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Sammie - that's Teflon to some of you here - became a gigantic figure in my life as my marriage guided by dreary stifling ideologies came to a yummy end. He was at an impasse in his marriage - where his pretty wife was becoming a boring suburbanite, while he, a free soul, breathing and speaking artistic ideas, started to confuse her and me.

He taught me a lot about artistic expression, he read to me a lot from great books, even succeeded in making the droll, masculine Le Carré sound like a Victorian poet. Sammie filled me in on music history, and gave an iPod loaded with 82 this from early '80s, because in '82 he started college and I was born.

He took me along on business trips and long weekends to his old stomping grounds in Michigan and Illinois - and I, coming from a closed religious background, fell in love with airports, hotels, his haikus and him.

I am lucky that in my religious seminary- girls' prep school I had great teachers in Art History and English Writing, and that helped me infect Sammie with obvious literary, romantic, sensuous ideas. I wrote haikus but ditched them due to their mediocrity and being self-conscious.

he is the only man, other than my second husband and my brother, who could tolerate my open-minded kindness. We decided to sober up and ground the relationship amicably, for both of our sakes, especially to save his marriage, and remained good friends, loyally in touch, even as he watched me continue exploring life - leaving no stone unturned - dating other men and women - all the while coming to our traditional Monday lunches often joined by my girlfriend.

About December 2009 he had a real tough time with his internet addictions - forums, social networks, and alcohol - and cut out all contact. Reading his quirky writing on the net let me see how addicted he was with me, often confusing me with his wife. I read between the lines and see the stages in his life and his inner world. The Sapphic Psalms that he published on Writing Forums is, of course, a taste and glimpses of me and my world, which he sculpted into rhymes.

And here I find myself reflecting on my life in a similar vein, learning to formulate my world - my love for mature men, artistic women, my confident husband, my older daughter, and twin boys we had in February - its images and sensations - into haikus.

I do feel very much at home at - it feels so much like my husband's office - because everyone knows him, and so it is here - I enjoy the place where everyone knows Sammie - it is like enjoying a boyfriend's favorite pub! Yummy!

Good things wait for those who know what they are doing


The following comments are for "We, Exposed Yummily"
by VickieSALT

Talking head
I can tell you are using MSWord because auto spell check is stupid, and has no way to differentiate between "hits" and "this"

"Thats 100% troof" as brothuhs say. I think the iPod also has this from Talking Heads though it

You may ask yourself, "What is that beautiful house?"
You may ask yourself, "Where does that highway go to?"
You may ask yourself, "Am I right, am I wrong?"
You may say to yourself, "My God! What have I done?"

What have I done, Loli? Is it the alley off Summit St.? Is it our playing jellyfish with all those flimsies by the lake?

(the "yummy" scenes that are too precious to mention. They'd stand out like eyesores anyway. Who'd understand? Bobby7L and JohnDoe, among others, would, they're cool dudes here ::applauding myself::.)

I think you know it, but ya don't need to answer.

I *woulda* said you need to make your paragraphs more succinct, but I lost the knack for literary critique. Keep perfecting your haikus, they're "scallous" :remembering, smirking at the Theroy piece:

I say to all my friends here who might find your style and persona a little too open: "if you got it, flaunt it" if you can do it artistically.

( Posted by: Teflon [Member] On: April 2, 2011 )

"Once in a lifetime..
..same as it ever was.."

You've gotten it off your chest. I look forward to fresh expressions.

"You may tell yourself, this is not my.."

( Posted by: Bobby7L [Member] On: April 2, 2011 )

Burning down the house
No idea'r who Teflon is so I feel like I'm outside looking in. And what I'm seeing is tea for two. Only reason I'm commenting is 'cos I thought the use of "yummy" was annoyingly forced. And I don't mean that as an insult. Well written essay but that repeated word gives it an air of falseness.

Other than that, good on ya.

( Posted by: toscano [Member] On: April 2, 2011 )

I have a personal experience with her "yummy" thing. Sometimes she measures her esthetic world by the yummy-yucky ruler. Of course I, Sam who still has enough Teflon left in/on me, occupy my own locus on the Y-Y line. This essay soothes my mitral valve(s) by reassuring me that I (or the memory of me) still sit close to the Yummy end.

