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Original G's Shooter:

Cherry Sicilian
1 1/2 oz Mezzaluna Vodka
1 1/2 oz Kahlua
1 1/2 oz Cherry Garcia

pour chilled vodka and Kahlua into frozen rocks glass - stir
float softened Cherry Garcia on top

Currently playing @ G's:

"Close To You" - Stevie Ray Vaughan & Double Trouble
(link to Facebook page to listen)

*All Access VIP (Virtual Innovative Poetics) passes*

*The Koi Pond's jumpin'*

*The deck's lit.*

*Gina's got the bar shakin'*

Makin' it Fresh..

below the subliminal
deep within manipulation
that's where tr^th resides

2 Dec 2011

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The following comments are for "G's *Liquid Offerings* ("Another round..")"
by Bobby7L

Hello gang!
I see we are drinking again! Just wanted to stop in and say Cheers! Hugs to you all!


( Posted by: nae411 [Member] On: December 1, 2011 )

Hey, Renae..
..How you doin'?

Gina, make Nae a Cherry Sicilian, please.


( Posted by: Bobby7L [Member] On: December 1, 2011 )

Happy Days are Here Again at G's!!!
Hey glad the joint is open again...just in time for all the Holiday Cheer.
Missed the conviviality!!

Whiskey Sour please, with orange slice!


( Posted by: Beatrice Boyle [Member] On: December 1, 2011 )

Bea's buzzin'
One G's Sour, coming up..


( Posted by: Bobby7L [Member] On: December 1, 2011 )

G man
Busy wrapping presents, making gifts, etc. But had to stop by G's for a Cherry Sicilian!

( Posted by: cmsmuse [Member] On: December 1, 2011 )

a Cherry Sicilian
for Tina..

Stop back when things aren't so hectic for you. We'll be here.

( Posted by: Bobby7L [Member] On: December 2, 2011 )


Mine is still a Brandy and Coke... with rather less Coke these days.....

Merry Christmas Everyone XXX

( Posted by: Fairplay [Member] On: December 2, 2011 )

Ladies -
Eric's here.
Thanks for stopping in..
Gina makes a smart Brandy & Coke.
It's been pretty quiet; perhaps folks are shopping- getting ready for the holiday season.

The mic is open for verse and song.


( Posted by: Bobby7L [Member] On: December 2, 2011 )

Dont Drink and Drive

While myself I Cana turn water to wine
Jesus did this one great miracle first
When at a wedding they ran out of drink
was with water he quenched their thirst

True a fact they were all probably drunk
and the best wines had all but run out
One proclaimed By-Jesus this is good plonk
that's a man knows what fine wines about

So if celebrations should come to a stall
lacking in something for guests to drink
It seems well to remember that Adams Ale
still runs free at the old Kitchen Sink

( Posted by: Fairplay [Member] On: December 2, 2011 )

G's shuttle service
Alberto makes sure our patrons get home safely, if they've had too many to drive.


( Posted by: Bobby7L [Member] On: December 3, 2011 )

G's is back
Make mine a Jack and Coke with no ice and a tall glass. It's been one of those weeks already...and its only Monday.

Cheers! First rounds on me folks!


( Posted by: HeRoCoMpLeX [Member] On: December 5, 2011 )

You've got it.


( Posted by: Bobby7L [Member] On: December 5, 2011 )

for John
all we have is love
anthems shining on in hearts
imagining peace

currently playing:
Across the Universe.."nothing's gonna change my world.."

( Posted by: Bobby7L [Member] On: December 8, 2011 )

All You Need is Love

For John L

( Posted by: Fairplay [Member] On: December 9, 2011 )

Bar's Open
Currently playing @ G's:

John Lee Hooker's "Crawlin' King Snake"

..mic is open

( Posted by: Bobby7L [Member] On: December 11, 2011 )

On the mic at G's
My name is David and I'll be singing "Laura" by Flogging Molly... *takes a bow*

Feel the words from my lips
to your hears fingertips
so you know where I come from

and I know, yes I know
everything there is to know
cause I lost everything I have

You see, I
I could have danced on the sun
but my world came undone

Love me some Flogging Molly and thought I would share


( Posted by: HeRoCoMpLeX [Member] On: December 12, 2011 )

typo's abound
Its "hearts" not "hears"...damnit I need to pay attention. LOL

( Posted by: HeRoCoMpLeX [Member] On: December 12, 2011 )

..give it up for Dave!


( Posted by: Bobby7L [Member] On: December 12, 2011 )

Back on the Whine

Like to share this Christmas Wish
The Very Best Noel
So here we go again
La la.. Life down on Earth is Hell

Will you lot up in heaven
throw us down some crumbs
I just heard Holy Angels sing
No !!! Get back to work you bums !!!

But were it Mickey I were taking
See I don’t need your wings
A couple of drinks in this old bar
And everybody sings……….

Throw us down a Jesus
He will do just fine
Turn this Piss we’re drinking
From water into wine

( Posted by: Fairplay [Member] On: December 15, 2011 )

Merry Christmas to the Bar

I know I will have a Good Xmas

Hope you all find Peace and Prosperity and don't have to take life too seriously


( Posted by: Fairplay [Member] On: December 15, 2011 )

December 15th
It's pushing 80 degrees. The koi are groovin'..
Gina's mixing festive libations.

The ladies must be shopping, Eric.


