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The hoopla has died down a bit over the South Fulton Tennessee house-burning that occurred over a 75-dollar “fire department fee” that the former homeowner said he'd forgotten to pay. [And I'll just bet the sticky note he'd used as a reminder fell behind the fridge, also.] Boy, with some folks being more eligible for municipal protective services than others, it would seem like an ideal loophole for those good 'ol boys in the homeowners insurance business, no? ... giving them the opportunity to jack up rates faster than ... well, we hate to say ... a house on fire. We can't help but wonder how it works for police protection.

Now it's just so strange, we think, that “Southern Strategist” Mike Huckabee – certain to be our most perennial presidential candidate – only weeks ago grabbed his microphone and blasted democrats for shoving the no-pre-existing-conditions-clause “down our throats” as part of our newest congressional health care legislation. He likened it to ... sorry about this ... one of those bad cowboy ballads where the poor sap discovers how hard it is to buy fire insurance after the house is already in ashes.

That was a presidential candidate speaking. Too bad, Reverend Mike. How did you happen to come up with that little tidbit of an example? You know, you'd probably make a better insurance peddler than a president anyway. We're leanin' toward “neighborhood insurance,” maybe. Think about it – kinda sad when a guy don't pay his “protection money” over and above his taxes, ain't it? Could be kinda lucrative, know what I mean?

[ Ay-y-y, Mikey, don't jump to no conclusions. I'm jus' sayin' y'know? Maybe youse could'a gone around and straightened this guy out before it was too late, huh? After all, it don't look good fer the neighborhood. Next thing happens, we ain't got no respect in the community no more ... and hey, Mikey – that ain't good fer “business.”]

This is pure “do-it-yourself” libertarian thinking minus the “oh-my-god” libertarian results. When will they ever learn? We'll say it again. It was a protection racket being run by local government (city, county or both) ... an anarchist principle being promoted under less scary-sounding names, like the “Tea Party” as one good example. A measly $75 a year property tax increase would have taken care of this little problem, but oh, no ... we can't have tax increases, now can we?

Well, libertarian friends. Taxes work just like insurance. The only difference between taxes and insurance is that taxes are mandatory, the reason being that there are just enough people who will “skip” taking out insurance even though it means higher premiums for those who don't. Everyone needs to be in the pool. That's how you keep premiums low, but wait, there's more. That's how to keep taxes low also! Aren't you the folks who are always screaming about high taxes? If you close tax loopholes and make everyone pay, everyone pays less. Yet with people like you around, taxes can only go higher.

It's all a matter of scale, Reverend. If you don't want government in your life [and if in particular you're against paying taxes to support it] then you'll soon find out that you get just what you pay for – no more, no less. The South Fulton man could have paid with his life, but with that being said, of course everyone close to the case now believes – after the fact – that fire department personnel should have stepped forward and lived up to their “solemn oath” – dough or no dough.

We'd also like to remind the Fmr. Governor that government is going to be around in one form or another as long as he and his grandchildren's grandchildren are alive, and it really will not be up to them to pick and choose the exact moment in life when only the government can be called upon to ride in on its white horse and save them. And don't try the cop-out saying that it's just Washington government that's the problem. To the contrary. We've just seen the problem, sir, and it had nothing to do with Washington.

Give us liberty or give us death? The problem is, we might really get death. Are we ready for that?


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The following comments are for "Holy Smokes – It's the D-I-Y Libertarian!"
by fritzwilliam

Way to go Fitz!!!
"Until you walk in my shoes" don't critizise!

I love these multi million dollar politicos who keep protesting any help for the poorest among us and voting down any attempts to help them.

They can afford to pay whatever it takes for health/home owner expenses. The price of a pair of shoes or a weeks grocery bills are just the cost of a good cigar to these people! They have NO clue!

If they aren't already wealthy...they will be by virtue of the old politician's covert pay backs and under the table shnanagan's! instead of helping the people...they are only helping themselves!!

Christ himself made helping the poor his primary mission here on earth...and so it should be ours!!

Vote your concience...not the party!!


( Posted by: Beatrice Boyle [Member] On: October 15, 2010 )

Holy Smokes....Not so Holy
Pre-Existing Conditions should be covered.

All your life you have insurance (maybe) something happens ( job change), and now you're dealing with a new insurance company...who informs you that you cannot be covered as this is a pre existing condition.

Has nothing to do with the poor or the rich has to do with Americans have been kicked around for so long they feel they do not deserve good health insurance but it's okay to become involved in two wars costing billions a month.

And before the peanut gallery chimes in ...this is merely an opinion.....then why not post it under opinions? becsuse it's a comment, that's why...

( Posted by: JetfireK [Member] On: December 27, 2010 )

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