( Posted by: Teflon [Member] On: April 2, 2011 )

@ Teflon: Yin-Yang. And I see it more as Yang-Yang.

And the constant usage of yummy is pointing me in my medicine cabinet's direction.

( Posted by: toscano [Member] On: April 3, 2011 )

mwuah! - SBT
Sammie, thank you for the almost A+ grades! Am I not a great student you could be proud of? Wait, I know I am.
I see you are also using the stupid MS Word's spellchecker. Or typing impatiently, in a hurry, - hopefully distracted by someone finally besting the internet - someone who's thrown away her sweats in favor of the cute and fuzzy sweaters :-) Why are we the only ones who write comments NOT in the comment window?
Also been reading your work here and getting the sense for the pub patrons. They're all so cozy and - oh so heimische.

Bobby, - I checked my home, and meditated on it, - through the eyes of my husband - and wonder: what would he think if he asked himself - "what is that beautiful house?" - and he would see VickieToriLolitaSALT's house. Thank you for exploring my blog and my stream of consciousness.

Toscano, Il Tosco, Toscanini - I love your Mediterranean gruff, brusque reaction to girlie vocabulary. If I was married to you, I would - in earnest - quit measuring my world with the yummy-yucky rainbow. As a fellow Mediterranean, I would obediently look up at you - and wait to be taught your system of measurements. And since Sammie, I have become more interested in Tantra, and in the true Yang things. For now, I still delight in the Jewish soul food of lox bagel and capers - with sprigs of tender salad herbs. Thank you again - for being Mediterranean, darling.


( Posted by: VickieSALT [Member] On: April 3, 2011 )

I have to say I find your ability to spill your truth with such openness to be quite liberating and brave I might add. Nice to see someone enjoying who they are.


( Posted by: nae411 [Member] On: April 4, 2011 )

nae is the girl
at last - I am sure Nae is the woman who is sensitive and sensual and understands what I express. Oh thank you for commenting, for it let me discover your world of wonderful poetic flowing gently meandering femininity.

( Posted by: VickieSALT [Member] On: April 4, 2011 )

Nice to meet you
Well thank you. I am a true believer in living life the way we want to, need to and not by other "peoples" standards. Always good to find that in someone else.

( Posted by: nae411 [Member] On: April 4, 2011 )

hope for art
Nae, I hope we can be each other's muses...I honestly believe Lit org needs some spunky impish feminine touch.

( Posted by: VickieSALT [Member] On: April 4, 2011 )

Vickie and Nae siting in a tree...
Spills happy thoughts for me. Good to see Nae here and in girl on girl action no less.

Sorry, mi amiga Cubana, couldn't resist.

( Posted by: toscano [Member] On: April 4, 2011 )

of Sensuality
I'm pretty sure I speak for most here, when I say Renae/Nae has been the resident voice of sensual poetics.

( Posted by: Bobby7L [Member] On: April 4, 2011 )

I am in love
Cubana...sensual poetics...
I feel bosom is heaving...I am overcome with a tzunami of very pert goose bumps...I must breastfeed soon, and that shall give me the electric, albeit temporary, ecstatic shivers

( Posted by: VickieSALT [Member] On: April 4, 2011 )

Behaving badly...
I leave for a minute and look at the eruption going on over here... hmm... muses... sensual poetics, I see the volcano brewing. Silly men... wink.


( Posted by: nae411 [Member] On: April 4, 2011 )

we were drawn that way
in the throes of passion when he - for N-th time attempted to conquer my most intimate squirming, - when I - feeling in heaven, blurted out so ever spontaneously - all I need is a girlfriend's cuddle -to which-

-he was forced to blurt out in frustration - "why are you so XXX-shameless S.A.L.T.?" - i replied, wide-eyed and with breathy honesty of post-coital hyperventilation -using a line from an animation movie he had me see with Jessica Rabbit-
"don't feel bad, I was drawn that way"

( Posted by: VickieSALT [Member] On: April 4, 2011 )

The Bingo Club, exposed
Guys, this is disgusting. Granted Vickie is a free soul, open minded, and wild at heart and open about her sexuality. Unable to bear or intimidated by her presence, a clique of old timers, or one of them had disabled Vickie's access to the site. That is low.

