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Suddenly, he was there. I was sitting in the wood and just getting some rest when he suddenly showed up. He was walking on the path. His beautiful eyes were resting on me. I had never seen him before. He was wearing light brown trousers, a light brown jacket and dark brown shoes.
"Are you... Eh... Do you live here?" he asked me.
"Yes. I am an elf." I said.
He smiled, relieved that I was so open. I had a close look at him and saw that he was a human. I had never talked to a human before. My whole life, I had stayed here, in the Elfworld. And now, this human was here.
"I got lost." he told me.
"How did you get here?" I asked.
I wasn't sure if I could trust him. Good looks mean nothing.
"That wizard sent me here. I don't know why. He told me I would meet elves here."
I smiled at him.
"He was right, this is where we live... We sometimes work together with wizards, you know."
It seemed as if he had never met an elf before.
"What did that wizard tell you about us?" I asked him.
"Nothing. He just said I would meet elves."
Then, he had a quick look around.
"So... What happens now?" he asked.
"Well... I didn't get you here." I said.
"I was hoping you would help me. I don't want to starve here!"
Why was he really here? Had he told me the truth? I knew that humans couldn't be trusted. I had heard many stories from elves who had been in the humanworld. Stories about lies and so. Most elves avoided that place and avoided contact with humans. But he had come to me. Humans always stayed in their own world. Why was he here? I just didn't get it. Of course, wizards had access to the Elfworld, but why giving it to a human?! It just didn't make sense.
"Is... something wrong?" the human asked me.
"No, no. I just..." I shook my head. "Nothing's wrong." I said.
"Will you help me then?" he asked.
Was this creature a liar? He didn't look as if he would ever harm me. In fact, he kind of looked desperate. I got up and told him to follow me to the Elfvillage.
"Thank you." he smiled.
He seemed very relieved and that made me feel good. He walked behind me without saying a word. I wondered if he liked our wood, but something stopped me from asking him. He was a human after all. Before we reached the village, we met two friends of mine.
"What's he doing here?"
"He says that a wizard sent him here." I answered.
"He was wearing a purple coat." the human answered.
"What's his name?"
"I don't know."
Suddenly, the human got tired. Humans seemed to be very weak creatures. We agreed to sit down for a while.
"Tell us more about the wizard." my friend asked.
"He came to see me. I don't know why. I'm just a normal guy." the human said.
"What did he say then?"
"He talked gibberish. I said that I didn't understand what he was talking about. He just kept talking and suddenly, he got angry... Then, he mentioned the elves. He would send me to the Elfworld and here I am."
The human had a sad look in his eyes.
"I didn't mean to upset him. I just didn't understand what he was talking about!"
"It's alright."
"Is it?"
"Sure." my friend answered.
Then, he smiled faintly. Everyone in the Elfworld knew that humans were liars and couldn't be trusted. There were several stories that we had heard many times. I remembered them well, but sometimes, elves hd to go to the humanworld. It wasn't always possible to avoid that place. A few moments later, we continued to walk. Before we reached the village, the human got tired again.
"We're almost there." I said.
He agreed to keep walking. When we saw the first houses between the trees, a relieved look appeared in his expression.

