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Dear Enalii,

Life is different without you around here. Mama cries often at night. Papa has started to drink alcohol again and gets drunk nearly every other night. I don’t really understand. They said that you were gone, to a better place. What does that mean? Are you in the land of Eirres? Where Auntie Anneid and Uncle Jospehre live? With our cousins?
I do hope you come back soon because Mama has started to clear your clothes out and give it to the charity foundation… Especially your favourite summer gown. And Mama was crying when she did. Your painted portraits are still hanging on the walls. But now they have flowers around the frames. I really don’t understand what is going on. Come back soon, Enalii. Life is getting dull without you’re here, big sister.



Dear Enalii,

Oh sister… Why didn’t you tell me that you were never coming back? I had to go to your funeral today… but why, why, why? No one knows why you left… I may only be eleven, but I think I know more than the adults do. Did you leave because of me? Was I too much of a little sister for you to handle? And care for? I’m sorry if I did anything to chase you away.
It is almost time for the Moon Festival. I remember how you used to laugh and dance with me. But maybe up there, you will find a festival too.
Oh, and Papa has been sent to the Fourth War of Tanniex. I am worried about him because he had gotten injured in the Third War. Please watch over him, Sister, and watch over our whole realm of Kisnailul. You are up in the heavens after all, and you have special gifts.
Here is a flower from your garden. I had gotten Mama to not destroy it. I promise to watch over the garden and make sure that the flowers are in full bloom.
Today, I was walking down the pathway to the secret waterfall to take a small swim when Polae stole my shoes and drying cloth. I am starting to truly hate that newcomer. He never stops teasing me and won’t leave me alone. Do you think you can get him to stop? With you gifts?



Dear Enalii

That prat of a boy is honestly getting more annoying with each passing day. Just because he is two years my senior doesn’t mean that he has the right to interrogate me about my life… does he?
But on a lighter note, Papa came home on leave because of his leg injury. I am so happy that he doesn’t have to go to war. But since he isn’t going, the government is making us give up our lands – and we have to move in Polae. That is one thing that I am extremely upset about. I have to see him enough during the festivals, but living in his household? It is so unfair… I am thinking of joining you, but I won’t. I know that would dishearten you. Besides, I have a garden to attend…

Oh, Sister, I have something else to tell you. I have become a young lady a week ago. But being a lady… it truly does hurt your insides. Mama has given me some home remedies, but none of them seem to work. I’ve never seen you complain… I wish I could ask you what your secret was. Rubbing a lemon peel on your knee doesn’t exactly ease the pain.

Grama Lue and Grampa Isnein are coming over in two moons. I can’t wait for them to arrive. They are bringing the hard candies that we used to love. But I guess I’ll be sharing with that child Polae.

I love you Sister always, and I’ll be writing again to you soon.



Dear Enalii

It is quite amazing really. Your garden still lives and I could have sworn that I heard your voice in the winds. To me… you had said “Thank you for keeping my spirit alive with the garden…Salinei…” I don’t know if you had truly said that… or just my imagination. Or maybe it was just Polae being a inconsiderable persona. But somehow, he has stopped teasing me like a child. He’s starting to change… maybe you worked your gifts on him?

Mama is sick now… the doctors don’t think she’ll make it for next spring. I do hope and pray she gets well. Please help her, Sister. Papa has gone to join in the Imperial Court of Kisnailul. I am so proud of him. His merchant’s skills have paid off for him to get the Medal of Vescant which earned him his place in the court.

Remember how Mama and Papa said that when I turned thirteen, they would give me a real silver bracelet. I can’t wait for it! Polae has already turned fifteen. Only a year younger than you were when you… disappeared.

I didn’t want to tell Mama about this, but there have been notes left in the garden. They look to be warning notes for me… And I don’t know who is sending them. Not to mention I am getting just a bit worried. It seems rather foreboding… But I don’t really want to think about it.

If you had seen the garden, you might have noticed that had re-arranged the tulips, roses, and a few wild dandelions together. It seems pretty, doesn’t it? Sister, I do hope you approve. Because I thought about you when I arranged it.



Dear Enalii,

You will not believe what happened today… Unless you have already foreseen and watched it. Polae kissed me. I am still blushing from it even in the middle of the night. He had said that ever since he had laid eyes on me, he wanted to be near me. And he also said that the only reason he had ever teased me… was because I had looked pretty when I was angry and yelling at him. My heart was pounding so loudly, I was sure that he could hear it.

I guess he is a nice boy after all… Today is my thirteenth birthday. The day he kissed me. And the day I got that lovely bracelet.
I am happy that Mama survived through the ordeal of the disease. The doctors think it was an incredible recovery for someone in Mama’s condition. She had gotten pregnant, but the child was lost on the seventh month. I was very sad and disappointed because I had wanted to become a big sister… like you.
My schooling days are almost over. Next year and I will be done with schooling. I will be a homemaker, or if possible, I want to train to be the first female doctor. I hope I am up to the challenge. Polae is going into the merchant industry. Papa is teaching him some hidden techniques of his. Mama seems to have gotten quite fond of Polae since his parents went to the North Side of Kisnailul to make their pilgrimage to the Tree of Life. I wish them well on their journey.
Oh, the field mice have been eating at Mr. Dsane’s wheat crops. He’s tried everything, even using the cats to catch them – but they seem to be too fast. Could you help him through this dilemma? Because I heard that if his taxes are not sent in by the fourth month, he will lose his land and dignity – meaning he will be sent to the shackles.
I have been given the chores to keep the house tidy, so that is what I must be doing. Remember I still and always will love you, Sister.



