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The ranger gave the signal and thousands of arrows went into the air. He shot five into the air himself and paused, his brown eyes patiently waiting. After a few seconds, gravity called the objects back and a hailstorm of arrows rained down upon the unsuspecting army of the Great Kingdom.

Screams and cries of pain rang in his pointed ears and the ranger mage gritted his teeth. He looked to the left and to the right, across the tree line where the couple thousand elven soldiers were. He nodded to the elven soldier next to him and whistled.

The call was repeated and Eliwood raised his bow into the air. The motion was repeated and he whistled three short times. Then, he aimed high and shot again. Thousands of bowstrings twanged and another thunderstorm of death followed.

The ranger whistled again, mimicking the bird call of a pigeon. He stood up and jogged forward, toward the scrambling human army. The soft rustling of elven foot soldiers filled his ears, and he looked back as thousands of elves emerged from the forest. As per their orders, most of them had put away their bows and drawn melee weapons.

Eliwood saw a force rushing to meet him and even more trying to fall in line behind them. He grabbed a red painted arrow from a quiver on his back and let it fly. As it left his bow the arrow disintegrated and a pea sized ball of fire replaced the missile.

The ranger mage watched it hit some sort of spell shield in front of the army and dissipate. He cursed and put his bow across his shoulder. He began chanting a dispel incantation to get rid of the spell shield.

A few more fireballs and even some lightning bolts hit the spell shield and did nothing to stop the growing force as the enemy grew more organized. More and more soldiers joined together into a large battalion and they marched forward.

Eliwood finished his counter spell and laughed in glee as a fireball from an elven mage exploded into the enemy forces. His excitement was short lived as most of the soldiers were still charging as the smoke cleared. He cursed, the Great Kingdom sure knew how to outfit its soldiers.

He grabbed his bow again and began to shoot in earnest as the two armies clashed and the melee was nothing short of chaos.

* *

His opponent was cunning, powerful, and had never been defeated before in a battle of swordsmanship. Tyrael parried left, right, the twisted around awkwardly to parry another attack from the first blade. His opponent stabbed and the cavalier just managed to bring his second blade around to bring the attack up. He tried going on the offensive with a quick slash but his foe merely twirled to his left and came around both blades spinning like a tornado.

He had no choice but to hurl himself backwards, landing on his right side. Without missing a beat, every muscle in his body twitched to reverse his course. His feet curled in and then kicked out catching himself and landing awkwardly. The golden haired elf managed regain balance as the nimble dark haired human did a small quick jump and kicked him in the chest making him fall backward again. Before his brain could think of a way to counter or regain any kind of position, his opponent had moved above him and was grinning widely. He had lost again.

He let go of his blades and sat up, while his teacher sat down next to him. The elf was covered in a keen sheet of sweat, both of them were. They had long ago abandoned any kind of armor or shirts to cope with the blistering heat.

Tyrael ran his hands through his hair and looked outwards. Far below them were mountains and rocky terrain. Their battleground was a fairly large column of rock, rising up into the sky. He guessed they were nearly three hundred feet up, easily a fatal fall if one of the combatants was pushed too far to one edge.

A gentle breeze found its way to the top of the sheared off mountain peak. The dark haired human just grinned when he turned towards him, somehow always one step ahead of him.

“You know, I keep getting closer to winning every time,” he finally said.

Kelanen laughed, “Ah, but would you have been so nimble in a real fight? You barely managed to kick your feet under yourself, you normally fight with heavy armor on, don’t you?”

“Not that heavy,” Tyrael smiled and conceded the point. Kelanen knowingly grinned.

* *

The blue robed ranger fired three more shots with his bow into a charging orc. The corpse fell short and its intended victim looked to his savior. Eliwood nodded to the elf who looked quite young for war. Then his vision was obscured as the melee raged on and he found himself ducking and dodging from a dwarven battle axe.

Eliwood’s copper hair whipped back and forth as he jumped away from the short foe.

“Get back here ye stinkin’ elf!” roared the dwarf, his spiked helmet bobbled as he moved.

The ranger mage jumped back to dodge a slash that would have certainly ended his life. He quickly put his bow into one of two quivers on his back and kicked out at the disgruntled foe.

Quicker than he had given him credit for, the dwarf merely shouldered the blow and hit the ranger in the gut with his free hand.

Eliwood doubled over and the red bearded foe returned to his two handed grip and brought his arms back for a powerful strike with his battle axe.

A strange gurgling sound came from his opponent as an elven arrow whistled through the air and landed in the poor creatures throat.

