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Back in January of this year, my angus bull broke through the boundary fence between me and another neighbor. He seemed bent on getting to my neighbor's cows, not content with his own harem. He fought with my neighbor's bull who was much larger, older, and very intent on protecting his girls from the despicable intrusion. In short, my bull got his butt kicked only after tearing out about 600 feet of 5 strand barbed wire fence. I was unaware of the disaster until nearly nightfall when my neighbor drove up my driveway and told me. I went with my wife and neighbor and over a couple of cold hours, got my bull back where he belonged and propped up the fence till morning. It was very cold at the time.

After the neighbor went home, he opened up his whiskey bottle and threw back a couple or three drinks. He called me up on the phone later in the evening and proceeded to curse me, my bull, the fence and anything else the whiskey led him to. Heretofore, my bull had never been across the fence, a first time non capital offense, and my neighbor somehow had forgotten that his bull had come across the same fence a year earlier, go figure. ( I got a dandy bull calf 9 months later from the affair) The thing is though, I didn't curse the neighbor when his bull did the nasty but my neighbor Goddamned me several times when he called me that night back in January.

More than anything else that offends me in this life is taking God's name in vain. He did it full of whiskey and I held my tongue for all of this year until yesterday when my 8 month old border collie puppy chased my neighbors cows. My neighbor chased the dog all over a 20 acre field unsuccessfully trying to catch or corral him. Again, I was unaware this had happened. My wife had taken him for a walk down our driveway to get the mail and he got excited and crossed the fence in sin. My neighbor came up the driveway and turned his truck around so that his wife was between me and him. I greeted them as I always do and asked how they were. Not very good, they replied. He then proceeded to threaten to shoot my dog on sight and cursed me several times again. He then Goddamned me several more times. I proceeded to tell him in my louder voice that he couldn't threaten me or my dog or ever curse me using my God's name in vain again. I was prepared to fight over this but was on the wrong side of his truck in my crappiest wheelchair. Anyway, his words after that was, "you stay on your side of the fence, I 'll stay on my side". His god is not my God. The funny thing about that though was two weeks ago he remembered that I had offered him the use of my pond to water his cattle because his pond went dry in the drought. I even loaned him my 300 gallon water tank, which he accepted while I was out of town a few days. As I write this article, he has NOT disconnected the water or given my tank back, and his cattle are happily grazing a pasture he could otherwise not use without my water.

Late last evening, I thought about shutting the water off, and going to retrieve my tank but didn't.

My neighbor is a crude and rude pagan although his wife is a Methodist. He is 75 years old and has had plenty of opportunities to hear and see Christian people live their lives. I am sure he coats his non-belief with the paint of our hypocrisy and ungodly behavior, using us as a stumbling block for his unbelief. Even as God lives in me, my flesh and blood still wars with my soul for control. Some would say that you can be a moral person without God. Maybe. But I think not. It is exactly that warring in my body and soul and the conviction that God in Heaven will prevail in spite of my failings and continuing sin to deliver me up to perfection in His sight some day. My neighbor does not have that problem.He sees no need for God's salvation through Christ, not does he believe that he is a fallen or lost soul. His beliefs are in the majority in this world, and I recognize that fact. It is hard to worship a God whom you cannot see, or feel, or touch. Therefore it is left up to one to believe. We think (I am speaking for myself) that we come to God of our own accord when in fact, He calls us first and nudges us to accept Him. He loved us before we loved Him. He elected us as heirs before we were even put here on this earth. I can't tell you who will be saved or not. It is not in my job description. But I leave you with this passage (paraphrased) and my interpretation of it.

Jesus had fed several thousand people with a few fishes and a few loaves of bread, and it was said that no one went away hungry, in fact, all who ate were filled. When the people recognized what Jesus had done, there was a near riot to get to Him for more miracles. He escaped and went to be alone to pray and later that night while His disciples were out on the Sea of Galilee, they saw Him from far off walking on water coming towards them. As he got closer to them, Peter bravely said if You can walk on water Lord, so can I. And Jesus said come on out of the boat and join me. Peter did. All the disciples were amazed at this and watched as Peter and the Lord walked around for some time until Peter realized the gravity of his situation. (No pun intended) He began to sink and cried out, "Lord, save me!" And Jesus grabbed him by the hand and lifted him up. We only have so much faith, some more than others. Me, less. Apparently, Peter was too far from the boat to get back, and the other disciples couldn't get to him in time to keep him from disaster, so all there was between Peter and certain death was Jesus. It makes perfect sense. You can't save yourself, your friends or family or religion can't save you, and one thing is certain, you and I are going to drown out our lives someday, many of us in darkness. All we need is God's hand to save us, to lift us up. He has done that for me.

