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Willie’s Wonderful Adventure

Willie stared longingly out the window of his tiny cabin, dreaming of an adventure, something exciting, dangerous, and required bravery. An adventure where he could explore the amazing Jabbering Jungle; where the trees there all had names and really talked to each other, or maybe take a boat through Open Ocean, where you could actually breath under water. Willie sighed-all of that stuff was for someone like Sir Thomas the Brave; his favorite story time character. He wanted something more than just chopping firewood, and helping his dad feed the chickens and milk the cows, along with all of the other typical farming duties.
“Willie. Willie, where are you?” It was Willie’s mother.
“I’m in the family room,” he replied.
“Go get ready for bed, dear.”
Willie moaned, “Do I have to?”
“You ask me this every single night and I don’t know why. You know my answer is no. Now go get ready, and while you’re in your room you can go to bed. It’s that time anyway.”
Slowly, he made his way down the small hallway leading to his room. He changed into his flannel pants, threw his shirt into the closet, and crawled into his bed. Willie had short, red hair, bright blue eyes, and was rather small.
“I wish I was Sir Thomas the Brave. I could do anything I want, when I want. I could fight dragons, rescue beautiful princess’s that had been locked up in a tower by their evil stepmothers, and I could have the best companions at my side for when I have to battle a thousand monsters.”
Willie suddenly sat straight up, and grinned. Slowly and quietly, Willie crept out of his bed, and slipped into the hall. As silent as he could be, he cracked open his parents’ bedroom door-just a hair, and peeked inside. From one of the large lumps in his parents’ bed came a loud snore; that was Willie’s dad. His mother was breathing as if in a deep slumber. Willie grinned even more.
Repeating the routine he had used to get a peak into his parents’ room, he used to get back into his. Once back in his room, he began to gather everything he thought necessary for an adventure greater than the one taken by Sir Thomas the Brave. He found his old wood gathering bag that he used when gathering wood with his dad. Inside it, he put two pairs of clothes, his carving knife, his best belt, a hat, a pair of boots, his axe, and the map he had copied out of his favorite book: The Adventure of Sir Thomas the Great. As the last thing he would bring, he put the book in the bag too.
“Alright, I’m all ready to go.”
He went to his window and opened it. With one last look at his parents’ bedroom, he jumped out.
Looking around the forest, and after hastily examining the map’s every line and detail, he darted into the forest, and towards the direction if the Jabbering Jungle. It wasn’t going to be easy to get there. First he had to get out of this little forest that he was already in, and then walk for about a day or two through the plains of Gildenburg. That was where he would get some food. He knew the owner of the inn at the town of Gildenburg, and he would certainly give him something to eat.
Willie looked back; the cabin was nearly invisible from where he was standing. He had already walked quite a ways. As he continued to look back he tripped over something. Willie crashed into a tree and fell to the ground. Willie lay there for a moment before he slowly sat up, rubbing his head as he did. He heard a snicker. Willie suddenly came to his senses.
“Who’s there?” He called.
He saw a shape run past a tree not too far away from him. He grew frightened. The shape darted by another tree, and then another. Suddenly a boy popped up right in front of Willie.
“Ahh!” Willie Screamed.
He backed up against the tree that he had hit his head on.
“Wh-wh-who are you?” Asked Willie.
The boy laughed again.
“They call me, Jasper,” he replied with a squeaky voice.
“Who’s “they”?” Asked Willie.
“My parents of course.”
Willie raised an eyebrow, “What are you doing outside at this time?”
“I should ask you the same thing,” Jasper replied.
Willie smiled.
“Why I’m going on an adventure. I’m off to see the world.”
“Neat! Can I come?”
Willie was about to say no, when he remember about Sir Thomas the Brave having good friends.
“Sure; you will be my companion. Now I only need two more.”
Jasper clapped his hands together with excitement. Then Willie continued on through the forest with Jasper tagging along behind.
“I can see the fields up ahead,” Jasper said with glee.
Willie smiled.
“So how old are you?” Asked Willie.
“Twelve,” he replied. “How old are you, Willie?”
“Thirteen. So why were you outside. You never did answer my question.”
“I ran away. My father was mean to me, and so I left.”
The two walked past two more trees, and were out of the forest.
“Well, that’s one obstacle down.”
Jasper smiled. The village lights could be seen from where the two boys were. Now that they were out of the forest, the moonlight lit up Jasper’s face. He was average sized, with wavy brown hair that reached his brown eyes, and his cheeks were covered in freckles.
“That’s Gildenburg,” said Willie, pointing to the village. “It’s where we’ll be staying for the night.”
“Oh. I see. Will we get food there?”
Walking through the desolate field, the two became quite hungry and were ready to receive a big platter of food each when they got to the inn. Once they reached Gildenburg, they ran towards the inn. They threw open the door to find a bunch of empty benches, aside from three or so men still sipping their drinks.
“We’ll have the place nearly all to ourselves,” said Willie excitedly.
Ms. Frans, the innkeeper’s wife was bustling about the place until she noticed the two boys standing in doorway.
“Why if it isn’t little Willie. And who’s your friend?”
“That’s Jasper,” Willie replied.
Jasper smiled and waved.
“Is your father here?” She asked.
“Uh, yeah. He’s with some old friends though, and he said to tell you that he’ll be by tomorrow.”
“Oh good. I can’t wait to see him.”
“Willie, I thought you said that your dad was back at…”
Willie quickly jabbed Jasper in the ribs to silence him.
“Oh, I just remembered,” said Ms. Frans. “I’d like you to meet the innkeeper.”
“But I already know the inn…”
He was interrupted by Ms Hans yelling.
“Shea! Oh Shea!”
Willie’s eyes widened. Shea was a fifteen year old bully that beat Willie up every time he came to Gildenburg. Shea walked out of a door near the back and walked up to his mother. He spotted Willie and smirked while pounding his fist into his other hand.
“I’ll leave you boys to talk and have fun,” said Ms. Frans.
“What you want?” Shea asked angrily.
“Food,” responded Jasper while hopping up and down. “We want food! Food!”
“Shut up!” Shea punched him in the stomach, causing him to fall to the ground.
Shea opened his mouth to talk, but before he could say anything, he had a knife to his throat.
“Didn’t you hear me?” Jasper said into his ear. “I…want…FOOD!”
“Fine, I’ll get you two some food,” Shea said as he rubbed his neck and ear. “Why are you two so hungry anyway? Haven’t you any food at your home?”
“We ran away from home ‘cause we’re on an adventure,” replied Jasper.
“An adventure eh? Go to the kitchen and tell the chef I sent you. We’ll talk later.”
Willie and Jasper walked into the kitchen.
“We want food,” Jasper demanded as he pounded his fist on a counter.
The chef looked at the two curiously.
“Shea said to tell you that he sent us in here to get some food,” said Willie.
The chef grabbed two plates and on them, put two pieces of meat, mashed potatoes, an ear of corn and a roll. He handed each of them a plate and then went back to a cabinet, grabbed two cups, filled them with milk, and set them next to their plates.
“Thank you,” said Willie.
The chef gave him a smile, and then turned and gave Jasper, who was rapidly cramming food in his mouth a glare. The two boys finished their meals, just as Shea walked into the kitchen.
“Let me show you two to you room.”
He led them out of the kitchen, up the stairs that were up against the wall, down a hallway, up another staircase, and then, halfway through that hallway, unlocked a door. He opened it and motioned the two boys inside. There was a bed on either side of the room. Willie was tired and so he changed into his flannels for the second time that night, and then crawled into his bed. Jasper didn’t have any other clothes, so he simply just crawled into his bed.
“By the way,” said Shea, “I’m coming with you two when you leave.”
“You’re not coming with us Shea,” said Willie.
Shea smiled and closed the door. The two boys closed there eyes and went to sleep.

