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We took for granted all we owned
Believing we had a home
Believing our jobs secure
Helpless against an austere cure

Oh what else was there to do
Ďcept play the game and be a fool
Sign the line and pay and pay
Till they take the game away

Iím not asking for golden wings
Iím not asking for anything
I guess my money isnít mine
Having none is my only crime

They gather in from their grand halls
Endless perorate, patter and cozen all
Those who sat them all in their chairs
Side aside pay the dearest price of all

Longuer the clowns rail in sincere voices
Defining falsely our only choices
Big business or big government they exult
For us little folk itís the same result

I guess it has always been this way
Outside the castle walls you must pay
Whoever we chose, whichever way
Will give us another rigged game to play

Freedom isnít about who gets to pay
Freedom is throwing the yoke away
When all was well we played their game
Perhaps we all should share the blame

Is it time then to raise our voices
Offering up some other choices?
Instead of looking for who to blame
Letís all create a better working game

ken Lehnig(c02012

Why is doing what you love the hardest thing to do? Is it because failing what you thought defined you would be too devastating a thing from which to recover? If so, we stay where mere accident has left us.

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The following comments are for "The Game"
by jonpenny

You got that right Ken!
Another Gem from you Ken...soooo happy to see you here've been sorely missed!

And the game goes on...only the strong, wiley,
well heeled machines will survive. The rest of us poor but well meaning blokes will have to live with the results...good OR bad!

Should be a law that the upper classes be excluded from running for office...unless they are willing to divest themselves of their worldly goods and live like the rest of us!

Anyone who breaks a campaign promise should be incarcerated for the next ten years... no time off for good behavior!

All parties should be limited to TWO weeks of campaining...and free air time so on one has to raise a fortune to run!

HEY..I LIKE these rules...maybe I'll run for office myself...SEE GRANNY RUN!


( Posted by: Beatrice Boyle [Member] On: June 6, 2012 )

Silly Games
I have to say this was really well written. I could see "us" the middle and lower class living outside the walls in poverty as the politicians fill their pockets and act as though they know the struggles the average person goes through. For once I just wish we had someone in office that really cared about us. I rarely voice too much about politics because it always seems to get my blood boiling. I truly enjoyed this piece.

I say we vote for Bea and call it a day!


( Posted by: nae411 [Member] On: June 7, 2012 )

Center stripe

I say you got it right. I would say that the majority of all of us are basically middle of the road, and big business and big politics try to force us in other directions, or to chose sides.

It is too bad we have so many scientists, lawyers, and politicians -- if we reduced them all by half I think the collective gene pool would clear up.


( Posted by: BWOz [Member] On: June 8, 2012 )

Money no Object

No Yoke no Money no Joke

But hey! I doubt I could have had a more wonderful life. Maybe its just the "Vancouver Effect"

Mans own worst enemy is probably greed and another appendage .... Cant speak for women doubt anyone understands them.

Politics is always a good target but is it just an "Umbrella Job".... Now you have Granny Bea wanting in on the Action.... Believe me... if she gets in she will give all "Your Money" away to the poor and needy.

A little bird was flying south for the winter. It was so cold it froze and fell to the ground. While it was lying there a cow came by and dropped some dung on it.

As the frozen bird lay there in the pile of cow dung it began to realize how warm it was. The dung was actually thawing him out!
As he lay there both warm and happy he soon began chirping with joy.

A passing cat heard the bird singing and came to
investigate, the cat discovered the bird under
the pile of cow dung and promptly dug him out and ate him!

The morals is:

(1) Not everyone who drops shit on you is your enemy.
(2) Not everyone who gets you out of shit is your friend.
(3) When you are in deep shit, keep your mouth shut

Enjoyed the reading your poem its always nice to have someone else to blame if everything doesn't go according to plan.

( Posted by: Fairplay [Member] On: June 8, 2012 )

The Game
I have become so a-political these days. If a citizen would just think and spend an hour a day going on line they would realize that nothing coming from our politicians (both illustrious parties - top to bottom) and the news media(CNN, CBS, or Fox) is true. The 'filtering' and re-configuring is egregious. Every word and every action is determined by polls and the underlying position that we are stupid and they know better. We vote them in and we get what we paid for - good or bad. Perhaps it is a function of our preoccupation with ourselves (when has that ever been different) or a media that panders to the worst in us? We get our scratches soothed while deep and nasty cuts go unhealed and unattended. (now that was a lovely metaphor) I don't know the answer but I know the questions - 'bout time we started asking those who 'rule' to answer them plainly without blaming the other side or worrying that the answer may be uncomfortable and may wreck re-election chances.
Thank you all for your thoughts on my snarky and rhymie little offering.
Ps. And yes it is the Vancouver Effect - ya-all are just too nice. ;)

( Posted by: jonpenny [Member] On: June 8, 2012 )

Freedom is throwing the yoke away
Been thinking lately how much I hate all the propaganda on FB, pro and con. The occupiers are using anything to further their movement - even the most innocuous images. I'm all for it but it gets to be too much after a while. Makes me wonder which side is crazier.

Well written, sir. And I second Nae's nomination.

( Posted by: toscano [Member] On: June 8, 2012 )

Pete Seeger song
The banks are made of marble
with a guard on every door.

The more things change... yada ... yada ... yada

( Posted by: Pen [Member] On: June 9, 2012 )

My favorite verse
"Freedom isnít about who gets to pay
Freedom is throwing the yoke away
When all was well we played their game
Perhaps we all should share the blame."

That's it. I thought it bore repeating, because it's delicious!

( Posted by: Poeteye [Member] On: June 11, 2012 )

The Game
Thank you all for comments and the fact that at least we few have eyes to see.Best to you all.

( Posted by: jonpenny [Member] On: June 14, 2012 )

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