I hope my neighbor sees that hand in time.


The following comments are for "The Funny Case for Christianity"
by williamhill

rural living
what's that saying about good fences and neighbours?

Enjoyed this episode very much and am very glad he's not my neighbour.

( Posted by: Pen [Member] On: September 25, 2011 )

I honestly believe you would have to know all about Angus cattle, especially Angus bulls, to appreciate the opening sentencing of this article. I had to laugh and am now writing this bit before I even read the rest of the article.

We see every restaurant and grocers on the planet jump on the Angus marketing now worldwide. I suspect it all comes from China where Angus is big market stuff.

But please don't tell anyone.

Angus are monsters of bulls, there is no fence that can contain them if they want to move to greener pastures.

And when an Angus bull is horny, (they actually have no horns) I mean horny HOT ready for a dozen heifers an hour, you best not stand in their way.

As meat for the meals? They have long been the "black sheep" of the beef industry. Angus as a beef moneymaker for many years fell just behind the Longhorn, for which the market was nil.

China has changed all of that and managed to sell the USA on the taste of the worst beef available. But so cheap to grow and market.

We had 300 plus when I was a kid, and I had to ride a horse, a Pinto to be honest, just to herd my herd. Lotsa fun, now I gotta read the rest of this article.

( Posted by: veebdosa [Member] On: September 25, 2011 )

Where the Longhorn cattle feed on the lowly gypsum weed back in the saddle again
Well, I read some more of this interesting, yet suspicously fictional article, keeping in mind that there is no larger bull than an Angus Bull, and that is no bull.

If any Angus bull takes a mood to hit it with any other heifer, I know of no other bull who would even attempt to stop him. NO fence could keep him away from his next piece of ass. Well, not even a jealous Longhorn on gypsum week (loco weed), their favorite aphrodisiacx.

But an interesting article, reminds me of my Uncle Chalk in Texas who claimed to have helped capture Genonimo. Really.

( Posted by: veebdosa [Member] On: September 25, 2011 )

Spot on
You are right, Lucie. Thanks.

Pen, Robert Frost caused so much trouble when he penned those words in a poem. Life tends to take care of problematic turds.

Veeb.- This whole story is absolutely true. My *neighbor* still has yet to return my trough and turn off my pond hose. This has been a very instructive phase in my life. By the way, Have you ever seen a Charlois bull all grown up? I've seen one almost twice the size of an angus.

( Posted by: williamhill [Member] On: September 25, 2011 )

How beef and chickens are slaughtered for the table
It would have to be a small Angus but very large Cahrlois bull for it to be twice the size.

I do know the largest Charlois recorded was 2400 lbs, which is pretty darned big by any standards, and the average HCW (hot carcass weight) before the beef industry gives discounts for Angus beef does not even kick in until HCW is 950 pounds. (My Uncle Chalk I told you about slaughtered Armor beef with a sledge hammer for a living back when it was done that way in Arkansas City, Kansas, at the Armour Meat packing plant there. He said Angus were hard to kill because of their huge size. Oh well, Uncle Chalk died from alcoholism because of his job of killing animals that way. Believe it or not, he was very skinny, very small not more than 120 pounds himself. And he was full of cowboy and Indian stories we kids all loved. This is sure about some of the poetry I have written myself. American folklore we should NEVER forget.

( Posted by: veebdosa [Member] On: September 26, 2011 )

RE: The Funny Case for Christianity
When dealing with the unsaved soul, it's important to remember a simple concept:

Darkness is the absence of Light.

-Joe Breunig
Reaching Towards His Unbounded Glory

( Posted by: jjbreunig3 [Member] On: March 29, 2012 )

The Very Same
Yep, this is the very same lost soul who killed my dog.
Darkness, indeed.

( Posted by: williamhill [Member] On: May 3, 2012 )

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