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spring sun reads letters
breezes caress clutched hands as heart
remembers lovers

dedicated to my Number One Fan, my husband.

(inspired by

In the Spring a livelier iris changes on the burnish'd dove;
In the Spring a young man's fancy lightly turns to thoughts of love.

from Alfred Lord Tennyson's Locksley Hall)

Good things wait for those who know what they are doing

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The following comments are for "Fourth Season"
by VickieSALT

of memories and remembering
Your offering induced a big smile..

experience enjoyed

I would bet Teflon remembers you.

( Posted by: Bobby7L [Member] On: March 28, 2011 )

I did learn to use images in writing from him, and stuck to "imagism" He did always speak fondly of his time on forums, and I always ribbed him for it, because I thought it was too much for a man who has a wife and Vickie for a girlfriend.

We used to be in touch up until December 2009, when we were through but still spent lunches in the company of my girlfriend. By February he started marital counseling, and stopped corresponding. More in a separate post about boyfriends.

the haiku, however, is about others :-)

( Posted by: VickieSALT [Member] On: March 28, 2011 )

delicate touch
I'm not really good at haiku, but enjoy reading good haiku, and I think this is of that class. It is sewn of delicate lines but really holds a strong note of sentiment without being wishy-washy sentimentalism...

I usually steer clear of the L word, because it seems to have been cheapened in today's culture, but you insert that true meaning of what I think the word used to mean to us.


( Posted by: BWOz [Member] On: March 29, 2011 )

hello there
Letters have such a presence .. they can be treasured for eons and while I never kept any 'love' letters I do have the ones my mom wrote me when she and my dad were away traveling the USA for a year.

I think you captured the essence of the connections. Got me thinking about a poem I wrote about letters .. maybe I'll go dig it up.

( Posted by: Pen [Member] On: March 29, 2011 )

belle lettres
letters, as in snail mail, have become obsolete. I wonder what that - emailing instead - has done to people's psyche

( Posted by: VickieSALT [Member] On: March 29, 2011 )

Very cool
I'm with Brian on this. I am horrible at Haiku's- guess I should spend more time with it.

I really enjoyed this. Reads/rolls well.

Thanks for sharing this!


( Posted by: pablowilliams [Member] On: March 29, 2011 )

belle lettres RSVP
I thought this was a perfectly crafted haiku (despite the extra syllable). That said, did you notice you suggested your own sequel?
Psyche & e-mail.

Something like ...

Once keys are caressed,
The image shines bright and flat.
There's nothing to clutch.

( Posted by: Poeteye [Member] On: March 30, 2011 )

au contraire!
hope I spelled that right or I'll catch grief from Lucie! heh heh

letters, as in snail mail, have become obsolete.

I think it's sacrilege for a writer to declare that posted letters are obsolete. Besides not being true, I write letters all the time .. ask many LitOrg members, and send postcards too when I travel and even sometimes when I don't. E-mail is great but doesn't replace the friendly touch a real time letter/card can deliver. Quite honestly, this comment of yours irked me but when I explain I was a postal worker for 31 years I'm sure you'll understand where I'm coming from. Maybe you'll do your part and send a couple of letters yourself ...

( Posted by: Pen [Member] On: March 30, 2011 )

chaises musicales
regarding the letters, I observed it regretting the demise. Of course I appreciate postal workers - this side of the ocean they also double as postal bank tellers, and work really hard.

Poeteye is definitely's haiku master! - No comment, just learning.

( Posted by: VickieSALT [Member] On: March 30, 2011 )

no worries
Trust me .. it's not like your comment isn't one that I've heard/read many times. Just doing my part to promote the real mail factors.

You've inspired me to write an opinion piece so .. thank you!

Popeye .. that haiku/senryu is brilliant.

( Posted by: Pen [Member] On: March 30, 2011 )

documentation and letter writing
Well, Pen, you are in good company, I myself am a big letter writer, by far this is the most appropriate and concise methond of communication, and don't let stastics fool you, many, many people are also heavily involved in letter writing.

You know what Winston Churchill said, there are 3 kinds of lies,
1. lies
2. damned lies, and
3. statistics.

I absolutely love to write letters. I have a computer totally dedicated to my pursuit of letter writing and the writing of my memoirs. This computer has no way of even connecting to the Internet, no Wireless connection, it never has had and it never will have.

MY DEEPEST SECRETS ARE ALL THERE!!! And, and, and, every second of screenactivity is videotaped onto a camcorder for years now. 3 hard drives full of video-ized data, to assure the integrity of everything I write and why.

( Posted by: veebdosa [Member] On: March 30, 2011 )

warm smiles
"...every second of screen activity is videotaped..." -3 hard drives
- that's fastidious, methodical, meticulous, neat, ordered, orderly, painstaking, scrupulous!

I am sure you could analyze those records and tabulate the data into time vs. word count vs. typing time and get - the Statistics! Why would that be a lie?

Poor Veebdosa - having to film self - who did this to you? The law? The Wife, being suspicious?

I am asking because it looks like something Sam might have been told to do. I feel for both of you - though YOU are not my victim :-)

( Posted by: VickieSALT [Member] On: March 30, 2011 )

meticulous veeb
why use a camera, if screen captures work?

