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DISCLAIMER: The following contains curse words, and typical Teenage actions. If you don't like the way the youth of today might not want to continue.

Loret Nichollette Behm. She was an angel in tight leather clothing. Short cut blond hair with long blue bangs tickling under her chin as the wind blew. Evanescence's "Imaginary" blared from her headphones as she sat cross legged in her file room of her father's law firm. Behm, Walker, and Weston was one of the major law firms in the central Kentucky area, and she'd worked there almost as long as she'd lived in Richmond. With a sigh she felt the heat. Why her father hadn't installed an air conditioner in this part of the building, she never knew. Her blue eyes twinkled as she looked up at the clock. 4:45pm. Almost time to go. She decided to finish up the rest of the files tomorrow. She got up and wished she hadn't worn her leather shorts to work, they were sticking to her in every bad way. Clanking her way back up the rickety stairwell in her knee-high combat boots she opened the door and felt the cool breeze of the A.C. running full blast.
"Oh..Loret..honny...there you are!" her father smiled at her. "Go on're a sweaty pig." he patted her soaked back. Her white tank top was sticking to her and gave a light glimpse of her black bra underneath. With a grin she ran a hand through her hair and laughed lightly. "Dad." she smiled. "Can I have tomorrow off?" she faked her best innocent face and pouted out her bottom lip at him.
"We'll see." he said and pushed her toward the door. "Go home, get a shower."
"Loret..aren't you and Brady and Kimber going out tonight?" Mr. Alexander Walker said walking up to them. He was Brady's father, and like an uncle to her. She nodded politely.
"I think that's the plan." she put her purse on her shoulder and jingled the keys to her car in her hand. "I'm suppose to pick up a few things for me and K, then we're meeting up and going to The Hideaway." The Hideaway was the best and only 16 and up club in town. Just down the street, it was at least two stories, the main level and the basement, which was 17+ ONLY and had it's own entrance and exit. Every Friday night was their ritual. Kimberleigh Weston, her cousin, and Brady Alexander Walker, her best friend, all loaded up and went dancing. The summer was the best, because they could go any day of the week, instead of just Friday, and stay out as long as they want. Which usually meant, going to Waffle House for cheese hash browns and then off to Wal-Mart to cruise the electronics section or browse for new cheap clothes.
"Let'er have the day off." Alex laughed. "She deserves it after sweating her ass off in that basement."
"Alright." her father nodded. "But..." he pointed at her as she inched her way out the door. "No drinking." he ordered. She nodded absently and raced out to the parking lot down the street. She unlocked the doors to her little Mitsubishi Eclipse and turned the air on. One thing she hated about Kentucky, when it was hot, it was damn hot. She threw on her c.d. player, which still had Fuel's "Sunburn" in it. She pulled out of the parking lot to "It's come to this" just like she came in that day and raced down to Hastings faster than she would ever drive if one of her parents were in the car with her. Parking with ease and shoving her keys in her tight pockets she walked into the store and straight back to the T-Shirt section. It was still there. A shirt she'd been dying to get. Black with white lettering it read: "Mary had a little lamb, and then I ate it." She grabbed a Mr. Rodgers shirt as well, then a Care-Bear for Kimberleigh. It was her cousins birthday after all....

