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What an awful night! The brilliant, sharp, flashing lightning, the loud roaring thunder, rain coming down in sheets. There is enough going on to make one's imagination run rampant, but I try to stay logical. My life is such a routine. Everyday the same as the last. Get up go to work, come home, and then do it all over again. There is no excitement. I am so bored with my routine. I just wish I could find something more.
Even though it is a stormy night, I don't think the full impact of the storm is on top of us, so I decide to take a long hot bath, to soothe my aching body, aching from the work I do in a ware house. Still not married, I have an apartment in an old brown stone and I live totally alone.
I walk to the bathroom and run a hot tub of water, thinking about how good this is going to feel. I really need this. Before getting in the tub, I put on some soft music, pouring a glass of white wine to help me relax. I want all my stress to melt away, just to relax. After I get into the water, the warmth of the water, helps my body to start relaxing, but what happens next I have no explanation for. Even though I'm in a hot tub of water, a cool subtle breeze blows. It's origin, I do not know. There are no drafts or windows open, I'm at a loss for words. I know walking home from work, it was very stormy, and as I walked pass an ally, I got this feeling I was being watched and when I got home, I could feel the presence of someone.

I just can't shake the feeling I'm being watched. The air in the bathroom is so cold. I'm actually starting to shiver, on that note I run hotter water, it steams up the room. I get out of the tub, feeling around through the steam for my robe, which I eventually find and put on, but before I can leave, for some reason I am drawn to the mirror over the sink, and then through all the steam, I see written on the mirror, I NEED YOU!
Well that really shakes me up, so I run from the bathroom to my bedroom, even in here the air is ice cold. I check the thermostat on the heat, but I see it is working, now I am at a loss for words. I figure with the rain outside, it has put a cold chill in the air. This is logical to me, so I write it off to nerves and a vivid imagination. I laugh to myself because my imagination is evidentially playing tricks on me. After I have a logical explanation, I change from my robe into my pajamas. I go back to the bathroom and finish getting ready for bed, because tomorrow is a work day. I decide to lay down and watch some television.
After I turn the television on, I go to the bed. Pulling back the cover, sliding in between, the cool crisp sheets. As I am laying here, I try to make sense of the message I saw on the mirror. I ask myself, who or what needs me? This is quite the mystery, I don't even have a girl friend, and even if I did, it still wouldn't make sense. After watching television for awhile it seems my television wants to have a nervous break down as it starts to cut on and off.
Well, the television was the last straw, I tell myself it is some sort of interference. When I try to get up to turn off the television, I find I am just too tired, so I leave the television on, sliding down in my bed because I just want to go to sleep. I'm just so exhausted from the day's going on's.
Drifting off to sleep, in my mind, I see a beautiful woman. Dressed all in white, long blond hair, absolutely gorgeous. Soon, though, I'm dreaming. In my dream, I see the same woman coming toward me without stretched arms. Looking at her, I just can't believe someone so beautiful would be interested in me. In my dream, I actually carry on a conversation with the lovely creature. I hear the lady say," I have been watching you for quite sometime and I want to get to know you, but first let me fix you a meal and let nature take it's coarse and see where we go from here. I get out of bed and follow the lady to the kitchen.
I know this is a dream, but it seems so real. The lady puts on some soft music, and then she starts to cook for me, but first the lady opens a bottle of red wine. Seems the lady is fixing me lasagna, one of my favorite dishes. Then she speaks again," I have been so lonely and then I saw you and I decided I had to have you. Do you understand what I am saying? I want you to make love to me. My husband has been dead forever and then when I saw you, I knew I had to have you."

Wow, that last statement really caught me off guard." I don't want to be rude,but I have to ask, how did you get into my apartment and why did you choose me?"
The lady then answers," Don't worry how I got here and I choose you because you remind me so much of someone I really loved. I miss the communication and warmth of a man. Something I have been without for so long. Can't you just except the gift I offer to you, no questions asked?"
We finish our meal, but I notice my guest doesn't eat. I take the advice of my guest, letting nature take it's coarse and no questions asked. I watch as my guest starts to sway to the music we are listening too. The light makes the gown the lady is wearing look transparent. I can see every inch and every curve of her love starved body.
No words said we go to the bedroom. I lat her back on the bed, as I explore unknown territories. I hear her sighing as we both know what is going to take place net, but then I abruptly awaken from the dream. I wake up feeling frustration, as the lady really had me going, but I seldom have a dream like this. I get up and go to the bathroom.
On my way back when I get back to my bedroom something is not right. The air is so cold I can actually see my own breath. Then right in front of the curtains, the lady from my dream appears and she says," Please forgive me, I won't bother you again, but I had to try one more time. I have been dead for quite a while, as a ghost I can no longer experience physical pleasure. I am truly sorry, because I am beyond desire.

Lanaia Lee

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