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It was already dark. The street was empty. I had one last look at the housefront. This was the place. I had been looking for it for hours, but here it was. I knocked. A few moments later, I heard footsteps. The other person looked at me through the small window in the frontdoor and then let me in.
"Where were you?" he asked.
"I couldn't find it! I don't know this place."
Then, he had a close look at me and I looked back. He was a middle-aged man with a friendly look in his eyes.
"Come." he said.
I followed him to the livingroom. There, two young people were waiting for us.
"This is him." the man said.
They both looked at me without saying a word. Then, the middle-aged man gave me a drink. I was very thirsty.
"Did you talk to anyone?" he asked.
I shook my head.
"That's good."
"But they did see me. It all had to go so fast..."
"I know. I know. Come, I'll bring you to your room."
I followed the man upstairs. My new room was very small. I already missed the Elfcastle. I missed the other elves.
"Just tell me if there's anything you need." the man said.
I nodded.
"It'll be alright." he said.
I hoped he was right. Those demons could be very dangerous. I realised I was very lucky that this human wanted to help me.
"My son and daughter don't know who you are. It's for the best... Even my wife doesn't know. I've told them you are a foreigner."
That was more or less true. The man had a look behind him.
"Don't tell anyone, O.K.?" he said quietly.
"Don't worry. I won't." I assured him.
Then, he left. I just stared through the small window while thinking about my homeworld. Would I ever see it back? What was going to happen to me? It was too early to sleep, but I understood. His kids would probably ask me questions. It was best to avoid them. I just kept worrying. What if the demons found me here? Was I really safe here? I had heard many stories about humans. And what had happened to the others? I wanted to know. Were they safe or...

That night, I went to sleep early. The next morning, the sun shined through the small window. I looked outside and saw the blue sky. Then, I got ready for breakfast. In the kitchen, the whole family was sitting around the table. The man asked if I had slept well. I nodded. Breakfast was very nice. Luckily, no-one asked me questions. That was a relief. After breakfast, everyone had to go.
"I'll be back soon." the man promised me.
I nodded. A few moments later, I was all alone again. The thoughts of last night came back. I had too much time to think. I was too afraid to stand in front of the window. People would see me. But I heard the noises from the street and I kept listening to that. I just sat there and waited. Then, the door swung open and the man came in.
"Is everything alright?" he asked me.
"Yes, sir."
"Call me Will."
Will sat down. It was time to talk.
"You're safe from the demons now." he told me.
I was surprised.
"Really... I should have told you last night. Sorry."
"Are... Are you sure?"
"Yes. They can't come here. This is the human world. You don't belong here." he smiled.
He was in a very good mood.
"Just relax. You're really safe now." he said.
"And the others?"
"I couldn't help them. I... I wasn't sure if this plan was going to work. It's amazing. An elf in the human world..."
"What happens now?"
"Don't loose hope. It's not too late."
I didn't understand.
"I couldn't help the others, but there's still hope for them. We don't know what happened to them."
I didn't know what to say. I had never met this man before. I had never met any human before.
"You know that elves are very strong. You must believe in them."
"Demons are strong too."
"Did they ever attack you before?"
"Yes, but never like this. I never had to escape."
Will nodded.
"Well, I'll do anything to help you. You can count on me."
"Why are you doing this?" I asked.
"I want to help. Do you trust me?"
"I have to..."
Will smiled.
"Come on. I won't harm you. Really."
"I'm sorry. This is all very confusing... We never thought the demons would do this to us. Never thought they would harm us like this." I explained.
It was still a mystery why he was doing this. He did have a friendly look in his eyes.
"How did you find us?" I asked.
"Well... Me and my colleage were doing an experiment. I don't know if our work has anything to do with it, but it happened during work. We got a message from an elf."
I nodded.
"You found us." he smiled. "Didn't you know?"
"No. Who was it?"
"He looked like you... He didn't tell us his name."
"It wasn't me."
"I know. He told me he couldn't come. There was only enough magical power to send one elf."
A weird feeling came over me. One elf? Who had chosen me? What had I done to be so lucky? Why me? My magical powers were not very strong. I wasn't that important. I didn't belong here. If I had known... Mixed emotions came over me now. I was safe from the demons. My magical powers were much too weak to safe the other elves, but nobody knew just how strong those demons were. Anyway, the elves had no chance now. If a stronger person had been here instead of me, then maybe... I couldn't help feeling guilty. This was wrong! But there was no way back.
"I didn't know who he was going to send. Thought you wouldn't come anymore." Will said. "Are you alright?"
I shook my head.
"I don't belong here. A stronger elf should have been here. I'm much too weak to safe the elves."
Will was surprised.
"Well, I only offered to help." he said.
"It's too late now."
Will shook his head.
"You can't loose hope now. Maybe it's easier to beat them from there."
"I hope so..."
"Look, I must go back to work now. Just wanted to see how you were doing here. Sorry that I don't have more time for you."
"I understand."
"Do elves work hard?"
"We have to learn spells. If we don't practice enough, our magical powers will become weaker... Don't worry. I won't practice here."
"Maybe you should."
I was stunned. Using magical powers in the humanworld?!
"I think you need them. You can't throw them away." Will said. "Just let me think about it, alright. I promise you I'll find a solution."
Then, he left and got back to work. I was alone again. I kept thinking of home.

At noon, Will's family came back to prepare dinner. It took a while till the food was ready as they had no magical powers. It smelled very good, but I just didn't get hungry. Luckily, they didn't ask any questions. I stayed in the livingroom and waited. Suddenly, Wills daughter entered the livingroom. She noticed that I was just sitting there and doing nothing.
"Is everything alright?" she asked.
"I'm not sure..."
For a few moments, she just looked at me.
"My dad will come home in a few minutes." she said.
"I just hope you'll be alright... If there's anything you need, just ask me."
"I'm fine. Thank you."
Then, she headed for the hall. She reminded me of the girls at home. It was hard to imagine her without magical powers. Will arrived before dinner was ready.
"How are you doing?" he asked me.
"I'm fine... I just want to know why I was sent here. Why me?"
"We'll talk about that later."
Will headed for the kitchen. A few moments later, his daughter passed by.
"Come along, dinner is ready." she said.
I was unable to eat a whole meal. I tried to eat more, but I just couldn't. Will's wife said that it was alright. After dinner, Will asked me to visit his laboratory. That's where he had recieved the messages of the elf.
"Well? What do you think?" he asked me.
I had a look around. I didn't know what to say but I wanted to be polite.
"It looks interesting." I answered.
He laughed.
"You can be honest, though."
I smiled.
"This is where I do all the great work." he said.
He showed me everything and gave a long explanation.
"Suddenly, the message was there." he said.
Then, he stopped talking. He just went quiet, as if he was hoping for a new message from the elf. But that didn't happen.

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The following comments are for "shelter"
by Stefanie

your major flaw
Yak, Yak, Yak, Yak, Yak! Like I wrote in Trapped In The Elf world, there is to much talikg and not enough describing! Fill in the blanks please!

( Posted by: Titus Tolshem [Member] On: July 1, 2003 )

It's been a while since I wrote on this story. I will read it again and see what I can do to improve it. I will have a fresh look at it now, since I have been writing on other stories lately. By the way, thanks for reading my stories and thanks for the comments.

( Posted by: Stefanie [Member] On: July 5, 2003 )

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