Loret held her breath, whoever held the longest won the game. She gave a cocky look to her friends that stood beside her, Brady Alexander Walker and Kimberleigh Gale Weston. The game was "Who pays the entry fee", The Hideaway wasn't a free club after all. Whoever let up holding their breath first had to pay everyone's entry fees for the night. Loret was the longstanding winner. She stood 5'3" and only weighed about 120 pounds, but she always held her breath longest, and she always looked more like the 'club' material when compared to her two companions. She stood with her cheeks full of air in her black leather short shorts, mid-drift take under the see-through long sleeve netted shirt. She'd spiked her hair out of the shower and put in all her piercing, three in each ear not including her cartilage in both. Her black knee-high combats clanked as she did a slight bouncy dance in the middle of her friends waiting for one of them to blow. Sure enough and almost like clockwork, air shot out of Brady's mouth faster than the two girls had ever seen. He sucked it in just as fast trying to catch a decent breath.
"Dammit!" he growled fishing out his wallet from the back pocket of his wash worn blue jeans. His white shirt looked silly on him under the black leather jacket. Loret had teased him about his outfit the entire way to the club, telling him it would be perfect, if he wasn't the blonde haired green eyed American dream.
"You always win Loret...I think you're cheating." he laughed.
“Hells Yeah!” she smiled at him. “I’ll never be up to anything good...” she put her arms around her friends as they headed up to the door to get in. Loret’s accent was more New Yorker than Kentuckian. After all, she’d spent her first 13 years in New York.
“You know Loret, I believe I remember hearing something about you having to stay home tonight...” Kimberleigh started her deep amber eyes looking around from behind her dirty blonde bangs. She looked the most out of place in her black sweater and school girl skirt with Mary-Jane’s and knee-high white socks. She looked at her cousin from New York with slight concern on her face.
“Mom said no, dad said go.” Loret sighed and shook her head. “Don’t worry ‘bout it Kimber.” she shrugged the conversation off. “Let’s go groove!” she started out on the dance floor alone, the automatic sign that she didn’t want to talk about whatever was going on in her life. Kimber and Brady kept in the back.
“She’s doing it again.” Kimber sighed. “Something’s not right Brady...”
“I know... But it’s Lor, she’ll tell us if something is wrong or not, when she’s ready.” He took a seat and grabbed at water from the bar. “Lor’s always been that way, well as far as I knew. She’s never talked about her problems no matter who they were with.” He took a quick sip. “Anyway, if her ‘rents are giving her issues, let her deal with them until she’s ready for us.”
“When’d you get so smart about things?” Kimber asked putting her head on his shoulder.
“I guess in psychology class last year.” he joked. “Of course, it was boring, without having one of you guys in it.”
“ What’s the big story in your life?” She took a sip of his water.
“Well....Mom’s been acting funny.” he said taking his water back and looking down into it. “Something about having her Ex-Husband’s dad calling a bunch...don’t know what’s been going on. She and dad’s been getting into it.” he looked out on the dance floor trying to find his other friend with his eyes.
“Yeah...I’m sure that’d put a damper on, you gonna tell her this time?” she asked leaning against the bar.
“I planned on it.” Brady admitted. “I’ve liked her sense she moved down here from New York. It’s just never changed....She’s always either had a boyfriend or been coming down from a bad break up. This time, with Jarred I think she’d be ok with me tell her.”
“I don’t even want to heart it...You realize how you’re going to sound Brady?” Kimber looked at him. “’Loret, I’m sorry but, I have to tell you I’m in love with you.” she said in a mocking voice.
“Oh shut up.” Brady sighed and looked away. “It won’t be like that...I’ve got it all planned out. And other than’s none of your business!”
“It is SO my business when you’re flirting around with my cousin!” Kimber put her hands on her hips. “Loret’ll be going back to New York after school, after we all know for COLLEGE! Do you really think it’s going to work?”
“It’ll work.” He said hope ringing in his voice.
“Whatever...I’m gonna go dance.” she shook her head and walked off. Brady had to have hope he thought to himself. He’d fallen for Loret when they were 13, when she moved back to Four Mile Road with her parents. She finished her 8th grade year at Model School, the local Prep School run by Eastern Kentucky University and hated by anyone who didn’t go there, and several that did. She was smart, funny and above all in his mind, she was beautiful. Her parents marriage had been less than perfect, and Loret had been caught in the middle of it all. Her older brother, Adrian had died when she was nine, they were all living in New York in her Grandmother Behm’s house. Adrian had died of heart complications, he was playing the piano in the main hall one minute, the next he was gone. A crash on the piano sent out alarms, and when her parents rushed into the room to see what was the matter, Loret was cowering in the corner tears streaking from her eyes. Kimberleigh had told Brady what had happened, because news had traveled that way. Her mother couldn’t stand to live in the house any longer, she begged her father to move to Kentucky and work in the same firm as her brother, Mike Weston. Loret, however, wasn’t ready to move, and begged to stay with Gram Behm. It worked until she was 13, when her parents decided they wanted to make a family again, and made her move back with them. Loret was the odd new kid at first, until she joined the Drama Club. She was an instant starlet, and she seemed a perfect fit after that. She became popular, as Kimber already was, though both for different reason. Kimber was known as the smart one, she was always top of her class, all through school, and was captain of the academic team. Loret, while still as smart and still a member of the academic team, was popular for her acting skills and outrageous clothing style.
Brady shook his head. The past was past. He looked out at the floor to find the two girls dancing together, having a blast. He knew then, it was going to be a long night.

