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Ryoko simply could not take it anymore. She had waited so long and tried so hard to win Tenchi’s affection. She had tried everything she could think of, but all of her advances were met with fear and annoyance. She knew in her heart that Tenchi loved the other, Ayeka had won finally, so what was the use of Ryoko sticking around?

Ryoko was sitting on Tenchi’s bed, he was at school now, crying and turning a small metal object around in her fingers. She had decided that she had no use left in life now that Tenchi was Ayeka’s, Tenchi was her life and now that he was another’s she felt no use to go on.

He would however find out how much Ryoko loved him, she was determined to do that much at least. Even if it had come to this, she was determined to do it and show him how she felt. She had planned it out all this morning while sitting on Tenchi’s bed crying, and now it was time to start the show.

Ryoko stopped turning the small metal object, a razor blade from a box opener on Tenchi’s desk, and held it to her wrist. She had watched enough TV shows to know that what she was about to do would work, only that it might take a little longer for her. She pressed the razor a little harder into her wrist and then without a second thought, slashed away, laying her left wrist wide open.

Deep red blood poured from the wound and her left hand quickly went cold. “Better make this quick.” She thought, her blood was leaving her body quicker than she had expected. Ryoko put her slashed wrist to Tenchi’s bed sheets and crudely drew what looked like a fishhook, she then drew one right next to it facing the other way. The last thing she did was fill in the space between the two with more blood.

She looked down at her handiwork with approval, he would get the message, and with that she laid down next to her crude drawing and died. Blood was everywhere, all over her; all over parts of his bed, on the floor and blood flowed sluggishly out of her wrist even after she was dead. Her blood drawing remained intact though, quickly soaking into his bed staining it forever.

About the same time Ryoko was slitting her wrist Ayeka was sitting under her tree, a metal object of her own in her hands. She had come too much the same conclusion as Ryoko had only in her mind and heart; Ryoko had won Tenchi instead of her. Ayeka was crushed, why did Tenchi choose Ryoko? She knew that he had, even though he hadn’t said so she saw it in how he looked at her.

Ayeka had nothing left to live for, she couldn’t go back to Jurai because that wasn’t her home anymore, she felt they wouldn’t accept her there. She definitely couldn’t stay here, she would only get in the way, so she decided that she would go away from everybody. Tenchi had been all that she lived for, and now he was gone, stolen by an evil, slutty, ugly, beast of a woman. This morning she had thought of a way out, all of the tears she had shed between when she had woken up this morning and right now were now drying up.

She had also watched enough TV shows to know that what she was about to do would obtain the desired effect, and finding Tenchi’s Father’s gun was easy enough, just like in those commercials on TV. Ayeka looked down at the gleaming hunk of metal in her hands and slowly raised it to her forehead, and then she laid down not wanting to hurt the tree behind her. The gun was a .357 magnum and was more than powerful enough to do the job.

Ayeka took one last look at the sky before she closed her eyes and pressed the barrel of the gun harder into her forehead. “I’m sorry Sasami, please forgive me.” was the last thing in Ayeka’s mind when she pulled the trigger. Her body jumped a bit at the impact of the bullet as it tore through her head, blowing the back of it off and finally burying itself deep into the ground. There wasn’t a lot of blood, and what little there was got absorbed by the ground. The entire back of Ayeka’s head was decimated by the shot, but the ground held it in place so all in all it was a very clean death, for now at least.

Sasami heard the gunshot clearly and looked up from where she was playing with Ryo-oh-ki, but she dismissed it for Ryoko and Ayeka fighting again. She really did wish those two would quit fighting, the house would be so much more peaceful without them yelling and trying to kill each other.

Washu was in her laboratory, typing away at her holographic keyboard, but not really paying attention to what she was doing. She had a very bad feeling in the back of her mind that wouldn’t go away, and it was when she decided to check Ryoko’s thoughts that her suspicions were proved true. There was simply nothing there, no brain activity whatsoever, even if Ryoko was asleep there would have been something going on in her brain, some activity, but there was none.

This could only mean one thing; her daughter was dead, gone forever. Washu fell to her knees and began to cry, her hands covering her face. And then she made a horrible realization. She realized that you could never escape pain, and the harder you tried, the worse the pain got. Oh you could run from pain, but it would catch up with you eventually, and it would bite into you very, very hard.

After her first child had been taken away from her Washu had been depressed for a very long time, not wanting to do anything but curl up and cry. She had been able to move on however and eventually created Ryoko. Washu had loved Ryoko so deeply, loved her like a mother, even if she hardly showed it. Now it had happened again, her child had been taken away from her and she was left with nothing.

Ryoko had been Washu’s one reason to go on with life, science was just a hobby, and now Ryoko was dead. In her vastly scientific mind Washu could only think of one thing to do, and even if her decision did seem a little extreme, she was convinced that there was no other way to escape the horrid, gut shredding pain she was feeling now.

