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I've been keeping up with the riots in Greece And in Great Britain as of late and I can't help thinking that the same is in store for America. I've said it privately to my father, wife, and a few close friends over the past few months. I wish it weren't so.

I lived outside of Seattle when the WTO riot happened. It was organized by a few anarchists from Seattle and Eugene, Oregon. It quickly spread all across Seattle where there was looting, burning, mugging and mayhem. There were a few people killed and many injured including rioters, police, first responders and just plain ordinary citizens. This was a riot over and about the system that rules. It was an "excuse" riot, pure and simple. Many of the protagonists who were arrested were let go either with small fines or no fines or jail time for their destructive behavior. Seattle, the ever progressive emerald city, winked at itself.

The Greek riots are about pensions. The British riots are about corrupt authority(the hacking scandal, in part) race, and the fear among young people that there are much harder times a coming, so get what you can now. I am reminded of the Watts riots in 1968 and the Chicago riots at Cabrini Green in Chicago about the same time. While the Watts and Chicago riots were race riots, they were no different than Europe's riots other than, not because of race in that people were fearful and burned and looted and destroyed their own neighborhoods.

Riots are generally not highly organized. They start with a few committed people and like a lit match, spread their fire randomly without focus. Others who join in are mostly ignorant or opportunists but that is the point. Opportunity. There is no long term vision in a riot. If the rioters wanted governmental change, they would attack or march on Parliament or Buckingham. They would be organized and there would be a lot of them if their grievance was justified.

We now have the beginnings of the riot movement here in America. Mobs in Wisconsin at the State Fair pulled people out of cars and beat and robbed them. Mobs in Philadelphia looked for people to beat and rob. The beaches in Chicago's Lake Michigan were closed due to flash mobs/gangs this summer as well as on the beaches of South Carolina and Florida. These are the same kinds of mobs we see in Europe but what is happening now is nothing compared to what we are going to see soon.

As jobs continue to dwindle and unemployment checks dry up and food and gas prices continue to rise, common everyday people who are losing everything they have are going to tire of it and become desperate. Desperate. Desperation makes otherwise good people do bad things. In America, we have always had a system that, in hard times helped the populace. Because of our great wealth and resources, those of us who had more than we needed freely gave to those who had less or nothing. We did it through churches and food banks and other charitable organizations set up by philanthropists so that there would be reason for hope to dig out of extreme situations. It had always worked, until now.
Now, government is the charity, except we do not willingly give our money to the government. They confiscate it through high taxes and fees. They then distribute the money to whomever they please, usually tipping the balance of their largesse to those whose votes they can buy. Today, we don't have the money any longer to "give" the government but they either do not care or they can't perform simple math. People are not stealing copper and aluminum and brass and bronze for their health and then selling it to metals dealers at risk of arrest. They used to do some of that for drugs, now they do it for food, for themselves and their children. There is nothing like a wife and hungry children to motivate a man who can't find honest work to steal. Hungry people will steal anything of value and sell it for food.
We are reaching that point in American society.

If food riots are not contained,(foodstamps not withstanding) it will spread like wildfire,first from our cities, then to the suburbs, and finally to the countryside. The government cannot feed everyone without confiscating either property or commodities. (Russia,circa 1917) ) Germany,circa 1932) The problem America has is different than the rest of the world. Our government guarantees us the right to bear arms, which means it cannot control us through the use of force. It can control the cities but that is all. Even that is limited by time because of starvation. If the government cannot take our homes or land or commodities and it cannot feed the starving, what will happen?

Ask yourself this question.

What am I prepared to do to feed myself and my family when I can't pay my bills anymore and I am losing my house and my car and my way of life?

If we do not make the government accountable for this mess we find ourselves in, there will be riots like we have never seen and then things will get worse from there.

We must also be accountable to ourselves, our families and our neighbors once again before it's too late.

God in Heaven, help us.

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The following comments are for "The Coming Riots in America"
by williamhill

Turmoil, Lucie
i read an article a couple of days ago written by a respected pollster that concluded we Americans are "Pre-Revolutionary). If one reads American history in context, Revolutionary Americans in 1772 had a fundamental aversion to rebellion against the mad King GeorgeIII. It took till 1775 for colonists to say enough, and even then, it wasn't until after the Boston tea party that Bunker Hill launched the war.

Indeed we are pre-revolutionary just as our forefathers. It sickens me to think blood may have to be shed to wrest control of our government from mad deranged politicians for us ever to make our country right again. I hold out little hope the election in 2012 will turn us around. But I will vote anyway, and wait and see, but after that, who knows? My other hope is that we last that long and things don't collapse around our ankles or the idiot in chief doesn't get us into a Major war where we get attacked on our homeland. Like I said, God help us. It is good to see you again. Thanks so much for commenting.


