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Project NaNoWriMo: The novel ideas.
If the body is a circuit, with its own vibrating frequency, and all other physical things are also circuits with their own vibrating frequency, then why would one consider it impossible to tune into, or hack these circuits? As if one could commune with the energy inside of a tree, or forest? Furthermore, if ideas are other vibrations or frequencies, and archetypical images in the mind each have their own egregoric circuitry, wouldn’t it be possible to channel those archetypical energies and manifest them into circuits on a massive scale? Fear, loneliness, suspicion, class conflicts, all could, technically be programmed into, or out of circuits on a massive scale with television and the internet. With this base information, one should ask their self, what keeps the mass media from being used to program society as a simple and complex circuit board? Think about it, scientists have been engineering computers since before world war two, why has nobody realized that society could be consciously programmed, and wouldn’t the public be happy to have access to such a programming tool and readily accept it’s use? This is just one of the thoughts which I hope to share with you in this book. Every living thing that one can physically see is a combination of “spirit” or consciousness, and circuitry. Every living thing which you can see is able to be programmed, or reprogrammed. I would venture to assume that the mystical shamans of old knew this when they spoke of tapping into the buffalo, or elephant spirit. I wonder if they realized, if they knew enough, that they could actually access the consciousness of living animals on this planet, exactly like hacking a computer system. Did the elders of each tribe look for the energy patterns which would best benefit their tribe, and then find some vibration transference with which to download those energy patterns into their people?
If we could download patterns of energy, complex combinations of archetypes could be impressed into the circuitry of society in theatre style, with entire scripts being constantly reproduced, so that the intended archetype structures were constantly programmed into the circuit board of societal fabric. With this knowledge, we could purposely form plotlines, and character roles, which would benefit our respective communities! We could do studies, and share the findings online, then vote on the consciousness streams with which we wished to be programmed, and perpetually renew, and elevate our collective consciousnesses, like upgrading the programming of our “spirits” on a regular basis! WHO COULD BE AGAINST THIS TECHNOLOGY?
Before I go on, I must recognize, this book may at times become a little too preachy for the average whitewashed mind. If you come to the conclusion that this is the case, I advise you to mark your place, and choose another time when your mind is hungry for ideas, then pick it back up again. There could be a nugget of information in here which might change your world, yet if you become disenchanted and give up, it might never be found, and my only hope in writing this, is that you find that nugget. So, don’t be afraid to say “wow, how convoluted and boring, this guy must be a really technical robot.” However allow yourself another chance to find that nug.
Nevaeh, my miracle niece, this book is for you. May your future shine with the bright and hopeful beams of pure energetic light, and may the balance be corrected in this world, that we can go and judge the angels of other stars. Ase.
I also have to recognize in this introductory chapter, that I find my roots in a judeo Christian society bent on marketing ignorance and calling it class. My wording at times, will surely reflect this inherited ideology, and for this, I apologize. No matter who you are, I realize that your mind needs none of this nonsense, and a little bit will probably trickle down into your head from this work. My goal, however, in editing this at the end, will be to remove as much of this confusing ideological rapport as possible, but in some cases, where I believe the referencing may be beneficial, (I hope to not be too liberal in this) I will leave in the subconscious rapport and I hope that it does not anchor the wrong ideas to those of you who are beyond this already. If you have not been informed, listen up; the Christ ideal was around way before Rome took the reigns of history, and it will outlast the ages of men. The Christ vibrations result from the constant purification and transmutation of your base nature, into a balanced and healthy spiritual nature. If Jerry Farwell were able to incarnate these vibrations in his “fathers” kingdom here, then I believe he would have done greater things then trade marking hate speech or indulging in the decadence of ruler ship, and it’s capital excesses. All religions see mother Teresa as a prophet of “god”. Test the spirit, because the wording has confused generations which have unfolded for over a thousand years. Of course “creator” loves the earth, of course “creator” gave a part of itself that we may be created. These things make sense without a cult to implement them, or manipulate our perception of them. Nobody goes to hell that isn’t already there and heaven manifests in the same way. Your spirit is remembered, and it’s patterns watch over and guide your ancestors until the blood leaves their veins. Even if consciousness were able to be destroyed, the patterns it creates affect this structure until it returns to the void, just like the butterfly flapping it’s wings on another continent. What we impress upon this plane, we create of this plane.