Loret sat on her bed, legs to the wall and head over the edge reading a book. Tool's "Hush" was playing from her stereo and she hummed along. When "Stinkfist" came on she barely heard her father knock on her bedroom door.
"Loret?" He opened it and walked inside. "Loret!" he called again, turning her stereo down. "I just got off the phone with your Gram Behm..." he sat in her chair at the computer desk. "Great Autie Hilde has ..passed away." he looked at his daughters emotionless expression. "We'll be heading out west to go to the funeral, your cousin Kimber and Aunt Lynn and Uncle Matt are going to go with your mother and I...can we leave you here you want to come with us, OR would you like to stay at a friends?" he drummed along on her seat.
"I can stay here.." she said looking away from her book. "No biggie...the bands got a gig this weekend...we can practice all night--" she started.
"I'll call Brady's father...." he said getting up. "You can stay there for the week..." He patted her chin. "And don't let your mother catch you sitting like that...she'll skin you alive..." He walked out.
"Ok Daddy.." She said flipping onto the floor and watching the door close behind her father. She grabbed the phone and dialed up her best guy friends private line.
"Come on ...Brady...pick up!" she ordered into the phone until at last.
"Yeah..yeah...whaddayawant?" the voice on the other end picked up.
"Guess what..." she was grinning brightly.
"Lor?...Loret..its 10:30 in the morning...durring the summer....dammit..I was up all night with you? What are you calling this early for??" Brady growled from the other end of the phone.
"Oh...a little pissy are we? Guess you don't want to know that I'm coming today now do you? OR ..OR that I'm staying for...hmm...a week while my parents are going to the OTHER side of the country?" she fought every giggle that threatened to escape her mouth.
"'re ? But...I...I..I..." Loret heard a loud thump, and assumed Brady fell out of his bed again. "I hate it when that happens..Loret...are you for real? What's the deal?"
"Well..some great aunt Hilde died...Everyones going up there...but I don't have to-"
"Why not?" he intrupted.
"Because...dipshit..I have a gig this weekend...remember?" Loret laughed. "Anyway..I'm gonna drive them to the airport, come back, eat and pack then I'll be down...sometime tonight or tomorrow..." She grinned and added for pure mischief. "That's if I don't pick anyone up.." She heard another thud, then hung up the phone before Brady could switch into a loud pitch protective voice. She started laughing hard and rolled in the floor for a few moments. After her sides hurt just enough to make her want to stop laughing, she got up and looked in the mirror. Her deep blue eyes glowed back at her from behind the blue and blonde hair. She was just a little pale and had a pretty face, or so everyone had always told her.
Loret didn't have to worry about many things normal high school seniors did. She had already been accepted to the college of her choice, in New York where she grew up. Her parents felt terrible about her having grown up with her grandparents, so the bought her a decent car, and took care of the insurance, even though she worked. Granted her job was at her Father's law firm answering phones and filling, but it was a great afternoon job, and offered co-op getting her out of school early for the last two years. She looked down at the pictures on her dresser. It was covered in photos of her grandmother, cousin/best friend Kimber, Brady and group photos of the guys she played in the band with, in the far corner was a picture of her brother Adrian. It was days like this that she felt very lucky. She closed her eyes and tried to ignore the heat, it was getting so hot.....
She gasped for breath, and slid down to her knees. She was going to fight it, she wasn't going to let it get to her this time....
"Loret?!" she heard her mother call from downstairs. The sound of her mother's voice brought her back to reality.
"Yea?!" she yelled back a little weak but fought it off none the less. She got up off the floor and took a towel to her face, whipping it fiercely.
"Lunch is ready!" she shouted back. "Come down and we'll eat!"
"Ok ..." she called back, and checked herself in the mirror quickly. She looked ok she guessed so she went downstairs. "What's for lunch?" she said bouncing down and sitting at her normal spot at the table.
"Mac and Cheese with hotdogs....something simple before we hit the road..." her mother said sitting down. "And your father was cooking.."
"I heard that...." He said bringing the food in and sitting it on the table before taking his seat. "Loret...are you ok? You look a little flushed." Her mother asked, dishing out the food.
"I...I'm fine mom, really..." she lied. "I guess I just didn't have enough air circulating in my room and I got a little hot.." she smiled. "And I was just starting my workout.."
"Lore hunny...I've told you about the air up have to keep yourself cool, I don't want you over doing it with exercise as well...if you want to work out, go downstairs in the family room and do it where it's nice and cool..." her mother started to lecture her.
"She's ok won't be doing it again will you Loret?" Her father saved her, and she was glad.
"No sir.." she finished her lunch. "May I go pack now?" she asked.
"Yeah..go ahead hunny.." her father said, his eyes on her mother. She thought it best to just leave then, before the argument started. She was standing at the top of the stairs when she heard them start.
"She's seventeen years old Leigh...She's responsible enough to tell us if she's getting sick.." Her father said in a low almost angry voice.
"Daniel...It's not that I don't trust that she'll tell us..but...more that maybe she's lying to herself about it. Her Anemia isn't something to play with, and its been so long since she's been sick...she might not remember what it was like..."
"She was twelve when her last spell hit her, and she was in New York..." he sighed, "Leigh..she'd tell us...we can't try to control her more year and it will be hers to do with as she pleases in almost every legal fashion."
"I..I know I just..." she could hear her mother start to cry. "Her brother went so fast..and..."
"There,there Leigh...It's ok, Loret is going to be ok.“ Loret felt her stomach grow cold, and felt the sweating again, only instead of it being from her fevers, it was from having lied to her parents about it again, she knew they were right, but she didn't want them to worry, they had enough she thought.