( Posted by: williamhill [Member] On: August 10, 2011 )

Charlie's future
Interesting article.

Note: As recent as the during Kennedy administration, the defense spending was 50% of Federal spending. Currently, it's 20%. Entitlements take up much more these days.

As for GNP related numbers, the United States only spends about 4.5 percent of its GNP in defense spending. Saudia Arabia leads all nations, with 10% of its GNP being spent on defense. Russia spends less than 3% of its GNP on defense spending. China spends about 1.3 percent of its GNP on defense. Of course, the GNP of the United States dwarfs all others.

China has 2.29 million military personnel.
The United States has 1.56 million military personnel {We pay/train and arm ours the best/most, by far}. Only India, Russia and North Korea join the list of 1 million+ military personnel.

As for the total amount worldwide spent in actual dollars on defense, the United States spends roughly 45% of the actual dollars spent on defense. Having said that, the United States is pretty much the defense for the Western World. When you here NATO mentioned, that's 90 percent American funded.

( Posted by: Bobby7L [Member] On: August 10, 2011 )

We the people speak!
I've said this before...and here I go again.
This country was dedicated to the principle of government FOR the people...BY the people...not for greedy...and sometimes evil politicians, for their own enrichment!

I agree with you one hundred percent William. It seems to me that people are willing to go along with the status quo politically, until it gets personal for THEM...not the neighbor down the street!'s getting to the point where it IS touching them, as well as their neighbors...and there is no one to turn to.

SO...if this is a government FOR the people and BY the people...why do we stand for these corrupt shenannagins. We have the PRIVILEDGE and the DUTY to throw the bums out NOW before they do further damage to this country...and in turn, to the rest of the world who may depend on us. We have the power to do so without burning buildings, raising havoc using our constitutional rights to the fullest and doing it PEACFULLY right now...we've ALWAYS had this right...why haven't we excercised it before it came to this "backs to our walls" moment?

It doesn't take violence and upheaval, if we all stand together and DEMAND our equal rights to vote to recall IMMEDIATELY our ELECTED representatives. Let's read that again...elected REPRESENTATIVES...who by the PEOPLE'S will...not theirs!!

Great article William, by the way!


( Posted by: Beatrice Boyle [Member] On: August 10, 2011 )

Bombing run
I do not understand, Robert, why we can't bring most of our guys home and drop really big bombs on the bad guys. Protect our borders with the troops we bring home, and go after the criminal elements in this country, drug dealers, pimps, mafia, gang bangers, white collar crime and kiddie porn creeps. Go after corporate welfare and subsidies and politicians of all stripes who are corrupt.
Imagine what our country would be like then. Of course we'd have to build more prisons to house them in, without perks that even I don't have at home.


Bea, you've made me blush. No one ever agrees with me 100%. Of, By, and For the people is in serious danger. We need lots more people to peacefully rise up and flood DC. I am skeptical of that working too. What have we to lose by trying?

Tanks, Bea.

( Posted by: williamhill [Member] On: August 10, 2011 )

Why we can't "drop
..really big bombs on the bad guys." Firstly, in Iraq and Afghanistan, we are fighting enemies that don't have an air force, a navy or even a mechanized army [they don't have tanks, etc]. So what/where do you bomb? If you are referencing the possibility of tactical nuclear weapons being dropped on populated areas, that would most likely lead to WWIII.

We could employ troops on the southern borders, but that is not currently "politically correct."

I agree, there are hundreds, if not thousands, of drug-infested communities [hoods] throughout the United States. They are a drag on the economy, to be sure.

If, as Barney Frank is calling for, we brought home the 30,000 troops from Korea [we've been there since 1950] and the many thousands of military personnel from Japan and nearby islands, we'd virtually be surrendering the Pacific rim to the Chinese.

( Posted by: Bobby7L [Member] On: August 10, 2011 )

What I should have said was that we should make sure they can't profit from their poppy fields. We know where the bad guys are. Everywhere in Afghanistan. But if we take away their ability to finance jihad, we win the war.

At this time, nukes are not the answer.

I am for keeping at least our current presence in Korea and Japan if not reinforcing them as a signal to China to keep their damn hands off Taiwan.

Hope this clarifies.

( Posted by: williamhill [Member] On: August 10, 2011 )

Charlie's War
When the Soviets left Afghanistan, the Taliban BANNED the poppy/opium trade. It was nearly brought to a standstill. THEN, WE came in during the Fall of 2001. Since then, bumper crop has followed bumper crop. The fields in Afghanistan currently provides/enable the production of 93% of the worlds heroin.

