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I have an amicable copyright situation. I have co-written a series of poems [Sapphic Psalms 1 and 2] with's member who was my boyfriend at the time. Since then I have continued and there are 3 and 4 which I have written by myself. As far as he is concerned, he said it's all mine.

how should I credit the No. 1 and 2?

Good things wait for those who know what they are doing


The following comments are for "Copyright question"
by VickieSALT

I have had this same thing, and I can speak from actual EXPERIENCE, and NOT what I just heard from the cousin of my former girlfriends mother-in-law psychics uncle.

If you have a verbal agreement, you need to get back on speaking terms with your ex-boyfriend and getg it in writing how the copyright is split.

Here is how I did it, after a trip to the Library of Congressn and getting their instructions. Assign the copyright to a company, inc or whatever, that you own jointly withe the jer--- I mean ex boyfriend.

Get it all in writing, bacause when your poetry book sells 56 million copies in 42 different nations, you will need 56 attornies to get your half of the 1 billion 500 million dollars.

Even with poetry, I would have a paragraph, article XX, Chapter XXX, Section XXX,

Paragraph XXX, dealing with movie rights and split of boxoffice tickets.

FIRST talk to an attorney, and see if you might not need to divorce your ex-boyfriend in your state. (After "sweet talking" him into agreeing to your terms, of course.)

( Posted by: veebdosa [Member] On: March 28, 2011 )

I'd credit him with what he collaborated on. To me, it's the right thing to do. If it leads to money .. well .. that can be discussed later.

( Posted by: Pen [Member] On: March 28, 2011 )

dear fremds
(veebdosa, I think you might have intentionally mistyped to also say "foreigns" in German)

He has never felt right about having written them because it was my emotions and thoughts worked into lines that HE mastered into rhyme. He agreed with me that it was pathetic to hide (my) feminine world behind his psyche. When we met he was a bit of a pretender, and I can't blame him, for him being in a dreary marriage.

If there was a "jer..." than it was me, because I dated him - the married man - did you all knew that he was married?

he is still amicable, and in no shape to contest, because our relationship "kinda" deflated beautifully, he got disillusioned with, and abandoned all his creative aspirations. Besides me ribbing him for having too much of cyber life, forums, etc.

I do feel like crediting him. He needs a lot of compassion right now :-) more about him in a separate post. Thank you for the input!

( Posted by: VickieSALT [Member] On: March 28, 2011 )

Dont knock it....
Don't beat up on yourself for dating a masrried guy, it goes on all around us today, I do myself, not guys, but married ladies. It is a different world today, marriage is not the sacred matter it was only a few years ago.

We have short marriagess these days, and more and more people are realizing the merits of convenience marriage, and taking advantage of it.

Every single iconic male in the Bible had a few wives at the same time, plus if they were wealthy, a concubine or two.
In the military, dating other married people happens a LOT, my wife is military and I have been to more movies and dinners with ARMY WIVES when she is gone than I have had with her.

Anyone don't like it...kiss off....this system works for us and yes, Jesus still loves me.

( Posted by: veebdosa [Member] On: March 29, 2011 )

thank you for picking up on that. I hope you or someone can formulate that factor which took the holiness out of marriages. I have just written an essay on Teflon, and us.

( Posted by: VickieSALT [Member] On: March 29, 2011 )

answer and then some
If there was a "jer..." than it was me, because I dated him - the married man - did you all knew that he was married?

Teflon went on and on about his beautiful wife .. to the point where 'some' of the members of the WF wondered 'privately' if he was really married at all. I know because I got one of the PM's about this and replied that I didn't give a damn about his marital status and pointedly wondered why they were so interested.

The internet reality .. being what it is .. can provide 'cover' for all sorts of game players. For all I know you could be Teflon checking out the folks 'you' used to 'know' in another 'life'. Wouldn't be the first time that's happened.

( Posted by: Pen [Member] On: March 30, 2011 )

Teflon's lives
well unfortunately and fortunately I happen to know that he has been married, and there is more about us in my post about us pending approval here.

In a way he is very married, and as I can remember, I made sure he was surrounded by intimate female company ;-) I found our Sapphic Psalms and wonder- without me, and just with his pretty but boring wife around, the Psalms wouldn't have been possible.

Reading the rest of his writing does feel kind of quirky, almost detached from reality.

