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You could feel it.
The fear in that pristine howl
writhing in throat. Something was
wrong with the sunflowers. A genital
cutting had brought the snowdusting
on mutilated emotions.

A premonition warns. We are shining
on wrong side, under dictates of religion.
The cult will take care of mouth. You
will celebrate the breaking up of man.
The bone between the lips.

I am collecting the dirty threads of
loyalty to stitch the amnesia. They were ready to
applause the demise of moon. No more
sheen on the trees, lake and hills.
I am hauling up the skeletion of the republic.

Satish Verma


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The following comments are for "WARMING UP"
by satishverma

Joining Cultures

After reading all that you have published on Lit and many that you have published elsewhere I find that I have had to absorb a 'new' level of 'understanding to appreciate your work.

The first few pieces I read a few days ago I dismissed as, like with many non rhyming pieces, I possibly could not be bothered to study as I am not adept at keeping concentration on any but my chosen style (Rhyming).

That is a failing of mine and I do occasionally comment on pieces in which I do not miss the rhyming because of the quality of the work.

But back to your work, I find this intriguing suggesting a deep connection with your interpretation of self perception in all you encounter.

If this poetry is posted for self gratification then it surely meets it purpose. However, if this poetry is posted (which I suspect it is) to introduce to poets worldwide and insight of a different side to our imagination and acceptance then I feel that this could be aided by your direct communication in response to comments.

I have noticed that since your lack of response to the early comments that very little of your work has now been commented on. This is a shame and is possibly working against what I feel is the very essence of your work.

May I, with apologies and thanks to the author, make a quote that I found while researching your sites:

" If religion has not replaced religion, if science has not replaced science, then poetry ought to replace religion, poetry ought to replace science. Let it be the religion. Science, too. Or else a pinch of poetic spirit in all that man does and is will make the earth a better place for love. To live in"

This epitomises the beauty of poetry and indeed the world would be a better place if only observed through the beauty of poetry or the understanding given, even if not beautiful, by looking through the eyes of a poet.

Again to help others understand I would quote a recent advertisement by our national phone company here in the United Kingdom:

"It's Good to Talk"........

Please help us into your world,


( Posted by: ivordavies [Member] On: July 22, 2012 )

Warming up
Thank you for prodding me in the ribs.It is Sunday &I am free in the evening. You have raised some pertinent questions about my reticence & ascetic withdrawl from the normal obligations.I am also grateful that you took pains to understand the esoteric background. I am running 78. In my young age I used to write romantically & published some work in my native language Hindi. In i980 published my first volume in English. And some thing happened .I decided I will not write a single word & work for the people in pain & suffering. And then I started a social project to which I am still working interacting with about 200 persons a day.Meanwhile my search for the eternal answers to my questions continued & about 7 years back a sort of volcanic explosion took place & from that day till today I have been pouring out a verse daily. There is a compulsive drive. I don't want any gratification, name or award. Have been shy of media. Still writing in long hand,get assistance in getting it typed, maintaining a blog & postings. Don't have time to read something;but am aware of the things happening around in the world & literally while moving around the words will hammer & lines will be formed & burning my midnight lap I will complete the poem.Some 23 volumes of my collection are published.A book analysing & understanding the strange style evovled has been written by a University profeesor & published. Want to remain unsung, unfeted as such. I am at peace with me & still continue my journet towards finding the truth.
Yes it is good to talk. I love friengship & true people. Please convey my regards to all the fellow travellers whom I have not been able to respond.

( Posted by: satishverma [Member] On: July 22, 2012 )

Finding Truth

Thank you for your reply and the introduction to your world. I have posted below one of my poems written many years ago that I am sure you will understand:

Coconuts and Fish and Birds

If coconuts could grow on trees
and birds could fly
and fish could swim.
What a wonderful world wed all enjoy,
what a wonderful world wed all live in.

If every line I wrote could rhyme
and poetry spilled from my pen,
Id write about the things I find
and how, and why,
and where, and when.

If everything I wrote made sense
thered be no interest
in my words.
Thats why I write, and love the world,
and coconuts,
and fish,
and birds.

Ivor G Davies

For myself I have only published one book of my work (Ivor's Ramblings) but most of my work can be found on my website

It is normally the unwritten space between the lines that reveals my 'inner self'

May your work continue but I suspect it is the journey that is much more important than the destination.......


