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Author’s Note: my friends and a few people on have told me my story is realistic. I just want to say for the record that I know that. If were supposed to be realistic, it wouldn’t be fan fiction. And in my opinion, it would’ve been in the movie. Just needed to say that.

Part Six.

Dominic heard what Nicollette said, but chose to ignore it. He was here for that reason. The attraction he felt toward her wasn’t 100% clear yet and he hadn’t planned or wanted it for that matter.

Nicollette noticed he didn’t say anything to what she’d said. Well at least he isn’t denying it, she thought to herself. She dove under the water and across the pool and surfaced as far away from Dominic as she could get. She liked Dominic. He was nice and honest and could be very sweet when he wanted to be- like when she’d cried herself to sleep in his arms. Dominic had a great body on top of that. If she didn’t know better, she would say that she could fall in love with him.

Dominic Toretto was not the sort of person she wanted to be involved in. She wanted her Prince Charming. The guy who would ride up on a white horse-or limo Pretty Woman style and rescue her from the tower. Not some guy who knew the man she kidnapped her and was apparently friends with. Not some guy who wanted a one-night stand. Although she didn’t think Dominic wanted a one-night stand. He seemed better than that. She was usually a really good judge of character. But then again, she’d been wrong about Riley.

Riley had seemed like the perfect guy. Nice, sweet, smart and honest. Looking back, Nicollette realized that it was too good to be true. She realized that Dominic was probably too good to be true, too. Riley had been tall with blonde hair and brilliant green eyes. An executive at her father’s company, he’d been highly recommended both by her father and People’s column on bachelors.

With all those people on Riley’s side, Nicollette had given in. She’d accepted his proposal of marriage. Now, nine months later, they were divorced. Their twins- Kaylee and Kevin were in Nicollette’s custody. Riley had gotten every other holiday and his birthday for visitation. The twins seemed to like Heather, Riley’s new wife, the woman he’d cheated on her with. For such an eligible bachelor, he sure got around.

Nicollette watched Dominic as he swam laps on the other end of the rectangular pool. His powerful arms slicing into the water, propelling him forward, his muscular legs kicking him forward in the water as well. She didn’t realize she was staring until Dominic had stopped, swam over to her and stopped in front of her, and she’d barely noticed.

“What’s so amazing?” he asked, snapping her out of her stupor.

“What?” she asked, trying to act like she hadn’t been staring at this wonderful specimen of male in front of her. “Oh. I was thinking about someone. You don’t know him.” Not a complete lie, Nicollette told herself.

“Oh.” Dominic swam away from her. He sounded disappointed! Nicollette thought to herself. No! He couldn’t have been. Just cause he thought I wasn’t checking him out? Which I was.

Nicollette swam over to the shallow end of the pool, walked up the steps, grabbed a towel from a lounge chair and wrapped it around herself. She sat in a lounge chair and watched Dominic swim.

“Tired already?” Ramon Douglass’s voice interrupted her thoughts and her careful surveillance of Dominic.

“Yeah,” Nicollette replied, trying not to cringe when he sat on the edge of her lounge chair.

“Usually you swim for hours. Are you sure you’re not just ogling your roommate?”

“Dominic? I would never ogle Dominic. Or you,” Nicollette spat at him, noticing the look of satisfaction on his face. She heard Dominic’s deep laughter from the pool. She looked at him. He had his elbows folded on the edge, his head resting on them.

“Some day you’ll wish you had been nicer to me,” Douglass said.

“Some day you’ll wish you hadn’t chose that outfit. Or that haircut,” she remarked referring to his white slacks and neon pink t-shirt. His hair looked like someone had cut it with a weed whacker.

Dominic watched from the edge of the pool, laughter still evident in his eyes. Ramon was boiling with anger. He raised his hand, and Dominic pulled himself out of the pool in one swift motion and caught his hand inches from Nicollette’s face.

“I wouldn’t do that if I were you,” he growled. Ramon stood and went to punch Dominic, but Dom ducked, and Ramon swung, missing him and hitting an umbrella pole. Howling in pain, Ramon swung at Dom with his other hand, missing and hitting the back of the lounge chair next to him.

“You’ll be sorry, Toretto,” Douglass ground out through clenched teeth.

“Thanks,” Nicollette sighed.

“No problem. Tell you what: you get in the pool. I’ll watch you for a change,” he said with a smile.

“Uh. . .”

“Don’t worry. I won’t tell Brian you were checking me out.”

“Uh . . .” Nicollette stammered.

“DO I have to throw you in?”

“Uh . . .” Dom moved toward her and she backed up. Dom took a step closer to her. Finally Nicollette was standing at the edge of the pool, Dominic right in front of her.

“I guess I do,” he put his hands on her waist, lifted her, held her out into the pool a foot or so and dropped her. Nicollette surfaced to see Dom kneeling beside the pool, a grin on his face. She crooked a finger at him, beckoning him to her.

“Hmm?” she swam to the edge, rested her chin on the edge.

“Come here. Need to tell you somethin’,” she grinned.

Before he knew what was happening, Nicollette had grabbed his hand, and yanked, pulling him over her and into the water behind her. She swam to the other side of the pool. Dominic surfaced, an unreadable look on his face. He swam toward Nicollette, revenge on his mind.

Nicollette swam across the pool and Dom followed her, trapping her in a corner.

“You’re all wet,” Nicollette whispered.

“Really? I hadn’t noticed,” Dom replied, putting his hands on either side of her on the edge of the pool. Nicollette couldn’t move if she wanted to. He’d trapped her there. He leaned closer.

“You’re wet too,” he whispered. Nicollette could feel his breath on her cheek. If she moved a few more inches, she could kiss him.

“You know what? I already knew that,” Nicollette said quietly as his head moved closer to that. Nicollette was sure he was going to kiss her. She closed her eyes, anticipating the kiss.

“Swimming time is over.” Nicollette’s eyes flew open, Dominic had moved back a few feet. Ramon Douglass stood near the pool; I bag of ice on his hand. “Out of the pool. Now!” he yelled, a gun in his uninjured hand.

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