Madeline.
"If you don't want to answer it thats alright with me," said Jesup.
"No, please I'll answer it."
"Do you find me attractive?" said Jesup in a bit of a shy way.
Madeline leaned over and kissed him on the head then whispered yes in his ear and smiled. Jesup went just slightly pink in the face and smiled back and put his arm around her. As they were sitting there talking to each other Sedick arrived and said hello to Madeline.
"Right are we ready then?" said Sedrick.
"If you don't mind Sedrick me and Madeline would like to stay for a while," said Jesup.
"Yeah sure I'll leave you to it then, see yuh later," said Sedrick suddenly realizing that they wanted to be left alone.
A few days later Jesup and Sedrick went there own way again, but at the same time thought about keeping more in touch with eachother. Sedrick managed to sneak back his borrowed goods that he was going to use and managed to keep his job. Jesup managed to build a relationship with Madeline and they even had a child, oh and his pet cat Blacky is o.k, thats if your wondering. The mine has now been taken over by some other mining company, and has now got a little plaque remembering the people who passed on saving it. Things slowly started to get back to normal, as they were before all this started. Anyway things carried on as they were and they turned out good in the end.



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