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Richard Park 1210 words
213 Park Avenue Copyright 2003
Elmira, NY 14901
(607) 767-0271



R.M. Park

Many years ago in the valley of Kenow, an abnormal-sized baby boy was born. He was about two sizes smaller than the average. The child grew up with the name “Pickarent.” He grew up to be a healthy young man, bigger than any average-sized male on the inside. With soft locks of brown hair and the greenest eyes, he was quite handsome. He had lived in poverty all of his life. His parents owned a small clothing store for which he did the berry gathering for the dyes for the clothing.

One afternoon Pickarent was picking berries in the forest. Once the basket was full, he trotted his way home. Even though he was as small as a chair, he was as strong as a bear. Carrying the heavy

basket full of multicolored berries did not phase him. When he arrived back home, he sensed that something was wrong. The front door had been broken down.

“Help me, please! Our home has been broken into. I need help!” “Mother, where are you?” “I am in the bedroom, Pickarent. Hurry!” He ran for the bedroom. Tripping on something, he fell flat on his face into a puddle. Quickly picking himself up, he realized that he had tripped over a dead body. “Father, no! What happened to him, Mother?”

“I am not really sure. I was coming home from the market when I noticed the door had been broken down. I ran inside and noticed objects scattered all over the place. The cash drawer was missing. Then, I saw your father lying on the bedroom floor in a puddle of red. It must have been thieves. I can’t believe that they would take a life over mere chump change. How are we going to survive? Your father was the heart of our income. What are we to do?”

“I will take care of us. I am going to become the famed guard of the royal family. The evil being Tuzo is still

holding Prince Knave captive, and I will rescue him. If I succeed, then I will become a very special knight. I will receive royalty and fame beyond our wildest dreams. I will have the job of guarding the royal family.”

His mother protested, “You are out of your silly little head! Many people have made attempts at rescuing the prince for years and have all failed. What makes you any different from them?” “I have two things that they did not. I have determination, and I have my father’s spirit to watch over me. Mother, do you not have faith in me?” A smile came upon her face. “Of course I have faith in you. I just do not want to see you lose your life.” “Do not worry; Mother, for I shall be fine. I must leave tonight.” Pickarent gave his mother a peck on the cheek and set off on his journey.

A tiny, rusted dagger placed in a deerskin sheath hung at his side. It was not much of a weapon, but it was better than a slingshot. Pickarent knew how to find Tuzo. He would look for a trail of animal carcasses. As darkness became more clear and light became scarce, the glow of

the moon guided him. The scent of rotting flesh entered his nostrils. The remains of a gray wolf appeared in front of him. Plugging his nose, he pressed on. Another carcass appeared several feet from the last. Another gray wolf. Pickarent leaped over the wolf and fell down a hole. Finally reaching the bottom, he gathered himself up and attempted to leave. Looking at this dark, cave-like structure, he could barely breathe. Hundreds of carcasses were piled all around him. A voice could be heard in the distance. He plugged his nose and pressed on toward the voice. It was Prince Knave.

“You must leave, it will find you.” “Prince Knave, I am your friend. I have come to rescue you.” A shrewd odor filled the air. The sounds of screams could be heard. Pickarent saw something coming from the shadows. A giant beast appeared. The lower torso resembled a bison, and the upper torso resembled a pig. The beast was staring straight at Pickarent. The beast’s black, lifeless eyes seemed to pierce him as he drew closer. An evil grin was set upon the beast’s face. Tiny, needle-like teeth glistened as the saliva

fell from his lips. The tiny man was fighting with all of his strength to escape, but he could not. It was as if his legs were glued to the ground.

“Tuzo, I demand that you release me at once!” The beast looked at Pickarent and laughed. “Never. You are going to keep me company. I get lonely down here amongst all of this filth. I have never had someone that I could talk to which is why I have kept Knave down here with me all these years. Now that you’re here my little friend, you can take Knave’s place. He is free to go.”

“Tuzo, you cannot force an individual to like you, especially if you hold them captive. You must earn a friendship.” Tuzo looked at Pickarent and then at Knave. “Look at me. I am a foul being, who would want to be friends with me?” Pickarent looked at Tuzo with a sincere look in his eyes. “I would. You have made a bad name for yourself, Tuzo, by kidnapping the prince. Let us help you.”

Pickarent and Knave both extended their arms to Tuzo’s hoof to call a truce. Tuzo extended his hoof but was uneasy.

“Why should I trust you? Why would you help me? After all the wrong doings I have done, you would be wise just to leave. I am a rotten, vile being. “Please just give us a chance. We are taking a chance by trusting you as well, Tuzo.” Water began to bead around Tuzo’s eyes. “I never realized that I could cry. Maybe I am a better being than I give myself credit for. Thanking the two men for what they had done, Tuzo said goodbye. With a wink of an eye and a few magic words, Tuzo sent the men back to the forest.

“I cannot wait to see the look on my mother’s face when she finds out that I succeeded. Come on, Knave; let’s get reunited with your family.” Indeed, what a shock Pickarent’s mother received when she found out about her son’s accomplishment. Pickarent was dubbed “Sir One Knight” and very proud of his new found honor and glory. His mother was immediately moved into the castle and was made part of the royal family. Anything she desired was her’s. Her son was the official guard of the family and earned the royal suite right next to the king and

Queen. And so it was that Pickarent was the famed “One Knight.” He lived out the rest of his days in such royalty that he slowly forgot where he came from, or who he actually was, just a smaller than average sized man, just Pickarent.


Richard Meredith Park


The following comments are for ""One Knight""
by R.M. Park

No real comments about the quality of the piece, just the nitpickies I gots for you.

First paragraph had very choppy sentences.

"'I can’t believe that they would take a life over mere chump change.'"
I realize her husband just died, but I'll be soulless just the same. That whole monologue seemed very melodramatic, which kind of fits with the tone of the piece (seemed kind of like a fairy tale), but kind of doesn't (the violence (Though technically . . . Didja know that in the original Cinderella, Cinderella's stepsisters cut off parts of their feet in order to fit into the ballroom slipper? Didja?) grated a little for me).

What's up with those?

"'After all the wrong doings I have done, . . . '"

“'Why should I trust . . . '(no " marks in your piece, but they're there.) 'Please just give us a chance. We are taking a chance by trusting you as well, Tuzo.'”
Standard conventions has a paragraph starting whenever a new character speaks.

( Posted by: Washer [Member] On: July 29, 2003 )

commenting on your comment
It is sort of a fairy tale Washer. I wanted a classic feel to it. Those "One Knight/page 1" are page numbers, I do that for my manuscripts. Thanks for your comments, I hope I get another story published on this site, it is in the works right now, a lot different from this one, believe me, later.... R.M. Park

( Posted by: R.M. Park [Member] On: July 30, 2003 )

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