“I can’t believe you’re coming with us,” said Willie as the three saddled Shea’s horses.
It was early in the morning, as the sun was just peeking above the horizon.
“You need me,” said Shea. “I can protect you two if you’re attacked.”
“He’s got a point,” said Jasper.
Willie waved it away and gave up on arguing the point further. The three climbed up in their saddles and kicked their horses into a trot. Down Gildenburg’s road went, Willie, Jasper and Shea. Once they were out of the village, Willie pulled out his map. He had assumed at least a day’s walk, but now that they were on horses, he figured that they could be to the Jabbering Jungle within five hours. Luckily, Shea had grabbed as much food as he could cary, which would last the three for at least a week or two.
“So what made you two want to go on this crazy adventure?” Asked Shea.
“Well, it all started when my mom first read me the book, The Great Adventure of Sir Thomas the Great. Ever since then I’ve wanted to do something like this. So finally, last night, after my parents had gone asleep, I slipped out my bedroom window, and began through the forest. Half way through, I ran into Jasper who had run away from his home too.”
“Why did you run away?” Asked Shea.
Jasper gave him the same answer he had given Willie.
“So anyway, us two continued until we were out of the forest. Then we came to your village Gildenburg.”
“Okay, okay. That’s all I wanted to hear. And I joined because everyone else is doing it.”
“It’s just us two though, Shea.”
“Well, with Gildenburg being the size that it is, you pretty much are everyone.”
Willie shrugged.

