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For those who don't know or remember me, I'm the guy who founded Lit.Org many years ago. When my wife got sick with cancer we had to let the site go to focus on her health. Thankfully, she's better now and I approached Stuart about taking over the site again. I know many people have tried to help out around here but I'd like to thank Stuart specifically for all he's done around here trying to bring Lit.Org back to it's former glory. We had a couple of admins in the past who simply neglected the site and Stuart stepped up and has done an amazing job! So a big, heartfelt thank you!

I have so many ideas for the site. My day job is running web sites and I've learned so much since I left Lit.Org and I have some cool things in mind going forward. But before I get to any of that I just want to settle in to the site again and get to know everyone. Look at what's working and what isn't.

The focus on the site has always been writing and the community of writers that gather here. That's where the focus is going to stay. My main vision for the site is to help writers improve their work through sharing, practice and critiques. If your goal is to get published, I want to help make that happen. If you just want to be a better writer or enjoy reading other people's works then you're in the right place.

Once again I'd just like to give a bit thanks to Stuart and everyone who's helped keep Lit.Org going over the least 4+ years since I left. I'm thrilled to be back and I'm looking forward to hanging around and helping out any way I can. I'm stoked and I hope you are too.

If you have any questions, suggestions, concerns or just plain want to say hi you're more than welcome to email me at


Chrispian H. Burks
Lit.Org Owner / Founder
Blog - Twitter - Facebook

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The following comments are for "Changes Coming to Lit.Org"
by Chrispian

I'm really happy to hear the positive news regarding your wife.

..And I'm happy to hear you are back. If the site returns to a time when the actual writing was the focus, with meaningful critique of work taking place, that would be great.

Quality should be the key, not quantity.

I, for one, would hope for more posts offering unique qualities of perspective, creativity and originality.

To you, your family and

( Posted by: Bobby7L [Member] On: January 28, 2011 )

Bobby, thanks. The focus will most certainly be on writing. I have some ideas to encourage more critiques along with ideas get more members ative on the site.

Other things on the list include articles and resources on the site specifically aimed at helping writers like tips, tutorials, interviews with authors, etc. If you want to make money from your writing I plan on adding a jobs/gigs area and things along those lines. My thoughts are focusing on every aspect of writing from the creativity side to the business side.

Obviously not everyone is here to make money from their writing and just enjoy the community and sharing their works. That has always been the core of the site and wont' change.

I'll be adding a blog for the site that covers what I have planned, what's being worked on and new features and all that so everyone can see what's coming. I already know some people will be angry with any changes but I hope to keep everyone in the loop as much as possible and the changes I have planned are for the benefit of the site and the community around it. I'm sure most people will welcome the changes and be excited about the renewed energy.

Thanks for sticking around. Look forward to talking more.

( Posted by: Chrispian [Admin] On: January 28, 2011 )

changes are good
It is good to know you are coming back and have some fresh ideas as well. It is especially good to know your wife has won her battle with cancer. I look forward to the changes.


( Posted by: brickhouse [Member] On: January 28, 2011 )

My Hero!
Hallelujah! Soo happy you're coming back I can't contain myself! Now Lit will once more be the site it was meant to be!

Of course I'm sorry to see Stuart go...he tried hard to maintain it up your standards, but he just couldn't be in two (Or three or four places) at one time.) I hope he will still be around when he has time.

Can't wait to tell some of our original members...they will be back in droves! I hope Erin will find the time from her school work to post here from time to were BOTH missed!

Love ya,

( Posted by: Beatrice Boyle [Member] On: January 28, 2011 )

Good change
I'm glad your back. I didn't know about your wife's illness. It's ironic that when I was so ill this was the site that kept me connected to the world. There is literary magic here and it's wonderful to have the Wizard back.

Thanks to Stuart for holding us all together.

( Posted by: jonpenny [Member] On: January 28, 2011 )

First, allow me to introduce myself; my name is David and I guess I joined after you had stepped back to take care of your family. I have known who you were in a general since because I've heard your name spoken by several of the senior members. (Nothing but good things) I didn't know that you were the founder of the site. In that regard let me say kudos to you for starting this wonderful community of talent!