( Posted by: VickieSALT [Member] On: March 30, 2011 )

oh dear
- without me, and just with his pretty but boring wife around, the Psalms wouldn't have been possible.

How magnanimous of you to augment Teflon's boredom by pinch hitting in the intimacy department. I'm so happy that you benefited creatively. I wait, with baited breath, for your exposť on your 'love' affair.

Now for an honest comment, Teflon lost a great deal of respect from me when he ID'd his wife as a 'Trophy' ... that tidbit told me exactly what I'd suspected in regards to his respect for and appreciation of women. Seems that his 'bag tally' was more robust than even he gave himself credit for.

( Posted by: Pen [Member] On: March 30, 2011 )

I think I have answered the post clearly, and certainly I am not going to sign an online statement that I am Vickie and not Sam the Teflon.

If I wanted, I would certainly use my knowledge of Sam - "Teflon" - to pose as him, but that would be transparently stupid, and waste my time.

I get an impression that some of you spend your time here analyzing, reading into, suspecting, rationalizing, - but not fostering the process of creating. Now I am reading "Teflon" comments and writing here, and wondering - what did he get out of here?

Come to think of it, creative material is waiting for approval - while comments are popping like...pop corn. So I don't understand the block feature - just don't follow and don't read!

( Posted by: VickieSALT [Member] On: March 30, 2011 )

Airing Dirty Laundry!
I don't understand why you have chosen to "tell all" as a newbie here.

For one thing, bashing someone's reputation that we have known (true or not) is risky business that could come back to haunt you my dear...legally perhaps if he so chooses to do so.

However...did you join us to post your own work...or to just smear someone's name? If so...this is not the place to do it! I know my generation is "way beyond the times" and you couldn't care less what I think about your flaunting your infidelity for all to see, but I DO care about Lit, and airing your sexual past here (I suspect to gain attention as a newwbie) is repugnant to me.

It has occurred to me that perhaps our friend Veebosa may have a hand in this n'ect pas?

It will be interesting to see if Teflon responds to any event...again I say Lit is not the place to air your dirty laundry!

If you have anything worth it...we're not interested in your personal life!

( Posted by: Beatrice Boyle [Member] On: March 30, 2011 )

slightly disagreeing
It's not a tell-all, really, because I have submitted a tell-all that Sammie would have savored - it is still awaiting an approval.

There I mention him being in a program that encourages him to quit his addictions and open up everywhere. Once he even asked me to email his treatment counselor an expose, which was so therapeutic that it was read in a group setting.

You are right, generally this sort of disclosure and flaunting of self would be indecent, except - infidelities, as imperfections, are the energy that drives self-expression.

Sammie the Teflon often commented on my blog, the forum for my exhibitionist, shameless and very esthetic self-exposure, and delighted unflinchingly in my narrative, disclosing everything, tastefully of course.

I understand that anything tastefully written and informative can be posted here. Just read about the history of SALT nickname that Bobby so wisely offered.

( Posted by: VickieSALT [Member] On: March 30, 2011 )

Le candaulisme
The represented persona most here recall as Teflon, was open about his proclivities throughout his Bar-thread over at the writingforums. Confessionals were offered within a social atmosphere, with those wishing, adding to/participating in the process.

Having said that, is more about the writing.

Teflon, or Netflo, as I sometimes called him, separated the two..It is perhaps something to keep in mind.

( Posted by: Bobby7L [Member] On: March 30, 2011 )

I get an impression that some of you spend your time here analyzing, reading into, suspecting, rationalizing, - but not fostering the process of creating.

It was your choice to come and post at LitOrg. It was your choice to reveal what you did in your bio. It was your choice to piggyback upon another person's personality here .. so perhaps if you need answers to your 'impressions' the person to approach is yourself. This is my last foray into this palaver and you are most welcome at LitOrg even if you need a crutch to establish who you might be. It's really irrelevant in the long haul.

( Posted by: Pen [Member] On: March 30, 2011 )

"Jacques a dit"
I have read the Moderator's request to keep comments centered on creative-educational ideas - and seeing a point in that - I have to note the extreme usefulness of Veebdosa and Bobby7 SALT comments in researching subject matter and contributing to my writing.

( Posted by: VickieSALT [Member] On: March 31, 2011 )

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