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Wonder of wonders! For the first time this morning on one of the myriad of media couplets that decorate the TV with pretty talking heads with SFA to say ... a woman made a statement which made me LISTEN and CELEBRATE an exceptional day. For once, one of those dolled up females said she felt women should stop being so hard on each other! YES! She didn't wade in with her personal opinion about women breast feeding children and how long they should continue.

Thank Christ! I thought.

Then when her made up male cohort mentioned some other 'hot' topic issue that women were 'talking about' she made light of that one too! She must have had her wheaties spiked or something and I'm at home cheering! It wasn't just that she said it, it was the relaxed way she put it across.

I've often thought about how many small minded women are out there invading living rooms talking about this bit of tripe and that bit of trash all the while taking women down a peg or twenty while they shine in the limelight of controlled airwaves. I'm reasonably convinced this parade of promulgation is having an impact amongst viewers who consume a steady diet of this proselytizing from the media pulpit. How society manifests its behavior has much to do with the messages they're fed. Look at the change in attitudes about smoking. As a recent quitter I'm happy to report anybody can smoke in my home if that's what they want to do. My neighbour used to judge me unfavourably when I still smoked but didn't become my champion when I quit. Not that I expected her to.

How often have you heard women call one another unflattering names usually based on their sexual activities? I often cringe when they do because, quite frankly, it makes all women look like airheads with foul mouths who don't know how to insult with finesse. I think people have forgotten what a whore is! They're so lazy they've had to shorten it to a third of Santa's laugh! Save this crap for Christmas will ya? Wrap up every Ho you might utter, throw it in a Pandora's box, tie it with a pretty bow and toss it on top of the cheerfully burning Yule log. You'll feel better about yourself if you do.

And why would anyone give a damn about what a women is wearing? I admire those who will don a two piece no matter what shape their body is in. GOOD ON YA!

Now I'm not talking about Joan Rivers here who's shtick everyone knows about, besides her focus is the rich and famous anyhow. I'm bringing up the countless women on talk shows who either are hosts or guests who justify their existence by attacking every other women they've never known and quite often for the most ridiculous reasons! Then there's women who go off on rants because their no-account deadbeat morally corrupt male has been unfaithful! Instead of giving him a good swift kick and tossing him out with the other garbage cluttering up their lives, they blame the "other" woman! What kind of BS is that?

Sad to say there are only a paltry few class acts out there who keep their own council on what they think is right or wrong when it comes to how women behave when it's none of their damn business. I remember watching, for the first time, a Canadian talk show hosted by a woman and only minutes in she was stating that she believed obese children should be removed from their homes! She said she didn't think those mothers were skilled enough to cope with the rigours of parenting. Excuse me?? I was so incensed I turned off the TV and sent off a pithy e-mail of complaint stating I would no longer be watching that show. I also made mention about how the subject was handled with more intelligence by an American TV show which features a collage of women co-hosts who usually spend all their time talking over one another. Not much gender respect happening there either.

I've witnessed, over the years, how eager women are to attack each other while being 'tactful' and 'demure' in their dealings with males. Why? Are they afraid they'll be bopped in the nose? I don't think so. I think it's their lack of courage to take on what society deems as a stronger being. Poppycock! A whole lot of men have been coddled all of their lives by ... guess who ... THEIR MOTHER! I remember many years ago when my son made a disparaging comment about the morals of a girl he was seeing. I shut him down immediately! I wasn't going to have any son of mine take cheap shots at someone he'd been sharing the sheets with. Hopefully it discouraged him from doing it out of my earshot as well.

While watching "The Help" for the third time I thought again about how women are bullies. They don't use the same tactics males do. Their lessons are learned in the same arena as the boys but they do the damage in a far different way. Their expendable BFFs, dress codes, cliques, malicious unsubstantiated gossip, their rules of behaviour, imaginary insults, and ruthless agendas are all about power and control.

I was not one of those cliques in school but I do remember a group of them coming after me when I was 'vulnerable'. I don't behave predictably when I'm someone's target. I don't fold, I don't cry, I don't suffer in silence. When five of these elite girls singled me out in the gym when I was fifteen and asked me why I was getting married in that falsely naive way they knew so well, I took the wind out of their sails by saying, "Im pregnant! Why else would I be leaving school and getting married? Isn't that what your friend Sheila did? " They evaporated in a cloud of whispers. I had no use for them but never was critical of their need to travel in groups. They had my sympathy instead.

So women of the world ... do me a favour .. stop putting yourself on a pedestal of all that is righteous because your fall from grace is just a teeter away. Instead, walk with dignity and celebrate all the exceptional talents women possess while holding up their half of the world.

