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These are just brainstorming notes i'm working with for the Nanowrimo challenge this year... I'm trying to flesh out a good storyline, and a believable one, and i'm working with the concept of time/space manipulation... If you have any ideas on strengthening the storyline, or any thoughts on twists or development, please, feel totally free to share. I'm basing this novel on a bunch of differing stories and ideas i've been introduced to, so some content may be familiar to you. Please, comment? Thanks!!!

(sample of syntax)

(click 0)
Gray Base, AU Galaxy (click 20)
Anomoly (dimentional unraveling click 2)

Diana and Paz stepped into the genetists office, his secretary, an unusually pale
gray with no eye goggles ("eye-laptops") peered at them from across a perfectly maintained desk,
thier minds were intruded and the thought "momentary wait" established itself. they stood motionless
for what felt like five minutes before a red light appeared on the wall, and two indentations
formed into the wall. Each of them stepped into one of the indentations and instantly the electromagnetic
transmition began. They were standing in the center of an oval room, with a long blue carpet
stretching from one side to the other. The room was more a collection of marble pillars holding precious stones,
and the scenery around them appeared much like the stories they heard of earth, before disaster.
tall green leaved trees gently flowing with the soft breezes. Green carpet, called grass, which grew
naturally from the soil of the earth. The feeling being programmed was one of awe and calmness, an instinctual response
even after all the ages in space, which grays had to the astetic forms found in earth replications.
before them stood Dr. D, thier management gene specialist.

"Your new program is complete. Risk factors calibrated for AU dense zone. Variables expected
in run-time: below five. Level 2 security threat. Clearance granted, per click reports requested
until 16 clicks. Full evalustion and reassesment of variables from 12 clicks to 16 clicks."

Diana imagined she felt joy, and Paz imagined he felt fear. Neither held on to these
illusory neural-sensations.

"Acknowldged. Reports to be given, logged, acknowledged. Clearance accepted. Upgrade complete."

Dr. D faded out of the scene as link was disconnected from his end. A small gray being, fully formed, appeared
where he had been standing. Conciousnesses of Diana, Paz, and Deep Space Gray Base all connected to
the being in an instant which brought the flicker or life to her eyes. Her birth cry, which is the projection
of self blasted to the conciousnesses of those around a new gray, can roughly be sounded out as "Taon".
The three grays shared the will to return to the real physical universe, and instantly found themselves
back in the waiting room of the office. Three indentations now molded back into a solid wall as the family
stepped away from the computer. The secretary was still at the pristine desk, as the three requested permission
to install the new software into the AU galaxy.

"Install acceptable, proceed"

The family walked out of the doctors office and headed to thier living node on Gray Base, Station 4, AU galaxy.

(pre click 0, 1999 AD/ET)
Mars Base, Milky Way galaxy (click 4069)
Anomoly (apocalyptic linear path click 4069)

Enki was troubled. Just as the humans were pondering the ramifications of a world without computers, he was trying to concieve of a
universe without linear time. The question had been bothering him since he first encountered the grays. This one species posed
more of a threat to him by inaction, than any galactic federation intervention had ever posed through actions involving the human continuom.
One species in the entire known omniverse, which can be contacted in 3 dimentions, who had mastered the looping dimentions of time
and space. Enkis deepest philosophers couldn't unravel this mystery. When they contacted him upon the original Anunaki exodus from earth,
and explained thier history, rather future, Enki could not believe it. Now he sat on his throne, pondering the effects of such abilities,
and even he, the king of reptiles, could not fathom this power. Did the grays know that he would be determined to destroy thier race?
Did they know that he was even now so enraged at the unaviodable audacity of thier reaching out to him in the first place? The anunaki had mastered
life and death soon after leaving earth, that was a benifit of contact he supposed. But how and why was it that he could not comprehend their manipulation
of timelines? He sighed a hideous snarl. "Hummmpfhrrrrrrllllll". At least, in this moment, if nothing else, he could bask in the needless fear and chaos that

was about to ensue for the human species on earth, as thier measurement of time (his gift to them) was about to fold in a way that made no sense to them.
It made his sigh into a debachaurs chuckle... Through fanged teeth his forked tongue whipped out repeatedly, almost tasting the holiday wine of mankinds

confudes chaos... As the earth-time rotation began to unfold the new "millennium" in thier conciousness, Enki closed his eyes and mouth, and opened the heavy

eyelid over his pineal gland, drinking the essence of what he expected to be a delicious new cycle, as mankind became aware.... aware of thier impending doom.

introduce the concept

(mankind basically destroyed the planet and had to launch out into space ill prepared, ruled by elite... bio-tech, space/time travel, wormholes bend space

and time, clicks, where are they now.... work on developing the antagonist, the protagonist (dek) as awakening to spirituality through shamanic experiances

on current planet...)