Over the past nine years, heroin has made a comeback in the United States- mostly in the drug-infested, HUD housing, food stamp and WIC-infused communites throughout America. If not for the crack and heroin, these communities would already be in revolt.

Some have claimed- many a black/op..CIA operation has been funded utilizing illicit opium trade funding. Banks make huge profits laundering the illicit opium funds. The Karzai family is thick in it.

Do the math.

( Posted by: Bobby7L [Member] On: August 10, 2011 )

We pay the Warlords
millions of taxpayer $$$..The same Warlords who control the poppy fields. We rent their favour. Very little poppy money goes to the Taliban- what does comes from the same warlords we are pimping. It's a cluster-you-know-what.

The tribal/civil wars we currently involve ourselves in are for oil and/or opium. Period. We militarize these places by and with intent.

The rest is for political correctness..
Misdirection/misinformation/disinformation- freely employed.

( Posted by: Bobby7L [Member] On: August 10, 2011 )

The alternative:
Iran controls the oil in Iraq and the opium trade out of Afghanistan- enabling them to fund their nuclear weapons program.

When we leave, that is a likely scenario.

doing math,

( Posted by: Bobby7L [Member] On: August 10, 2011 )

Hey you naysayers, have you forgotten????
It ain't gonna happen in the USA, no way. Canada might have some of it, because of their closer ties to the English way of doing things, but the USA is still the leader of the pack, and there is no way it will go down.

China is Chinese and that is their main problem, they will never even come close to enjoying a USA taste of Freedom. Lookie, don't you know that we borrow money from China and then give it back to them as grants???

You think we are broke? Get real, do the math for yourself. Forget the naysayers they will not do much of anytnhing anyway.

Enjoy your freedom, it has always been here, and it will always continue to be here.

Don't forget, this is the USA, and we are still Number 1 AND will always be. We have the brightest minds on the planet EVER, and that includes the likes of Borak Obamd, Timothjy Geithner, Harry Reid, John McCain, Nancy Pelosi, and they all do their thing together. In the USA.

Plus, an added bonus, we in the USA have USA poet Vee Bdosa to help point the way, and to remind everyone,


God bless America.

( Posted by: veebdosa [Member] On: August 10, 2011 )

If what is happening
in Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Yemen, Libya, Syria and Bahrain today, was transported back to 1971, the college campuses across America would be shut down, held by student activists/protesters. There'd be marches on Washington by the youth, among others. The National Guard would be marching across America, instead of Iraq.

There is no SDS today. There is no real peace activist movement today. The youth [along with a lot of adults] drank the kool-aid.

The kids today are distracted by/with their ipods/iphones, computer games, their shopping sprees, dancing with the idiot loser unreality loser sluts- and Glee. They are sedated and wussified.

( Posted by: Bobby7L [Member] On: August 10, 2011 )

Veeb, I can't tell if you're tongue in cheek or cheek in tongue. Or maybe gorilla glued in cheek. i disagree about naysaying if you are serious though. There are many folks out there who have legit concerns about the current direction and condition of this country. As you lampoon the aforesaid leaders, it is and they would be a joke IF they weren't destroying the republic. Bobby is right about us paying the thugs over there for drugs and political favors over here. Somehow we must stop financing them with my son's blood(literally, he was blown up in Iraq) and our treasure. Go to Brooke Army Medical Center in San Antonio and see the men who have no faces or arms or legs or partial brains left and you will be driven to drink or sobriety, given your preference, just sayin'.


( Posted by: williamhill [Member] On: August 10, 2011 )

Doing the Math
Years ago, I recall responding to a comment by Charlie. I said that 'all I expect from the federal government is that they be prepared to defend the country if unfriendly Martians land in Cali..and that they keep the interstate highways in repair.' Pretty much anything else, I feel they are not competent enough to manage.

Having said that, it appears a growing number of Americans feel they deserve all kinds of stuff from the federal government. They expect the government will provide things which citizens once worked to provide themselves with. Where is all the money coming from, so the government can give them stuff?

Instead of expecting stuff, feeling they deserve it, perhaps they should first ask themselves what they are actually worthy of..

Do they contribute to society?
Do they produce anything?
Do they make anything?
Do they create anything of value to/for our society?
What do they offer?
Have they offered anything to/for the greater good of our society?
What are they worthy of?

What do they bring to the table?

Are they gainfully employed?
Currently, it doesn't matter.

Have they EVER been gainfully employed?
Can they even read and write?
Do they speak English?
Are they criminals?
Do they cook crack at the spot?
Do they operate a meth lab?
Are they in a gang?
Do they rob people?
Do they burglarize homes?
Do they jack cars?
Are they on drugs?

