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I hate living here in New York city, everyone and everything is in such a hurry and I feel live is just too short. What I would give to have an escape to the country. My job is also full of stress, I am a stock broker, so at times I really need an escape. Even my family adds to the stress. My wife, Bianca, is a web site designer and she is anything but happy with her job. She is moody and very ill at times. I have two teenage children, a boy and a girl. Noah is fifteen and Nirvana , she is thirteen going on thirty. Don\'t get me wrong, my family is the most important thing to me on Earth, but there are the times, we all need an escape. An escape from the fast paced life of the city.
One afternoon, much like many others, I came home and there was a telegram waiting on me, something not of the norm. Bianca and the children, well their curiosity had gotten the best of them. So they all gathered around all of them chanting,\" Open it.\" I could feel their anticipation, as after I opened it they all chimed in unison,\" Well?\"
I could not believe what I was reading. I knew my heritage was Irish, but I never expected this. Seems I had an estranged cousin there that had passed that had no heirs and they had left behind a big manor house in Ireland, since there were no heirs, the house fell to the next of kin and I was the next of kin.

I was never expecting something like this. I used to kid with my family, when I said,\" When my rich uncle dies.\" well it wasn\'t my uncle it was my cousin. I never dreamed. The very next day, I was in touch with the attorney, and he was even nice enough to send me some pictures via the Internet. The pictures of the manor house, just took my breath. The house itself looked like something out of a magazine, a big beautiful three story house, sitting on a hundred acres of land. It looks so peaceful and tranquil.
I took the day off from work, so I could make the necessary, plans to travel to Ireland, and claim my unexpected prize. That afternoon, Blanca left early, she picked up the kids from school and joined me at home in order to finish making plans. After everyone is at home, we all sit down together at the computer, to look over the pictures, I had received. All of us around the computer, when the rest of the family saw the pictures, all they could do was ohh and ahh. They were very impressed as was I. The kids look at me and say in unison,\" When do we leave for Ireland?\" I look at them, very pleased they liked what they saw and I say,\" How about by the end of the week? Your mom and I will take a couple of weeks off from work, get you out of school for two wells, and we will go to Ireland and see for ourselves, exactly, what we were fortunate enough to inherit. If we like it there, would you guys consider staying there?\"

The children look at me with a wide-eyed look on their face saying,\" Dad, if life is better there than in the city, we are game.\" Then Bianca weighs in saying,\" Our lives have become too stressful living here in the city, if it means a better life, then count me in.\"
I just couldn\'t believe what I was hearing, the entire family is ready for a better stress free life. I called the airport the very same day and booked a flight for Ireland, for the day after tomorrow. My family is ready for a change, I didn\'t have to convince anyone.
The next day Bianca and I tell our employers of our plans, and they agree to a small leave of absence after they knew of my new inherited property. After we leave our employers, we go to the school, to tell them of our plans. They were also alright with our plans. So the rest of the day, we used to prepare for a much anticipated trip to Ireland. That night, no one could sleep, the anticipation, you could cut the air with a knife. We all turned in pretty early, but I bet all of us laid in bed and tossed and turned for hours.
The next morning we have a very rushed breakfast, we got all our belongings together, and hailed a taxi, then we were on the way to the airport. I tried to do some extra research on Ireland, so to the Irish I wouldn\'t seem so foreign. One of the most interesting things I found out, was how spiritual the Irish people are. This goes all the way back to the days of the Celtics.

