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Chapter 1

In the dense wilderness of the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina, exsists an army facility known only as the Perimeter. Not many know of this very secretive place, camouflaged by the dense foliage of the mountains. On this one particular day a van arrives here, carrying a very elite team of five. They have not yet been briefed on their duties here, so a feeling of nervousness in their soul.
The five include Jean-Luc Caron of France, Makaia Woods of South Africa, Xavier Rosetti of New Zealand, Hyacinth Bergan of South America, and Johanna Dobson of the Yucatan Peninsula. This very special team of five were hand picked from thousands throughout the world. Their mission not yet known, but it has to be something very tedious and special for the Army to have gone to so much trouble to find these very unique people.
The van finally arrives within the very secretive military facility, the five are very anxious as they are lead to a briefing room after leaving the van. The facility is huge, the five noticing all the connecting corridors. Upon reaching the briefing room, the five are lead to a round table with seven chairs where they are requested to have a seat and the colonel and general will be with them shortly to debrief them
After taking a seat the most outspoken of the five, Johanna says," You know I'm usually not this nervous, but the anxiety of not knowing why we are here is starting to get to me."
Makaia says," Very nerve racking to say the least. I like you am sitting on pens and needles. This is definitely not good on the nerves.
After about fifteen minutes the five hear a door open, looking up they see the colonel and general enter the room. The five stand up to salute their peers. The general says," Have a seat, I am here to ease your curiosity as to what this is all about. I'm sure you know we went through thousands of people and searched all over the world to locate you. The special skills you have is one of the main reasons you were chosen for this particular mission. O. K., I will not leave you in the dark any longer. Everyone knows about Adolf Hitler and his madness, but what you don't know is he has an illegitimate grandson, which wants to try and revive his grandfather's dream
" Now we will really get into it, Hitler's grandson's name is Boris Netchank, Boris's father was named Sasha Netchank. Hitler's grandson, is basically an unknown, so from what we know, he is trying to become a somebody, so in order to become a somebody, it seems he is trying to resurrect his grandfather's dream. He is going to try to obtain artifacts to use, for his grandfather's name, just as his grandfather tried to use for the sanity of the Nazi party. Now the purpose of the perimeter, we are a facility that specializes in time travel. We do know that Boris is going to attempt the same thing, he wants to time travel to different places searching for different artifacts to glorify his grandfather's dream. Your job is to retrieve the artifacts before Boris does, to do anything within your power to stop him.
" The skills you bring with you is why you were chosen, Johanna, your expertise in ancient history, you have the idea of where to look for artifacts, Hyacinth, your expertise, in technology, will defiantly, pay off especially if something happens in time travel, since it is all computerized, Xavier, the marshall arts expert, just in case you get in a tight situation during time travel, Jean-Luc, the linguist just in case you need to speak in a different language, then Machia, being an expert in hand to hand contact just in case. So you five together should make one hell of a team."
" We must do everything possible within our power to stop Boris. We can not allow him to succeed in resurrecting his grandfather's insane dream. Look what happened last time, the genocide of six million Jews. Could you imagine what it would be like if Boris were to succeed? Total annihilation, world war three would definitely happen, with Boris sitting back relishing in all his glory. If anyone needs a break, let's take a short one now because we still have quite a lot to cover. I want you to know who and what you will be dealing with. Before our debriefing is over, you will how Hitler's son became to be, you will know all about Sasha and Boris. Everything we know you shall know. We don't want you to go into this with your eyes closed. Your safety will always be a top priority, but we CAN NOT let this happen or succeed. We even have some of Hitler's papers showing whom he was dealing with at the time of his supposed suicide
On our break we head to the cafeteria to get some coffee, taking our coffee back to the briefing room, so the general may continue. This assignment we were lucky enough to get is just fascinating, and we know we must stop Hitler's grandson at all cost. No way can we allow Boris to resurrect the dream of Hitler.
The general continues," It is my job to make sure you totally understand this thing, so the best place to start is at the beginning. In front of each of you is a file containing everything I am about to tell you. You can always refer back to the file if need be. Back in the spring of 1937, Hitler needed some serious down time so he decided to take some time off by vacationing in Russia. A popular retreat was taking a cruise from Moscow to St. Petersburg. Hitler decided this was just what he needed, so he booked passage on a cruise ship, using an alias of coarse,"
"By this time Hitler had became the chancellor of Germany, so he tried to disguise himself. He used sunglasses, a hat, and a fake beard. He arrives at his ship, then he sets sail. The cruise is only for a short time, but Hitler figured this was enough time away from the stress of his insane game. On the day the ship sailed away Hitler met a young girl named Tatiana. This would end up being Sasha's mother. They met innocently enough, on the deck of the ship, Hitler saw her, she was gorgeous and her youth really appealed to Hitler. With her blond hair and blue eyes and milky white complexion, he thought she was the epiphany of womanhood of the Arayan race, which he thought all German were descendants of."
" Tatiana was sitting in a deck chair on deck, when Hitler went up to her asking her in broken Russian, where the dining room was. Tatiana being so young and vulnerable, could fell her face blush as she answered him, giving him directions. She then asks him, by the accent was he German. He answers yes. Then Tatiana tells him, in perfect German, she is fluent in German, so they will speak in his native tongue. Hitler then asks Tatiana if she would join him for dinner. Again feeling her face blush, she agrees to have dinner with the mysterious German man. She explains to the man she would really like to change clothes before dinner. Hitler agrees and they both agree to meet back at this same spot before dinner.