It's regretful that this place remains the same as it ever was. The club of old-timers, sanctimonious, vengeful and cantankerous.

I have been busy, making mistakes, learning, and I have grown. I have outgrown the frenzy and the pursuit of social networks. She has accomplished a lot for her age. I have kept track of this place from afar, and it seemed to me that Vickie would enjoy it as her first experience, being an open-minded free soul.

Vickie, SALT, Tori - is not important at this point. It is not important for her to get back in. Now I have learned that the issue that has developed has been festering, or as one of the Smug Reception Committee choose to say, Vickie "fORmenting" long before her coming aboard.

For the past 6 years I have seen the clique, under the guise of poetry or lyrics, generate mediocre poetry, often filled with cusswords. This very clique grows so pompous and, sanctimonious, and even defensive in booing the open-minded free-soul that is our Vickie.

Unable to handle Vickie's open mind and sensuality expressed in elegant sensual writing style, this swear word-smith cabal strays from the rule of responding in a professional manner, and resorts to using hazing, ostracizing and otherwise catty behavior.

What's worse, is the underhanded behind the scenes tactics. There maybe more to this committee, since there are many ex-moderators who know the right button, or script command to deny a person access to the site.

Each of us tried to sign on at the same time. I did. She could not. She tried different browsers, clearing cookie cache, and using her Win and Linux computers did not help.

The's unofficial Bingo club-, Committee-like clique simply felt jealousy, envy and true freedom of expression of such an open-minded newbie.

The system says I am a Sage. I don't let it go to my head, and don't request newcomers to earn their right to receive my comments, as Vickie was told upon her arrival by Windchime.

I have read through comments dealing with problems past. I have asked questions from other members and ex-members. I see a common denominator in the ongoing problems. It is the same inhospitable, crotchety Committee.

For a fleeting moment a while back I was sorry, and now I have no regrets about bringing her in, or recommending my ex-girlfriend to come here, now that by disturbing the Politburo's spiteful member's peace, its mildewed, catty, disgusting behavior surfaced for me and others to see.

Enough dancing around the People's Politburo's sensibilities. It's time for the Politburo to resign.

( Posted by: Teflon [Member] On: April 21, 2011 )

Not True
Vickie's access has NOT been blocked. I'm the ONLY moderator. And no one else has access to impliment a block.

I checked the logs. The problem is the password is wrong. If someone can't login, just email me. and I'll help resolve it.

In the logs, you can see the last several attempts to login, the error code is "Invalid Password." So before people go accusing others of issues they should really check first.

Anyone can have their own password reset ANYTIME by using the login form. There's a link right there on it. If that doesn't work, again, just email me. I'll get it sorted out.

Currently, not a single person is blocked from the site. I've given people the tools to block people from posting comments on their own works. No other banning is in place, we just haven't needed it. Yet.

( Posted by: Chrispian [Admin] On: April 21, 2011 )

S.M.U.G. comments
Nevertheless, being given her password, after several attempts I suddenly succeeded in signing on leaving the "Politburo check" comment.

On a grander scale, the issue at hand is still in SMUG: Sanctimonious Matrons Unmusically Grumbling.

One left, and the rest should be encouraged to follow. With them present, the activity is basically mutual flattery, when not seeking more action on Facebook. As William said, "out, out dames smug"

I do love acronyms. Vickie is grateful for the her SALT.

( Posted by: Teflon [Member] On: April 24, 2011 )

Block them
You have the power to block them from your work. Use it. That's how we'll get rid of trolls.

I should have the delete comments for authors working soon and then they are washed up. You'll have complete control over your works and there will be no reason for these kinds of comments.

I highly encourage anyone having problem with another user to block them and report them to me. I can't do anything about something if it's not reported.

( Posted by: Chrispian [Admin] On: April 25, 2011 )

Speaking of blocking, can there be some sort of notification prior to writing a comment?

It's kind of frustrating wasting time on a comment only to find out that they blocked you because (in my case) the person couldn't handle criticism.

( Posted by: slackjaw [Member] On: April 25, 2011 )

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