Washu turned into her adult form and stepped out of her lab and made sure no one else was around, seeing no one she fell back against the door and slid down. She ended up sitting Indian-style with her back to the door of her lab, and what had once been the door to a broom closet. She was one of the three goddesses, but she wasn’t immortal anymore, she could die and that was exactly what she intended to do.

She let one hand fall limply into her lap and held the other out in front of her. Washu’s outstretched hand began to glow with a faint greenish hue and the she rammed her hand into her chest. The pain was immediate and intense, cleansing almost, and as her fingers lanced through her chest Washu could hear her flesh tearing and her ribs snapping. Then she found what she was looking for, she could feel it pulsating gently against her fingertips, her heart. Washu wrapped her hand loosely around her heart, the pain was nauseating and was making her light headed, or was that the blood loss? No matter really, Washu was about to end her pain once and for all.

In one quick motion she ripped her heart from her own chest and was actually able to look upon it before she too died. This was a truly messy death, blood everywhere; soaking into the floorboards, into Washu’s clothes, staining her pale skin. Thus ended The Great Washu; sitting in a pool of her own blood, hands in her lap, heart in her hands. A messy death indeed.

Sasami was headed back up towards the house when she saw Ayeka lying on the ground. “That’s a funny place to take a nap.” Was Sasami’s first thought, but as she drew closer her older sister her innocent mind was ripped to shreds. Ayeka was sprawled out next to the forest path with one arm lying halfway on the path clutching a gun in a literal death grip. Sasami knew what Ayeka had done and the floodgates opened, tears pouring down her young face. Sasami ran crying and screaming into the house, looking for someone that could help, and was shocked numb by what she saw.

Washu was sitting against the door to her lab, a massive, ragged hole in her chest, blood drenching her adult form, her heart in her hands. Sasami almost lost it then, her entire body went numb as did her mind, and she nearly fainted dead away. She was no longer crying as she ran upstairs to look for Ryoko, the only other person who would be there. Sasami instinctively went into Tenchi’s room and was once again treated to a gruesome sight, Ryoko was lying on Tenchi’s bed, her wrist slit, and covered in slightly less blood than Washu.

Sasami calmly closed the door and went back downstairs into the kitchen where Ryo-oh-ki was sitting on the counter waiting for her. Sasami didn’t notice however, she was deep in thought, she didn’t understand any of this. Why had everyone left her? Why did her sister leave her? She couldn’t come up with a reasonable answer, but a surprisingly mature thought did form in her young mind.

She was going to go with them, she wouldn’t be left alone here, they needed her there to cook at least. Sasami didn’t, however, want to go like the rest of them had, and slowly an idea came into her shock-numbed mind. There were a few different types of mushrooms that she used to cook with and when eaten alone they were fine, but when you mixed the two together they became highly poisonous.

Sasami took one of each mushroom out and chopped them into small pieces, finally noticing Ryo-oh-ki as she jumped on top of her head. Sasami mixed the mushroom pieces together and offered some to Ryo-oh-ki, the cabbit ate them happily. Sasami grabbed a handful of the pieces and ate them as quickly as possible.

She thought her death was going to be painless, but it was not to be. Her vision was replaced by bright flashing colors and her insides felt like they were on fire. Sasami screamed and fell to the floor; arms wrapped around her stomach, tears of pain flowing down her face, and then began to convulse violently before finally lying still.

Ryo-oh-ki died in much the same way and ended up right next to Sasami, they were truly inseparable. Some might consider it ironic that Sasami be done in by food, but when death comes finally, everything seems to be ironic.

Mihoshi was deeply hurt, some of it was on the physical level where Kiyoni had smacked her across the face, but most of it was on the emotional level. Mihoshi was in her and Kiyoni’s apartment sitting at her small desk reading the note she had just written through tear-clouded eyes.

Mihoshi’s face throbbed but it didn’t hurt near as much as when Kiyoni had first slapped her. It had happened earlier this morning when both of them had woken up late for work getting them fired yet again. It was Mihoshi’s fault that the alarm clock didn’t go off, she had tripped over the cord last night which unplugged it, and hadn’t bothered to plug it back in, she had been very tired.

When she told Kiyoni this it seemed to have been the breaking point for the woman and Kiyoni yelled eight words at her, backhanded her hard enough to send her to the floor, and stormed out of their apartment. Mihoshi had spent the next half-hour crying, not the child-like wailing that she usually did, but honest-to-God-curled-up-in-the-fetal-position-while-the-tears-slowly-roll-down-your-face-from-severe-emotional-pain kind of crying.

