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_People need to stop acting as though they rule the Day nad rule the Night. Only GOD himself does that alone. Feelings: People don't
care what they say to folks or what they say about others. Some are strong enough to stand and take it, where others are weak and will go to battle with the last words. If one will critique one's work or criticize it, so be it, let it be done. But to take a step further and criticize everything, I mean I have read some terrible comments, where people act like children. I know we all have a little of that in us, but people, { come on}. Sometimes you got to know the limit. "The bucks stop here"
_ When I was a child, I spake as a child, I thought as a child, I understood as a child; but when I became a Man, I put away all childish things.(I Corinthians 13:11) When "Visitors" come
to this site, Do we want them to see how we "being Professionals" behave in a rational way. Embarrassing, you ask me. I had a friend who said that he came here to check out the poets and review their work. I was so embarrassed when he said, man! they believe in giving stupid comments. I replied." Well, that's the biz" but it's not like that all the time.

_Personal Attacks: That's for the birds. We live now in a dangerous world. Instead of people trying to help encourage one another, they are downing each other. give me a break, please. I know when I first came here at Lit.Org, I felt as though no one liked my poetry because of the smart comments and remarks that I was getting, But later, I realize that the poets was just trying to help me improve my forms, editing, etc. I thought, here I am writing from my heart and my work gets criticized. ok, that was that. I learned to cope with it, because I am a very strong woman in the Lord.

_So I realized that to make it in this business, I either had to
listen, especially to the ones who have been around for a while.
To make it as a successful Poet and Author, I had to accept a lot of crap. It's all good, although most of my work is to satisfy GOD and no one else. Even if it is bad poetry or good poetry, I strive for success.

_Hey! to each own. But people can say some of the crueliest things sometimes. There are some really Great Poets here, but some have bad attitudes, not all. don't quote me on that now. Some Poets here have really inspired me, where others I just say "MMMMMMMMMMMMMM"
to be honest, some Poets attitudes here just stink! I believe helping people. But one must help him or herself. Just take that first step, and GOD will take two with you. Poetry turns me off when people think that it's ok for them to make a boo-boo. But when someone else makes a boo-boo they are wrong. (see what I tell ya)

_If they are leaning, don't you try to stand up straight. Poetry is Elegant, and has beauty about itself. Why do some folks want to destroy it? I have the slightest idea. Anyway, getting back to the beauty of poetry. If one dies tomorrow, that work most likely will get published. But so many has gone on and been forgotten.


_I'm different in so many ways. I think we ought to love one another and help one another, where someone else might say the heck with him, or her. I'm gonna get mine. (Selfish) respecting one another and their work is very important to me. trashing one's work will only get a no vote in my book. Just my opinion, of course.

_I'm confused, Why do people snap at each other, sometimes for no reason at all? Where is all this "Aniomosity" coming from. I read
from one of the poets here who wrote "I'm glad that I don't have any "Animosity" or Hatred' in my heart aganist nobody. Now that stirred me up inside, and I was giving GOD the glory for that line.
we are all human, but we also have feelings. maybe it wasn't what you said, maybe, it was how you said it.

_ If anything, give encouraging words to someone, don't run people
away. Even some of the worst poetry becomes Great Poetry. Take
"Emily Dickinson' for instance. she had only five or six of her poems published when she was alive. But after she died, oh how
important her poems became. They published well over one hundred of her poems and she never got to see them in a book. Goes to show me how this world was then and now, it's only worse. now she is
famous and her work is well-known. how ironic

_Why can't we just help each other, and not give negative comments all teh time. critique the work, criticize the work, but just don't go the limit.

No matter what is said, I'm the type of person who don't and will not give up. Because "I will not settle for less than what I am worth"

Be Blessed Everyone

"If we will seek the counsel of the One who keeps us, and not of our own understanding; Then we would accomplish much, much more" - ~Jeannie Simpson~

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Agree with you on this point, although I'm surprised at your frustration. I suppose I've seen people say some pretty terrible things, but that's life, eh?

Nevertheless, I agree people should get off their pedestals. I mean, honestly I think it helps you feel better about yourself if you're nice to someone rather than rude and full of self-importance. I think the best we can do is keep being positive, turn the other cheek you know? Anyways, bravo for speaking up about it!