Presently, they can get all kinds of stuff from the federal government, despite their answers.

What are they worthy of?

Do they deserve stuff?

I've managed a few bars/pubs/clubs over the years. I've seen it all.
There are a lot of men and women drinking and smoking in bars, scratching off their lotto tickets, while complaining about their low supply of food stamps..before heading to the package store to purchase a tall boy or bottle to take back to their government subsidized housing [Where'd the cash come from? Unemployment checks? Welfare?]. Yeah, and they may stop off at old boys for their drug(s) of choice.

Nearly 50,000,000 Americans now receive food stamps. That's 15% of the population.

The top 10% pay 70% of the federal income taxes.
The middle 39% pay 30% of the federal income taxes.
The bottom 51% pay ZERO federal income taxes.

I've been a partner in varied business ventures. It's HARD work. It takes money. You don't make money for a couple years. You've gottosinkit backinto the business. Insurance kills you. If you import wares, homeland security costs you time and money.

Those who say small business owners are "rich" and should pay more in taxes are drinking the kool-aid being passed around by idealogues, professors and theorists- the ones currently running the country.

I wouldn't entrust the current administration to manage a pretzel stand.

( Posted by: Bobby7L [Member] On: August 10, 2011 )

When I was Hungry
Robert, It all comes down to food. When the money for these "people" finally runs out and they begin to starve, and then they begin to panic, then and only then will any of them get on their knees before God Almighty and ask for help. Most of them won't because the only God they know is Uncle Sam. It will be chaos for a time, I suspect, and many of those unredeemable people will be trampled by history and forgotten. But there will be some who will turn to Him who owns the cattle on a thousand hills(no, not John Wayne) and they will be rescued. They will still have hard times like the rest of us but they will be redeemed.

I suspect that once the Nanny State jig is up, those elites and "enlightened ones" are going to be looking for holes to crawl in for protection. I intend to point out where the holes are and let the pack have at 'em. Hard times like we've never seen before are a comin'.

You'll be okay Robert, and so will I.


( Posted by: williamhill [Member] On: August 11, 2011 )

"They're rich..
..We showed them we have the power." - A young girl's answer to a news reporter in London, after being asked why they were looting the shops.

Note: In one block, every shop was looted but one- the bookstore was left untouched.

I don't have any money. {smiling}

I worked hard in the wholesale produce business [several times]..My partners and I were done in by the larger companies. Restaurants and delis loved our quality and personal service, but, in the end, they went with the "cheaper" prices, though quality and service wasn't as good as ours.

Later, as importers of wrought iron {gazebos, arbors, benches, planters, etc} and pottery [chimineas, planters, accents], as well as ornate frames], from Guadalajara, Mexico; crystal, from Turkey; high quality pottery from Italy and Kaolin pottery, from Jakarta; cast iron fountains and planters,as well as gazebos, from China; accent wares from Haiti; and teak furniture from New Zealand- my brother and I worked extemely hard, building a clientele of more than 65 wholesale accounts, from Atlanta to Birmingham to New Jersey. After 9.11.01, it became increasingly more difficult to import wares. Between Customs, the DEA [looking for contraband] and Homeland Security, we were losing up to 25% of our loads to breakage [mostly at Laredo, Texas]. They did not pay for the damage.

Delays cost us money. Shipping from overseas backed up at the docks, or was delayed across the ocean. Insurance was astronomical. Red tape stunted growth. We finally dissolved the company.

At least we tried.

( Posted by: Bobby7L [Member] On: August 11, 2011 )

import gazebos
with natural patina
turning iron to gold
4 Feb 2005

We also imported antiqued wrought iron sconces and chandeliers, as well as antiqued mirrors.

( Posted by: Bobby7L [Member] On: August 11, 2011 )

"Cut, Cap and Balance"
It's ironic- Early on in the process, conservative members of Congress presented a plan to balance the federal budget, but it was rejected by the President and the Senate. It was a plan like the S&P was looking for. It may well have prevented a downgrade. The President, the Liberals and their allies in the liberal media [NBC, MSNBC, CBS, ABC, CNN, PBS, The Washington Post, The New York Times and the L.A.Times] called it "Draconian." It was a tough, no-nonsense, get it done approach. There was no way the liberals would risk upsetting their base [many millions of which want/expect more and more free stuff].

Then, after the process yielded an anemic sham of a bill, they all blamed the "Tea Party" for the downgrade. That's like blaming an ongoing criminal enterprise on the person that reports it. The Tea Party was formed because of the out-of-control big government spending [borrowing 41-cents of each dollar being spent]. They said they'd fight it. That's what they did. I may not agree with all of their ideas, but at least they did what they told those who voted for them they would do- That in itself is very unpolitician-like.

