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As the prophecy proclaimed, Milleniumon opened up the Dark Ocean, releasing Dark Angemon once again. Like every four years, he would made a legion, and to stop him, Seraphimon and the four Digi-gods searched Earth for warriors to defeat Dark Angemon. He, however, is after a treasure that can cause a mega to digivolve one level higher, and the digi-gods only hope is a team of renegade Digi-destined and their Digimon.


"Don't let them escape," Dark Angemon roared."After them!"

We had entered a portal that dropped us in the middle of the Shinjuku Bridge. Above us, the portal re-opened and WaruStingmon appeared.

"You guys go aheadI'll hold him off for awhile," Heza said." What are you waiting for...GO!"

GaiaGalaxiamon stepped forward as WaruStingmon landed elegantly on a pile of rubble from the previous confrontations.

"I've been waiting to kill you, GaiaGalaxiamon...and after I do, I'll kill your digi-friend," he laughed pointing at Heza."

"You talk to much trash...Lets see how you support that big mouth of yours."

"Very Well."


With Heza left fighting, everyone else ran all of the way to Ayeka's shrine. The portal opened as Junomon, Faeriemon, and Skullomon landed in front of Relena, Shingina, Ryuujin, and Ayeka. A void in space opened up, revealing two blood red eyes.

"Go now, A.J," Ryuujin yelled as he and InfernalParadexmon dodged an attack.

A.J. broke out ina sprint toward the head of the shrine, Agumon at the heels of his feet. He ran inside, but staggered back.

"Took ya long enough," the figure sneered.

"You fool, you've caused so much pain and suffering. I should have you deleted."

"You're one to talk, right now, all of your friends have been killed and their Digimon, transported back to the Digital World so I can make them virus type."

A.J. fell back and landed with a thud at the sight of his friends sprawled on the grounds of the shrine, the legion laughing hysterically at a job well done.

"You'll pay!"


"Agumon warp-digivolve to...MugenDramon." MugenDramon loomed over the demonic man Digimon."Since I'm dragon, and we're in the shrine dediacted to Quinglongmon.. his power is surging through me. Like fighting a digi-god. Now for revenge...I shall destroy you... CATASTROPHE!"

The shrine walls buzzed with energy. In a full hearted attack, MugenDramon attacked. Dark Angemon disappeared and reappeared behind him.

"That move is called The End...highly fatal,"Dark Angemon laughed, and in a split second...A.J.'s friend for several years exploded into a million black pieces of dark dust.

"YOU FOOL!," A.J. cried, tears falling down his face." I SHALL SEND YOU BACK TO THE DIGITAL WORLD IN PIECES."

His crest glowed and spread throughout Kyoto and Shinjuku. A beam landed on GaiaGalaxiamon as Heza's crest glowed with her. They both slowly arose.

"A.J. is in trouble...," Heza whispered to herself.

"Let's finish," WaruStingmon weakly laughed.


The newly awakened Shingina, too arose after her crest was re-activated. Kokamon appeared from the sky and landed next to her. Ryuujin stood up, holding his head as Chuimon landed neatly beside him.


"Over," the both said, an evil smirk on their face, starung at Junomon.

"Lets begin," she yelled, a tremble in her voice." Ready Cannon!"


Relena woke up dazed, as Phantomon and his scythe landed in plae.

"You shall fall to the fate of my many have done already," Phantomon laughed.

"Really?!," Faeriemon sneered.

"Oh yes."


Ayeka and SuperStarmon stood in front of Skullomon, the air warm with fire.

"Hmmm, nice trick," Skullomon retorted.

"The only trick about to happen is your disappearing act. HALLEY SQUALL!!!."


The aura returned to A.J. Agumon landed with a thud. He stared at Dark Angemon (Hiru no Tsuki played in the background)

"I have courage, enough to defeat you," A.J. cried." Courage Digivolve!"

"Agumon warp-digivole to...WarGreymon."

"Puh-lease. Da big bad mega wants to hurt wittle ole me. HA!"

"I still have some power in me from MugenDramon."WarGreymon whispered to A.J."Because of your crest of Desicions, I can rainbow digivolve...just like GalaxyEquelemon and MoonGalaxiamon."

"Lets do it," A.J. cheered.

"WarGreymon rainbow digivolve to...CelestialGreymon."

CelestialGreymon looked like WarGreymon, only with light blue and isotope armor. Pearly white wings spread horizantolly from his back.

"I'm CelestialGreymon, an omega level Digimon who attacks with rainbow wnwergy. Can you handle my Heavenly Body and Magna Energy Attacks? I think not."

"Hmph...that's all?!," Dark Angemon unhappily sobbed." I expected something better from an omega...a fellow omega at that."

"Lets continue what you started, shall we."

"Demon Beam Fire!," he roared as fire was omitted from his hands.

"Magna Energy," CelestialGreymon ordered, absorbing the blast.

"Wha?!?," Dark Angemon cried, falling back.

"Let's finish...CELESTIAL FORCE!."

A rainbow orb covered the palm of his hand. It grew until it could only be sustained by two hands. After a while, it was launched. It cut through Dark Angemon easily, and after a horrifying shriek he shattered.

"Good job," A.J. smiled, picking up Botamon.

The rest of the Digi-destined walked in the shrine, holding their in-training Digimon, smiles on their scratched faces. A.J. smiled back at them, and left.



The following comments are for "Prologue- Evil Has No Name"
by Dark-kun

Well, I just read the first few lines...
I'm not really into digimon or digidestined or anything to deal with that type of animation. Serial Experiments Lain is more my style, if you have ever heard of that. ANYWAY, I just wanted to say something - in the first few paragraphs, its says something about Angemon, who makes a legion every four years, and some people have to team up to stop him... Reminds me of the race for Presidency. You know, gets a legion every four years, and the people must band together to put a stop to their insanity? I only wish that was what had been done with Bush - stop him instead of elect him... But that's another story. I just wanted to mention how that struck me.


p.s. And does anyone else think that Digimon was inspired by the Jamacian(sp?) accent? Yea mon!

( Posted by: diason [Member] On: August 28, 2001 )

Oh yea....
Oh yea, don't take my previous review the wrong way. I wasn't making fun of your story, just stating an opinion. And is it just me, or did you abduct people from GWing and TMuyo and BSSMoon and make them play roles in the Digi World? Poor Galaxia...

( Posted by: Diason [Member] On: August 28, 2001 )

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