A sigh of relief escaped his mouth as he looked to where the arrow came from.

A unique whistle sounded and the ranger mage saw his fellow general Janice Sureshot. His friend was surrounded by a small tight circle of elven knights and he was shooting into the melee.

Eliwood’s brown eyes signaled a thank you and Janice nodded. He stood up and was almost speared as a lance wielder stalked forward with grim determination.

The mage began uttering an incantation and his human foe stabbed again. The quick elf managed to wrench to the side and a gout of flame erupted from his fingertips. Apparently this soldier wasn’t protected from fire, as the charred human screamed in pain and fell back.

Before he could congratulate himself for a job well done he was shoved from behind as an elf went flying into him. The ranger stumbled forward and came up in a roll, away from the poor soldier who was thrown.

Predictably, the enemy charged at the only elf arising who happened to be Eliwood. The ranger quickly started chanting and gesturing with his hands as he got a good look at his foe. The human was huge, well over six feet in height and had broad muscles.

His opponent was dressed in light leather armor that had the blazing symbol of the Great Kingdom on it. He had short blonde hair and menacing green eyes; one of his large hands were empty and the other held a sharp hand axe. The ranger backpedaled and unleashed his spell just as the large human reached for him with his free hand.

A cone shaped blast of frost extended from his hands and hit his foe square in the chest. Surprisingly, his foe just grunted and grabbed him by the collar of his blue cloak. With a deafening roar, his large human foe raised him high and pulled his arm back to throw the copper haired elf.

Thanking the gods for his magical gauntlets, Eliwood punched the foolish human between the eyes with his enhanced strength.

The blow startled the barbarian and Eliwood swung again, connecting with a right hook that clearly surprised his foe. The ranger dropped to the ground as the beastly human instinctively put his free hand where he had been punched; as if it would somehow stop the pain.

Regaining his composure, Eliwood started chanting again, hoping to try his luck with lightning this time. The gods weren’t having it though, as again he was hit from behind, this time with the point of a sword. He fell towards his original foe and went into a roll going in between the humans wide stretched legs.

Sensing something was going on in front of him, the barbarian growled in defiance and swung with his hand axe. Eliwood heard a crunching sound and could only guess the hand axe had met with his would-be ambusher’s skull. His spell now foiled, he shook his head and redrew his bow.

He stalked forward, putting two arrows into one foe and three into another. A human swordsman turned just in time and got a large shield up to block two arrows, one not even a millisecond behind the other.

His foe made eye contact and Eliwood looked for an opening as the shield bearer stalked forward. He shot an arrow at his foe’s feet and the human skipped and jumped, giving Eliwood just enough time to fire another at the opening created from the man’s movement. A arrow pierced his foe’s ankle and the human dropped. Knowing he was out of the fight, Eliwood looked for another target and noticed much more elven soldiers than the proud soldiers of the Great Kingdom.

The ranger mage’s brown eyes shined in glee as he watched quite a few foes retreating. He fired off a couple of arrows to scare off the ones still engaged in melee. The ranger did a quick mental count and realized he had just about a dozen arrows left. Shrugging to himself, he put away his bow again and spotted a battalion of Great Kingdom soldiers who were still fighting.

His eyes lit up as he saw the perfect chance to try out one of his new favorite spells. He started chanting and his fingers traced an arcane pattern in the air. He felt the weave bend to his will and charge power into his gloved hands. He finished his incantation with a loud shout and a forked bolt of lightning streaked from his hand into the group of foes.

The bolt of lightning first struck an orc and then redirected targets to a human soldier engaged in a melee with an elf. Again it changed targets and it charred another enemy and Eliwood grinned in triumph as the chain continued, felling the last group of resistance.

Finally, the last time it changed targets the bolt of lightning streaked towards an elf shouting orders. The general was blindsided and stumbled to the left. Janice Sureshot angrily turned to see a laughing Eliwood, his hair red hair dancing wildly in the wind.

Janice shook his head and lowered his bow, that elf definitely belonged in House Torrcainan.


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The following comments are for "Blades of Destiny10"
by HavocTheDemon

Havoc's Back!!!!!!
Good to see you back Rodney. It's been a great long while. I'm going to go back and catch up on you're story here, and then try to post a semi educated comment, I'm in the middle of my own story right now, but I'll be back this afternoon to catch up on your's. I'm excited to see where you're taking it. Just wanted to drop a quick line.

Much Love,


( Posted by: HeRoCoMpLeX [Member] On: April 27, 2012 )

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