Mihoshi spent the next half-hour trying to figure out why Kiyoni hated her so much when Mihoshi displayed so blatantly her love for Kiyoni. But Mihoshi knew that Kiyoni hated her, it became painfully apparent to her when Kiyoni yelled at her this morning. It wasn’t so much the fact that Kiyoni yelled at her, but what she said, and the fact that she punctuated the sentence with a hard backhand.

Now that Mihoshi thought about it, it really wasn’t a sentence, but a wish. A wish that Mihoshi would try her best to grant. The tears had now slowed to a sluggish trickle, allowing her vision to clear enough to reread her letter to Kiyoni.

Mihoshi was smiling as she cut her index finger with a letter opener, though why she was smiling she couldn’t tell. She let the blood flow from her finger for a moment before writing her final message at the bottom of the letter in that precious red ink. She was still smiling as she fixed herself a glass of water and sat back down at her desk and removed the white bottle from her pocket.

Kiyoni sometimes had trouble sleeping and as a result there were always plenty of sleeping pills in their apartment. That was what Mihoshi was taking now and she had already taken half the bottle, feeling as if she were about to vomit she forced herself to take more and more until the entire bottle was empty.

Mihoshi stood up and walked over to her bed slowly, her stomach already upset from grief and massive amounts of sleeping pills, moving quickly was not going to help matters. She carefully laid down on her back and wrapped her arms around her stomach, trying to calm it. Mihoshi’s eyes slid halfway shut, the pills already taking effect, and her mind slid into a state of semi-conciseness in were she was talking to Kiyoni.

In the half-dream Mihoshi only got to say one thing to Kiyoni so she had to make it important. “Kiyoni I l-lo… That was as far as she got, her mind finally succumbed to the effects of the pills and it shut down permanently. Soon afterward her heart finally shut down as it beat one last time, sending one last trickle of blood out of the cut on her finger.

Words can hurt more than you think, they can be deadlier than guns and knives could ever be. A few well-placed words can bring a person’s world crashing down around them, leaving them dead on the inside. Mihoshi at least got a clean, painless death. A kind death for a kind hearted woman.

Kiyoni had been out walking for a little over an hour, half looking for a job half crying about what she had done to Mihoshi, on the inside of course. Kiyoni hadn’t meant to blow up Mihoshi like she did, she didn’t mean to say what she had and she definitely hadn’t mean to hit her. Its just that Mihoshi had broken through Kiyoni’s last mental barrier with her latest goof up and Kiyoni had lashed out in pure anger and left Mihoshi crying on the floor.

Kiyoni had finally reached their apartment and was planning on going to Tenchi’s and taking a bath, via the subspace corridor that Washu had made that connected their apartment with Tenchi’s house, right after she apologized to Mihoshi of course.

When Kiyoni stepped into their apartment, noticing that Mihoshi had left the door unlocked again, she was greeted by silence. “Well at least Mihoshi had stopped crying, and knowing her she is probably asleep right now.” Kiyoni thought, a slight smile crossing her lips.

When Kiyoni stepped into Mihoshi’s room she found her sleeping on her bed, lying flat on her back with her arms wrapped around her stomach. Kiyoni felt a brief bout of anger at Mihoshi and was about to yell at her again, but she stopped in mid-breath. Mihoshi received more than her fair share than of verbal abuse, and mostly from Kiyoni herself.

Kiyoni felt the beginnings of tears form in her eyes realizing for the first time how Mihoshi must feel, being yelled at constantly. Something on Mihoshi’s desk caught Kiyoni’s eye, or rather the lack of things. Her desk was clean except for a single sheet of paper, a letter opener, a small white bottle, and an empty glass.

Kiyoni walked over to Mihoshi’s desk and picked up the piece of paper, and always one to go in order, ignored the bright red ink at the bottom of the page for now.

I now know that you hate me and so I won’t get in your way anymore. The one wish I had will never come true, but maybe I can grant your wish, ‘I wish you would just drop dead Mihoshi.’ I just wanted you to know one thing before I left…

The last three words were written in red ink, which Kiyoni quickly recognized as blood. She let the paper fall from her hand and took a closer look at the other items on Mihoshi’s desk. The letter opener had a bit of blood on the tip, the glass had a little water left in it, and the bottle much to Kiyoni’s horror was empty.

It didn’t take a scientific genius to put two and two together and get suicide. Kiyoni felt tears pour from her eyes, it had been such a long time since she had cried tears of real grief. She picked up the letter opener and knelt down beside Mihoshi’s body.

Kiyoni had always wondered why she could never put up with Mihoshi, its not that the blonde got on her nerves, it was because of a constant feeling she felt around her. She realized now what that feeling was, and why she was prone to yell at Mihoshi so much. She loved Mihoshi too, she was just ashamed of herself for having such feelings for her former partner and to combat this she tricked herself into believing that she truly hated Mihoshi.