Random thought:
What would the world be like if we each were manifesting all our dreams?
I have asked this question to friends, and I often get an immediate response that goes something like this; “Well what about people who only want to do horrible things?”. The first few times I heard that, I was caught off guard. I used to believe that everybody had positive hopes and dreams. As I learned more about life, I realized that some people are just bad headed. There honestly are some people out there who only want to manifest negativity. I feel that it could be a neurological program which causes this moral dysfunction. In a society that uses mass media to program elevated concepts into our collective conscious awareness, we could use our understanding of the archetypical patterns to heal, and reprogram this flaw in humanity. There is an idea here which fuels nationalist passions, “our patterns will dominate collective consciousness”, and this idea is as viral as the programs which cause our apparently random, (or perhaps not?), embracing of dysfunctional interpersonal relationships. Relationships which include fear based, or greed based communications with each other. Moral dysfunction or depravity is regionally weighed out on balanced scales of public opinion and awareness. Anyway, I believe that we can collectively heal this paradigm we see manifesting in places often kept in the dark. I believe there are formulas for understanding this sacred technology of personal and interpersonal transmutation, and I believe our species has accessed this knowledge before science, if it has already discovered this “reality programming” technology.
So again:
What would the world be like if we each were manifesting all our dreams?
I have a glimmer of a vision of this. Eventually, education on any subject would not only have already been stored into the most reliable public access containers, but these storehouses of knowledge would be available at no cost. The higher nature of humankind will provide a balance of instruction and maintenance, because nourishment of creation is an integral part of our higher consciousness. Products and services offered or marketed would not only be relevant to those it was meant for, but also in their best interests.
With the genius of our kind constantly striving for a greater understanding of the universe, and the philosophic egregore constantly seeking balance and wisdom from experience, our species, once educated, would instantly advance to new plateaus of all sciences, even those which are now taboo, or paranormal.
With cooperation and community in mind, everybody would have a place to call home. With joy and peace elevating our consciousness through complex structures designed to invoke empathy for these sublime and attainable concepts broadcast purposefully and freely, there would be an end to rich and poor struggles for control. The poor would no longer be forced to struggle to control their own lives, and the rich would no longer be so base as to demand control over the struggling. These concepts are programmable, and these concepts are able to be transmuted, or reprogrammed the same way a record label artist can go platinum. We are at the point in time and space where we can take a hold of this technology for human malleability and use it for the highest aims achievable. By making it available and understandable, any hold it has on the unpleasantness of our subconscious can be broken, and we can choose to manifest, or create, a world of real balance. We can vote for heaven on earth, and then in our individual communities, we can create it here. We each are manifesting all our dreams, so we should come together and decide what to dream about. Because of communication, the world is an island, now we can make it a vacation spot. I definitely recognize the role of work in the marketplace, however I believe that with sustainability in mind, we could transmute the understanding we now have of that concept.
Day one of project NaNoWriMo: The novel ideas, is almost at an end. This creative outlet which inspired me to accomplish a manuscript is a socially responsible idea. To interact with creation, by creating something for the world, I elevate my consciousness by a fractional percentage, but it becomes elevated nonetheless. Perhaps tomorrow I will write about balancing that elevation, so that I don’t become too vain about this novel accomplishment. Until tomorrow, goodnight notebook.
End of Project N:NI Day one.
Expected transmission tomorrow… … …
N:NI Day Two begin archival in 5… 4… 3… 2…

"If the America people ever allow private banks to control the issuance of their currencies, first by inflation and then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around them will deprive the people of all their prosperity until their children will wake up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered." ~Thomas Jefforson

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