(dek is a poor revolutionary in a new age, has to make all kinds of contacts to gain access to the time travel technology)
in the gray base in deep space, where dek was born and raised, the only ones with access to technology for time/space
manipulation and training in its use are the wealthy class of managers... the station he is on orbits in a galaxy of planets
all almost entirely made of gold... his community manages variables on ship, in the robotic matricies which mine the gold for
the reptiles.... there are only a few thousand of his community, on several ships throught the AU galaxy. deks first experiance
metaphysically speaking is astral projection to AU3, the planet his station mines from... contact with conciousnesses of gold, and
the "minerals" vibrating within the gold... these conciousnesses are reaching out for one of deks race to help end the
disruption of thier harmonic vibrations, the static in thier song (which we commonly call death) which is caused
by our kind removing gold and using/destroying minerals... goes into the ethics of taking things from the universe with intent,
and a great frame for the metaphysical undertones of the book.

(taon is the offspring of two managers, genetically engineered to take on a risky sector of the AU galaxy, the risk
modifications in her DNA, while monitored by "arc" cause the anomoly of her spark of interest in the pink
taon is dek's tickit off-base and into the time/space lines... she teaches dek first the principles of time/space
manipulation, which he in turn helps to deepen and expound on to her by way of his contact with "conciousness", and
then the actual process of "jumping" while the
"lovers" card can be played here, she eventually gets discovered, and re-engineered int cyborg, to complete her birth-task.
in book 3 i can go into detail about her capture (as dek is manipulating time/spacelines) but for this part, she is captured as dek makes his
first "jump", and he doesn't find out until his return, which almost costs him his life. she is supposed
to maintain his bio-data stream attached to the conciousness of minerals to program the computers to not notice his departure or

(pre human race of intelligent dinosaurs)
these guys have a base on mars, the moon, and nibiru, they do not possess space/time travel, and
wish to one day return earth to its prehistoric climate, so they can repopulate it
and once again live on thier home planet, they have contempt for humanity
as we are the possessors of "thier" homeworld, thier need for gold is as an amplifier
for the heat of thier dead star, which they continually heat with nuclear waste/ explosions
the gold in misty liquid form traps the heat of the dead star in the atmosphere of niburu
thier attachment to the material plane kept them from fully developing
thier extra sensory faculties, and what they have come to "see" on other planes
they manipulate for what we would call evil, but to them is instinctual, this species can
one day be "awakened" wether they gain hold of planet earth again/ or before "apocalypse"

possible outcome: 2012 niburu pass, homeworld gets access to time/space travel instead of earth, decides
on another 26,000 year rotation, but upon passing out of distance of earth, is exploded by
rigged tesla mechanics, "awakened" reptiles live with now-man and "pinks" while grays go off
(premise for galatic battle with "arc")

in connection with "grays" the reptiles do not know wether or not they get the planet (apocalypse), as they have not
mastered time/space travel and are confined to our galaxy, the grays, while evil, refuse to
allow the reptiles to manipulate space/time

(post apocalypse humanity /time travelling from deep space)
these guys have a base on titan, deep space base far away future (deks home)
as well as in sirius galaxy, the new "home"
became gray and withered in space from radiation filled solar storms they were
ill prepared to deal with as well as lack of constant sunlight
these people spent thousands of years navigating to sirius, powering thier ships ("arc")
using alchemy on meteorites and space garbage, and aquired
technologies and understandings through constant studying of already established
facts and contact with other races/types of conciousness...



some of these are seen to be "pink" which is a side effect of the positive
influence of the revolution in the ranks of "grays". not dealt with much or seen much,
but the afteraffect of the original rebellion, which dek is longing to become a new click in.
skin tinted according to vibrationary level/ more loving emotionally attached
vibration vs grays who have a
dis-attached, scientific, emotionless vibration

these are the "arc" members, who built homeworld on siruis planet, as soon as race was off ship
reveloution began, some peoples took copied knowledge of species and fled again, with resources of
new homeworld launching them out to deep space and titan.... the "gray" party members, have established
a covenant with the reptilians, they want to keep timeline intact or "arc" is destroyed, reptiles want
to ensure earths "destruction" so they get the planet back (grey possible future is divisions "white", or
the ones who simply watch and record.....more pink... and gray that is on verge of destruction from
galactic federation)

european looking "visitors"
seen by cultures worldwide.....
(pre 1600's occult scientists with all the stolen works behind them, time/space shifting)

"If the America people ever allow private banks to control the issuance of their currencies, first by inflation and then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around them will deprive the people of all their prosperity until their children will wake up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered." ~Thomas Jefforson

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The following comments are for "Anybody else Nanowrimo brainstorming yet?"
by roach

been doin some reworkin of plot lines here, thinkin about scrappin the whole kit n kaboodle tho...

( Posted by: roach [Member] On: September 3, 2010 )

@ Roach
I totally missed this (and I'm the one that validates everything)! Thank you for bringing up NaNoWriMo so early.

Just so everyone knows I'm busy as HELL and I'm still going to participate. And I'm going to win. And I'm going to do it while finishing "How the Moon Fooled the Sun," working, and taking classes.

Watch me!

Now, who else is participating?


( Posted by: OchaniLele [Member] On: September 19, 2010 )

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