( Posted by: ivordavies [Member] On: July 22, 2012 )

Yes it is good to talk. I love friengship & true people. Please convey my regards to all the fellow travellers whom I have not been able to respond.

Taking this literally it reads that you have tasked Ivor with fulfilling your responsibilities. You have taken the time - TWICE to respond on your own posts which proves you have enough time to interact but can't get past the nobility of your own words as if all the rest of us here should be humbled by your glorious presence.

satishverma wrote:
Satish Verma is ferociously original. You feel resentment, outrage and violence, cannot pin it down but wonderfully spin your brain. Satish has the greatest sensibility which sweetly exploits the delicacies of human conflicts. You are taken aback. This is magic, profoundly soulful. In a lone, long journey Satish Verma is still discovering himself.

Your bio says much about you and none of it reflects humility. Get over yourself already.

BTW There is an option now available to LitOrg members to delete comments.

( Posted by: Pen [Member] On: July 22, 2012 )

Dumping Ground

"Cutting to the Quick"

(Never one to be over generous with words of praise)

No interaction = No further interest

This thread may be a good notice to others too

( Posted by: Fairplay [Member] On: July 22, 2012 )

Cultural Difference
"Thank you for prodding me in the ribs.It is Sunday &I am free in the evening. You have raised some pertinent questions about my reticence & ascetic withdrawl from the normal obligations."

I do feel that there is a lot of 'Humility' in the above statement. I am intrigued by cultural differences. I am intrigued by Satish's style and stretching my brain to absorb the meanings in his words.

I am amazed by his persistance in his even continual posting given that he is writing in long hand and seeking help to transfer this to the web. English is also not Satish's first language!

I hope at 78 years old I can be as true to my art as he.

The responsibility for conveying his good wishes to all was a responsibility given to 'me' and one that I feel I have worn given the current exchanges of comments.


As you can see, we are a straight talking bunch here on Lit and I hope the feedback you are getting is helping to overcome the differing interpretation of meanings the written word has when crossing cultures.

As T was evicted from my first poetry site because of this difference, with the other members feeling I was an obnoxius self centres person with high opinions of myself (which I probably am), I can well understand the need to understand these differences.

Once again, good luck on your contining journey....


( Posted by: ivordavies [Member] On: July 22, 2012 )

To be Sure

It is not compulsory to comment or return comments on anyone's post....

In fact if you buy a book of poetry maybe the last thing on your mind is then writing to the author to tell him how well or badly you received it. Unless you are about to offer a writing contract...

I didn't know how old or young you were...but age sort of explains it a little..... I will probably be in a care home in doolally land in deep trouble for pinching nurses bottoms by the time I get to your age.

Now I see your writing as competition for Granny Bea... a lot of the girls on site will not release their ages or avatars to the general public.

Like my brother Ivor I wish you the very best and long may you continue to post.

In my response to posts (unlike others) I see myself more of a student here rather than as a professor..... The professor knows where you went wrong and tries to guide you... the student tries to understand what you actually meant.

I still believe in interaction otherwise you might as well be writing on the toilet wall

( Posted by: Fairplay [Member] On: July 22, 2012 )

Satish! 78 you are still my junior in life and from what I understand, your culture... as well as the Asian people... revere their elders, and as I am 84, feel comfortable in pointing out to you, that in our culture, be that as it may, we find it a bit unsettling that you praise your own work so highly here and elslewhere.

Understand that I find some of your work outstanding...others...not so much... as is the way with ALL talented people. But in OUR culture, such high self praise is off putting and in our minds, diminishes our enjoyment of your works.

Whether you are 78 or 108...age has nothing to do with either have it or you don't and expecting special priviledges because of it...doesn't work here.

Having said all that...I DO enjoy your work and I suggest you take the time...that you apparently have in commenting on your own work... to read and comment on some of the other, equally talented poets, either with praise for their efforts, or educating them on how they can improve their work. That is what is all about!

I understand that English is not an easy language for you, it is difficult to express yourself, and I trust that you will take this advice with good will, as it was intended.

Bea (Grandma Bea)

( Posted by: Beatrice Boyle [Member] On: July 22, 2012 )

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