The misdirection, disinformation and misinformation tactics employed by the Left are mimicked over and over in the media, until the public believes it to be true. They scare the old folks. It's deplorable. The liberals/progressives, as well as some career-politician Republicans don't want an end to big government- The bigger the government, the more they control..the more power they hold.

Note: I can proudly say I belong to NO political party and support none of them. I am poetico, not politico.

"Politics and crime, they are the same thing." -Sicilian

( Posted by: Bobby7L [Member] On: August 11, 2011 )

Only the Strong will survive
Ha ha, you know what, I was in Yemen back in the '60s, back when it was called Aden, BCC (British Crown Colony) and was nothing more than some mud huts and camel drivers.

Society wise, it has changed little, and this is the reason Democracy and "freedom" will never work in this part of the world.

World Bank and IMF among others are calling for a more desireable form of money than the US dollar, which also will never happen. What would they have? The Euro? Laughable. Youn ha ha Chinas manipulation of meney matters is part of the problem

Yen? Peso? NOt too shoddy in that Mexico has entered the financial world in a big way we just don't know about. But it will not last.

My own prediction is that in a move that is probably the only move the USA can take now is for the USA to isolate itself from everyone else, just let the goonies and fruities fend for themselves, let the oil producing countries fight off all of the hostile takeovers, and when the killing stops, we will deal with the winners.

We can, and I think we shall indeed create our own bounderies and feed, equip, and protect our own lnation of peoples, and I think it will come to that.

Unfortunately, the addage that "only the strong will survive..." is more fact than fantasy.

But the USA will not go away, but in reality, we do not need any of these other nations. We just do not.

( Posted by: veebdosa [Member] On: August 11, 2011 )

I was there ...
I, and many other Canadian labour activists, went to Seattle for a peaceful demonstration. I wasn't happy about it being hijacked by hooligans because, if I want to get arrested I'll stay in Canada. Seems kinda rude to go somewhere else to cause mayhem, especially a foreign country.

In Vancouver they rioted over a damn hockey game and I was embarrassed. Hooligans are hooligans and they nobody needs to give them a reason .. just an audience.

Every time I was at some labour march or whatever there'd be those 'anarchists' with their eyes glazed over and a sorta ... um ... 'spellbound' look about them. Loathed every one of them because it was obvious they had their own agenda.

( Posted by: Pen [Member] On: August 11, 2011 )

KING 5 News
Geez Pen, I probably saw you on the tele during WTO. I can't believe you were in the middle of that mess. I agree that the WTO is an atrocious organization bent on stealing as much wealth as possible from whomever they can. Someday, they will get their comeuppance. If you will remember, riots broke out in several places in Seattle at different times of the 3 or 4 days it went on. The hooligans should have been shot on sight. Who would have missed them, except maybe their attorneys? Glad you read.

Veeb, We cannot bury our heads in the sand(no pun intended) until those who would(and did) do us harm return. And just because something hasn't happened doesn't mean it won't happen to us.(too many contractions in one sentence) In case you were looking at a map when you commented, we have boundaries, 2 oceans, one gulf, Canada,eh? and Mexico. We are NATURALLY isolated. Manifest Destiny, I think. We are the ones who have chosen our path to trade, closing trade now would ruin us faster.(How's about a little fire scarecrow?) That horse has done left the barn, and we can't catch him again. Accept it.

Our dollar is basically worthless. Our fiat currency is propped up by nothing but hot air. In my humble opinion, buy gold and silver if you can and get rid of your cash. I would explain why in another post, if needed.

Cut, cap, and balance is a good start, and throwing the commies in the Pacific is another good idea, let them have a paddle but no boat.


( Posted by: williamhill [Member] On: August 11, 2011 )

Our Future Is In Our PAST
Being a farmer/rancher all through my youth, I happen to know that you can run down the horse and get they back into the barn, very simple.

Whe I was a kid, we called the riots Saturday Night fights, and they were everywhere, in every community, it was a wasted weekend if we didn't lhave bloody noses, even some broken bones. We loved itl. Today they call them riots, but they are out of hand somewhat.

The only way we can go is back. Ahead is uncontrollable and violent riots and mahem. We , the USA, will never come to that. We can once again make everything for our own nation, EVERYTHING, we have done it before, and all we have to do to create the jobs again, is to ABANDON the hooligans, the nations who can not and will not fend for themselves. Let them slaugher one another. No Mister nice guy USA,

our future at this point IS OUR PAST. We have EVERYTHING at our disposal that we had when we CREATED THE GREATEST NATION on the planet, and we can yes do it again.