Loret was sitting on her bed and played her guitar lightly singing Avril Lavigne's "I'm with you" when her father came in.
"Are you ready to go honey?" he asked looking his daughter over. "You haven't packed?"
"Oh...I'm gonna come back.." she said sitting her guitar down beside her. "Are you ready?" she stood up.
"Yes...are you alright Loret?...Are you having any problems?" he asked putting an arm around her. "Did something happen between you and Jarred?"
"Yeah.." she said softly. "Jarred and I broke up dad.." she said then pulled away. "But it's ok, I don't need him..." she said smiling. "I'm fine about it really.. " she laughed. "I'm a big girl'll take a little more than Jarrad Haston breaking up with me to get me down.." she grinned. "I'm a fighter remember?" she pulled him into a hug. "It's ok...let's get going before mom has a fit..." She pulled him out of her room. "We taking the van or my car?"
"The van..." Her father answered as they made their way downstairs.

Loret drove back to her house after seeing her parents off. She smiled as she got out of the van and looked around the garage. This was going to be a great night. She raced up the stairs to her room and threw open the doors to her closet. Tonight, they were going out. She threw the phone on speakerphone and dialed up Brady. Just the night before they'd gone out..that was a Friday, sure they'd be without Kimber, but she didn't care. She wanted to dance. She wanted to have fun, and she knew Brady wouldn't begrudge her that.
"What?!" he growled when he answered his private line. Sour mood. Surely not from when she had called him this morning.
"What bug crawled up your ass and died?" she retorted. That'd chill him out real quick.
"'s you Lor..." he shook his head. "Just got dealt my own bad news for the day.
"Oh?" she raised her eyebrow and pulled out a short leather skirt and kicked her boots out of the bottom of the closet into the floor. She searched for the perfect top to match. She couldn't wear the one she wore the night before. She had to find something different. Something better.
"Yeah...Mom's ex-father-in-law just called about twenty minutes ago. Something's up but she won't tell me what."
"Oh?" she usually just let others talk while she was searching for things. The great multi-tasker.
"Yeah...I think it's got something to do with her son....Nathan....I think." he sighed into the receiver. She could tell he was stressing out, he usually did anytime his step-mom's son was mentioned.
"So what...Nate's more than likely just gonna come by and visit...that's all." she shrugged it off. She'd never met the boy, but she usually teased Brady with the thought of him coming to stay forever.
"He's moving in." he said with another sigh. Loret tripped over her boots and crashed onto the floor with a loud thud.
"That's not funny!" she yelled at the phone.
"It wasn't a joke." he reassured her. "He's on his way right now."
"WHAT!?" she jumped to her feet and over to the phone. "WHAT?!"
"Exactly." he laughed lightly. "And mom wants us to show him around tonight..."
"Damn." Loret snapped her fingers. "Hey...we could loose him at the club--"
"LORET!" Brady was in shock. "Mom'd kill me!"
"Yeah..well at least you wouldn't have to live with him."
"Yeah..." Brady pretended to think about it. "That is a plan." He laughed.
"Didn't your dad say he was a real troublemaker for your mom..that's why he's been living with his dad?"
"Yeah...well..." He sighed again, she could tell he was rolling his eyes. "He's suppose to have grown out of it."
“Well.” she said running her hands through her hair quickly. “We’ll find a way to deal with that tonight. I’ll be over shortly...gotta go!” She looked at the phone waiting for his reply.
“Later.” he said hanging up.
Well...that put a damper on her plans.

If I did it...I didn't mean to.
If I hurt you...I didn't mean to.
If I left you...I didn't mean to.
If I scared you...I didn't mean to.
If I loved you...I didn't mean to.

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