Before I continue the story of Sasha's conception, I want to make totally sure you understand Hitler's theory on the Arayan race. According to Germanic legend, the Arayan were a super human race of giants thought to come from a Utopian society. Thus Hitler linked the race to Atlantis, as this was thought to be a Utopian society. Anyway, Hitler deduced the Arayan were the ancestors of the German people. In Hitler's mind this was the perfect race. If you were of another race, he considered you to be inferior.
With this in mind, the genocide of the inferior began, and it started with the Jews. As you know, I'm sure, six million died before the Nazis were stopped. Hitler also had quite the fascination with the paranormal and the occult. He had different people, during his reign, search for artifacts and things, twisting the truth of the stories behind these things to glorify the Nazis and the Arayan race,
In his warped mind, a person had to be fair with blond or brown hair and blue eyes to be a descendant of this super human race. The Nazis even went to the extent of measuring the features of people to determine their lineage. Hard to believe this kind of thing happened during the twentieth century, but unfortunately it did. With no known off spring, Hitler's dream supposedly died with him when he was thought to have committed suicide with wife, Eva Braun in 1945. But according to our research he escaped Germany and lived until 1963. We just recently found out his illegitimate grandson, Boris. We have learned he is trying to resurrect his grandfather's insane game. As I stated before no matter what the cost we CAN NOT let this happen. Now back to the story.
That evening aboard the cruise ship Hitler goes back to the place he met Tatiana, and finds she is already there waiting on him. She looks ravishing, with her blond hair and translucent skin, dressed in a dark blue dress. Hitler tells her she is so beautiful and Tatiana once again can feel herself blush. Without another word Hitler escorts Tatiana to the dining hall. Lead to a table, after sitting down they order Caviar and Blain ( Russian pancakes) a very famous Russian dish. They drink chilled Champaign, because to Hitler price is no object.

