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Title: Fighting for Love

Summary: Kate Ashikano was always determined to unlock her family’s secrets. After her mother died from a mysterious ‘accident’, Kate and her family move to the USA. But 12 yrs later, they returned to Japan only to find that all of their family there has mysteriously disappeared. Soon everyone in Kate’s family is disappearing on her. When she meets a boy named Zach with the same problem, Will they be able to unlock their families past and save the ones they love? Or Die trying? Rated PG-13


*~(Past: 11 yrs ago)

People moved silently pass the wooden coffin as they paid their respects. For the woman whose body lay in that coffin, death had come suddenly. All too sudden for the children and husband she left behind.

5 year old Kate held on to her 8 year old sister’s hand.

“Kerri, when is momma gonna wake up?” she asked, looking up at Kerri.

“Um…soon Kate, soon,” she said, not wanting to tell her that mom would never be back again.

“Then why is everyone crying?” Kate asked looking at all the grieving people.

“Well, umm…because they want mommy to wake up soo bad,” she explained, knowing that there was some truth in that.

“Well, I hope momma wakes up soon. She promised to read to me tonight,” Kate said.



16 year old Kate shuddered at the memory from so long ago. It had be 11 long years since Kate’s mother died mysteriously. She always wondered what had happened to her mother, but no one would tell her. It was a mystery to her, and her alone.

She shook her head, clearing it from these thoughts. Turning, she looked out the airplane window. She could see patches of the ground through the clouds, but not enough to know where they were now. Looking down at the ground from the airplane, was not very comforting. She turned her gaze from the window and let it travel around her surroundings. Most of the people were watching the on-board movie or dozing off. But Kate didn’t feel like doing either. She was quite lonely, for she was sitting all by herself. Her sister and brother were near the front of the plane, and her dad and aunt in the back.

Kate sighed. “I wonder how much has changed,” she said to herself, thinking of the city where she was born, which was where they were going now.

‘I’m really going to miss all my friends back in America. Especially Deena,’ she thought to herself, thinking of her best friend.

Kate started to feel the tiredness that spread through her body. She gave into it, and drifted off into a light slumber


*~(3 hours later)~*

“This is your hostess speaking: We are preparing to land, I repeat, we are preparing to land,” the loud voice said, coming over the speaker.

Kate instantly lifted her head, upon hearing the message. She looked down at her watch, which she had set to the time zone of her hometown in Japan. The clock read 4:43pm.

Kate yawned and started putting the stuff she had taken out, back in her bag.

She bumped around and almost hit her head as the plane landed on the runway.

Few minutes later, they stopped moving, and everyone started getting up. Kate looked around for her family, but she couldn’t see them above the sea of people that had gotten up. She decided to get off and wait for them in the Airport. She grabbed her bag from the seat next to her and rushed out into the aisle, and made her way through the sea of people to the watiting area in the Airport. She turned around so that she was walking backwards, to see if her family was coming out yet. Kate didn’t see anyone and quickly turned around, only to run into someone. She fell back and landed on the cold floor.

“Are you okay?” a voice asked.

Kya looked up to see a teenage boy about her age with short black spiky hair, wearing dark blue jeans and a white shirt.

‘Wow, he’s really cute,’ she said in her mind.

She shook her head. “Yeah, I’m fine…I think,” she said, smoothing out her brown mid-back length hair.

The boy smiled at her. “Sorry about running into you.”

“No don’t apologize, I’m the one that should have been watching where I was going,” she said.

“Agh, where are my manners?! I’m Zach,” he said, extending his hand.

Kate shook his hand. “I’m Kate,” she said smiling back at him.

“Well, it was nice to meet you, Kate. Too bad I have to be going,” he said sincerely.

“Yeah, same here. Maybe I’ll see you around,” she said trying not to blush.

“Maybe,” he said grinning at her as he turned to leave.

He glanced back at her one last time. ‘Good thing I have a photographic memory,’ he said to himself in his mind. He liked how her brown hair fell wispily on her shoulders, and the blue T-shirt and white jeans, certainly showed her graceful figure. He shook his head, and waved ‘good bye’ to her before going off in a different direction.

Kate sat down on a near by chair and waited, looking at the Terminal where everyone was still coming out of.

Thoughts of Zach ran through her head. He was very good looking, sweet, kind, and…..gentle. He was totally perfect!

She shook her head again for like the thousandth time that day. She turned her mind back to thoughts of the things she couldn’t wait to do. The place they would be staying in was only about 5 or 10 miles from the airport, near the heart of Tokyo. It was a penthouse* in an apartment like building. There were only 3 other ones in the building, and their’s would be 2nd to the top.

She stopped her thoughts of it, to look around. She didn’t see her family anywhere, and the last passenger on the plane had just stepped out.

“Where could they be?” she asked herself out loud.

“Where could who be?” a familiar voice asked from behind.

She turned around only to see her brother, Jake.

She sighed in relief. “I was wondering where you guys were! I’ve been waiting here forever!”

“Well, we’ve been looking for you! So let’s go,” he said, motioning to the door.

They made their way out to the car that their dad had requested and off they went.


*Ashikano Penthouse*

Kate opened the door to the car, and stepped out. She looked up at the place she would call her home. It was quite lovely. There were flowers everywhere, and the building looked brand-new. She walked up the steps to the building and went inside, carrying her bags. The rest of the family followed her in. Her dad went to the elevator and pressed the ‘3’ button.

“Come on everyone,” he said, motioning for them to get in.


Stepping out of the elevator, Kate walked to the door to the penthouse and opened it up with the key her dad had given her. The place was so beautiful!

She put down her bags and raced up the stairs to the 2nd floor of the penthouse. She looked in all of the bedrooms until she found the one she wanted. It was medium sized with dark blue carpet and light blue walls. It was already completely furnished. She loved it.

Going back downstairs, she saw what looked like a letter near the bottom stair. There was no name or anything on the front so she decided to open it up.

All that was in it was a small sheet of unlined paper. Taking it out, she read the few sentences on it.

Kate gasped. The letter slipped out of her hands and glided down to the floor.

“Oh my god! It can’t be true!” she exclaimed.


What did the letter say? Find out in the next chapter!

¤*«Courage is the Power to do the Impossible»*¤


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