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Re-write of a piece written in 2009.

The Roswell crash has been the most investigated case in the whole of UFO lore. Most aspects have become common knowledge and it isn’t for me to refute or substantiate those findings or speculations. I offer other information to consider. I will keep my sources secret at this time.
The military coming up with the balloon thing was a pretty good spin. No one bought it, at the time, because civilians saw all the kites the military were flying to monitor Russian low frequency mind control emissions. The balloons were used much later than the 1947 crash in Roswell. The use of balloons was used by the military after deep cover sources discovered the Russians were telling them, through low frequency energy transmissions (LFTs,) to use kites instead of balloons. This same low frequency brain entrainment methodology is still being used today on civilian populations to help sell useless electronic goods and create ‘right’ thinking political thought. The red and blue state model clearly illustrates its effectiveness. The most profound use was the ability to make consumers feel guilty if they have more than 15 items in a 15-item checkout line. The use of this technology had become the US’s largest export to other governments prior to its misuse by the world financial institutions in 2008.
In the late 1940’s and 1950’s the Chinese, seeing an opportunity, attempted to take advantage of the US/Soviet situation by making and exporting kites to the USA. These kites used a type of string, being developed at the time at Los Alamos, that could hold a 'mind charge' that gave them an ultra-reality. Only children with special Esper abilities were involved in making the exported kite string. The string was used on the kites sold to the US to transmit a coded signal to American liberals already affected by low frequency saturation. "I like Mao” and “Karl Marx the spot' was the common subliminal message. What wasn't known was that Alien saucers used string infused with a similar energy source that powered their pulse drive engines. The Chinese string, innocently used, on a kite by an eight-year-old child, Timmy Tooten of Roswell New Mexico, brought down two saucers, when they collided with his kite string.
It was the US, after looking over the debris from the Brasel Ranch crash site that realized that the string was nonessential to the crashed ships but only created a matrix for the real string, which is made of energy, in fact a new energy source, a quantum string. Two spies working at Los Alamos, accused of selling the technology to the Chinese, were subsequently jailed without trial. Reportedly they were the first two prisoners at GITMO.The crashed saucers used a complex net of quantum strings that allowed their engines to interface with the brain impulses of the Grays to propel the ships and bend space.
After the surrender of the data from WWII Nazis programs, it was discovered that the use of special children, Code name: Wunderkinders, was revealed. The involved scientists were secreted in to the US, and programs using special children were started. Some of these gifted children were found to grasp the mathematical context easily and programs were set up as a top-secret defense against both Alien invasion and Russian/Chinese machinations. The uses of low frequency messages touting “America is always right!” were piggy-backed on the broadcast of the Texaco Star Theater and Ted Mack’s Talent Show.
One of the crashed saucers was sent to Area 50, a secret non-existent Nevada desert base, and technicians began to take it apart. An explosion ensued. A tech crossed two quantum strings, thinking they were just wires, igniting the power module. Area 50 was completely destroyed, the subsequent explosion sending materials into the stratosphere, the fallout making a large cross section of the people of the USA to suffer an addictive fondness for rock and roll music, french fries, peanut butter, white castle hamburgers, ‘Leave it to Beaver’, Spam, Jerry Lewis films, cars with big fins, excessive masturbation, fruitless necking and petting, poodle skirts, Thunderbird wine and Fresca, Milton Berle, salads with Thousand Island dressing, Manhattans, filtered mentholated cigarettes, moon pies, RC Cola, and bad pizza. (Note: It was reported that Coca Cola was an antidote for the communist plot of fluoridation in our water supply – but is unsubstantiated.)
The explosion was reported to the press as an unscheduled A-bomb test.
The second vehicle taken from Roswell and sent to Right Patterson, was examined and it was brilliantly determined, by top men, that the only way to figure out the technology was to reverse -engineer the vehicle instead of taking it apart. However, no one was sure as to how that could be done. Little has been done to this day.
(Note: A scientist has stepped forward saying he was hired to reverse-engineer the captured craft. The government can’t find anyone to understand his notes and assumed he was just freeloading on the taxpayer’s dime. A Congressional hearing on oversight discovered that he had done nothing, the journal was a fake, because it was impossible to reverse engineer unless you took the item apart and since that was expressly forbidden under Rule 117R6691T of the non-existent MDSEC – {Manual on the Deployment and Study of Extraterrestrial Craft}, the man was fired and discredited. All record of his identity was erased.)
An alien did survive and was most helpful, until it became addicted to peanut butter. A scientist had left a sandwich in the briefing room and the creature had eaten it. The Gray began to babble and behave erratically. The effect is similar to heroin and LSD on Gray physiology. The poor creature often thinks it is, Sammy Hagar, Keith Richards or Ginger Baker, but does give valuable information within the parameters of rock music, money and real estate investments, drug insights, women, and tax advice. Since the Grays are connected by telepathy, we are now being bombarded by insane thoughts from the whole of their race and they to ours, which explains much of the political situation in the last sixty years. Additional bursts of low frequency transmissions have offset some of the alien psychic pollution. Some anomalous affects have been noted such as; hippies, Tiny Tim’s popularity – young men wearing their pants half way down their hips and showing their underwear – conservatives under thirty – liberals over forty – the stilted speech patterns associated with ‘valley girls’ – the tendency to make a religion of malnutrition by eating only organic plant life – wearing straight brimmed baseball caps with ears tucked into the hat band – use of the words irregardless and supposubly by otherwise intelligent people- the human potential movement – red ties – anyone that doesn’t get that Rush is a comedian – Nancy Palosi – Richard Nixon – Jimmy Carter – Barrack Obama, Lady Gaga, and Tatiana on the 2009 American Idol. (Paris Hiltons fame, ‘Queer Eye for the Straight Guy’ and Senator Reed’s behavior is not a function of this effect.)
