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Ahem...hrrrmmpphhhhh...Vee Bdosa's book of heart warming and steamy love poetry LOVE POETRY has been awarded the coveted EDITOR'S CHOICE award from the publishers.

Enjoy, and get it at Barnes and Noble.

Fort Knox, KY

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The following comments are for "Editor"
by veebdosa

By chance, is that from Lulu (formerly,, if not mistaken)?

Back in 2002-03, I posted some poems there, and received about a dozen "Editor's Choice Awards."..They handed me those like candy, with hopes that I'd purchase the "anthologies" they said they'd appear in..and/or publish a book through them. They also said I'd be in their "Who's Who of International Poets" book + have my poems appear on Cd's...I've never looked for any of them.

( Posted by: Bobby7L [Member] On: November 21, 2011 )

over educated morons
Bobby, I have never seen any mention or reference to anyone of Poetry Com or Lulu being the recipient of any "Editor's Choice" award.

But it might be something that could have helped rescue from the schmuks who helped destroy an otherwise welcome and needed to a poetry service that hundreds of thousands of poets welcomed in our world of rejection by over educated PhD editors who did not have the sence to get out in the rain and enjoy some of the great passions of life.

You did not have to tell us that you are and continue to be one of these over educated morons who have lost their grips on reality, we all know it anyway.

( Posted by: veebdosa [Member] On: November 22, 2011 )

an oxymoron:
"over educated morons" ..(Did you mean 'overeducated'?)

Indeed, they sent monthly letters, with frameable "awards" enclosed. In each letter, they'd note how my work displayed "unique qualities of creativity and originality." The actual monthly awards would be from "The International Library of Poetry" (aka

They also sent letters telling me I was a finalist for "poet of the year." To receive my "trophy" and possibly be named the actual winner, I'd have to first appear at their convention (which cost about $1,000.00, with accomodations). I didn't appear.

Anyway, I sent the stack of "Editor's Choice Awards" to my Mom and Dad. They liked them.

By the way, I believe calling someone a "moron" is like calling them a "retard." a moron (in psychology) is someone suffering from mild mental retardation. These days, I guess it's politically correct to reference them as being developmentally challenged (disabled).

( Posted by: Bobby7L [Member] On: November 22, 2011 )

Liars at
"letter, they'd note how my work displayed "unique qualities of creativity and originality."

ha ha, in this case, Bobby, I sure do agree with you, they really lied to you. I am so glad to know that you do not believe them.

( Posted by: veebdosa [Member] On: November 22, 2011 )

as well as..
"..unique perspective."

..I'm pretty sure they said/say the same things in letters to each "award" recipient. Indeed, I do not buy into the concept of mass praise-for-$$$$ (they want $$$$). Of course, it is possible for a piece to actually be worthy of note, without those mass-praising even being aware.

When referencing my pieces, perhaps the many scores of publishers, professors and award-winning authors are being deceptive with praise, as well..or, maybe some of it's actually worthy, to some degree. My two favourite comments in recent years @Fb have each been from a well-respected, well-known author. They were not gushing with praise, but questioned my motivations and noted the precarious nature of exposing/offering brilliance.

( Posted by: Bobby7L [Member] On: November 22, 2011 )

Wrong and Not Right
Hey Bobby, before I forget by responding, would you please tell me what @Fb is, I am not familiar with it.

Okay, we should ask ourselves how many poets, songwriters, screenwriters etc have been given the keys to poetic Heaven by such places and people of I could give examples all day long, beginning with Pedophile poets all over our poetry world, Alan Ginsberg, Longfellow, some say probably Poe and maybe even Robert Frost but the other thing they have in common is that they all used tools like Not using all of the tools at our disposal is sheer insanity, and probably the road to poetic doom.

I do not know what to tell you, Bobby, except that you are wrong, Bobby, you are just plain wrong.

( Posted by: veebdosa [Member] On: November 22, 2011 )

Once again..
@Fb: at Facebook ..Are you really that ill-informed?

