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I'm not sure if i'll be able to commit to all the rules of nanowrimo, but i'm gonna try. Either way I plan to have a workable novel done by the end of November. I just spent about an hour pumping out some rough work, so here it is... Please comment, and let me know if it makes any sense. Much love... ROACH. ((I haven't spellchecked or anything, im tired, forgive me?))

Dek was tired. All night spent dreaming and he felt as though he hadb't slept a wink. Fatigue welled up in his body even as the sky began to burst with the golden hues of dawn. This world was strange. There was no telepathy, everyone here shared with sounds, crude noises that came from thier mouths. The symbols he knew had no meaning here. The more he tried to project them, even with physical cues, the more confused others became. He needed to be able to speak. He needed to be able to transmit instantly with another, or he was afraid he would go mad here. The dreams bothered him. These were things he had no idea about. He could vaugely remember the mineral conciousness of teh AU worlds ringing in his ears. The soothing transmissions of major concepts, the personal thought time which was allowed between conciousnesses to adequetly process and interpret the meanings of each minor detail given in a particular symbolic transmission. These were the "launguages" of the galactic tribes, nations, and empires, and all intelligent species of the stars were accostomed to speaking in this universal tongue. Here that was frowned upon, and the majority of beings who he saw speaking in such ways were confined to prisons where they were considered insane, a strange word meaning "i can't understant" and without even the most infant attempt to process these prisoners being, they were confined and forgotten. The masses of beings left to wander around this planet "freely" spoke the fractured ways of the natural elements of this place, crashing tones of waterfalls, thunders, bubbling brooks and cracking creaking branches, but without the advantage of actually being able to speak to them! Dek wondered if this race, apparently his race, if given more time here, would eventually lean naturally to the telepathic communications of the stars, or to the slower, divided languages of the elements. He also wondered, if they stayed with the tonal communications, would they eventually discover the same truths of communication he had on AU? Would they dance with diamonds in the clouds, harmonically creating paintings as offerings to the seven waters of this planet? With these thoughts, memories of his time with the mineral conciousnesses, his own dances, his own offerings to the molten side of AU, the face closest to the near star, tides flowing over and into solid surface as the world rotated and spun between the bianary stars, flamed into his mind. The misty sprays of pure golden liquid, drifting into the open space between planets and satellites, some being caught by what he knew as gravity, but now understood to be (confidence, self assuredness, defined purpose, destiny, cant think of the word) and lazily drift back into the molten sea of gold, always warming on one side and cooling on the other. His mental jumps between satellites and planets, always aware of the little spheres orbiting planets as they melted altogether or became solid again, his vision of the beautiful song being sung, the harmony of it all, the truest perception of the cosmic symphony, a thing which none had seen, and which the grays had willingly been accomplice to forever silencing, in the name of control, of one species forevermore, of permanant ownership of all multiverses in all timelines, the one quest for dissolution. Snapping back to this place he thought he could see that drive here already manifesting itself. Most of these prehistoric grays were so simple, following almost animalist desires, he hadn't seen a single one which would have the capability to lead the others in this early step in the dance of shiva. Where were the intelligent ones.

A thought flashed into his mind... From this timeline he travelled on to this point in history, is it possible that ARC leadership had jumped back even further, and shared visions of power with the earliest of these beings to transmute from base to silver spirits? Even more frightening, with life tech, and the ability to jump ever so gently into the futures of coherently planned timelines, are some ARC seniors still here? The thought swirled in his head for what felt like hours, but as the first crow of a land bird split the day from its departed darkness, he realized that only minutes had passed, and he was getting hungry. A loud growl in his stomach told him to stop thinking so much and start looking for sustenance. One week above this planet assimilating its conciounesses and what apparently had been fifty years sleeping after a rather dubious crash landing and he was beginning to feel nautaus and weak. Too bad he couldn't have salvaged any of the food tablets from the aid-all kit in the ship, but no time for wishing and certainly no more time for dreaming. It was time to see what his body would accept as nutrition here. Dek stretched his thin arms and legs, shifted into the form of a "human man", and set off to find food.

"If the America people ever allow private banks to control the issuance of their currencies, first by inflation and then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around them will deprive the people of all their prosperity until their children will wake up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered." ~Thomas Jefforson

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The following comments are for "some more NANOWRIMO brainstorming..."
by roach

@ roach
Hooray! You're doing NaNoWriMo with me again this year. Remember how crazy we were at the house last year -- me out sick with swine flu for almost 2 weeks and our house in a writing frenzy with you, me, Kelvin, and even Rebecca joining us? And then there was the Orlando NaNoWriMo group I went to once a week!

Just remember -- except for outlining and character sheets, you're really not supposed to do any writing until midnight on November 1st. It's cheating if you do! ;-)


( Posted by: OchaniLele [Member] On: September 25, 2010 )

Aww man, you mean theres RULES too? I thought i'd just be lucky to pump ONE novel out!!!

This stuff is for the second book tho... Nanowrimo is gonna be the first in the series... One book starts in space, one here on earth circa 1940's to current....... one in a future anybody can write, where all doors fling open... THAT ones gonna be the most challenging :) But if anyone can make a million crazy thoughts into one coherent novel, im sure i can too :p

ugh, u mean the group where NOBODY published but EVERYBODY was a novelist? Yep, i remember... Hey, remember after u had swine flu, when i poisoned ur boy? Ugh i'm so evil, i didn't even know i had done it! wait, maybe i didn't do it? huh, theres 3 universes there, what happened (his dumb ass fell, no disrespect), what he thought happened, and what unfolded from your perspective of "the happening"..... all in one timeline... ugh, im stuck on this freakin book man!

( Posted by: roach [Member] On: September 25, 2010 )

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