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“Who the hell is that guy?”

“You know, I think I remember him. He used to write some poetry here a while back. He had a blog that everyone read for like 15 minutes. Uh…Thunder Street or Thunder Trail or something like that was what it was called. I think he even wrote a short story or two.”

“Yeah, but he hasn’t been around in a long time has he?”

“No, I thought he died or something…”

While the rumors of my demise are greatly exaggerated it has been a great long while since I’ve posted much of anything new beside my column in “Majestic”. However, I’m not really here to talk about me, yet in order for me to get to the point I’ll need to tell you a little about myself.

“A little about yourself!? I don’t give a damn about you! Who the hell does this guy think he is?”

The honest answer is nobody special, just a humble wordslinger that has found a wonderful community of likeminded wordslingers in which to hang his metaphorical hat.

For those of you who don’t know me my name is David Moore (AKA HeRoCoMpLeX) and I am the author of “Musings” in our monthly newsletter “Majestic”. I am also the author of “The Thunder Road”; an on-going account of life as a husband, father, and soldier. (If you would like to check it out then click on my name under “Staff Blogs” at the bottom right hand side of this page. I know it’s a shameless plug, but if you had the chance you’d plug your own stuff too and Linnie told me that I could shamelessly self promote anytime I wanted. My post, my rules! ;) I have written a lot of poetry and lyrics and even a short story or two. One of my short stories was published in the premier issue of “Four Seasons”; the literary magazine of our beloved Litdotorg. I’ve been a member her for just over a year, having joined last August while I was in Iraq.

Now that we have been properly introduced I would like to share something with all of you; my brothers and sisters of the quill. (Was that over the top? I can never tell.) Most of us here are what I like to call “cursed with the gift of writing”. Simply stated, it means that all of us love to write and can’t imagine doing anything else, even when we hate it. We can’t not write, ever. It’s in our blood and bone. It’s written in our DNA. If you look deep enough you’ll see little quills and parchments etched into the electrons of our atoms. (WTF???) We write because as Beckett Grey is always telling us, not writing is worse.

So what we have here is a group of likeminded writers who are here to share their visions and tell their stories to their peers in the hopes of becoming better writers. I too, have this dream. So it is in this spirit that I would like to share with you a vision that I’ve had.

I was reading Havoc the Demons interview with Sandra in last month’s Majestic. In the comments Sandra, Havoc, and Bea were going back and forth about how cool it would be if all of us Litdotorg folks got together in some sort of venue. This is an idea I've been thinking about since just after I joined Litdotorg. I know the issues we would have with it of course. Where would the money come from? Where would we have it? What if we all invest in it and nobody really show's? I could list problems with it all day long and no one would argue with me. However, take a moment and just try and picture it...

We all come together in a banquet hall of some sort. Some of us are greeting people at the door. There is a stage with a table and a bunch of name tags. On the name tags are the screen names of all of the Litdotorg members who RSVP'ed that they would attend. We all come in and sit down and one by one the name tags are called off and the person comes up and does a brief introduction. Wouldn't it be fun to try and pick out what these people we've come to know so well actually look like? (Of course this part is dependent on how many people actually show up.) After this we have dinner and we hit the bar. Jonpenny brought his guitar and it’s on stage next to mine because we are planning to play a little later during the "Open Mic" portion. Ochani and Sandra are autographing their new books for us and plugging "Four Seasons". LinnieRed may or may not give us a "Spinny Norman" song before the night is over. Beckett Grey and I are debating good naturedly about whether or not Terry Goodkind sucks over a couple of beers. Havoc the Demon is plugging his soon to be published "Forgotten Realms" novella. (Never know, he's got the gift, it could happen by then.) Later on we start "Open Mic" time. We have a Karaoke DJ so you can sing whatever you like, or perhaps you want to read your latest poem. Perhaps you want to give us a preview of a short story or novel you've been working on. Perhaps you're like Jonpenny, Linnie, and me and you want to play your favorite instrument. We have a blast and get a little tipsy in the process but it’s getting late. We all stumble to Denny's or Waffle House or IHOP, (Which as Beckett can attest is one of my favorite restaurants, LOL) and catch a little bit before we had back to the hotel. The next day those of us who want to gather at the nearest hole in the wall coffee house to talk about upcoming projects and just whatever pops into our little writer brains...and so on and so on.

So what do you guys think? Would that be something you would be interested in attending? Of course, I can see all the problems we would face and the risks their might be, location probably being one of the biggest. Please don’t blow up my comments with all of the issues we would have putting something like this together; we’ll deal with those later. I'm simply asking that you guys think about it and tell me whether or not you would be interested in the idea.

So, all of that too ask the 100,000,000 dollar questions: If a couple of the other “Majestic” staff members and I organized a “Litdotorg Convention”, would you want to attend?