( Posted by: Darkshine Raven [Member] On: September 9, 2003 )

Thank you for your comment. And you are right, that's what I do. I turn the other cheek, and go on.

I'm sorry if you felt as though I was saying that I condemn everyone. I'm not doing that! I was merly pointing out why do people go the distance in criticizing other folks work.
Even JESUS got angry, and he was HOLY. I'm not angry at you or no one, just the words that are being said in a harsh way. To be honest, no one here on this earth is perfect. The Bible clearly states, WE ALL FALL SHORT OF THE GLORY OF GOD. When I said MMMMMMMMM, I'm clearly stating that the ones I so much respect are some of the ones with negative attitudes, and it makes me wonder sometimes. That's why I pray for everyone here for GOD to enlighten us, and give us all a better view of what we write. But heh! We all have different opinions on things in life. No one is better than the other person. And again, I'm sorry if you took it the wrong way.
Just my opinion of course. People don't have to deal with an individual to have common sense to know what is wrong, and what is right. This is poetry, and to me; speaking for my self, just pray to GOD that we all become better Poets, maybe one day a great AUTHOR. Bad Poetry can become Great Poetry



( Posted by: JEANNIE45 [Member] On: September 10, 2003 )

*Harsh* & *Clarification*
~Pen~ thank you for your comment

~R~ Thank you for your comment also. You are absolutely right.



( Posted by: JEANNIE45 [Member] On: September 10, 2003 )

that 10%
my advice, jeannie, for whatever it's worth, is that you should take note of what is said by the 10% who make the brutal comments on your work. it's great to have people say nice things about your writing, but as much as i like to read about what i'm doing right, i need to read just as much about what i'm doing wrong, so i can try to improve. constructive criticism helps me do that, but so would non-constructive criticism in it's own way (to be fair to everyone, i haven't had any non-constructive criticism yet). just look at it this way: the tone of a comment is irrelevant. all negative comments tell you there's a certain problem and that's all you need to know. then you can fix it.

remember, you are the writer, not the reader, and so, though you may have the images already in your head, that doesn't mean that you are conveying them the right way through your writing. your writing is as much for your readers as it is for you, or you wouldn't be posting it on this site, so listen to your readers. they may not have a beautiful voice, but if you are writing for them, you need to listen to the help that they give you.

x chris.

( Posted by: chop_n_change [Member] On: September 10, 2003 )

Inferiority Complex
I just pressed the reset button. Why is it there? Ugh. Here was my point prior to its elimination:

I am not a Lordly person (in a universal sense- I'm more Jewish than Christian, and more nothing than anything else), but were I to write a piece to honor the Lord, it would never see the light of day. It's an interesting thing. I mean, nothing would ever be worthy of general consumption in my opinion if it were to honor the Lord, so if people were to see it, it would be dishonoring him in a sense. Weird, huh? Lucky for me I write for self-satisfaction, a much gentler mistress than the eyes of God.

( Posted by: Washer [Member] On: September 10, 2003 )

I sincerely want to help!
Jeannie, you will notice that I rarely comment on your work. This is not because I don't think it merits criticsm, but because I know you are sensitive to it. (if I knew your e-mail address, I would do it privately, or pm you.)

Because I also write a great deal of religious poetry, I understand your frustrations on how some of it is received. However, as this is a General site, for budding authors, I confine myself to posting my General poetry here. I post most my religious poetry on HOME WITH GOD. COM and THE LIVING WATER/ I suggest you will find the audience you are looking for there, as the emphasis is on spreading God's word, not on improving your writing style.

The specific criticsm I have for most of your work, is that you write colloquially...that is to say, you write as you normally speak, which is not always grammatically correct, and indiginous I suspect to the region you live in, much as the difference accents people have in the various parts of the country they live in i.e., South, New England, Mountain areas,New York, etc. This is fine if you are writing a novel, or in some cases a poem, and wish to convey the essence of the character. However, Not in Poetry. The language of poetry should "sing and flow" rythmically, and be soothing to the ear.
Particulalry if you are hoping to have your work published. Nothing turns a publisher off more, than bad grammar and marks the author as an amateur. This insures that the work would be intercepted by the jr. editor, and would never even reach the publishers desk!