It warms my heart to hear that your wife is doing well. I'm sure I can speak for everyone here when I say send her our love and support.

I'll be sending you an email about something that Beckett Grey, Linniered, and I have been trying to put together. I would definitely like to hear your take on it.

Even though I wasn't here when you were let me add my heartfelt "welcome back" to the others. I am excited to see what changes for the better that you will be bringing to the table

I love this site. It has helped me so much as a writer. I am sorry to see Stuart take a step back, he is a wonderfully talented writer who has pushed and challenged me into being better. I know that he is an incredibly busy man. Kudos to him for splitting himself in thirty different directions and keeping us together.

Much Love,


( Posted by: HeRoCoMpLeX [Member] On: January 29, 2011 )

Write MORE not Less...
Quality of writing is, and deserves a respectable position in our pursuit of poetry. But it is not everything, because "quality" is better defined by the reader rather that the writer or even the critic.

One of the most ludicr0us, even ignorant statements I have ever read came from this very board, in that a "poet" of "some repute" commented he/she would no longer post here, because "what's the use?"

This is akin to a tantrum by someone who does not get his/her way and is not able to understand nor accept it. If I was the blunt of this, I would be in there posting MORE poetry, not less.

Everything changes, and while this website is a breath of "fresh air" in a world that has already self destructed because of bells, whistles, sliders, faders, graphics and especially commercial advertising, Lit org is indeed a throwback to the early days of the Internet, and could be done with a simple program like Microsofts Windows for DOS.

I hope the changes all work out, but I can also see the possibility of gloom and doom because of the very direction most Webmasters take toward complying with the norm and what is going on with everything.

As for tantrums because you do not like something, nobody cares, nor should they care. And the comment sections, in my world, poetry comes from many sources, and these comments are where I get lots of Poetry, and yes, I write a LOT of poetry and prose. I write it every day. I write it in the car. I write it in bed. I write it in my hospital bed after major surgery, and that is the gospel. The nurses all love it, the doctors love it and I love it.

So to the children, I suggest, forget the tantrums, write another poem. And then another, soon you will be doing half a dozen a day, you can do it. Yes you can. And guess what, it will get better with each poem.

( Posted by: veebdosa [Member] On: January 29, 2011 )

Indeed, write more..
I agree with Ron, writers should write more. But, don't stop there. Once you write something, edit it. The first draft is just that. Ten, twelve, fourteen drafts later, you are still writing. Of course, it doesn't always require that many drafts, but you get the idea.

This is a writer's site. Editing is our friend. Why post pieces with multiple grammmatical issues? I read a post at short stories the other day with no less than two dozen grammatical errors- mostly spelling. I didn't comment.

As for "quality, not quantity"..If you post everyday, how about at least attempting to make it new/fresh? That was my point. I have enough pages of material to post several pieces a day for the next ten years..without having to write another word. That wouldn't prove anything other than I'm prolific.

I post elsewhere, as well. There was a time when I posted more here. That was a time when there were dozens of highly creative writers posting AND commenting each day. Where I currently post most often, 50-60-80+ comment threads are not uncommon. I'm receiving feedback from medallion- level/award-winning writers, professional poets, professors, publishers, artists, musicians..etc
I've been published in an academic journal, through being read and commented on there.

Hopefully, will return to being a vibrant site. Three or four writers posting every day doesn't make a vibrant site.

I have many ex-Lit friends. Most of them are highly creative. They continue to post elsewhere. One of the main reasons is that they find most of the offerings at Lit to be banal. They see little experimentation, stretching..little in the way of unique perspective and originality. That comes back to "quality"..qualities of uniqueness, creativity and originality. That's what will attract creative writers to the site. An atmosphere of freshness.. has held a piece of my heart since 2004.
I look forward to the changes.

"Make it new." - Ezra Pound

( Posted by: Bobby7L [Member] On: January 29, 2011 )


I can't tell you how happy I am that you are back to running and owning this site. This site will once again be my first choice- A old home that I missed and almost destroyed due to my desperation and making wrong choices in trying to keep the old site alive. But in the long run it did survive thanks to Stuart's stewardship.

