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The "Promised Land"

I am posting this narrative with the hope that the reader will already have read my other postings so that the reader will have that foundation of information contained within those other postings.

As I begin to write this posting, Israel and Hamas are engaged in yet another shooting conflict in the so-called "promised land". It is a sad state of affairs, the beginning of which had it's start at the time of Adam and Eve and further progressed after the lost opportunity by the Israelites at the time of Moses. What I write here is intended to give a perspective for those who seek Yahweh, and a warning for the others.

At the time of Adam and Eve the choice was made by earth humans to follow the disloyal cherub (known by many names and titles but called Satan in this posting). Yahweh decided to present an opportunity to return to Him for the descendants of His friend Abraham. God decided to free them (called the Hebrews at that time) from their bondage in Egypt.

Their bondage in Egypt included religious bondage because their priest (Aaron) was a follower of Satan and was leading them in wrong ways which was why, later on when Moses was with God, Aaron led them again in false worship by making a gold idol.

Aaron and Moses were not brothers. Moses was not found in a basket floating in the river. Moses was a descendant of Joseph, who had been the second in command in the land of Egypt. Joseph had married a daughter of a priest of Egypt and Joseph lived in the palace. Thus Moses, part Hebrew and part Egyptian, grew up as royalty and Moses, as Joseph's descendant, rightly lived in the palace.

So, the situation was this: Moses had led the Hebrews safely out of the land of Egypt and was leading them and teaching them in the non-predatory ways that were pleasing to Yahweh. At that time, Yahweh was feeding them a vegan diet (manna). Also at that time, the pagan ritual of circumcising was done away with by Moses, and also while Moses was with them, their safe exodus from Egypt was remembered with the feast of unleavened bread.

However, they were dissatisfied with their diet and other things and grumbled and complained constantly. Basically, they wanted things to be the way it was when they were back in the land of Egypt. In other words, they did not value the opportunity of living in harmony with Yahweh that was being made available to them. At that point they had become Israelites (they struggled against God).

Thus, after many rejected chances to change by them, Moses left them. To hide their failure, they claimed that God had taken Moses to die on a mountaintop overlooking the "promised land" because Moses had made God angry so Moses would not be allowed to enter that "promised land" - (that "Moses died and God buried him" story is total nonsense). Moses had left because the Israelites had become unfit because of their rejection of the non predatory ways that they were being taught.

After Moses left Joshua then became their leader and he had the Israelite males circumcised and thus that pagan ritual was again made part of their false worship. The sign of Abraham is the Sabbath, not circumcision! The manna from Yahweh stopped after the pagan circumcision was again performed.

Satan also appeared to Joshua and Joshua fell down and worshipped Satan (listed as the "Prince/Commander" of God's army - book of Joshua chapter 5). A phony story about a "Passover" had begun about their exodus from Egypt and Joshua had a "Passover feast" at that time.

The phony story about a "promised land" occupied the Israelites from then on and they had moved into the land of Canaan and they would be fighting the people of the land as they went. If one really was to use his/her brain in thinking abut this "promised land story" then he/she would realize how stupid and insulting to God, that story really is.

Consider that Yahweh is the God who created the universe and that this universe creating God is said, by the Israelite "promised land story", to be so stingy as to "GIVE" them such a small piece of this one planet for their dwelling. God had already given Enoch whole planets for he and his people to dwell on. Also I say "GIVE" because the Israelites have been fighting and dying to possess their supposed "promised land gift" ever since the time of Joshua.

Some "gift" that people have to fight and die for. Ask yourself who would give such a gift - a kind loving God or a sadistic evil disgusting being like Satan? The answer should be clear. Satan, of course!

The truth is that Yahweh could give the most inhospitable land on this planet today and then make it bloom into a veritable garden for His people. It is Satan who has set up the Israelites with that "promised land" story. It is Satan who wants to destroy the Israelites AND any other earth humans that he can.

Satan has given some "prophecies" recorded in the Bible that indicates that he Satan will try to start a nuclear war on this earth and Israel is one of his intended triggers for that conflict.

The question is whether the Israelites will understand that they have been following falsehood and will they choose to follow Yahweh and thereby be saved from what Satan has in store for them. And will other humans come to their senses and choose to turn away from the destructive path that Satan has them on.

That is not to suggest that the religions of Judaism, Samaritanism, Christianity, and Islam are going to turn away from following Satan and return to Yahweh because those groups will each remain in their human being killing ways. It is necessary that individuals leave those false religions and make their own life saving decisions to follow Yahweh.

However, there are ways that Yahweh will bless even those Satan following earth humans who sincerely want to get themselves out of the traps that Satan has them in. For example, in the present shooting conflict in the so called "promised land", IF people of "good will" on both sides can recognize the "right points" of the other side and the "wrong points" of their own side and choose to stop violence, then Yahweh will bless them in their attempts to find a solution.

I must admit that if I was in charge in the state of Israel, I could not allow rockets to be shot into my territory nor could I allow tunnels to be dug below my territory to be used for offensive purposes.

I would have to arrange to annex Gaza to the state of Israel and arrange that the Palestinians from Gaza be moved to the West Bank area. Perhaps by adding some land from Southern Israel to enlarge the West Bank area and/or perhaps some settlers with settlements in the West Bank might like to trade in order to establish new settlements in Gaza. Israel could offer financial inducements for the Gaza Palestinians to move. It probably would be much cheaper than to allow them to keep that Gaza sword to Israel's back.

In any event, it seems to have been proved that it is not workable to have the Palestinians in Gaza. Since it has not worked thus far, then it seems to also suggest that it would not work as part of a 2 state solution. But perhaps a single West Bank area for the Palestinian state might prove to be workable. AND
the message, that if you attack Israel, then you will lose territory - should be understood by all but the most dumb.

However, on the other hand, if I was in charge in Gaza, I could not allow someone else to control access to my territory nor economy as it is claimed that Israel does with Gaza. However, with the current situation there would seem to be little choice but to continue to do so. Even so, firing rockets is not going to accomplish anything but get civilian Palestinians harmed. So, firing rockets is certainly a very dumb solution. And very dumb solutions are a sure sign of a Satan inspired plan.

There then is the crux of the matter, that is to seek a solution that is a just solution for each side while all the time Satan is trying to keep them destroying one another.

Less Death

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