It is akin to a recent college graduate applying for a white collar position. He may possess a degree, but if he cannot speak correctly and intelligently in the few minutes he has to make that first impression, he will be passed over in favor of someone who can (even if he could have done the job more efficiently!)

Unfortunately, contrary to popular opinion among some students, that if they "write from the heart" it's OK, that is not true in the Real World...Grammar DOES count!

Please accept this advice in the manner in which it is given...I would really like to help! God Bless.

( Posted by: Beatrice Boyle [Member] On: September 11, 2003 )

does anyone realise...
that God killed more people than say... hitler?
i find it hard to understand some beliefs, like one of the Indian Gods is a phedophlie? and people worship these 'Gods', i may have hit a sort nerve but we are all better off if we believe in ourselves, and not someone who 'says' "I AM THE ONLY WAY TO EVERLASTING LIFE"

on this piece of work;
it WOULD be better received somewhere where there are others to communicate the word(s) of God(s) with.
you are far too sensitive Jeannie, but i like you and will continue to like you for who you are and not what you say.

( Posted by: man eating maniac [Member] On: September 11, 2003 )

...preached at*

Not everybody will like everything that is posted.

Imagine this: A first time writer (I'm talking the someone who has only ever written one poem, and never actually read one, which I know is highly unlikely, but humour me) , anyway this writer posts a poem, and everybody thinks to themselves "Crikey! This poem is really awful." But in the spirit of play nice, and protect peoples' feelings, they only give 'nice' comments, saying "This is good, etc". How will that poet know that his/her work needs improvement?
And of course, once a commentor has pandered to one poem, our poet then thinks s/he has natural talent and posts another in the same vein as the first, not knowing that their style requires work, and then, as it is their fault that the poet is of this mistaken illusion, the commentors are obligated to pander once more.

Where is the help?
Where is the desire to improve, or indeed the means to improve?

Serious writers, and by this I mean ones who ultimately seek to be published, need to hear when they have done something wrong. And they need to get used to that. Imagine the above senario, then imagine that said poet has send her poem out into the cut-throat world of publishing. Rejection follows rejection.
The poet either has bitter resentment to publishing houses, blind to his/her obvious talent, else sees the truth, that they have been lied to and betrayed from the start.

Is that kind?
I think not.

I think the trouble here is started by writers refusing to accept the views of others for what they are. Views, and attempts to help enhance the writers style.
I have seen this happen where a writer is advised by a few, and still flat-out refuses to a) take the criticism, and b) act on it. Instead, it is seen as an attack on his or her person.

I say, lighten up.
In closing, I'd like to paraphrase Bob, in saying "If you can't stand the heat...and all that jazz."


( Posted by: Jasmine [Member] On: September 11, 2003 )

*To All*
Thank you all for the comments;
But unfortunately, I was not concerned about my-self. I was more concerned about other poet feelings than my own. Any way, all is good.

Bea; thank you for the website. one of them I'm already a member < The LivingWater/> and I am a member of A lot of my religious poems are posted there. thank you, I will check out the other one

Jasmine; thank you for your opinion as well

Washer; You are too cute

Cho~N~Change; Thank you for your comment

Man~eating~maniac; thank you for your comment.



( Posted by: JEANNIE45 [Member] On: September 11, 2003 )

There can be no light without the darkness. If all is of God, then all is good. If God created everything, doesn't this imply that He created the Devil also?
There are no real differences, merely human value judgements. It's like "my moral construct can beat up your moral construct". Silly, when you think of it, this God that cancels Itself out. People have manners, other people decide if they are good or bad. Attitudes don't "stink", they simply are.
Anyway, I get a real sense of honesty in your work and while I obviously don't share in your faith, I realize the comfort you, and others, find in it. I agree that the world would be a better place if we all "served the light" so to speak, but I fear that the odds of that happening are roughly the same as the Vatican suddenly deciding to sell maybe, three paintings, and feed the world for a year.
peace and noise,

( Posted by: tim55b [Member] On: October 18, 2003 )

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