Welcome Back with a large slap on the back..

My Warmest
Bob Callaci -Now the Red Cockroach

( Posted by: TheRedCockroach [Member] On: January 29, 2011 )

required subject line
Chris- I have to say that I'm overJOYED!!!! Your Love is feeling better. :D
Stuart has indeed done wonders for this site. He's helped garner a sort of loving critique. Not harsh or hurtful that discourages so many. We're writers! We have ZERO self confidence! lol
Welcome back brother.

( Posted by: Robert Walker [Member] On: January 29, 2011 )

Welcome home Bob!
Bob...soo happy to see you on the boards again!!

I can envision a day when ALL of our old friends are here once more! I've been busy e-mailing the good news!

Does this mean we'll be seeing the "beasties" on the boards again?????

Welcome home!


( Posted by: Beatrice Boyle [Member] On: January 29, 2011 )

Rolling Stones

Welcome back and pleased to hear things are better for you wife. I am always intereted in the new, and have been somewhat of a 'changemaker' throughout my life but when I get a recipee that works I am always sure to enjoy the flavour.

You have mebers returning and staying around for 10+ years and that is a credit to you and everybody who has run this site. As a business manager of some 40+ years I learned that you cannot change the path of a business or it will break, you can only direct it, give it a shove in the right direction and enjoy the ride. Attempts at anything else will break it or bring it to a halt. An old friend of mine used to scream "If it ain't bucking fusted, don't fix it!".

I agree, but you can improve it functuality and make it more user friendly without changing its direction and I look forward to your improvements. I would not, however wish to see its very nature change and hope it always has a place for us who just write for the love of it even if we are the only ones who understand a word we say!

Seriously, it is nice to see you back, I owe Lit a lot it has been part of my life now (when needed) for many years and as others have said is like an extended family to many of us hangers on.....


( Posted by: ivordavies [Member] On: January 29, 2011 )

One Founder To Another..
"This union may never be perfect, but generation after generation has shown that it can always be perfected.” –Barack Obama

( Posted by: JetfireK [Member] On: January 29, 2011 )

"like an extended family"
Indeed, we are an eclectic array. Seeing Bob, Robert and Bea lined in a thread brings back memories, to be sure.

I recall the speech that quote comes from, a speech about race and racism, at a point in the campaign when Rev. Wright was making news. Interesting here, metaphorically.

To all, peaceful dreams ..

( Posted by: Bobby7L [Member] On: January 30, 2011 )

Now this is BIG news! Wonderful to have you back Chrispian! I'll be around more frequently!

( Posted by: Pen [Member] On: January 30, 2011 )

Good Morning..
The news is spreading globally.


( Posted by: Bobby7L [Member] On: January 30, 2011 )

Majestic and Four Seasons
Hi Chrispian,

Pleased to meet you. A salute to Stuart who's been a good leader for the site and running it in the past.

My name is Sandra MacKay, and I'm the editor of the Majestic newsletter for that Stuart created two years ago. As you know every month, I and several dedicated columnists, post articles on Also I am a contributor and graphic designer for Four Seasons, Lit's literary magazine on As you probably know, Four Seasons doesn't have enough submissions presently to make it viable. Some of us have not received our complimentary copies from last fall's issue.

My question is does Majestic and Four Seasons fit anywhere into your future plans for

If you are designing a blog and writing tips, etc on the site, I wasn't sure where Majestic and Four Seasons stand.

( Posted by: sandra [Member] On: January 30, 2011 )

First, thanks everyone for the kind words and warm welcome. I'm just as excited to be back.

As for the focus on Writing, when I say writing I mean the entire craft from writing, editing, re-writing, editing, editing and more editing to business issues like getting paid, finding gigs, legal issues, self publication, an so on. Writing for the sake of writing is just fine and if that's all you ever want out of it then my goal for LIt.Org for that kind of writer is that they get a feel for the process and learn to improve their writing and enjoy the craft. For those more serious there will be sections for all aspects of the business in hopes of taking people from writing for fun to writing professionally. Notice I don't say for a living because lets face it, most writers never make a living at it. But if you are interested in getting paid to write I hope to help make that happen.