By the Vietnam War era we knew that there were two crash sites by another alien group that landed in the area of Cambodia and Vietnam. They were alien bugs and nothing prepared us for what we found, a sucrose-based liquid infused with negatively charged ions ran their organic technology. There were viable eggs everywhere within the ships, (Clearly colony ships.) The Germans found the first crash sites, of this race, buried under two hundred feet of earth, near Warsaw. Toward the end of the war they re-buried them. It was estimated that the huge hive ships were over thirty thousand years old. The Russians found the files, in Berlin, and re-excavated the ships. A joint venture agreement was signed with the Chinese. The Russians and Chinese ate the eggs and found them a short-lived delicacy. The French had been looking for the hive ships for decades having only found one escape pod, full of eggs, near Paris. The French managed to synthesize the eggs and sucrose. This material was put in French foods as an anti-oxidant and thickener for sauces. The only obvious ill-affect, from ingesting the alien material, was the enhancement of their pastries and to make the French rude, twitchy and slightly odd in behavior. (Perhaps explaining Julia Childs and their current international political policies) Further, the French, thinking the people of Indochina would benefit from the additive, began adding the synthetic to MSG as a preservative for rice. The unexpected result was that all indo-Chinese became insulted by just about everything and started fighting among themselves. We joined in a bit later due to the whole 'I like Mao-Karl Marx the spot' thing and an unfortunate reference to 'Dominos' as the only ridiculous metaphor in the history of the US congress that every congressman and Senator got. The possibility that covert or subversive elements broadcasting LFT (Low Frequency Transmissions) into Washington DC was investigated by the FBI. That report was never revealed to the public.
A rare and expensive alcoholic drink was distilled from the ultra sweet sucrose combs found in the huge ships. The addictive drink altered DNA, caused delusions of grandeur, dangerously so if taken with cocaine, the affected spewing odd political statements and bizarre and ludicrous positions, esoteric writings, uninteresting and irrelevant plays, starting MTV, NPR and Fox News, the obsessive collecting of Greatful Dead Merchandize, and an overuse of the dismissive 'Whatever!' It had also been distributed to the ultra rich and to those that claim they are of the bloodline of Jesus Christ. The Presidents wish to tax them is met with the rich twitching, complaints of runny noses, loud and noxious flatulence, and the mumbling of expletives under their breath. Apparently if you make over 250,000 a year the Democrats believe you are ingesting the drink/drug. I did bring up to both parties that everyone in Congress makes over 250,000 a year. There has been no formal response to my letters. These same uber-riche were later responsible for the Irish dance craze proliferated by PBS, (Holding your hands at your side, while tap dancing to an Irish bag pipe, drives the aliens crazy; at the time the only defense against an all out invasion.) This action by the Riche has chased the Grays to Mexico and explains the increased sightings in that area of the globe. (The fact that the US is storing surplus peanut butter in Mexico City may also be a reason for the exodus.) It is my understanding that once a year these infected wealthy ultra-humans create ceremonies that include; costumes, childish sexual play, drinking this rare liquor, marathon watching of Fox, The View, and eating peanut butter on stale Ritz crackers. The stale crakers apparently symbolic. The only scientifically quantifiable proof of addiction is a tendency for the very rich to behave badly in public, have a strong urge to steal Company retirement funds and give low interest home loans to anyone who can't afford them. (The current financial meltdown may be due to this addiction, although it is at this point anecdotal.)
The Grays took to abducting humans to counter affect the damage done by installing normalizing implants. (The unfortunate area of insertion and placement has been the subject of TV shows, late night radio talk shows, and several bestselling books on alien abduction. Of course all are off the mark.) The world governments, unable to logistically do what is needed, have made agreements for this implantation procedure with the Aliens. Since ‘normal’ isn’t quantifiable, odd behavior among our leaders may be an ill result of this unsanctioned intrusion. The world trades peanut butter, as payment, for the Implant Project. Highly organized rogue grays, getting rich on drug dealing, have been stealing peanut butter from world government stores, creating a worldwide financial crisis offset by raising the price of crude oil. The financial burden of growing and producing peanut butter has created an unstable world monetary market. The quick fix solution was to allow credit card debt to rise and allow the Real Estate market to float until a solution could be found (opportune since the affected rich were making bad loans anyway.). The Gray civilization is currently on the verge of collapse.
It has been suggested that President Obama has been meeting secretly with members of the Orion federation to intercede in the matter. The difficulty reported is that the Orion Federation is very conservative and the words 'We, or I, inherited…', ‘Fair’, ‘Change,’ and ‘Unsustainable’ spoken with an arrogant smirk is considered expletives and highly offensive. The rumor is that they, the Orion Federation, have hired Glen Beck to act as an arbiter.
Ken Lehnig ©2011 version

