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One of the most popular types of books in my area at least are the Amish Romance stories or Amish Spiritual stories. I have an idea for a book that I have been mauling over in my head.
Tentative title: Rebecca's Fall

Becky’s Long green dress clung to her in the hot kitchen. She looked around outside for her husband through the kitchen windows. Not seeing him she remembered he had said something about taking the horses out with the cultivator to turn up the sweet corn patch. With both hands she undid the stings that kept her white bonnet on. Once the strings were lose she peeled the bonnet back off her hair. She felt sweat trickle down the back of her head a gentle breeze coming through the window cooled her head and dried her hair. Becky used her pinkie finger and worked it in through the long coiled strands of hair in the bun she had put in that morning. She gently scratched the back of her head where the sweat had dried. Hoping she could draw enough water to take a bath and wash her hair later. She would love to get rid of the itches this hot weather had caused. Dropping her bonnet on the table she went out to her laundry room. The laundry room had originally been a attached garage to the house. Her husband shortly after they moved in converted the area into usable space for them. She had been happy when he had built in the wood fired hot water heater running a triple lined stainless chimney up and out the roof. No more running outside in the cold and rain to dip hot water for the wash or the bath, The water heater heats up the room enough in the winter time that all of them could bath out in the utility room. There was one problem though in the summertime even with two windows open and the out side door to the utility room left open. The water heater warmed up the rest of the house on wash day especially the kitchen.
Picking up her five-gallon bucket she slid back the water heater cover then dipped out two buckets full pouring them into her wringer washer. She tossed in her husbands dirty cloths added laundry soap then went outside to the little Honda engine mounted to the outside wall. Two sharp pulls on the rewind rope and the little engine purred to life. With a jerk she pulled the engine back to tighten the V-belt going through the wall then blocked the engine to keep it tight. She quickly went back inside to check on her washer.
She glanced up to where the V-belt came through the wall looped around another pulley fastened to a long shaft. She followed the shaft to where yet one more pulley was attached when she noticed the V-belt between the washer was a little lose. She gave her washing machine a stiff jerk and the agitator came to life.
Ben turned his pickup truck into Atlee’s driveway. Letting out the clutch the truck surged forward shoving the clutch back in he allowed the truck to coast further into the driveway before coming to a stop. As he shut the engine off and pulled the emergency brake Bill looked around the barn and down to the sawmill for Atlee. There was no sign of him. He looked at his watch to see if he had come at Atlee’s dinnertime hoping he would be around but he was a bit too early for that. Going around the front of his truck Bill made his way to the open garage door. Reminding himself it was no longer a garage but a utility room.
Bill came into the doorway just enough to shade the bright sunlight when he noticed Becky bent over and sorting cloths into neat piles. Bill knew better but took a couple of moments to admire Becky. He knew she was half his age, married and well he shouldn’t been having these thoughts but never the less he did. Shaking himself he thought of a way to compliment her with out her giving him a lecture on being a married woman. Turning he gently rapped on the doorframe. Startled she turned and looked at him then smiled. “Atlee is out in the field cultivating,” she said leaning back to take the kink out of her back. Bill had to look away he caught himself on the edge of blushing. Becky’s Amish dress did an excellent job of hiding her figure, except for when she threw her shoulders back and leaned back. There was no doubt that god had graced her with womanly features.
Becky knew that Bill had been watching her after straightening back up she gave Bill 1one of her, I know you’ve been watching smiles. She wasn’t exactly sure why she liked the guy. Yes he was old enough to be her father. I am a married woman she chastised herself. She watched Bill fumble with a couple of empty egg cartons and a empty milk bottle. She knew what he wanted and decided to take the cartons and bottle away from him before he dropped them.
“You need eggs, I think we have a couple of dozen you can get,” she said taking the cartons and bottle away from him. Bill thankfully smiled at her. “We can fill the milk bottle this evening after milking is done. Can you come back and get it?”
“I’ll be here,” Bill replied. His mind was racing trying to think of something to say to her. “Do you know Miss Becky I thank god every day for flowers and pretty Amish girls in white bonnets.” He blurted. Becky giggled at him, “thank you Bill. But you know I am a married woman. Why do you insist on calling me Miss?”
Bill shrugged his shoulders, “I like the way it rolls off my tongue. It just sounds right to me.” Becky frowned at this, “Well you know that we believe that vanity is a sin. You shouldn’t be saying that I am pretty.”
Bill smiled at this he made a point for just saying her first name. “Becky to not speak the truth is the same as telling a lie. You know that I am part Iroquois. We are a matriarch society. Bill paused, ah everything is traced through our mothers. We believe that we should honor our mother’s every day. Weather it is by word or gesture. Now you are a mother.” Bill pointed at Becky’s two little daughters playing on the floor.

