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The year is 1918 and one of the worst pandemics ever to occur happened in this year. It was known as the Spanish Influenza. This one disease caused more deaths than The Black Death of the fourteenth century. So many died and were sick then, so many depressed over deaths and family members and friends being so sick. But regardless, time marches on. When Christmas rolls around, not many excited people, especially the children. People went through the motions, but their hearts just weren't in it.
The Christmas of 1918, well to say the least it was different. There were still decorations and trees but something lacked, that very special Christmas feeling. Among the decorations of Christmas, you had the sense of death, from about anywhere. One of the symbols of death, that was about every where, was the superstition to cover a mirror with a black cloth. This was done because the belief was a dead person's soul could be captured within a mirror and then be trapped. The thought was the soul would never find peace if this were to occur. So not to tempt fate, people would cover their mirrors.
Even during these trying times, there were still those lucky children not sick, and of coarse those children still looked forward to a visit from Santa, a lot of them really needed this to raise their spirits. The hard thing to except is a lot of people did not even know if they would be alive or not on Christmas Eve
Christmas will go on, regardless of the sadness, sickness, and death. Here in New York City, so many people, life goes on. So in the streets of this massive city, the decorations are put out to indicate the Christmas season. Still there are so many that have lost the true meaning of Christmas.
It is already Christmas Eve and so many wonder what they have to be thankful for with all the death and sickness that plagues everyone. At the North Pole the most famous elf of all, Santa Claus gets ready for his busiest night of the year, but he knows of all the pain, hurt, and death, that everyone is experiencing, but he will try to be the jolly soul everyone expects him to be. This suppose to be a jolly night for children, but when in reality they are facing anything but something jolly
Santa checks his sleigh making sure everything is in tact and everything is alright for his all night rendezvous. Everything seems to be fine so he loads in his sleigh, starting his trip, that brought him such notoriety. When he hits the United States, his first stop is New York City. He notices there is not much life on the streets of this massive city. He also notices a peculiar smell. It is the smell of death, and he knows this, but it is his job to bring happiness to those that right now, have very little to be happy about. His first stop is one of the many brown stones within the city.
After he has landed, Santa gets out of his sleigh and then goes into the brown stone through the door, no chimney. He pets the reindeer, assuring them he will be right back. Santa enters, and everything is so quiet. He continues to be very quiet, walking around the house getting a feel for the place. He notices there is a Christmas tree, but he also notices in the same room, the mirror is covered by a black cloth, telling him someone had died very recently. He feels very solemn, but he knows he must do his job of bringing smiles and joy to the children. He leaves all the gifts, when he is finished, he looks back one more time, praying what he did will bring a smile to probably a very sad child or children.
Getting back into his sleigh, there is another brown stone right next door, this is his next stop. Just as before, he leaves his sleigh and enters the brown stone. When he gets to the living room, he notices none of the mirrors are covered, could this be a happy home, with death all around it? Santa continues his work, with no sound, being very quiet. When he is done and is ready to leave, he is drawn to a mirror behind himself. For some reason he is compelled to look into the mirror, when he does he sees what he thinks is his reflection, but his reflection has on a black suit, trimmed in white. Now this does make Santa really wonder how this could be. Then the reflection actually speaks to him.

Santa is startled, when his reflection says to him" You felt my power. I needed to see you, my opposite, it was the only way for me to get out of this dark, dank, place. This place of no meaning, this other dimension with no future, no past, no present."
" See you are my twin, but we are as different as day and night. Where you spread goodness and smiles, I do the entire opposite." Then without another word he steps outside the mirror and is standing right beside Santa. The reflection says," Free, free at last, they call me Atnas, and now no one can stop me, I can bring anything evil upon your world."
Santa is speechless, but he finally musters the word," Why?" Atnas then answers," Long ago we were one. I'm surprised you don't remember. Long ago we were as one, but when a witch saw your good side, she decided to keep you here, giving you the destiny you now fulfil. Then she saw me, the evil side and when she encountered me, she condemned me to the land of reflections, where I have been forever. Now that I am free, I won't join again with you, but go my own way, and give your world a present, all the evil I can muster, it's a revenge thing for the human witch that put me here. So step aside and let my life begin."
Then Atnas, takes his leave, walking out the door, ready to take on the entire world.

Santa is just totally speechless at what he just witnesses. He had no idea about Atnas, he just can't remember. Why of how did this occur? With no memory, Santa continues his work until he finishes and he is done for another year, but for some reason, Santa knows from now on, he must be on guard, on guard against Atnas.
Later on in the year, Santa usually doesn't get mail at this time of year, but a suspicious letter finds it's way to Santa. The envelope looks so old. This stirs Santa's curiosity. Carefully he opens the letter and starts to read the content. The letter doesn't say who it's from, but the contents, well they don't disappoint.
The letter reveals how Atnas and Santa were once one. A kind witch was involved, she gave Santa the gift of Yule, making Santa who and what he is today. This was very long ago. While the witch was involved with Santa, the witch discovered a bad side, that being Atnas. The witch could not allow Santa to have this bad side. Santa had to be good and bring good.. One day while preparing one of his first runs, the weather was anything but agreeable, the bad side decided it wasn't worth making the trip, exposing himself to the weather. The witch could not let this happen, so she casts a spell dividing the two separate entities. The witch lets Santa make his trip and he is only good, but Atnas was evil and very self absorbed.
The witch, known as a white witch, only wanted good in the world, so that is why she sent Atnas to the land of reflection. A land of no past, present, or future. A land where every thing is perceived great but in reality everything is illusion. This is where Atnas had been for centuries. But now Atnas is free, his sole purpose is to try and stop Santa any way he can.
The year rapidly progresses and soon it is Christmas again. Santa makes his plans to do his yearly ride, but this year something is very different. Outside a vicious snow storm is going on and a couple of reindeer are sick, it seems all kind of obstacles are popping up in Santa's way. It could only be Atnas. The witch known as Galen, always watches making sure each year, Santa can spread all his goodness and smiles. Galen needs to find Atnas and stop him before the Eve of Christmas.
Galen starts looking for Atnas, she finds him at the South Pole, opposite of where Santa lives. Galen sees Atnas lives in a house that looks just like that of Santa. Galen enters the house very quietly, as she glides through the house, finally seeing Atnas in a room containing some kind of controls. Galen confronts Atnas , telling him she can't allow him to interfere with Christmas. Upon saying that, Galen sends Atnas back to the Land of Reflection, now Christmas will go on just like before. Let me ask you a question, have you been naughty or nice?

Lanaia Lee

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