"Tigers bloom where there's oodles of room." Zodiac Zoo

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The following comments are for "FINALLY!!"
by Pen

The Women!
I'll drink to that and then some!

Go get em Pen!!!


( Posted by: Beatrice Boyle [Member] On: July 11, 2012 )

Well Known Facts Women?

1. Whatever shape they are..... they will always look in a mirror and want to change it.

2. A group of Women are far more intolerable of each other than a group of men

What's the difference between BSE and PMT?

IF..... someone always opened the door for me always let me go first bought my drinks gave up their chairs and always put me first.... I still wouldn't be inclined to clean the whole bloody house cook for them and have a full time job as well....

Ahhh the mystery of women that even women cannot answer....

Liberated Women

In the recent spate of hot weather as I cycle round I see a queue of people waiting at the Top steps to Wreck Beach..... I have been down there twice. Once in Mid Winter I walked from Spanish Banks along the coastline just to see what that bit of seaside was like......mostly all rocks...... Then when my sister and brother visited I took them down on a cold overcast day just to show them Wreck Beach..... I would feel like a Dirty Old Man (I have to cover up in the sun) to go down and sit amoung naked people at a specific resort....flashing their wares

On the other hand there are one or two events... The naked bike ride that I have ridden past (not with) where I am entirely comfortable to point my camera and see all sorts of shapes and sizes in the raw. (anyone want the link to my Naked Bike ride Vancouver video PM me)I have no personal naked photos sorry.... my privates stay covered out of the bedroom or bathroom.
Life still plays the racist game that mucks it all up... segregation of the classes Nudes this way Clothes on that way rich people that way poor people the other way, You almost need to find the right shape peg hole for your life.

Breast feeding in Public scandalous hhaha.... Next blokes wont be allowed to pee in the bushes or on the wheels of a tour bus stopped in a lay by

I just cant seem to be able to put women is nicely packaged boxes..... Thank goodness they are all as different as chalk and cheese from each other.

True Story

There was one woman.....

I was visiting a good friend for dinner and as usual walked up the pathway let myself into her house and introduced myself to the macho builder guy in the living room and shouted hiya to my female friend out of sight in the kitchen.

She shouted back Hi Eric can you give me a hand a minute...... no problem I walked up the stairs (Split level farm cottage) into the kitchen... My friend said I know you have already met "Bill" just to let you know Bill has two teenage children and is divorced from their dad.... I thought a second and asked if the kids were with their mum..... She replied "that is their mum"

After talking building stuff and plumbing over dinner I established that house repair must have been among the skills acquired...

On a later visit some weeks after the same guy came in with his arm bandaged up..... I asked him if he had an accident at work....he said "something like that"

My friend who had once been the guys girl friend when the guy had been a girl at school was better informed ..... It was a massive skin graft to manufacture a willy..... (so guys with long arms...there is hope for you yet)

Now here is the dilemma would I appear gay if I showed too much interest in a girls willy. I took the easy way out and kept my mouth shut.

( Posted by: Fairplay [Member] On: July 11, 2012 )

just the facts Fairplay
As to fact 1 of yours

This self criticism fades when a woman gets to a point in their life when they discover it's irrelevant. This takes several decades but all of a sudden the majority of us just don't give a damn and begin to wear purple.

fact 2?

I agree and have been in groups of both enough times to notice the competing happens but with different tactics. Men are not as hard on one another for sure. I'd sure like to see that be more balanced.

True story back atcha

There was this guy who wanted to clean my house while I ordered him about and flicked him with a feather duster. I was so creeped out by the whole idea I wouldn't even meet him to discuss the details. UGH!

( Posted by: Pen [Member] On: July 12, 2012 )

@ Bea
You know Bea, I spend a great deal of my time celebrating the best things about women. I know there's so many out there and a few on this site too who are so much better than I at slinging mud in the hopes it will stick. There's proof positive that people seem to gravitate to the negative aspects of others and I'm convinced these people have such a low opinion of themselves they need to drag others down too.

Quite honestly, I can't respect a women who spends a lot of her time slamming her own gender. It's disturbing.

A good friend of mine told me once that in ancient Ireland it wasn't the men who dealt with the deserters because women got to them first. They were ruthless in their expectation of loyalty. Wonder how that got skewed into the dervish dances that go on today in some circles.

Am I guilty of having uncharitable thoughts about women? Of course but, for the most part, I keep it to myself and try to avoid those women who can't.

If I want to go after someone who's annoying me .. I'll pick the guy every time.

( Posted by: Pen [Member] On: July 12, 2012 )

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