Tori is right. I have been through mindboggling messes of having to document my every step. I had pictures of me taken holding up that day's newspaper. I was her victim, but it helped me write flash fiction.

( Posted by: Teflon [Member] On: April 21, 2011 )

Bro and Sistah Floozie
why use a video camera? Because screen capture, like everything else on the computer, is also a file, and can be copied, removed, deleted, changed or altered, and sent to any other compute on the planet at someone's will. You will never know it. A video filming can not.

Do not kid yourself, Big Brother is NOT A MYTH, he is alive and well, and yes, if you have a computer, you are being watched. Get used to it.

Why do they do it? Just because they have the ability and just in case they might have some need for it some day, no other reason.

( Posted by: veebdosa [Member] On: April 21, 2011 )

For Whom The Balls Itch
Oh, yeh, I forgot to add, why I video tape it, out of an abundance of cauthion, and and and --- to assure the integrity of everything I write and why.
No suspicion to or about ANYONE. In the case of Edgar A. Poe, many volumes have been written as Biography, but few of them have any way of verifying anything they write about him.

I am very sure most of them are total crap and untrue. We just don't know. When I die and the Biographies are written abot me, I want them to be RIGHT, and based on verifiable facts I have myself and have circulated them to trustworthy people I know. Not everyone has everything, but a few have pieces I want them to have right now.

I know what I am doing.

( Posted by: veebdosa [Member] On: April 21, 2011 )

Big Sister
Roger that.

( Posted by: Bobby7L [Member] On: April 21, 2011 )

Acrobat Veeb
I have been thinking of your idea, because for different purposes I have also been using PDF app in Firefox browsers, which take a non-editable PDF snapshot of own's work with responses, think of emails, etc. It has been successfully admitted as evidence in many disputes with various institutions. I have taught Vickie the above author to do the same on her forums and blog, because as you know it, things get edited, people chicken out and delete their contributions, and you want to read it in its fullest finery.

anchor's aweigh

( Posted by: Teflon [Member] On: April 27, 2011 )

Hold it, in my Navy, I thought it was Anchors Away? I will have to check the Navy Anthem, my bet it is smelled both ways, as Anchors away and Anchors Aweigh. Today Sony announced the hacking of millions and millions of personal account info from their Sony Play Station network. Why should we care? If you know the answer to thatI will be praying for your kcomputer. Hacking is so easy and how to do it so readily available in libraries and beok stores that I am amazed we don't see a lot more of it.

( Posted by: veebdosa [Member] On: April 27, 2011 )

You've got that right Veeb!
Well we have Veeb...right here on my computer!

Someone got into my address book here and sent out a million (or so it seemed ) nonsense mails to almost everyone on my list! Even the junk mail addresses!!

This has been going on for two days, plus my computer freezes every 5 minutes or so and I have to keep rebooting to get on again!

If anyone here was on the list and you received one of them, I do apologise...AOL insists that they have me covered with spywear and fire walls etc, that I pay a premium for!

As I'm not a techie by any means, I just sit here and get frustrated. I was told by someone knwoedgeable the someone who wants to make trouble for me is probably the culprit.. since that's a long list...I won't even try to guess.

Again my apologies if anyone here was on the list!

It's enough to drive a person straight to G's which is where I'm going right now!!

( Posted by: Beatrice Boyle [Member] On: April 28, 2011 )

Bad Moon Rising...???
We need to pay attention, you never know where you receive important knowledge from.

Last night,I was ordering some viceo clips from Magix in Dresden, Germany, It would not accept the credit card.

Within 20 minutes, I received notices from Security at my Credit card, and Security at 2 of my banks that "Suspiceous Activity" had tried to access my accounts and all of them had put a hold on the acounts so no one, not even myself, could access the monies.

It is getting dangerous everywhere, we need to prepare for more bad stuff. And bad weather. Put a foghorn in your basement in case the debris covers you up so you can let rescuers hear where you are. Stuff like that. Small water bottles. An electric saw and a small hand saw. Use your imagination. But PREPARE.

( Posted by: veebdosa [Member] On: April 28, 2011 )

veerus and navee for Veeb
When I was on a small auxiliary ship, it had the past Mohicans of the true sailor kind, the kind that knew the difference between a marlinspike and marlin's snout.

Anchor's aweigh is when an anchor no longer anchoring a ship, and is being winched back in. When it is hanging on the chain, it is "anchor up and down". The aweigh situation implies getting under way, and not a docking, or casting lines, an arrival. The mistake is caused by thinking of aweigh as away, as if the anchor is dropped. I guess "aweigh" long time ago was the feeling of the anchor's weight by the bosun's mates that had to do all the capstan and winch work.

Very important when writing maritime or naval lore. There are so mnay naïve mistakes. Up until recently all civilian ships were "it", and naval-military ships "she" or "he". Friendly ones are she, enemy are he. Makes sense!

Regarding slow computers and viruses. I guess a new PC is needed, and then keep it clean by NOT using Outlook and Outlook Express, and not opening those cute interoffice chainmail slideshows. Use online free email services, which are a lot better than Mcirosludge Outluck. Security and anonymity is the best with Linux.

Better yet, buy a Linux computer and enjoy life totally impervious to Trojans and viruses. The only disadvantage is the Ameritrade sites being engineered only for Microsludge.

( Posted by: Teflon [Member] On: May 1, 2011 )

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