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(by me, Sean Lawlor Nelson)

Building a multi-solar human civilization will take multi-generational space ships, but this is no large barrier, and the cosmos are doubtless teeming with earth-like planets. The chemicals of our planet(vital to our species) are EXTREMELY common throughout the galaxy and universe. My guess is there's plenty of life out there but far, far less intelligent life. Look how long it took earth to develop its first sophisticated tool-users and, with a different role of the dice, we might never have evolved anyway.

So we'll settle planets that already have life. We'll hunt the undoubtedly amazing and diverse animals, harvest the plant life,and the petroleum, etc., etc.. This might not be politically correct, but it is reality.

And I don't see the extinction of the human species: not even a nuclear world war could come close anymore. We're too entrenched and too sophisticated. You can be sure that around the world, in Africa, Cuba, and Asia, there are whole underground cities built to withstand terrible nuclear fall-out.

And there are so MANY of us, too many of us I agree, but it still adds to our survival chances. For now, I recommend investing just as much money in nuclear fall-out shelters as on space exploration. And, above all, we need to foster the civilization and humanity of our species; We need to become more modern, educated, and peaceful. This is the way to the stars, and it won't matter if it takes a few centuries longer.

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The following comments are for "Humanity's Future in Space"
by seanspacey

Doktor Strangeluv 2
Interesting. At the rate we are going, I suspect that our future in space is when some of these goofy scientists mix the right stuff with the wrong stuff and it blows the whole planet into smitherines.

( Posted by: veebdosa [Member] On: October 15, 2010 )

Billions and Billions and [...]
I'm really sympathetic to your position and I enjoy speculating as much as anyone (with the possible exception of Carl Sagan) but science is finally catching up. Unfortunately, science is also coming up with answers and many of us "futurists" are not liking what we're hearing.

Number 1; If I were to opine on the subject (and I'm not happy about it) we won't be colonizing space ... not now ... not ever.

Maybe you've heard -- we can't have babies in low gravity (lower than probably 0.9 G's) because of several reasons. The big one -- bone density doesn't develop such that the stress and weight of the surrounding flesh can be supported. The rest is speculation (even on the science) but based on the problems with calcium absorption into the bones, our DNA is also too confused by the gravity change to develop organs properly.

It's extremely likely that we're stuck here permanently unless we want to go as cyborgs. And by then, with all the problems we are capable of creating for ourselves, it's my sincere belief -- for whatever it's worth -- that we as a species won't outlive our technological abilities (or lack thereof).

( Posted by: fritzwilliam [Member] On: October 15, 2010 )

space travel
As an intuitive philosopher, I know inter-stellar space travel is quite possible. The experts of many ages have held ridiculous opinions, and a few centuries ago: the creation of air-planes would "been" impossible and they'd have given irrefutable reasons.
To speak to the specific example, who's to say we can't create gravity within the space-ship? I believe(with more advanced nuclear or synthetic bacteria,) we'll soon have access to virtually unlimited power and amazing nano-technology. They create gravity conditions in labs all the time, and yet they're telling us it couldn't be done on a spaceship because we don't have the technology yet?
These people, intellectually speaking, don't believe the sun will rise every morning until it rises. And, frankly, in our still highly religious world is much more receptive to ideas that make this the only world, and deny the inevitable existence of alien civilizations.
Yeah, Carl Sagan was a truly great mind. Fritz, you seem to have YOUR head in the right place, but are listening to lesser minds on the subject. By the way, that all assumes that light speed holds. Our physics are still so incomplete and frankly primitive. We don't know, even in a rudimentary fashion, know the rules of the universe yet(though you wouldn't know it listening to many physicists.)

( Posted by: seanspacey [Member] On: October 16, 2010 )

GO Dark Energy
Ahemmmm.....well see, actually the sun never rises or sets, see Eaqrth goes around in circles, and this act alone might be just responsible for the mental state of many of our scientists. I presume that Earth, the Sun, and all of our neighboring planets all go at about the same speed, in one direction, and that is either up or down, depending you your perspective and location.
If Dark Mass, which is all around us, can overcome its arch rival Dark Energy, then we will continue our trek into the unknown called space. But there is only so much space, and new space must be created by Dark Energy for it to continue to move away from the gravitational pull of Dark Mass. If Dark Mass ever gets its way, then no more space will be created, and the universe will collapse back into itself and get so small and dense that what we will have is another BIG BANG, thus repeating the whole thing.

( Posted by: veebdosa [Member] On: October 17, 2010 )

Astronomy 101 by Veeb
Thanks for the science lesson there no end to your talents??? lol

If you were teaching this subject in school...Astomomy would have a full house and rapt attention!!


( Posted by: Beatrice Boyle [Member] On: October 17, 2010 )

That's all theoretical. In my opinion, dark energy, black holes, etc., are just ways that arrogant physicists get bizzare observations to fit into the understandable systems they've come up with.
But any real physicist(whatever their stance) would admit that all the things you mentioned are unproven theories(including black holes.)
And the earthly sun DOES rise and set in human experience; I'm a humanist and so that's what counts for me.
No, the astronomical sun does not rise or set, of course. Anyway, thanks for presenting unsubstantiated theories as basic physics, and making the wise point that the sun doesn't rise every morning. By the same logic, people don't fall in love: homo-sapiens try to reproduce based on pheremones and sensory stimulation.

( Posted by: seanspacey [Member] On: October 18, 2010 )

Space Talk
Ever see a space ship zoom across the sky? I have.
Know a military officer friend who will tell you, Yes they're out there and they are far superior to us....

Know a NASA rocket scientist who has seen an abundance of space ships but says, We are not allowed to talk about this..I do!....

Ever think the eye witnesses for Roswell UFO Incident were telling the truth?

Ever see an 8X10 photograph of a space ship hovered on a mountain with your friends in the foreground? I have, two photos...the people were in differnt positions but the ship remained the same.

Still believe that Lee Harvey Oswald was the lone assassin? I don't !

( Posted by: JetfireK [Member] On: October 18, 2010 )

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