*Of course, has a place in the world. I even posted there. I just didn't pay them to publish my books using their services. That's a choice. To this point, I've chosen the path of peer-reviewed/academic journals, newspapers, magazines, technical/research writing, CD's (songs), anthologies, regional artist rags and social media.

* gave out loads of "Editor's Choice" awards. That's a fact.

*My definition of a "moron" is correct.

So, that leaves your personal opinion about me and my 43-years worth of writing (of which you've read a miniscule sample).

( Posted by: Bobby7L [Member] On: November 22, 2011 )

Give it a rest Veeb!
OMG Veeb...I cannot BELIEVE that you've been brain washed by Poetry.Com. Believe it or not...when I first discovered the internet, I published several poems on the sites, until I became suspicious because almost EVERY poem I posted there received an EDITOR'S CHOICE award, and a letter informing me that my poetry was so "Sensitive and Lyrical" that they wanted to include them in their SPECIAL recoreded editions, which I could purchase for a "nominal" sum!

As I matter of fact...I suspect that a new entity entitled INTERNATIONAL POETRY WORLD is also a front for them. I've never heard or even entered anything for them to judge, and I've received three notices from them in 2 months asking for my permission to include them in their "coffee table" books and for a tiny sum, they will send me copies of my own work.

REALLY RONNIWE...are you so desperate to believe that your work is coveted my LIGITIMATE publishers, that you could even THINK that you are so brilliant? How could intelligent, informed (because they investigageted Poetry.Com thoroughly) and exposed them for what they are...fleecing unsuspecting amateurs and would be poets and having them believe they were the greatest thing since sliced bread.

I may be 83 yrs old...but I am NOT the Village Idiot!!! I know a scam when I see, hear or smell it...and this one is past it's prime!

Write because you love doesn't matter if is tripe...if it gives you satisfaction, that's all that matters...just don't believe everything you hear from scam artists who will take your money as long as you keep falling for it!

Maybe it's time for you to retire Veeb...old men DO tend to be cranky and lash out at the world more and more. Give it a rest!

( Posted by: Beatrice Boyle [Member] On: November 22, 2011 )

Shame for shame...
I may be 83 yrs old...but I am NOT the Village Idiot!!!

Bea, it is totally unbelievable that you, and Bobby, do not realize that these publishers do not get into the business not to make money; There are scores of such publishers, and anyone writing them off have the common sence of a door mat.

Also many such publishers have reading fees, and it is very popular in the music business as well. If anyone thinks any publisher just sits around and waits for anyone to send them a next best seller, they are about as goofy as Goofy at Disney World.

There are all kinds of poetry pluggers everywhere, and they are legit, hard working promoters as well as song pluggers, especially in Nashville, who charge hundreds of dollars per song to plug your songs, and they are also legit and get many, many songs on the charts, and they are welcomed by producers, performers because they KNOW THE BUSINESS.

It is with great sorrow that I read such comments as Bobby tosses around here, I know he is wrong, he probably knows he is wrong, but fooling a grandma has never been that difficult. You are doing new writers and poets a terrible dis-service when you make these totally false and inappropriate claims. Every single poetry contest on the planet charges reading fees, and I doubt if any of them will even consider anyone less that third place a free copy of the book they are published in.

Shame, for shame on everyone who makes these claims so that new writers can read them. Quite frankly, I think Bobby's poetry is total garbage as poetry, give me Ivor and Eric and Granny Bea any day. I do not care if he has a thousand hits on it, I do not like any of it.

( Posted by: veebdosa [Member] On: November 22, 2011 )

Killing Talent...
Footnote especially for new writers and poets...Poetry.Com is NOT A SCAM. It is a business in which provides a public service but charges for it. They praise their customers, much like every other business charges customers, and no-one NO PERSON ON THE PLANET is qualified to tell you a poem is a bad poem or not a good poem. IF YOU LIKE YOUR POEM, it is a good poem and it is foolish to let these armchair critics to convince you it is a bad poem. DO NOT LISTEN TO THEM, DO NOT EVER LISTEN TO THEM. I do not care if they have a dozen PhDs, they are WRONG, they are totally wrong, and do more harm to new talent than anything else I can imagine.