If the answer is yes, then leave me a comment telling me so. What I’m trying to do here is feel out roughly how many people would attend so we can do some preliminary planning.

We've got a strong family of writers here and personally I'd love to meet you guys in person. I'd be willing to drive or fly pretty far in order to go to a Litdotorg gathering. I just want to see if anyone else feels the same way. Who knows, perhaps it could become a yearly convention…

'But I don't want to go among mad people,' said Alice. 'Oh, you can't help that,' said the cat. 'We're all mad here.'
Lewis Carroll

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The following comments are for "Live: from the Litdotorg Convention"
by HeRoCoMpLeX

re: Convention
I, for one, would be happy to attend or even help organize such a get-together. I don't know what all we'd need, but I'm fairly certain it can be done (in fact a friend of mine, Andy Hopp, put together his own convention called 'Con On The Cob' in Ohio, so it must be doable) if people are interested.

( Posted by: Beckett Grey [Member] On: October 3, 2010 )

Lit Reunion!!!!
Dave, you've just voiced what I've been pushing for since I first joined here many years ago.
It was always coming up and the ONLY obstacle that repeatedly came up was COST! The majority of members were always on board with it. The only objection was always the COST!

I'm sure we could wangle a great deal at a hotel...the BIG question was always the cost of travel. Either by train or air. Not being able to drive long distances was always my problem.

I live in New Jersey so NY or Connecticut is feasible but I think not too many of you are from this area and Cost does present a problem to me at this time. But I'd love to see it become a reality!!

What say the rest of you?

( Posted by: Beatrice Boyle [Member] On: October 3, 2010 )

Thanks to Bea and Beckett for their endorsment of the idea.

Again, I just want to say that I'm aware of what the issues and problems are going to be with and undertaking like this, but I feel that with a "can-do" attitude we can make it happen. All of you must remember that I'm a Soldier AND a Former Marine, and neither one ever, ever, quit.

( Posted by: HeRoCoMpLeX [Member] On: October 4, 2010 )

Lit Reunion
I think it's a wonderful idea. To be honest I've always wanted to meet some of the members here face-to-face. We work with each other so closely workshopping our writing, which is a very intimate thing, so why not meet?


( Posted by: OchaniLele [Member] On: October 4, 2010 )

Meet up
I think its a great idea!

( Posted by: jonpenny [Member] On: October 4, 2010 )

Well, there's two more...

Would anyone else be interested???

( Posted by: HeRoCoMpLeX [Member] On: October 5, 2010 )

Of course!!!
As you said, I was one of the people going back and forth on the subject. I think it would be an awesome idea. I know Stuart doesn't live too far from me, both being in Florida. I would love to meet everybody and come to think of it, we are such good friends and I haven't even met you David!

I've been slacking on writing so much, school just started up again and the rest of my time is spent looking for a temp job untill I finish this semester and join the service. Plus, I have my xbox again and well who can say no to that?

Anywho, back to my original point; I'd love to meet everyone! And gosh lol I'd literally die of joy if I ever finished my little novel project and it got published!

( Posted by: HavocTheDemon [Member] On: October 10, 2010 )

Ok, so, I've got a couple of people on board with me, who else out there would be interested in having a gathering of the brain-trust in some venue?

C'mon, I'm not asking you to do anything except tell me whether or not you might go if we put it together.

Remember, saying yes here is not a verbaly binding contract or anything. I am just trying to get a very rough sketch of how many people MIGHT show up so we can start the brain-storming and planning process.

So drop me a line and let me know what you think!

Much Love,


( Posted by: HeRoCoMpLeX [Member] On: October 12, 2010 )

On a totally different and unrelated note, let me know when you catch up on my writing. It is a little choppy, I'm still trying to organize it all in my head. And yes I have still been slacking. Anyway, ignore the typos and such, they are corrected in my documents just not updated here. I'll get to it, college work has to come first though.


( Posted by: HavocTheDemon [Member] On: October 15, 2010 )

Get Together

This is a no-brainer, it obviously has to be done. That said I very much doubt if I would be able to afford to attend. (Maybe a video link up to the conference) The fact that some of us foreigners may not be able to attend should not stop this happening though.

Many reunions are international and I think that this is a good idea. I have had a lit member from India stay with us and met up with another canadian member at my house also, so travel and cost is not a restriction for eveybody.

Anyhow, surely you would wish to make a holiday of this in your 'motherland' in anycase and we could then even ensure that we finally get the tax(VAT) on tea that we deserve. Although from what I've heard of you lot I am not sure that tea is your drink. Never mind the tax on other drink is more!

I wish you luck with this and will be interested to see just who wants to go....


( Posted by: ivordavies [Member] On: October 22, 2010 )

I would attend; I need all the help I can get with my 'wordsmithing'. The chance to be in the same room with some of you would be awesome! Love it, dude!

( Posted by: pablowilliams [Member] On: October 27, 2010 )

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