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I haven't been back very long and I'm already seeing that there are groups of people who are, lets call it fighting, with one another. Playing games, voting, multiple accounts, harassing other members and other methods of trying to game the system. That's not what we are here for. The purpose of the site is to focus on our writing.

I'm going to take this time to remind everyone that we have rules around here. If you want to participate here then you do so by the site rules. I'd like to see everyone find a way to use to improve their writing. This isn't a place for politics or religion. This isn't a place to push your own agenda. It's a place to talk about writing, do some writing and share in each other's process. If you're here for something else you can leave. No hard feelings.

In the next few weeks or so I'll be making some changes to the system that will virtually eliminate this kind of thing. Authors will have the power to delete comments on their own posts. You'll be able to block members from sending you messages and reporting any bad behavior so staff can review. And more.

So lets cut with the games. I'm not looking for explanations or excuses. Lets move on and do some writing together. If you don't feel like you can play within the rules of the site, again, no hard feelings. Lets part way as friends. I don't want to resort to banning and that sort of thing. I'd much rather focus on the writing myself.

Update: I've already had to close the comments on this. There is no discussion. If you have an issue with this, you're welcome to take it up with me privately. I won't allow people to continue to disrupt the site. I prefer not to handle things like this on the site, but with members one on one and that's how I will continue to do things. Unfortunately, because of how wide spread some bad behavior has become on this site I need to post this reminder publicly.

This site, and the comments specifically, are meant for friendly discussion and discourse. Discuss the piece, offer suggestions and make remarks. We don't allow trolling, spam, x-rated material and other things. We have rules and guidelines, as do all publications. And you have a million choices of where to publish your work. So please abide by the rules and we can all have a good time and enjoy the site. Focus on writing and leave the rest outside when you enter here.

Chrispian H. Burks
Lit.Org Owner / Founder
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The following comments are for "Enough Fighting, Let's Get Back To The Rules"
by Chrispian

Common Sense

I welcome the chance to delete 'unwanted' comment (although I can not actually remember me getting one) as I see this as the answer to stop the silliness that goes on.

I would, however, hate not having the opportunity to comment on how an author or poet's work has affected me and comment upon my interpretation of the content.

I feel that all writers have a story to tell and it is esential that they get this form of feedback, I know iI rely on it.

I personally do not feel qualified to comment on every writers expertise at his craft although I occasionally do, and think if it is only comments on the way a piece is actual written that is welcome we could lose the very essence of the site.

I welcomed the return of some of the previous writers, but as you say, for some reason more appropriate to a playground, you home as been abused and I sincerely hopes that the newer members do not associate me with this.

Can you image how felt I after suggesting amnesty to see this conflict.

I wrote a comment ending in 'rules are meant to be bent - not broken, I also wrote a piece about the lack of common sense, lets hope that we all (and I include myself) can find a little!

I feel the measures you have mentioned will help us to keep Lit in order and hope that we can all get on with enjoying your hospitality.


( Posted by: ivordavies [Member] On: February 13, 2011 )

Amen, brother.


( Posted by: manatee [Member] On: February 13, 2011 )


I will cease calling my self Santo Nicola or use that persona on the front page.I will act as myself (Bob Callaci)from this dimension:) Only in my blogs will I speak in my characters voice. I agree with you 100% and will abide by the rules of conduct.

I think the fighting or near fighting has died down- Hope all is well with you...

my warmest

Santo is quite angry that he's being limited to the blogs but such is life in the dream world...

( Posted by: TheRedCockRoach [Member] On: February 13, 2011 )

God bless the Constitution of the United States of America
Thats right, Chrispian and all you others who have forgotten about freedom of speech. Shame on you. Where do you think you are, Cairo?

My own personal observation and opinion is to abandon any web site that treads on what my friends and family have SHED THEIR BLOOD IN BATTLE for YOU, and YOUR RIGHT to speak your mind and say what you will, but on second thought, it is much better that you SHUT ME OUT, I will never quit over this, I will die defending what is right and just, you will have to be the one abandoning and tearing out Constitution to shreds.

Go for it, eventually it will come up and bit you in the butt good time.

Shame on you, shame on each and every one of you.

Vee Bdosa
aka ron wilson

( Posted by: veebdosa [Member] On: February 13, 2011 )

Re: rules
I have some issues with blocking PMs and deleting comments too but they are minor ones. If it brings peace to LitOrg and fosters more focus on why the majority are here then I'm in favour. I wouldn't want to see the front page changed because it gives us all an overview about what's new and who's been visiting where. I like the comments posted feature too and know that many of us use that to keep tabs on what's of interest. I habitually go through all of the new poetry threads and visit other categories too. I like lyrics being in with the poetry because of the common thread.

I also recognize the RIGHT of the site owner to set the rules and/or guidelines although I'm as guilty as others about off topic threads which can take on a new life and they aren't always a bad thing. Especially the times when it's a passel of posted poems or discussions about the poem's theme such as Egypt here today.

I've never experienced ANY hard line behavior regarding rules/guidelines here at LitOrg and it's one of the reasons I'm here but not the principle one. I've got nothing but the deepest respect for you Chrispian and know I won't lose any with any decisions you decide to make.

( Posted by: Pen [Member] On: February 13, 2011 )

A heavy load to haul
Must be difficult to try to balance all the demands of this site.

maybe I'll write a blog later, don't want to clog up your message here.


( Posted by: BWOz [Member] On: February 13, 2011 )

The door
I'm not going to allow this to become a fight. Every place on earth has rules and if you can't follow them here, leave. That's it, end of discussion.

As a reminder, if you have an issue take it up in private. I'm the only staff member on the site so send me a private message. I will not be handling issues in the comments on this site, this site is for the writing.

I'm closing comments on this issue.

( Posted by: Chrispian [Admin] On: February 13, 2011 )
To me, this is like a private club or organization. By becoming a member of this club, I agreed to follow some basic guidelines and/or rules. They are not draconian.

I don't like a lot of rules. Having said that, having no rules would not be a sensible alternative.

( Posted by: Bobby7L [Member] On: February 13, 2011 )

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