( Posted by: veebdosa [Member] On: November 22, 2011 )

Two quotes from above:
"Quite frankly, I think Bobby's poetry is total garbage as poetry." - veebdosa

"NO PERSON ON THE PLANET is qualified to tell you a poem is a bad poem or not a good poem." - veebdosa

( Posted by: Bobby7L [Member] On: November 22, 2011 )

Above or Below?
Bobby, I think that is 2 quotes from below, not above. I do, however, stand behind each quote.

That does not mean I say your poetry is good or is bad, it just means I do not like it.

( Posted by: veebdosa [Member] On: November 22, 2011 )


happy thanksgiving

( Posted by: Bobby7L [Member] On: November 22, 2011 )

Misguided Connotations


Think what you wish to think, Bobby, but in this case, your choices are all wrong.

( Posted by: veebdosa [Member] On: November 23, 2011 )

I'm right here.
Why did you have to troll Bea's thread? I'm right here. Bea doesn't deserve having her thread soiled by our scuffle.

Don't put words in my mouth. Note: I never said was a "scam." I said it was by choice I decided not to spend money there.

Note: "garbage" synonyms: 'trash, waste, worthless, refuse..rubbish.'

( Posted by: Bobby7L [Member] On: November 23, 2011 )

on the one hand,veeb
Congrats on the book, Veeb. I'm jealous since I've never been published. I pretty much have to depend on peoples opinion as to whether my work (any or all of it) is any good. Back in the day when Lit was more popular, there were many writers who were very good and legit published. When they said my work was good, it was accepted by me as valid. When they said it lacked, I accepted the criticism as well. That is how this site used to work. (I miss those days) Lit is a shadow of its former self due to several destroyers whom I won't mention. Lit was a very unique place to post our work. It still is, yet it still suffers to this day from those destroyers.

On the other hand, while the war here was going on I went to Poetry. com/Lulu to post what I considered some of my better work. It is as Bobby says, down to the coffee table anthologies, down to wanting to get in my pocket as the price for showcasing some of my work. I can't tell you how disappointed I was.

Real editors of poetry get gazillions of submissions every year and reject 98% of them. Not that the work was unworthy, mind you, just not their cup of tea. I am not qualified to say what or whose work is not worthy to be published or published. I realize that vanity publishers have a place and sometimes they actually snag a good writer or two in the course of time. I have considered using them on occasion since my EGO was harmed by other more mainstream publishers rejecting my work. I really thought I was good. So I was willing to put my money where my mouth was right up until the point it came to mailing the check to the vanity guys. In the end, I just couldn't do it. Looking back now, I'm glad I didn't.

Beauty is most certainly in the eyes of the beholder. It is so with poetry or any other writing too.

Wars on Lit are unnecessary and futile. Just ask me.

Salute, charlie.

( Posted by: williamhill [Member] On: November 23, 2011 )

what a giggle!
Jeez ... I'm so glad I popped by and read this exchange. I've been published - in print ... and for money ... amazingly enough the first poem was on my fourth submission ... a villanelle about knitting which was amusing enough to appeal to the editors ...

I, like many others did the route but the minute they began asking for money I backed off no matter what hyped up drivel they sent me.

However, if this is your niche veebdosa ... you are welcome to it! I'm so happy for you! You found where you belong and feel at home! What could be wrong with that?

( Posted by: Pen [Member] On: November 26, 2011 )

One Last Time!
Veeb...The point of the criticism is not so much that they charge for copies of your OWN work...the mortal sin about this is that they lavish praise on people who clearly cannot write (as measured by the literary world that they aspire to)and lull them into believing that they have a rare talent, which precludes them from pursuing the knowledge that they need to improve their work...why should they...theyv'e been told that they have ALREADY arrived...therefore why bother? That to me is the tragedy of this whole affair.