All the elves had come to the square to see the human. I explained how I had met him. Of course, there were many questions about that wizard. It was hard to say which wizard it was. And no-one could explain why he had done this. It just didn't make sense. What were we to do with this human? We gave him something to eat and in the evening, we gave him a bed. That night, one of the wizards sent us a message.
"I've got to warn you." he said.
"Today, I heard about a plan... I didn't know they were doing this." he said apologetic.
"Doing what?"
"They're planning to steal the Elfwood. They want to build a big castle in it and sell the timber. They want to destroy your world."
I was speechless. Was he telling the truth? I knew that we would be too weak to stop those wizards.
"I have to go now...".
I looked at the other elves. They seemed to be speechless too. No-one said a word. There was no way we could survive without the wood. This was very dramatic news, if it was true. We couldn't just stay in bed an do nothing, so we headed for the big hall. This was so unreal. We all stayed up for the rest of the night. In the early morning, I was sent to the house of a powerful wizard. I knocked on his frontdoor, but there was no reaction. I knocked a second time, but he didn't seem to be home. The door was ajar. His magical powers kept unwanted visitors away, so he didn't need locks. I pushed the door open and walked in.
"Hallo?! Are you there?!" I screamed.
My voice echoed in the big hall. I got no answer, so I climbed the stairs. In the hall, there was only one small window. I opened one of the doors. The first room was empty, so I tried the second room. That one was empty too. Where was he? I tried the other rooms, but all I found was junk. Finally, I tried the last door. To my surprise, he was just sitting there in a comfortable chair, doing nothing.
"Come in." he said.
"What's... going on?" I asked.
"Sit down."
A second chair appeared in the room. I sat down and for a few moments, he looked me in the eye.
"Your world is in danger." he said.
"Then it's true."
"Yes. Finally, you have come..."
"I have known it for weeks."
"For weeks?!"
I was shocked.
"Yes. I have been trying to stop them, but they are very powerful."
I was stunned.
"Why didn't you tell us?"
"You would only be worried. I'm not giving up, I'm still fighting for you. I like that wood."
"You hardly visit us."
"I am about the only wizard who has been in that wood more than once."
Then, the expression on his face changed.
"You have come for help." he said.
"Yes. We're desperate."
"I'm doing all I can, believe me."
"Maybe... it's not enough?"
Now, he laughed.
"Don't be so negative!"
Suddenly, he stopped laughing.
"It's not going to be easy, but you have to be positive."
Suddenly, he was holding a beaker in his hand.
"Here. Drink this." he said. "It's water from the Elfriver."
I drank the water and then looked up at him and waited. He faintly smiled at me and then got up from his chair.
"Come with me."
I followed him downstairs. He opened the door and entered a big hall. I kept following him without saying a word. In the big hall, there was a table with a crystal ball on it. In the ball, I saw the Elfvillage. There was a clear picture of it. Suddenly, I saw the others. They were talking to eachother, but I couldn't hear them.
"They don't know you can see them now." the wizard said.
"This is wrong." I said.
"I don't harm anyone."
"But... These talks are private."
"Nothing is private to me."
Did he know everything about me?! I was shocked. He was much stronger than I thought!
"We need to save the wood." he said.
I nodded. He put his hand on my shoulder.
"Don't worry. I am willing to help you. I'm not like those jerks." he said.
I wondered if I could trust him. His strong powers made me feel defendless!
"Hey. I like the elves." he said.
Then, he looked at the ball again and before I knew it, I was looking at it too. This time, I saw the Elfwood.
"I want this to stay..." the wizard said.
"I like this wood and I like the elves. Besides... I have nothing better to do."
He had a close look at me and then had another look at the ball. This time, I saw strange guys.
"They are evil wizards. Someone has to stop them. Their powers are very strong, but mine are strong too."
Suddenly, the picture was gone.
"They knew we were watching and I don't want to draw their attention... Anyway, you've seen them now."
I just looked at him, still wondering if I could trust him. It was hard to tell. Every wizard was different. If he was lying... But he was our only hope.
"Go back and tell your friends the good news." he said.
I teleported to the Elfvillage.

The human was still in the village. We still didn't know what to do with him, but we tried to make sure he wasn't bored. He didn't like the Elfworld and missed his home. Most of the time, he was in a bad mood. He just wasn't happy here, no matter what we tried. Of course, we discussed those evil wizards and their plans. That other wizard was our only hope. The crystal ball kept playing in my head. I had been spying on my friends. For days, we hadn't heard from the powerful wizard, but suddenly, he came to see me. I was alone in the wood when he suddenly showed up.
"I have news." he said.
For a few moments, he looked me in the eye.
"They think they have found a customer."
What could I say? This was bad news.
"It was hard to find someone who has that much money, but they finally did. They are negotiating right now."
I was speechless. This was terrible news! Why was he here? Why didn't he stop them?!
"I have a plan." he said. "And I want you to help me."
"Sure..." I said.
We teleported to a big hall. It was very noisy there.
"What's this?" I asked.
"It's called a factory. Follow me."
We walked through several halls. This place was really strange, I had never seen something like this before. It was so different from the Elfworld! Suddenly, the wizard opened one of the doors and we entered a small room. A human was waiting for us there. His eyes were resting on me.
"She's going to help us." he said.
The human seemed surprised but he didn't say anything.
"Have you talked to the others?" the wizard asked.
The human shook his head.
"No, not yet. We were too busy. The boss gave us extra work."
"As could be expected." the wizard nodded.
"I still want to help you." the human said.
"Don't worry, my mind is made up. I'm still going through with it."
The human smiled. He seemed relieved.
"They eh... They will wish to see the gold." he said.
"No problem." the wizard said.
His answer seemed to surprise the human.
"You do trust me, do you?" the wizard asked.
"Yes, I do... but I'm not sure if the others will."
"Don't you worry about that."
"I eh... I should go back to work now."
"Just tell the others. We can no longer wait." the wizard said.
"I will." the human said.
Then, he suddenly seemed in a hurry and left. The wizard had a look around. He didn't seem worried at all.
"What's going to happen now?" I asked.
"You'll see."
For a while, nothing happened. We just stood there and did nothing. We didn't even talk. Then, the door swung open and another human entered the room.
"Are you the one with the gold?" he asked.
"Yes. That's me." the wizard answered.
He smiled and was very friendly to this human.
"Where did you get so much money?" the human asked.
"Let's just say I have been lucky." the wizard answered.
The human looked him in the eye without saying a word.
"You can trust me. I won't let you down." the wizard said.
"This is weird..." the human said.
"No. It's very simple. You do me a favour and I will reward you."
For a few moments, the human stared at the wizard. Was he going to help us? And what kind of favour was the wizard talking about?
"Do you want more gold for it?" the wizard asked.
"Do you have it?"
The wizard shook his head.
"No. I am willing to give you all I have. It's much more than what your boss is paying you. Remember that."
"I know, I know..."
"Make up your mind. We need to act now."
"I'm confused... Who are you?"
The wizard shook his head.
"Don't worry about that. Think. You will be rich for the rest of your life. You won't have to come to the factory ever again. You leave this place and travel far. Just say yes. Now."
"It's not that simple. My colleages have to cooperate."
"Convince them."
"I'll do what I can."
Then, the human left.
"What favour were you talking about?" I asked.
"Their boss wants to buy the timber from the Elfwood. I'm trying to make sure he won't have the money."
"You're asking them to...?"
"Ssst. Don't ask. The less you know, the better."
Why was I here? He didn't seem to need me. We just waited and waited. Nothing happened.
"Just be patient." the wizard said.