Forget the people who refuse to create for themselves, even though WE GIVE THE PLOWSHEARS, WE GIVE THEM THE TRACTORS, WE GIVE THEM THE SEED, THEY WOLL NOT PLANT...tHEY ARE LOST, we can NEVER help them because they just will not help themselves.

Again, Our Future Is in Our Past, it is the ONLY way

( Posted by: veebdosa [Member] On: August 11, 2011 )

Watts: 11 August 1965
Forty-six years ago, today, five days of rioting in Watts [Los Angeles] began. It eventually covered fifty square miles. The National Guard had to be called in to restore order. Thirty-one people were killed; the neighborhood was destroyed.

( Posted by: Bobby7L [Member] On: August 11, 2011 )

Watts: part two
The riots in Watts began after the DUI arrest of a black man by a white officer. It ended six days later, after 31 persons died, 1032 were injured, 3438 arrested and 1,000 buildings were damaged or destroyed.

Most of the damage was to white-owned businesses. The stores were looted, then set on fire. White motorists were attacked and beaten. The fire department was blocked by those rioting.

( Posted by: Bobby7L [Member] On: August 11, 2011 )

Hi William,

Great piece. Really insightful read. If you don't mind though, I'd like to concentrate on your impression of the riots over here in Britain.

There's a lot of talk among certain sections of society blaming the riots on social injustices etc. throttling the life out of British youth. I was interested by your point re: phone hacking scams. It's not one that I've seen before. It's very interesting, and something I hadn't paid much thought to.

The initial situation 'kicked off' during/after a peaceful protest after a known gang-affiliate was shot dead by a Police armed response unit for carrying a starter pistol modified to carry five live rounds. Although there are some discrepancies with the police run-down of events (not unusual over here when the Armed Response Units have shot-to-kill), this is Britain. We're not big on guns (so much so, in fact, that a grandmother received a 5 year sentence not so long ago purely for having her father's wwii service pistol).

Anyway, I digress. The riots have been given some vague political flavour by some sections of the media and society. However, it is also known that there has been large numbers of street-gang involvement in these riots, along with teachers, students and school children.

Britain isn't the great nation it supposedly was. We have plenty of social problems that politicians have been failing to address/making worse for decades. Authority is corrupt over here, but my impression is that most citizens are extremely politically apathetic. We've been trained for years to reach for a shiny bauble (benefits, rights without responsibility, promises to greatness without recognition of ability) while our ability to question is eroded by the destruction of our education system. The riots were, in my opinion, an exercise in greed and alleviated boredom, rather than any form of concerted, politically motivated stand-point.

My apologies for the post's length. I hope you can make sense of my point somewhere.

Again, an interesting post. Thanks.

( Posted by: Jimmer [Member] On: August 12, 2011 )

Corrections officers
The more I follow the London riots, the more it appears you are right, Jimmer. I think political correctness is covering the true reasons for the riots. It is sad. You make perfect sense.

Thanks for reading and correcting,

Robert, glad you caught my wrong date on the Watts riots in LA. For some reason,1968 stuck out. I'd say I was thinking about RFK and MLK unrest.

Veeb, I am sorry for being metaphorical, yes you can get a horse back into a barn. I grew up on a farm too and fought all the time, didn't have to wait for the weekend. However, I know of no one I was associated with who burned down housing and businesses or cracked skulls of little kids and old people and women. You correctly point out the we need to forget the hooligans but they will not go away on their own. They have to be dealt with or the lawlessness will grow, don't you think?

I bought silver this year and a little gold as a hedge against inflation, Lucie. I hope the investment will make me look like a genius. I read where some business and economists say gold and silver will both go much higher. That isn't good for the dollar. But then the dollar is no good now :(

( Posted by: williamhill [Member] On: August 12, 2011 )

A good swift kick
Charlie, I'd never agree that shooting them would be a good idea. However, anytime one of those pampered darlings approached me with their garbled version of utopia waving their illogical leaflets in my face I always wanted to slap their faces and tell them to ... Get a job and get a life [in that order]. They didn't have a freaking clue what a struggle meant and probably went home to mamma for dinner on the table after pretending to be someone that mattered. I find it amazing that, during the Winter Olympics, Vancouver had thousands at street parties almost daily and there wasn't any foolishness. I don't put it down to the ramped up security because I believe the public would have been the ones to clean their clocks.