Students who've failed or received poor grades from their teachers in English classes, turn a deaf ear to the suggestions that they need to study/investigate the subject more fully and are therefore relegated to being "mediocre" in the future and are destined to buried in rejecttion slips for the rest of their lives. Of course...the TRULY talented will discover their failings and study the masters to improve their work.

I already know you disagree with me Veeb so let's put this to rest!


P.S. I just can't help reminding you of the poems that have been published (and verified as such later on by the authors) that were written in the name of their pets...and STILL received glowing letters and offers. ..One was an offering by the parent of a kindergartner, who submitted her child's awkward and hardly readable poem that was declared "sensitive and highly readable! !!!

I rest my case!

( Posted by: Beatrice Boyle [Member] On: November 27, 2011 )

Battle of the Titans
When good poets squabble
this site is in trouble
exchanges like this
make ALL members wobble!

( Posted by: ivordavies [Member] On: December 23, 2011 )

Licking her Bum

I disagree but who cares ???

I must be blind too because I missed this Post back in November maybe I was busy doing pretty much nothing.

Now I am thinking whoops maybe I really am a retard and Ivor is the only one that even partially understands my stuff,hehehe. You have to read carefully between the lines so in truth only very clever people can hope to understand what I write and then only because you are in fact writing all the bits that are not there for me. Like the Kings Invisible Suit

No Praise like Self Praise of course

I am really disappointed with Bea..... All along I had thought she was a character in the form of an Old Granny...only to find now at 83 she is a young girl. It was my Northern Irish father in law Joe's 88th birthday yesterday and he is still a youngster.

Ivor and I had a long conversation regarding graduates..... Both my girls here are graduates from UBC.... (and still pay for it) You can teach monkeys to do tricks but when called upon to perform only a few can capture the audience. It's never what you know but how you use what you know... ie engineers build bridges, demolition experts destroy them... Of course destruction is quicker by far.

I will talk equally to Paupers and Queens. I would have said Kings but there are far more Queens (in Vancouver anyway) why should I only want to read one level of verse? I spent years reading Umpty Dumpty lies and rubbish to my young kids... they should have grown up half stupid therefore?

There is no hot if there is no cold to compare it with.

Who is the real dummy here on Who has hoisted the white flag and run away. Where are the soldiers where are the fighters.

Yep it's you that has let sink to it's current low. Now stop ducking and diving and trying to blame everyone else for battles you aint got the guts to fight. to keep up and running

Of course we are all nice and polite and just want peace and quiet somewhere calm cool and collected to write.... Nah you have all spit out your dummies taken your toys and run away....... some of us were sacked of course haha.... I have been kicked out of worse places than this.

Would you all let someone steal your house, wife, husband, girlfriend, boyfriend so easily. How many quitters out there. People make places not the places themselves and I still regard as a level playing field for good bad and indifferent writers.... and of course the Downright Ugly

Merry Christmas

( Posted by: Fairplay [Member] On: December 23, 2011 )

A piece of my mind!!
I don't know about you Eric...but I'm not going anywhere...If Lit goes down...which is unthinkable and highly unlikely...I will go down...gasping for air...until the bubbles appear on the surface!

I know that Chris will never let that happen...I just wish those changes would start to happen soon. But it won't happen, if everybody takes a vacation from Lit at the same time!

I'm ever the's a very busy time of the year for all of us...I'm certain that as the New Year begins, we will have a family reunion of new members who will join the fray.

So c'mon know who you are...Lucie come home...we miss ya, David I know is busy at his military obligations, but he is always with us in spirit...Nae...hang those christmas stockings and get back here...Johnpenny...likewise!

So many voices from the past I know visit us silently from time to's time you found your voices...sooo....Let's start the New Year with a flood of poems, stories and just plain "hello's"...and get this party started again!



( Posted by: Beatrice Boyle [Member] On: December 23, 2011 )

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