She would make it better though, there was only one clear course of action now, she had to take her own life. She was responsible for the death of an innocent woman, one who loved her nonetheless. Kiyoni bent down and gently kissed Mihoshi’s cold lips, “I’m coming Mihoshi.” Kiyoni thought as she rammed the letter opener into her chest, giving it a good twist.

Even through the intense pain Kiyoni kept her lips on Mihoshi’s, and gave the letter opener another twist. Kiyoni could feel the blood rising up her throat and into her mouth spilling out onto Mihoshi’s face. Kiyoni gave the letter opener one last twist, and as they say, the third time is the charm. Kiyoni died just like she was, in a morbid, twisted form of a lover’s embrace.

Tenchi had a very good day at school, he aced a test and made friends with a strange guy who always wore fatigue pants. The guy had always scared him before, but once Tenchi started talking to him they became quick friends. This taught Tenchi a very important lesson in life, you should never judge by appearances. Plus the bus ride home had been peaceful which was always a good thing.

Tenchi was walking along the forest path, book bag slung over one shoulder, whistling to himself. Then he rounded the corner and his whole body went slack, book bag falling from his shoulder.

Ayeka was lying to the side of the path with a gun held in one hand. He rushed over to her and knelt down beside her body knowing full well that she was already dead, but refusing to believe it. The dime-sized hole in her forehead stared up at him like a third eye.

Surprisingly he felt very little on the inside, and shed no tears. He only gently lifted Ayeka’s body off the ground and since the ground no longer supported the back of Ayeka’s head it literally fell off along with most of her brains.

Tenchi carried her body up to the house and kicked the door open and was once again met with a scene of brutal death. Washu was sitting up against the door to her lab, a ragged hold in her chest, covered in blood, her own heart in her hands.

Once again Tenchi felt nothing on the inside and did not cry. He quietly walked into the living room and laid Ayeka’s body down on the couch. He then walked over to Washu, picked her up supporting the backs of her knees and her neck so she wouldn’t drop her heart and break it, and laid her down on the other couch.

Tenchi next went into the kitchen and as he expected he found Sasami and Ryo-oh-ki lying in the floor, dead. He picked up the young girl and her little friend and carried them into the living room, laying them down on the floor next to the couch Ayeka was on.

Tenchi went upstairs to his room, not even thinking anymore just going on auto pilot, and of course found Ryoko’s body on his bed. One of her wrists were slit and there was a crude heart drawn in blood next to her. Tenchi picked her up and carried her back downstairs into the living room, lying her body on the coffee table.

He then went to Mihoshi and Kiyoni’s apartment, via the subspace corridor of course, and walked directly into Mihoshi’s room. He found Kiyoni kneeling next to Mihoshi’s bed, a pool of blood still slowly spreading outward from her. As he moved closer to her he saw that she was kissing Mihoshi, blood trickling from her mouth onto Mihoshi’s face.

Tenchi picked up Kiyoni’s body and finally saw the letter opener sticking from her chest. He, as with all the others, carried her into his living room and laid her down in the floor. He repeated the process with Mihoshi and was relieved on some level to see only a small cut on her finger, she at least went out peacefully, to an extent.

At first glance he had thought that Sasami had gone much the same way as Mihoshi, but then he saw the twisted mask of pain on the youth’s face. Now with all six bodies lying in his living room he sat down in a chair, and cried.

He cried for hours before falling asleep, and even then he cried. Not even in the confines of sleep could he find solace from his pain. His pain was indescribable, everything that his life had become to this point was now gone, dead in his living room floor. Somehow, he knew that this was his fault, and he was mostly right, with the exception of Mihoshi and Kiyoni.

Tenchi did not kill himself though, oh no, the pain would be over much to quick then now wouldn’t it? He lived for a good long time, in constant pain, misery and loneliness. He spent most of his time crying, if not on the outside then on the inside, and became even more of a recluse. He refused to have any social interactions with anyone save for the voices in his head, the voices were of the girls of course and the only thing they ever said, or asked should I say was, “Why, Tenchi? Why?”

There are two lessons to be learned in this story: If the world gives you a choice, make one. Waiting only makes things worse, just follow your heart or your mind, whichever one you are more comfortable with. It doesn’t matter if it is the right choice or the wrong one, because if you delay for too long all of your choices will be taken away and you will be left with nothing.

The second one is a bit different: When you feel something towards somebody, just go with it and don’t be scared. Weather it be love, hate or anything in between, just go with what you feel and don’t be ashamed. And for the sake of your loved ones (or yet to be loved ones) don’t mask your emotions or force them back or change them because they aren’t accepted by everyone. It takes all kinds to make this world an interesting place, and besides, why deny yourself happiness?

And in this world of reckless happenstance
Why do good things have to go away
And leave you with nothing
Ya, you left me with nothing
Ah Ah Ah Ah Ah
And a Strange Disease
Prozzak-Strange Disease

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