Yeah, I've been at many ... um ... 'events' during my time in those circles. My favourite was when the border [Peace Arch US - Canada] was shut down one April afternoon. A peaceful event where the only folks getting arrested were the ones who did everything they could to have it happen. The rest of us had a party. Truth be told, the idea for that began a couple of years earlier when a US postal worker and myself brought it forward as an anti-free trade option. Our slogan was "Good Fences make Good Neighbors."

( Posted by: Pen [Member] On: August 12, 2011 )

news from N. London
We are all safe and sound here. Those ridiculous riots have not entered Palmers Green thank goodness: although they did threaten to on Monday: on Twitter and facebook; "they were coming to PG, gathering in Broomfield Park first".The shopkeepers took it seriously and shut up by 3pm. Morrisons and some other shops have put boards over all their glass frontage and mean to keep them there for a while. The library and banks and electrical shops are closing early for the rest of the week. It's total nonsense the whole thing...schoolkids on summer holiday with nothing better to do than run around in gangs....successive govts have slowly been undermining parental and school authority...One is not allowed to smack one's kids and don't the kids know it!!!!

Marion [N. London friend]
Author's Note:
Palmers Green is quite close to Tottenham

( Posted by: Pen [Member] On: August 12, 2011 )

'Flash Mobs'- US 2011
Can rioting happen here?

Since late July, 'flash mobs' have attacked innocent citizens in Washington D.C., Los Angeles, Chicago, Cleveland, Philadelphia and Milwaukee.

At the Wisconsin State Fair, as many as several hundred young blacks formed what are being called "flash mobs." They attacked people in cars, families leaving the fair, bystanders and even the outmanned police. More than thirty arrests were made. According to the police, "The perpetrators were all African-American and the victims were either white or Hispanic." They would not say if the victims/bystanders were being targeted because of their race.

After roving mobs of blacks attacked whites in downtown Philadelphia, [Black] Mayor Michael Nutter said,

"You have damaged your race. If you want anybody else to respect you and not be afraid when they see you walking down the street, minding their own business- Leave them alone.

It is not politically correct to talk about this. Al Sharpton will not be calling for the Justice Department and the FBI to investigate. The police departments are fearful of touching it.

There are hundreds, if not thousands of highly dangerous communities across America. These communities are drug-infested and crime-ridden. They are generational welfare, food stamp/Benefit Security Card, subsidized housing communities. There are multiple generations knowing nothing other than a life surrounded by drugs, prostitution, gangs..and entitlements.

Imagine if the trillions of dollars being spent on "nation building" and "defending citizens" in Iraq, Afghanistan, South Korea and Libya were invested in nation building in America and protecting American citizens. Would that not be politically correct?

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by cosmic design
I've just perused the entire thread. There are varied takes and [some] things said to provoke thought- response/reaction.

Note: Events and thread-related historical facts through reportorial representation is one thing. How reader processes them is perception influenced.

Life experience certainly effects perspective.

Survival of the species has been a key part of life on this little orb for many millions, if not billions of years. Humans appear unique in that they can destroy themselves, both collectively*, as well as by individual choice.

*By doing so, they could destroy all life as we know it.

The wolf or the bat can't destroy life on Earth.
Perhaps, they actually save lives, in their own way- they serve a purpose.

Note: The GNP of the United States is 25% of the entire global GNP. In 2011, we live in a global a geo-political world. There are 6.3 billion humans. [To VeeB]- We, in America, are the .3 part of the global population. We cannot and will not isolate ourselves.

If push comes to shove, the United States of America saves the day. There is no other country- or scores of countries combined, up to the task. When the UN goes in with food and medicine, it's funded mostly by the citizens of the United States. The same can be said for NATO. For the most part, it's mostly American lives and treasure put on the line. Can we continue to save the day? Hopefully..Who else will/can do it?

The United States has problems, to be sure. It's no perfect garden. Having said that, there is no place on Earth with more freedom and opportunity. We are natural resource loaded. We have the finest universities and hospitals. Young minds come to America from around the world, to get the best education- in the most advanced facilities.

We provide food and medicines to unfortunate masses around the globe. We will continue to do that.

We [must] will do better with our internal problems, because we are problem solvers. That's what we've always done. The United States of America will continue to help those in search of freedom; feed those that can't feed themselves; and give hope to those that have little or none.

( Posted by: Bobby7L [Member] On: August 13, 2011 )

No more "Bow-wow. Bow-wow."
"It is gggrrrr...." and there are police dogs everywhere. We are close to being a police state, and if that is not dangerous enough, nobody seems to care or even notice it.

We are our own worst night-mare, and have been for some time. Has the will of the majority of people, which brought us this far, now gone too far and may bring us down?

Governing 350 million people is certainly no simple task, and could it be that we are too quick to blame the Congress, the Senate, or the President?