I was really bored. I missed the Elfwood so much. This place sucked. It was small and ugly. How much longer would I have to stay here? The wizard looked at the door. It seemed the humans weren't going to come back.
"They have probably left." I said.
The wizard shook his head. A few moments, the door swung open. Finally. Two humans had come. They closed the door and had a close look at the wizard.
"It wasn't easy... Some of our colleages didn't agree, they are on holiday now."
"Will they try to stop us?" the wizard asked.
"No, I don't think so."
The wizard looked at the humans without saying a word. He seemed to be thinking about this.
"It's the best we could do." one of the humans said.
"Alright. Let's do it." the wizard nodded. "I'm counting on you."
The humans nodded and left. The wizard looked at me and smiled.
"So far so good." he said.
"What happens now?" I asked.
"We are needed as well." he said. Then, he grabbed my arm.
"Come. Let's go."
We left the room and headed for a bigger room. It was empty. There was a big window with a view on the humanworld. It was amazing. I was really impressed.
"We have no time for this now." the wizard said.
"I know..."
"We'll have to work together. I'm counting on you too."
I nodded. The wizard locked the door and suddenly, the crystal ball appeared again. It was lying on the empty table of the humans. In the ball, I could see a picture of those strangers. There was also one human.
"We're in time..." the wizard said.
He seemed amused and relieved at the same time. Was his plan going to work? Could I trust him? Those same questions kept coming back in my head. Then, the wizard looked at me.
"Just relax. Your spells are needed as well. You have to concentrate."
I nodded.
"Tell me what I have to do." I said.
"You're not relaxed."
"What do you expect? My whole world might be destroyed soon."
"Be optimistic. We can do it."
Then, he had one last look at the ball, after which it vanished. Then, he looked at me for a few moments.
"Soon, we will get some secret information. We have to change it. It will look as if the man has no money. Alright?"
I nodded. Suddenly, some one knocked on the door. The wizard opened it and let the human in.
"I have it." the human said.
He and the wizard exchanged a few papers and then, the human left.
"Now, let's see..." the wizard said.
He laid the papers on the table and had a close look at them. Then, he looked up.
"Right... We have to teleport... to the office of the buyer of the timber."
The office had an impressive view as well. I still needed to get used to this. The wizard began to look for something. He looked everywhere. I still didnt understand what he was up to. Suddenly, he found the paper he had been looking for.
This is it. he said.
He showed me the paper, but I still didnt understand.
I need to change the text on this paper. the wizard said.

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The following comments are for "a guest"
by Stefanie

. . . .
I'm sorry to say but if your story were a type of cheese it would have to be swiss(catching my drift?)! I like the fact that you write fantasy but just work on it, you already know what I think is wrong with it.

( Posted by: Titus Tolshem [Member] On: July 1, 2003 )

I do my best, but maybe trying too hard isn't good. I think I wasn't relaxed enough when I wrote this.

( Posted by: Stefanie [Member] On: July 5, 2003 )

I have to Admit
I didn't read the whole thing, you see i read stories on this site at school so i skim over some longer peices. I don't think it was to bad though and i think that i can give you some advice. First of all, you made a paragraph break too many times. I usually save those for when there is a beat (for those who know the Drama lingo) or when the speaker changes.

One instance where I got confused was this "...I would meet elves.'
Then, he had a quick look around.
'So... What happens now?' he asked..."
After the first qoute you made the break and then you made another when He started speaking again. That could be just one paragraph.

Also the Leangth, I saw that there were four parts, my question is why. What I do is break the parts into different reads. This way people won't get discouraged not to read it, and secretly i do this so that when people hit the random reader button i have more of a chance to get view. If they like it ::crosses fingers:: then the would theoritically read the whole story.

a small token of advice is that if you were frustrated when writing the story down then don't write it. If you get an intresting concept while pulling your brains out write it on a sticky note and then use it in a story. this is of course not true if writing calms you down.

My last peice of advice would be the hardest for you to change as a writer. Use less quotes, let the actionc take place in nere silence. It will improve the pace.

hope it helps

( Posted by: Lunatic Red [Member] On: January 29, 2004 )

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