Three hours later, the three decided to stop for breakfast. The three were all starving, and so they climbed off their horses, and waited for Shea to pass around the food. They all got a piece of bread, some dried meat, and a gulp of water from a flask. When they were done with their small meal, they climbed back onto their horses and started off again.
In the distance, they could make out a vast shadow.
“I can’t wait to get there,” said Jasper.
“we could be there soon if we had the horses set at a full gallop,” said Shea. “They’re the fastest in the land, Rildenburg’s horses are.”
He kicked his horse into a gallop, and to keep up, the other two did the same. Fifteen minutes later, the three were standing at the Jabbering Jungle’s edge. They had definitely gotten there a lot faster than Willie had figured they would.
“Finally, after long last. I get to see the Jabbering Jungle,” said Willie.
“Hey Carl. Carl get a load o’ this.”
“What? What is it?”
“Why…It’s humans.”
“Yeah Humans.”
The three boys looked around for any sign of someone else, but they couldn’t figure out who was talking.
“Where are those voices coming from?” Asked Jasper.
“It’s true! The trees really can talk,” exclaimed Willie.
Shea looked at him with raised eyebrows. “Whatever.”
The three hesitantly made their way inside the Jabbering Jungle.
“Should I crush ‘em Jerry?”
“Nah; they’re only kids.”
“So then the tree said-my bite is a lot worse than my bark!”
“They’re all talking,” said Willie, who was grinning ear to ear.
Jasper started to laugh, “This is great!”
Suddenly the trees went silent. A loud screech could be heard in the distant trees.
“Climb to the top my branpches,” whispered a nearby tree, and reluctantly the three obeyed.
Once they were at the top, they could see what looked to be a tribe of wild savages.
“Just like in the book,” Willie whispered.
Willie reach for his pack, but felt nothing on his back. It was gone! He looked around and noticed it laying there on the ground.
“I have to get my bag,” he whispered.
He was about to climb down when a branch picked him back up and set him back on the branch he was sitting on.
“If you go down there, you will be killed,” the tree whispered.
Willie was scared, along with Shea and Jasper. He clung onto the branch, while staring longingly at his bag. He looked up, and right into the face of a savage man. It was painted red, with black and white stripes streaked across it.
“Don’t move a muscle,” the tree whispered.
“Hi I’m Jasper.” He held out his hand to the man.
The man screamed a shrill scream, which scared Jasper so much, that he lost his balance and fell out of the tree. Just as he was about to hit, the tree’s bottom branch swung out and caught him by the neck of his shirt. Shea and Willie still had to find a way to deal with the wild savage man that was standing right in front of them.
Willie whipped out the knife from the sheath that was around his ankle, and pointed it at the man’s face. The man didn’t so much as blink; the knife could have been a sword for all he cared. The man suddenly sprang onto his hands, kicked Willie, which sent him flying up against the trunk of the tree, and at the same time losing his knife. Before Shea could do anything to help, the savage man had Willie’s knife pressed hard against his chest.
The man sneered, and was about to push the knife in when the anther tree branch knocked his clean off his feet, and flying out of the tree.
“Phew,” Shea managed as he wiped the sweat off of his brow. He turned around and saw Willie’s limp body resting up against the tree trunk. “Willie! Willie are you alright?”
Slowly, Willie peeked out of one eye.
“Is it safe?” He whispered.
“Up here for now.”
“Where’s Jasper?” Asked Willie.
They looked at the forest’s ground. Jasper was having his face painted the colors of the other savage men.
“You guys are great,” he was saying to them. “Do you have homes, or, like teepees?”
Slowly and cautiously, Willie and Shea climbed down from the tree.
“Jasper, are you alright?” Willie called.
“I’ve never been better,” he replied.
“Jasper, we need to continue on our adventure.”
“But I like it here. Anyway, they’re going to take me to their homes.”
Just then, the tribe started to march away towards their camp.
“Jasper! Wait up,” said Willie, as he and Shea struggled down the tree.
They ran to catch up, and when they did, they could hear a loud rumble.
“What’s that noise,” asked Shea to one of the men.
They came out into a clearing and the man pointed to a beautiful waterfall. It was a perfect circle, with a waterfall to the far end, their camp in the middle, and a river running along side it.
“It’s beautiful,” whispered Willie to himself.
“Wee!” Yelled Jasper as he jumped into the river.
One of the men tried to stop him, but he was already in. When he landed, he was immediately swept away by the current.
“Ahh! Help! Help!”
Willie couldn’t help laughing at him. Finally, a little ways away from the camp, a tree scooped him out with one of its branches and set him back down on the ground. Shivering and mad, Jasper walked slowly back to the camp.
“This stinks! I’m freezing now,” he said.
Willie was still laughing, when somebody tapped him on the shoulder. Willie turned around to see a boy about his age smiling at him.
“Where do you come from he asked?”
“Faldeen Forest,” Willie replied.
“What’s your name?” Asked the boy.
“Willie. What’s yours?”
“Ajere. If you’re from Faldden Forest, then what are you doing here?” Asked Ajere.
“I’m on an adventure,” replied Willie.
“Wow! I’ve always dreamed of going on an adventure.”
“Well, if you wanted to, you could come with us. You would be our final companion,” said Jasper.

The four talked until dark and then went to bed while having in mind to set out in the morning for the Open Ocean, then the Monstrous Mountains, and finally the Conquering Castle.

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The following comments are for "Willie's Wonderful Adventure:Part 1"
by ArturHawking

You need to work on it

Okay first off, you've gotta make your characters more realistic and less simple minded. Thirteen, twelve and fifteen year olds don't decide on the spur of the moment to leave on a dangerous adventure. Also, you seem to have a warped idea of age, the one year between twelve and thirteen dosen't make a squeeky exited little kid. You could do a little bit of edditing when it comes to pronouns, as you repeat Willie, Jasper and Shea all together too much. But still, with a bit of work, more detail and changes to the characters personalities or ages, the story has the potential to be quite interesting

( Posted by: Farror [Member] On: September 1, 2003 )

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