Sandra, Majestic is something I plan on continuing. We had the newsletter when I ran the site as well. I do have plans for the newsletter. As for Four Seasons, it's only the second time I've heard about it. If you would, shoot me an email ( about it and anything the newsletter. We'll compare notes and go from there.

( Posted by: Chrispian [Admin] On: February 1, 2011 )

Hi Chrispian,

Just sent off an email to you.


( Posted by: sandra [Member] On: February 1, 2011 )

Welcome back, sir
Tremendously glad to hear about your wife's recovery. We were all praying and/or beaming good thoughts to both of you.

Looking forward to good things. One idea, if you're looking for some...

I tried starting my own site to do poetry classes. Didn't work out for a couple reasons; partly the tech (way too many spambots), partly the time commitment, both from me and the students. But if you were open to doing one now-and-again on Lit, and there was a good tech solution (maybe bulletin board format?), I'd offer up a couple classes during any given year.

If not? NBD. Just thinking out loud.

Again... glad for the healthy news, and thrilled to see you back. I'll ping some of the Ancient Ones that I'm still in contact with and see if I can get them to poke a nose around here again.

( Posted by: andyhavens [Member] On: February 1, 2011 )

Lippy Kid

I might stay, I might not. I just wanted to drop by and say welcome back, Chris. Glad to hear Erin is feeling better and that you want back in the game. Good luck!

( Posted by: Rogan [Member] On: February 2, 2011 )

Rogan...a voice from the past!
Wow THAT's a voice from the past!

We could really use your insightful postings really CAN'T stay away now, can you??
Chris will need all the help he can get to get Lit back to it's former glory...and also to inspire us "wanna bees" to reach a higher standard!

Pretty Please????


( Posted by: Beatrice Boyle [Member] On: February 2, 2011 )

Andy, tech will be the easy part with me around since that's what I do! There are all kinds of open source and cheap courseware available and I'm also open to doing something custom etc. I love the idea. Shoot me some notes via email and lets get the ball rolling. Love the idea.

Rogan, thank man. Good to see you, even if it's just a blip. I know how you roll sir.

Bea, you know me. I'm here to help! Lets do this.

( Posted by: Chrispian [Admin] On: February 2, 2011 )

Thanks Chrispian - you solved my glitch and I finally got the door open... have yet to look about but am already tingling at the sight of familiar faces xxx

( Posted by: tinalouise [Member] On: February 2, 2011 )

Yea...Tina Louise is Back! it's official...Tina Louise is back...Virtual hugs my friend...I'm soooo happy I could could shout!! (Okay...I just did!)

Happy days are here again!!!

Love ya,

( Posted by: Beatrice Boyle [Member] On: February 2, 2011 )

Right there with you on the strangely excitable, shout-out-loud feeling Bea :) The return to Lit (thanks to the lovely Bob Callaci's alert on Facebook) is feeling like a highlight ...just hope time will be generous and allow me to come and play.

I haven't written poetry since I left - but the evening I read Bob's message (a few days ago), combined with the impassioned face of people in Tunisia & Egypt... combined to make a muse and two little poems came out ...great to re-experience, truly great to feel this again.

Lovely to get all covered in Lit again.

Tina Louise x

( Posted by: tinalouise [Member] On: February 2, 2011 )

Peace and Love Forever
For inducing big smile, much thanks.

Welcome back..

( Posted by: Bobby7L [Member] On: February 2, 2011 )

Words, sweet words...
For 'sounding like home', much gratitude.

Lovely to be here..

Namaste x

( Posted by: tinalouise [Member] On: February 2, 2011 )


It's great to have you back- Things change and yet remain the same- welcome back to your poetic home and may you be a long term fixture....

my very warmest
ZBob- now the infamous Red Cockroach

( Posted by: TheRedCockRoach [Member] On: February 2, 2011 )

As long as you are accepting suggestions, There is something that been bugging me for awhile.

Lazy as I there any way you could devise a way to #1...fix it so we don't have to log in but once a day. I go on and off Lit during the day and it's a pain in the you know have to keep logging on!