Why is doing what you love the hardest thing to do? Is it because failing what you thought defined you would be too devastating a thing from which to recover? If so, we stay where mere accident has left us.

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The following comments are for "Roswell and String Theory - the Truth"
by jonpenny

Ken Ron Hubbard
I think there's peanut butter on your e-meter. Is that a bagpipe I hear? .. gotta get tapping.

( Posted by: Poeteye [Member] On: July 22, 2012 )

Saving The World!
You are absolutely correct Ken...Peanut Butter is what makes the world revolve smoothly on it's axis...and it's about time this was revealed to the world at large...The Gray's (disguised as the Russian' well as Chinese scientists) have been secretly working on plans to run their aircraft and tanks to run on it instead of motor oil.

If it hadn't been for you blowing their cover...they would have cornered the market on it and brought the west to it's knees!

Thank you from a grateful nation...I detect the medal of freedom in your immediate a plethora of "likes" on facebook!

( Posted by: Beatrice Boyle [Member] On: July 23, 2012 )

Thanks for commenting. I am so relieved to get this off my chest.

( Posted by: jonpenny [Member] On: July 25, 2012 )

freebasing the crunchy
Early tests on Jimmy Carter's brother, Billy, laid the groundwork for what would later become known as ***** ******* *** ****** ***** ******* *** ************** ** ********** DC *** *** ******.+



( Posted by: Bobby7L [Member] On: November 16, 2012 )

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