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Note: This follows the storyline started in Children of Extinction. Some language and or concepts may be offensive.

He lays on the ground, through his open mouth a small bit of drool escapes. He is still aware but is unable to move, if he could still concentrate enough to think he'd rightly try to find a way to escape because that would be his only hope for survival, but any moment now he will for all intents be murdered by the monster the standing above him.

"Miheal Drazden, that is the answer to your question." The voice is of a man, but like so much else, it's just an illusion.

The man on the floor is known as Reaver, less than a minute ago he was considering an offer to join an elite group dedicated to preserving life, and now he has no hope for continued life in a situation that can only end one way.

Twenty minutes ago: Archon waited for Reaver to arrive for their meeting, there was much to talk about, and they chose a public all-night-restaurant not expecting any risk from it. Reaver entered and took in everything important that happened over the last day in the place: The C.I.A. agent in the back caught his attention, but he quickly decided the man was no threat being a mere human whose too nervous to use his gun when needed.

Archon started in his German accent, "Hello telepath. Have you considered my offer?"

"Considered, but I make it a rule not to be the best looking person at a party." Reaver said with a smile before lighting a cigarette and sitting down.

"Alicia is better looking than you, vell, that is if you ignore the scars. However, she has these veird commitment issues. I think vith a little effort you could varm her up."

At that moment, the female-server filled cups of coffee for them, the order had been placed nearly an hour ago to only be done after the second man arrived.

"Is that a bribe? This waitress is far better, and I could turn her to butter in my hands by knowing exactly how she likes it. Alicia on the other hand is freaky, she doesn't even have emotions towards what she likes done: like a new pair of shoes. Bribe not accepted."

"A pity..." Archon turned to the awestruck server, "Ve're rich mutants, there is a thousand dollar tip is you keep your distance until either of our coffees is running low."

"Aren't you normally more secretive?" Reaver asked while the server walked away.

"I realized that emotions coat items, her emotions being the strongest directed at me vill be vhat lines my skin. Therefore you'll have her fearful impression of me."

"Do you really think every human goes weak at the mere mention of mutants? She's worked a long day; she's tired and doesn't care. But if it helps, her emotions are reaching towards your wallet. Now will you tell me what you know of my mother?"

"Miranda Drazden vas an enemy agent, I met her vhen I vas spy for East Germany. She had a talent for noticing vhen someone acts at all strange; this led a few innocent men being detained, but it also exposed my cover vhen I vas assigned to sabotage a nuclear facility."

"Are you my...?"

"No, as much as I had feelings for her there vas no vay it could vork; back then every time I had a von night stand led to the voman being detained in case a conception came from it. The government in East Germany vas very paranoid, they vanted to control all mutants as slaves: just like all the others do."

Reaver gave him a look that showed how clear it all was. "They were communist, they didn't view any individual as having powers, they probably told you the powers belonged to the state?"

"Something like that." his emotions could hold the secret, but they could not hide the fact that he knows the truth of the matter.

"You were the powers, therefore you belonged to the state." His guess was flawless.

For the next few minutes the two men sat in silence, their coffees neared empty before either of them spoke.

Archon's words started as if there had been no brake in the conversation. "The Americans had started a program aimed to create better spies, to prevent any fallback on them they set it up in Europe using a series of fake companies to take the fall."

"My mother was recruited for that. Why would she accept?"

"People like me are vhy. East Germany took the official best super-hero and made him their dog, he confessed on live television to committing atrocities in democracies name, and by the time ve vere done vith him there vas no hope for restoring faith in mutants. They needed a new veapon so they tried to make von." He paused for a moment as if to gather his thoughts. "She signed up because she vas ordered to. If she had any clue vhat they vould do to her she vould have ran. They subjected her to experiments that killed many good operatives; she had grown sick from it. Vhen she found out she vas pregnant it changed everything, another voman had run into the same problem; and vhen an experiment killed her they just cut the fetus out to use in another experiment. Miranda had seen others try to escape, none of them came close; but she saw the mistake; they planned to escape, so she didn't vait; instead, she acted.

He took a moment before continuing the story. "They made the alert too high, East Germany found out and sent me to capture her. She had evaded her people for months, but it only took me three days to find her. She vas late into the pregnancy, but there vas some time left before the birth vould happen. She explained vhat had been done to her, how it had given her a brain tumor; she begged me to help her see that you vould be safe and free. That vas the last time I saw her."

"I don't understand, I was born in America, in a religious convent to be exact; how could all this have happened over there when I'm here?"