Hitler never worried about money, because as you know his henchmen made sure the Nazis had an unlimited monetary source. Hitler always had the best, regardless of how many had to suffer or die because of his petty needs. Over, their champagne Hilter and Tatiana continue to talk. Tatiana thinks Hitler's name is Nicoli Progenski. Hilter has told Tatiana, he took this cruise because of his nerves, because he is a very high official within the German government. Tatiana reveals, within her huge family of ten siblings and her parents, her mother has just recently died and since she was the oldest it fell to her to take care of the rest of the family, which had been very stressful, so after about a year, everyone pooled their resources and sent her on this cruise, so she could have a little down time and it also showed their gratitude for what she was doing. Tatiana was a very nice girl of only twenty at the time. Hitler at this time was in his forties, quite the age difference.
You can't blame what happened on Tatiana because she was young, dumb, and stupid, but Hitler, he was the blame as he would have success in seducing this innocent young woman. There was a band playing music in the dining hall, you could also dance. So Hitler asks Tatiana to do so, and of coarse she excepts.
As they are dancing they are staring deep into each other's eyes. Hitler knew what the stir of passion felt like, but not the young Tatiana, never feeling this before, it totally swept her off her feet. The more she stared into his eyes, the more she did not understand the feelings that were making themselves known to her.
After they dance a couple of dances, they go back to their table to continue talking. They spend all their time in the dining hall talking, getting to know each other. Of coarse Hitler weaving a web of deceit, but Tatiana did not know this. You know Hitler had a way of seducing crowds, he was unsung the same tactic to seduce Tatiana.
Tatiana had heard the name Hitler as their conversation advanced here, but she had no idea she was within his presence. Soon the dining hall is about ready to close for the night, then Hitler suggests they take a midnight stroll on deck
" The passion from the kiss was unlike anything that Tatiana had ever experienced. Tatiana soon was just swept away by passion. Hitler picks up Tatiana up in his arms, literally sweeping her off her feet, taking her to the bed, gently lying her on the bed. Still in am embrace, the two end up making love most of the night. Tatiana had been a virgin, unlike most of the woman Hitler knew. Tatiana was a good girl, being so nieve, she was just swept away by a moment of passion.
" After that first night, Hitler and Tatiana had ten more days and nights together. Tatiana ends up staying with Hitler in his state room. They were together every moment. Tatiana was in love with the insane Hitler, but he was just using her. like he did many other people. For the next ten days though, Tatiana was extremely happy. She even had the thought of marriage, Hitler just played along with her, just to have his way.
" Hitler had vowed to stay in touch with Tatiana after the cruise, but this was just another one of his lies. He promised her marriage and the security of her own family, but this never transpired. Hitler always only thought of himself and his petty needs. I think about what he did to Tatiana and it makes my blood boil. This a big lie in a trail of big lies. No one, not even Hitler knew the impact this cruise would have, especially in the life of Tatiana.
" Here was conceived Hitler's son, Sasha, a son the tyrant never knew of. If he had known his evil would have lasted longer than 1945. His evil would have continued, and with the way he could seduce the crowds, if he had known about his son, he would have probably have taught him how to do the same thing.
" On the very last night Hitler and Tatiana had together, Tatiana wanted to do something very special. She bought herself a special dress for the night, she planned a candle light dinner in the state room, as she wanted to be alone with her newly found love. Hitler had gone to play cards with some other men on the cruise and he was very late getting back to his state room, once again only considering his feelings and what he wanted.

"After Hitler finally returns to his stateroom, Tatiana is in tears, she wants to know why on their last night together. He calmly tells her," I got involved in something that could not be helped, but that doesn't;t mean I don't want to be with you on our last night.
" Tatiana dries her tears and says," I seem really stupid don't I? It's just I love you so much, the past few days you have become a part of me. I can't imagine now what it would be like to be without you." The two then retire to bed, where Hitler plays such a big part to Tatiana.
" The next day the cruise ship docks in St. Petersburg and Tatiana in tears says farewell to her newly found love. Hitler vows to stay in touch with Tatiana but I'm sure you know how this goes. She never hears from him.
" Before we debrief any longer, it is getting late and I'm sure you are hungry and very tired, so we will break until tomorrow, and in the morning we will take up where we left off. So go get some food and I'm sure some much needed rest." The five get up saluting their superiors and then they head to the cafeteria.
The five seem to be in deep conversation as they seem to be in a huddle like on a football field. Hyacinth says," Can you believe what we just heard? We have been picked to stop one of the greatest evils the world has ever know? Scary thought, huh?"
" Johanna says." What really scares me is not the fact of what we must do, but the fact we HAVE to succeed, we can't allow that type of genocide to ever happen again. So success is our only option."
The five have their dinner, then they are shown to their quarters for a much needed night's rest. Then in the morning this nightmare starts all over.


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