Dear Enalii,

Very sorry for not writing to you in nearly two years. But life has been hectic here in Kisnailul. The neighboring realm of Isntane has invade the Imperial Government. Papa was caught in the ambush and was killed in an over run. I still weep at night at his lost. Mama grows weaker with each day, and she doesn’t have the will to live, it seems.

Somehow I don’t think Papa is with you. In my own mind and belief’s, I think he with the soldiers that had fought in protecting the government from the ambush. And I miss you both.

Doctor Brenaise has given me private teachings about becoming a doctor, teaching his recipes to concoct medicine.

I am now fifteen years old, and I have something very important to tell you. I am pregnant. With Polae’s child. But I am very happy because he has asked for my hand in marriage a couple of months earlier. Ever since my thirteenth birthday, we have become so much closer than I could have ever imagined – and hoped for. And I am so glad to have a sister to confide in with these matters.

We began courting and revealing our love to the public a few months after my thirteenth birthday. At night we would meet near the garden where that small waterfall was at . We’d lay down on the grass and gaze up at the stars, laughing and talking late into the night. I was nearly tardy to Doctor Benaise’s medication lessons! I have never been happier with another of the opposite gender.

Oh, I still wish you were here in the physical form Sister. I miss you so much. I have discussed it with Polae, and if our child is a girl, we shall name her Enalii, in your honor. And if it is a boy, we are going to name him Josephre, after father. And anymore children we have… we will decide later on.

I do not know when the main stream of war will hit our portion of the realm. And I have to admit, I am quite scared at the thought. Polae might or might not be sent to war, but I pray that he doesn’t. I can’t even begin to imagine life without him… I guess since we have become ``promises in marriage``, I have become very fond of him. I have to admit, when I first met him, I despised him with my whole soul. But now, he has become my soul. A couple of my friends tease me about me loving him. To chose a wealthy man. But he is the one I chose. And I can count on you for your blessing, my dear Sister. I love you so very much and think about you each and every day.



Dear Enalii,

Little Enalii was born two weeks ago. She is a darling babe, and even has your colour eyes. Beautiful deep gray; it is breathtaking. She has Polae’s fair blonde hair and my nose, lips, and skin complexion. She is the most beautiful creature ever created by mankind.

Polae and I are finally married with Mama’s, Doctor Brenaise’s, and hopefully your’s and Papa’s blessings. Mama and I moved into Polae’s new cottage. Little Enalii seems to be allergic to something in the house however. And I intend to find out exactly what it is because I will not allow her to be exposed to such informalities.

I suppose I have gotten the maternal instincts all cooped up inside me until these moments. I truly wish you were here to cuddle my darling child – your niece. Polae is the perfect father and husband. He has been getting us money to support our Little Enalii.

I was so happy a month ago because I was able to cure my first patient from the disease that had plagued Mama. Oh yes, Mama has also seemed to be getting her strength back. Ever since she became a grandmother she seems to have a different veiw on her life. I guess she wants to be their for Polae, Little Enalii, and I. I suppose that Enalii is one of the greater lights in Mama’s life.

The position of war has been approaching closer and closer to our borderlines. I have become apprehensive about our safety, especially Little Enalii’s. And just in case we are… killed, I have arranged for Cousin Keten and Hiole to take and raise our child. Oh Sister, I am so afraid. Please help me not to be afraid. And please let me survive. I want to be there to see my child take her first step, to say her first word, and to see her write her first sentence.

Back up soldiers have been sent to the East border of Kisnailul but many of them have perished in the midst of war. I can hear a distant rumbling which I can only guess be the bombs, screams, and call of war not that very far away.

Oh Sister… I am very scared for Little Enalii.

Please do not be disheartened at this statement: I am going to write my last farewells to you, because I am afraid that I won’t have another chance to write another letter to you.

You will never know how much I love you and how much my heart aches for you each and every day. I was proud to be your little sister and will continue to be proud even after my death. Little Enalii will always know the bond we sisters had shared. Polae may have only met you when he was a boy, but he too had loved you as an elder sister.

You will never know how much I love you, how much I miss you, and how much I wish to see you. I have dinner to prepare, but I ask you only two things: Please watch over my daughter and husband, and never forget me. Because after five years, I have never forgotten you.



The next day after the last letter was written, the soldiers of the East realm of Isntane had bombarded Salinei’s village, burning down their little cottage and their neighbor’s homes. No one survived the ordeal – except Little Enalii who was hidden in the bushes by her mother. Salinei died a mother, sister, daugher, and loving wife. Polae’s and Salinei’s graves mark side-by-side.


The following comments are for "7 Letters 2 Sister"
by Amaris

Very pretty. I know my brother and I are very close so I could relate to what you were saying with some of this piece (although I am the older sibling). One question: What was going on with the notes hidden in the garden? You didn't really wrap that and that kinda bothered me.

( Posted by: Darkshine Raven [Member] On: September 4, 2003 )

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