"I assume she figured out that the Americans vere behind it all. She obviously came here because they vould be looking everyvhere else. The only vay I knew you're her son is through your genetic profile."

"But you helped her escape to here? I can see it in your emotions!"

"Yes, I helped her escape. I did it by leaving her alone. As long as ve vere together they vould find her. If they didn't already know about me than finding one of the teams sent after her electrocuted tipped them off, they followed me until I killed every last man they sent."

"That's all you know." Reaver said with the dull tone of disappointment having expected more.

Archon watched Reaver's cigarette break from lack of maintenance. "Vhen did you start having the nightmares?"

"Always...I've always had them. What I don't get is why other mutants-" he's cut off.

"The program created you, an artificial telepath; you have the same veakness as all others. Three out of five telepaths are locked in mental hospitals because of the visions; deemed useless, but in theory other county's might have use for them; so they have to be guarded. The others fall into two categories, the suicides, and the employed. If you're vorking for a government you get treatment for the nightmares." Archon didn't waste a smile on the moment instead he kept talking. "It's all too simple, a limited amount of power represents. They veaken you slightly; but the nightmares vill be under control as a result." His emotions showed Reaver that he has the treatment, and some of the price.

"What's the catch?"

"You join my team, fight for my cause. However, the others vill not tolerate your drug habit, you will have to give that up." The mistake in his accent was barely noticeable.

"Replacing one drug for another? No thanks I'll take my chances." He stood up to leave, but half-turned back to ask one last question. "Did she mention a name for me?"

"My group is in place to keep mutants safe, free from suffering. Can't you see that it's a cause greater than your current existence?" his outrage showed on every level.

"You were raised as a weapon. You need to fight because you can't stand life any other way. I see that on you because it's all you are. You choose to stay in a cycle, I figured this out about you before I gave you a power boost to fight that cyborg; I did that as a favor because you helped me. I know you have the answer, what's my real name!" He demanded it knowing that only a demand would cause Archon to give it to him.

Archon took a mere second to decide his course of action, and then the emotions in the room all changed instantly, panic swept through the people as Archon disappeared leaving behind the ash that remains of the body he possessed before the conversation began. His real body reformed from energy directly in front of Reaver. Before there was time to react, he brought his right hand up, and pressed one finger through Reaver's forehead in a partial energy state. Reaver tried to react, he tried to grab life force to heal, but he was too slow, and Archon's attack was too strong. The fight ended with only one hit struck.

"Miheal Drazden, that is the answer to your question." The voice is of a man, but like so much else, it's just an illusion.

Reaver can only see emotions, and through those, he can understand people on a greater level than would normally be possible. He doesn't know the fine details of it, but he understands Archon's past; he understands that what he mistook for a man is really just a monster created to fight a war that ended before the weapon could be born. The monster is free from its masters, but it was grown inside a womb for a purpose, and even thaw it sees itself as better than the humans around it, there is no way it can be. It is little more than their paranoid nightmare about what mutants could be. However, it has flesh, and it has a purpose that gives it strength.

Archon looks down at Reaver while finishing his coffee. "It vill be easier if you relax, you'll be bonded to my vill within a day or a month; the choice is yours. The process is unpleasant, but all mutants vould be villing to do it if they could see the value of the cause. This could have been done the easy vay, a couple small pushes to aid your loyalty, but now I'll have to overhaul your thought patterns." He tosses the tip he promised onto the table and kneels down over Reaver. He puts one hand on the telepaths chest, and with slight weakness in his voice, he says, "You could have been like a son to me." The two men turn into energy and disappear.

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The following comments are for "Captures Fate"
by ragath

Keep them coming. I know comments on the comics section are few and far between, but I like the way the series is going, and I don't want a lack of viewer response to keep you from knowing it's appreciated.

( Posted by: Washer [Member] On: October 8, 2003 )

Next chapter.
Thanks for commenting... the actual reason I haven't posted more is college taking too much of my time, I have the next mini-plot written, but I need to refine the placement of details in it, and I won't do that until I feel confident in my french class.

From this point on I'm letting little things take their time when I'm writing, instead of forcing the plot ahead like I did before.

By the way, on a scale of 1-10 how much did I demonize the character Archon? I merely hope I didn't make it "slapped on".

( Posted by: Ragath [Member] On: October 8, 2003 )

That German accent is beginning to grate, but apparently it's all a charade anyway, if I caught the hint correctly. Yeah, he's becoming a little bit of the classic melodramatic villain, but so far it's heightening the atmosphere. Maybe a 4.

( Posted by: Washer [Member] On: October 8, 2003 )

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