On our way to the airport, the excitement becomes a reality. Finally we board the plane, when it comes to rest we will be in Dublin. The land of my ancestors. I spared no expense, as we are traveling in first class, something I wanted my family to experience.
After a while the plane is ready to land in Dublin, the emerald isle. The plane starts it\'s decent, and when it lands, we are on our way to a new life. A life free of stress, at least that is what I hope. After the plane lands, we walk on to the tarmac and into the airport. We see a man holding up a sign with the name DAUGHTRY on it. That is us. Seems the attorney sent a car for us.
Inside the car we are on our way to our manor house. Looking out the car window, we see the lush green lands of Ireland. A land so steeped in history it is just mind blowing. Soon we arrive at the manor house.
It looks like a house that should be in the book, The House of Seven Gables. The house so majestic, two stories of nothing but history. There is a circle driveway and in the very middle of the yard, a big fountain. There seems to be a staff outside the house waiting to greet us. This is definitely a new way of life. The house sits on a hundred acres of rolling green. Enough room to do all sorts of things outside. Near the house there seems to be the remains of some kind of ancient chapel.
The ambience in the air, really makes one feel they are in a different time. It makes one think about this land so steeped in history. Standing in the ruins of an ancient church over a thousand years old, the feeling is just undesirable.
We spend most of the day exploring after we unpacked, now the curtain of darkness has fallen, and the feeling to everything, has totally changed. In the sunlight, things seemed welcoming and warm, but in the darkness, there is a feeling of foreboding, one of not being welcome, feeling like in a way we are intruding, but I must ask myself, intruding on what?
Being night, we are are gathered in the big sitting room of the manor house, the room is massive, elaborately decorated, the wallpaper of the room seems to be satin, green satin, just like a castle there are tapestries everywhere, the furniture in the sitting room is a lighter green, than the wallpaper, simply beautiful. We have a butler and maid that live with us. Now, that is a taste of the good life. My wife and I are drinking brandy as the kids seem to be trying to find history on their computer, of this old house.
Noah found an interesting fact, this house is over eight hundred years old, now talk about history, WOW. My legs start feeling like they are asleep, so I stand up and move around some. I walk over to the window and look out, my eyes are drawn to the old ruins of the church. What I think I see among the ruins, just can\'t be.
Right around the ruins of the old church, I think I see some sort of black figure. It\'s just standing there, looking like it is staring right at me. I say nothing to the family, because I don\'t want to scare them. Tomorrow I will look around out there and try to get some idea on what I saw.

The next morning I arise with the sun, I go downstairs and have some coffee, then I venture to the ruins on my property. My son, Noah accompanies me. Noah did find out these are not ruins to a Christian church, but ruins to an old Pagan temple. Upon arrival at the ruins, we notice there is an underground room, a gapping dark hole within the ruins. Noah and I have to move some Earth to get to the underground room. We finally have access, we have to jump down from the ruins into the under ground room. It is really dark down here, but I have a flashlight.. With flashlight in hand, I shine it around the room, and see all kinds of torture devices. Could this really be a room of torture within an old pagan temple? It really seems so. Noah and I spend most of the morning looking around the ruins and the room, but no answer to my question of what I saw last night.
As another night makes it debut, strange things start to happen within the manor house We are all sitting in the big sitting room, with a storm brewing outside, then all of a sudden, the lights go out, then we start hearing all kinds of knocking within the walls. I think poltergeist, maybe Noah and I had disturbed something we shouldn\'t have. The knocking continues all night, there is one more thing, also, the stench of suffer, very much in the air. And all through the night we hear a noise like the grunting of a pig.This was the last straw, I had to know what we were dealing with. So, I go outside to the ruins where everything had started. Under a stormy sky, I look around the ruins, at first I see nothing and then the stench of suffer almost gets over bearing, and I hear some scratching noises right behind me, when I look behind myself, I see this black entity, looking like some kind of deformed creature, and then it speaks,\" You have disturbed me, awakening me to a world I do not wish to be in. You that disturbed me, face the consequences.\"
Well this caught me off guard, so I slowly back up and head for the house. When I reach the house I run inside and find the butler, George, and I ask him what on earth is that thing within the ruins? George answers,\" Since you have seen it, I guess I better explain. Over a thousand years ago the ruins on the property were a Pagan temple, and beneath the temple was a room of torture. Here so many were tortured, some so badly, they called upon the dark forces to help end their pain. This opened a portal to hell itself, this portal was a way for demons or elementals to enter our world. The ruins have an elemental. This thing was never human and the only way to describe it is the usage of the world demon. The sole job of the elemental is to gather souls for evil. At times they can even take over a human, like possession. I wasn\'t going to tell you hoping you would never know, but now you must know. Once you encounter the elemental, you are within his site. I ask George how do I protect myself against this thing?\" George says.\" Pray, Mr. Daughtry, pray.\"
On this stormy night, we get a phone call from the local authorities telling us a dam had broken a couple miles away and we had to evacuate. So we leave our home headed for Dublin. The roads here in Ireland are so narrow, of coarse if you evacuate there will be a traffic jam. So here we sit, right in front of the ruins, not really going any where, but we are trying. All of a sudden, I feel very strange. I don\'t feel like myself. I get out of the car and just start walking through all the cars. Along the way, I take time to kill, I kill so I can give Satan their souls.
Finally the authorities get here and take me into custody and the funny thing is I don\'t remember anything. Did the elemental possess my body, to collect souls for Satan? It does seem that way.

Lanaia Lee

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