#2...With my clumsy stuttering fingers now and then in my haste to post a comment...I'm annoyed when I find a typo (or two or three) after I hit the submit button. I can't go back and edit it as I can with other postings...Help!!!

P.S. I'm sure Ivor will thank you too!


( Posted by: Beatrice Boyle [Member] On: February 2, 2011 )

Bea, Yes, all of the above. I'm going to re-write the login stuff a bit. It's almost 7 or 8 years old now and I know a lot more now than I did then. Same goes for comments and such. Great suggestions. Keep them coming.

( Posted by: Chrispian [Admin] On: February 2, 2011 )

So many of you all here at one time! I could cry!! I am very excited! Welcome back Chrispian! This list of oldie is awesome!!!!!

( Posted by: nae411 [Member] On: February 3, 2011 )

Yea Nae!
DJ, it's time to get it poppin'..

( Posted by: Bobby7L [Member] On: February 3, 2011 )

Hi Nae!
Hi Doll...isn't it fantastic...the kids are all coming home to roost and grandma is getting ready to kill the fatted calf!

Well...maybe not...I hate the site of blood, but how about my fabulous virtual Lasanga feast instead?

By the your new avatar on FB you should post it here...the guys will go wild, I'm sure!!

Love ya,

( Posted by: Beatrice Boyle [Member] On: February 3, 2011 )

Good to see you back too!

( Posted by: Chrispian [Admin] On: February 3, 2011 )

The Red Cockroach sends you his greetings but Bob sends you his love. What a treat to have you back at lit. All seems well at

my warmest
(help!!! I'm being possessed by the Black Monk but from time to time he lets me speak in my own voice:)

( Posted by: TheRedCockRoach [Member] On: February 3, 2011 )

Hey Gang!
Chrispian is Erin going to hang out with us too??? How is she????

Bob, you are still you I see! Tell that Monk to move on over!

Yes Bobby tell that DJ to crank it up!

Bea, does it have to be virtual? I am hungry! I tried changing the avatar since the black hair is long gone BUT nothing is happening! Put one up of you!

( Posted by: nae411 [Member] On: February 3, 2011 )

Picture Perfect!
Nae...the only reason I have not put one up is because I don't have a scanner...then someone said I don't need one...but I STILL don't know how!

Too bad they don't have the old pictures we all put up way back when...I think I'd still put up that old one in the bathing suit that everyone loved...or...I could put up the one with my grandson...but that was four years ago when he was 14...he's 18 now!!!

Think I'll start a thread where everyone puts up a favorite picture and we have to guess who it that would be hilairious!!

Wow...I think I'm getting giddy now due to all my friends coming back home...too much for a little ole lady in tennis bear!


( Posted by: Beatrice Boyle [Member] On: February 3, 2011 )

re: Erin
I'm sure she'll stop by from time to time. She's mostly into playing DDO and school but I'll try to get here over here. And she's doing great! Still cancer free! How you been?

( Posted by: Chrispian [Admin] On: February 3, 2011 )

Chrispian re:Erin
I am so happy to hear that about Erin! I miss her. Please tell her I say hi and then she needs to get her silly self back on here! Tell her to pretend it is WF.

I am doing wonderful. A lot of changes in my life but I guess that can be said for all of us. I am so excited about everybody coming back. I am going to have to dig in to my emails and see if I can find any of the old gang. Would love to see Dareva and Jess come by!

Bea, I would love if you put that avatar back up! Maybe Chrispian can help! Hint... hint...

( Posted by: nae411 [Member] On: February 3, 2011 )

Change is good
Hi Chrispian.

My three and half year history with Lit is not as long as others but it can be labelled as somewhat storied. Water under a rebuilt bridge...

Look forward to interacting with old friends again. I've kept in touch with them through Facebook but this is where we "met" so it feels like home - as others have written.

( Posted by: toscano [Member] On: February 6, 2011 )

Toscano is back in the house!

oh .. and Hurrah for GB Packers .. I was rooting for them and it was a great game.

( Posted by: Pen [Member] On: February 6, 2011 )

Good news..

Welcome back

( Posted by: Bobby7L [Member] On: February 6, 2011 )

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