I don't know, I swear I do not know. Nor do you.

( Posted by: veebdosa [Member] On: August 13, 2011 )

Being an American,
I can honestly say, the vast majority of our citizens are law-abiding, compassionate, empathetic, giving and fair minded.
We help others/neighbors/strangers, when and if we are able. We help others rebuild. We give blood, treasure and our skills, if applicable- here at home, as well as abroad. Example: We send teams of search dogs around the globe- even to China. We'll airlift anywhere- anytime.

As a country, have we at times, even with rationalized good intentions, perpetrated wrongs?- of course.

Have we been the victims of horrific attacks, leading us to into conflicts? Yes.

Is everyone equal? In what world? There is no Utopia on this orb. Utopia is fictional- impractical and unrealistic. We'd have to rid the world of religions, flags and greed first. Then, everyone would have to share, equally. Even with my vivid imagination, I don't see the possibility of any of these things happening.

There may be "equality" somewhere beyond this material world, but in this temporary material world, there is not. There is no equality of status, of wealth, of justice, of IQ, of physical strength, or longevity, ..I could go on. It is biological- with enviroment and luck of where you're born playing roles.

Having said that, each human is unique..We are not exact replicants. All lions are not equal, nor are gazelles. Some are stronger. Some are faster.
The weakest get culled, leaving the stronger and faster to perpetuate its species. It has been much the same for man, with our ability to reason and manipulate our enviroment being added features.

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My Precious
Robert, I can't help but bring in the opinion of one(myself) who recognizes the utter futility of our own arguments. We are, as God made us, spiritual creatures. Not just flesh and bone and blood. And, there is a spiritual war which we know very little about being waged below us, around us, and above us, not counting our own daily battles with ourselves and each other.

I see no luck or chance in this world, to admit to such eliminates God from and espiritu from our beings. There is order in this universe that came out of disorder and chaos. (Genesis) For us to be able to reason, there has to be a reason. I am not implying that you don't know this. We may disagree about "religion" but it is with great joy I proclaim Christ is the key and answer to all of these writheings and convulsions that we expend on one another to answer why people harm one another. There is an unseen struggle for our souls, all of them. It is what causes all the wrenching of our hearts. Only our souls are equal in God's sight. We as you correctly point out, are not equal in this world in any other way. But only in America(or in the Amazon where tribes haven't been discovered yet) do we have a system guaranteeing freedom. Our freedom does not infringe upon the spirit world war for the most part. However, if one looks into the government here, really looks, one sees demons controlling or advising several of our representatives, otherwise there would be no explaining their behavior. (Nancy Pelosi comes to mind) sorry. It is the infringement of the unseen spiritual world that affects us not the other way around. The only thing that makes us different than lions or gazelles is God in Heaven. He is what makes us charitable. The evils that we see and recognize in London and Philly and Wisconsin are directed by the fallen, pure and simple. No other animal has the ability to see it that way. You and I and others do. I could go on and get into the whole spiritual thing, but I don't think it exactly appropriate at this time. All I can say is there is cause and effect and it is not random, it is directed. Lucie is right, there is Hope.


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Charlie's "hope"
As I said in my "cosmic design" comment, we [The United States of America] "give hope to those that have little or none."

For me, there is a distinct differentiation between Godhead [spirituality] and dogmatic "religion." As a student of history, I see that dogma has always lead to conflict. Religion appears corrupted by varied motivations and man-related issues [geo-politics among them].

I believe in God. The rest of it is personal- between me and God.

While in the material world, avoiding the modes of passion and ignorance seems like a plan. Living in the mode of goodness appears to be a viable way to go. Thinking we are in the mode of godliness is greatly presumptive, in my humble opinion. By degree, transcending this material world involves self-realization- for me.

The gurus aren't the problem, their followers are.- me

or..The gurus aren't the problem, we are.

Anyway, I respect an individuals personal cosmic relationship with their "Godhead" of choice. My problem is when they tell me it's their way or else..well, you can fill in the rest. Organized religion is filled with quarrel and hypocrisy- some of the biggest hypocrites I know profess to be on their way to the right..{you can fill in the rest}.

But, that's just me.

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As for the animals-
also by degree, they may well be on their own transcendent journey.

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'Flash Mob' Update
Dateline: Philadelphia, PA

Showing a heavy presence, Philadelphia police made 50 arrests in the South Street/Market Street section of downtown last night [Friday, Aug 12], as a curfew was enforced- following last weekends "disturbances." Mayor Nutter went with force, making a statement that the 'flash mobs' will not be tolerated.

( Posted by: Bobby7L [Member] On: August 13, 2011 )

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