{ Here are a few more pages to Rebecca's Fall for everyone to consider.}

Becky looked down at the floor and softly replied, Yes”
Bill smiled, You would want me to honor my traditions.”
Becky nodded her head yes.
Bill couldn’t help himself but he loved it when Becky smiled at him.
“Well Miss Becky I don’t believe there is a vain bone in your body and if it’s a sin to speak about a pretty girl. I guess I am a sinner.” Bill got the reaction he had been hoping for. Becky blushed a soft pink then she gave him one of her smiles.
“Well just don’t do it quit so loud when my husband is around,” she admonished him.
Bill returned her smile and simply nodded his head.
Becky looked at the egg cartons in her hand, “Goodness I best be getting your eggs for you.” She turned and went up the three steps leading to the main house and went in. She left the door open behind her so Bill followed her into the kitchen. Becky was at the kitchen table taking eggs from a basket and putting it in one of his egg cartons. She filled the one up and opened the other, “Oh my, this wont do.” She showed him there was something nasty growing in the carton. Bill wrinkled his nose at the green and brown mess. “Just give me the dozen and I’ll come back later with a fresh carton.”
“None sense we have plenty.” Becky tossed the bad carton into the trash. Then out onto the stairway landing in the laundry room. She tried to hop up onto the railing to land on her knees. But this didn’t work.
“Here let me get them for you.” Bill rushed out to the small landing to help her. “They are up in that cupboard.” Becky pointed up at a small door above their heads. Grabbing the upright post anchored to the ceiling then planting a foot on the railing. He tried to hoist himself up onto the railing. This didn’t work either his foot slipped off the rail and he came crashing down almost landing on Becky. Both of them where laughing so hard tears were coming down their cheeks, “Just a minute,” Becky said. She went into the kitchen grabbed one of her kitchen chairs. She plunked the chair down next to the railing. Grabbing the post and the back of the chair. “This how we usually do it.” Then stepped up onto the chair then up onto the rail. She did it so neatly Bill barely got a glimpse of her ankles. Leaning forward while bracing herself with one hand and the post she pulled open the cupboard door. She had to lean even further to reach inside and pull out a couple of clean egg cartons.
Bill stood there looking up and watching her dig around in the cupboard. Normally he would look away at this time Becky being above him. Just to be polite. But with her pushing and shoving, twisting and turning he was worried she would lose her balance and fall. He tried to be discrete with his watching her. But the more she moved the more her cotton dress would swish back and forth. It was not long before he discovered she did not have a petty coat on. With the light of a window across the laundry just right he could see enough of her legs through the cotton dress to make them intriguing.
Now this caused something that hadn’t happened to him for a number of years. A surge of red prickly heat washed up his face. He hadn’t reacted to a girl like this, well sense he had walked in on his best friends sister just as she was getting out of the shower. He tried looking away but too late Becky had looked back under her arm and caught him looking up at her backside.
Bill braced himself for his lecture about her being a married woman and he should not be looking at her in a way to cause him to blush. To his surprise it didn’t come Becky turned around and just smiled at him. He reached up to take the cartons from her when she tucked them up under the other arm. Taking his hand in hers she nimbly stepped down off the rail onto the chair then down to the floor. Turning she said, “Gods small gifts arnt they wonderful.” Numbly Bill let go of her hand and just smiled at her.
Just then Atlee came up the drive with his team and cultivator. Becky went into the kitchen to fill his second carton. “I’ll be outside with Atlee,” Bill croaked then quickly slipped out the door.
Becky almost broke two of Bill’s eggs she shoved them into the carton so hard. “Stupid, stupid woman,” she raged at herself. “What where you thinking waving your backside in front of his face like that. I bet he is wondering if you are some kind of silly English girl. Stupid, stupid what would Atlee think if he knew what you had just done.” Becky cringed at the thought of a beating she rightly deserved from her husband. It was his right, he could beat her like a unruly child for her transgression.
Rebecca glanced out the big windows and relaxed slightly. Bill and her husband were laughing and talking. Bill hadn’t said anything to her husband she surmised she was safe for now anywise. “Stupid woman...



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by Anowara

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