( Posted by: Bobby7L [Member] On: December 15, 2011 )

Dare say its Xmas

Ladies are shopping that's where its all at
its best then to leave them alone well alone
Along with their dusting and cooking and all
it will just mean they have less time to moan
Just nod the old head pretend that you agree
its best not to upset them or wobble the cart
Remember A Merry Christmas Good will to All
while helping yourself as festivities start

Second Verse its much worst than the first
the men are just hanging around and around
Clueless about shopping dusting or cooking
some say its a reason good women are found
Women not men are worth their weight in gold
so its said they get more valuable with time
While us blokes do nothing we can shout about
which is good while you're still feeling fine

( Posted by: Fairplay [Member] On: December 16, 2011 )

Well Eric........
Eric I agree, your rhyming is lame
But at least you had guts to enter the game
Alls quiet at home cause mama is out
Shopping for YOU, so please don't pout!

You know you love it at Bobb's Bar
You're nice and cozy so stay where you are
But save a seat for Mama too
She'll need a drink after shopping for you

It's really a battle to shop at the Mall
In these high heels it's hard not to fall!
But I'm so excited...I made a great haul
With all these bargains, I'm having a ball!

So I'll have gin and tonic...make it tall
And grab my packages as I come down the hall
It's been a great day, all-in-all
So here's to G's...and MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL!!

( Posted by: Beatrice Boyle [Member] On: December 16, 2011 )

Eric and Bea are @ G's
The bar's starting to fill..Gina's making Bea a tall one..

Anyone seen Penelope?

( Posted by: Bobby7L [Member] On: December 16, 2011 )

My Package

Don't grab my package or I will turn red
just get me a brandy and coke instead
Doing the shopping is fine and dandy
by heck I didn't guess it made girls randy

( Posted by: Fairplay [Member] On: December 17, 2011 )

I'll tell the story you buy the drinks

While you keep filling my glass........

Scuse me my boy I need a drink
by the trench wall I will tarry
You can pull up that sandbag
while I rest the weight I carry

The older I get there is no regret
over paths that I took as a youth
Joining the Army seemed barmy
but it toughened me up in truth

Civies who thought us skivvies
pushed their luck and oft got hit
Soldiers know rough and tumble
it never phased us one little bit

When you've faced the old RSM
soldiered in both heaven and hell
There isn't much left to challenge
but there is plenty left to tell

People that don't have discipline
will not know where they stand
Bump their gums so pointlessly
everything just gets out of hand

The joke is now on the very rich
for they dare not go unguarded
Having to live that sort of live
may leave them a trite retarded

Then I will have the last laugh
for we held on till the very end
Politicians have no money left
for this fine world to defend

God might just save the country
or he might just save the queen
My savings are all in memories
of the great places I have seen

When you’re big enough to drink
you may laugh at the silly rules
They were made by scum of life
who would treat us all like fools

So curse the world that’s sober
It’s best through drunken eyes
But hearken to this soldiers word
who has no need to tell you lies

Then keep on topping up the glass
the brink is where you may stop
To go any further would be a waste
then of course you would get shot

etc etc etc keep buying

( Posted by: Fairplay [Member] On: December 18, 2011 )

Virtual Innovative Poetics

Eric needs a refill.


( Posted by: Bobby7L [Member] On: December 18, 2011 )

Bottoms up Eric!
Very clever's mud in yer eye!

Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year to the Davies clan!


( Posted by: Beatrice Boyle [Member] On: December 19, 2011 )


Bit like the old German Gaststätte
wont close till the last man is gone
With nice soft chairs in the Bierkeller
the drinking would just go on and on

( Posted by: Fairplay [Member] On: December 21, 2011 )

Drunkun Bruv'
Excuse my drunken brother
when his brandy drowned with coke
he likes to ramble on a bit
and give us all a poke
to remind us he has had it hard
and lived his life in pain
(if he left the coca cola out
he wouldn'y feel the pain!)

But mine, you know,'s a Tiger
and I do not need a glass
I need to wet my whistle
just to let this evening pass
while I'm listening to Eric
as he tells his tales of woe
but I'll also share a brandy
just my goodwill him to show.

( Posted by: ivordavies [Member] On: December 23, 2011 )

Here I am - Bobby!
That pineapple smoothie sounds delish...Could I have a little umbrella and a cherry on top?

Brought a few treats for the Koi - Hope they remember me...

( Posted by: Nitz Kitty [Member] On: December 24, 2011 )

Happy Christmas..

"Run, run, Rudolph.."..Keith's singin'

the koi are dancin'

Gina's got the bar shakin'..

( Posted by: Bobby7L [Member] On: December 24, 2011 )

Happy New Year!!
oh ... am I too late for the party? The thing is .. I've been avoiding the joint cause I've quit smoking and past experience advises me when I drink without puff breaks I get hammered ... no .. drinking doesn't make me want to smoke again .. it just gives me too much to do with my hands and elbows .. now that I think about it .. I could hold a drink in each hand and bend elbows alternatively until I've lost ... um ... what's that called ... um ... ??? Jeez ... can't find a damn word already and I'm still sober! sheesh .....

( Posted by: Pen [Member] On: January 10, 2012 )

Penelope 2012
Glad to see you in the VIP* lounge.

Happy *Virtual Innovative Poetics* 2012


( Posted by: Bobby7L [Member] On: January 10, 2012 )

Balloons for Bea
Gina's got them ready..

Happy birthday!

( Posted by: Bobby7L [Member] On: January 17, 2012 )

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