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This is a sub-plot idea i just wrote down for a book I want to write :)

"Decades ago, after the last ship had left earth, there was an intership search for any dissadent material brought along, which would have been missed by the

boarding security. Because martial law was already a reality then, nobody could complain when they were stripped, all of thier belongings were ransacked, and

all of thier files were scoured to find anything which could paint a disapproving view of these terrorists who now called themselves humanity's saviors. I

don't know how all of the music, and literature, was saved, but somehow A.R.C. was unable to destroy the seeds of hope planted so long ago. It was passed

along person to person, through what could be called nothing less than soul searching initiations. The first time I saw the Matrix, a film from the period

around the turn of the earths last century, I almost fell out of my chair laughing at the irony. It's 3330, roughly, from earths 3-dimentional time

measurements, so few humans are born who could even cope with the idea of A.R.C. being an evil empire. None of them believe, when made aware of the struggles

in multiple galaxies, and they cannot concieve that our own "saviors" would have so irrisponsibly used science as to cause the "Anomolies" now seen in the

nanodimentions of the millitary testing zone. We are in the matrix......
The anomolies started about four beats ago. The nanodimentions of a planet in the military testing zone suddenly began to break down individually, one at a

time. At first it wasnt a serious problem, A.R.C. scientists isolated the broken dimentions and "inprisoned" them, but somehow, the magnetic qualities of

these infected nanodimentions inverted, destroying the isolation barriers and infecting the surrounding nanodimentions. They still break down one at a time,

but as they invert at the end of thier decaying process they infect the surrounding nanodimentions, compounding the situation at the end of each beat. It

wasn't until the third beat that any damage to our organically concievable dimentions became apparent. The matter on this planet, dubbed "X", began to

fluxuate, sonfined to a specific location, forming what can be seen by any human being as an apparent mirage. On the fourth beat the mirage expanded, and

scientists are predicting in peer review roll, that by the 10th beat from its birth, this anomoly could make all of "X" appear to us as just a mirage in

space. A.R.C. is unsure what the effects to our senses, and to the areas other dimentions will be at this point, but I would bet credits to joy that they are

already doing tests. This is why it's so important for us to hack the technologies needed, and return to our original home to finalize the revolution before

any of this ever begins. The forces back then are nothing compared to what our children can do at 24 months. We can succeed.
I know that there are cabals of A.R.C. snakes scattered all over the place protecting thier interests in that time pattern. However, we can make our

launching point long before they can stop us.
Our plans are effective, we have designed plans which cannot be forseen, and our egregore is balanced morally and physically, we have the upper hand, and it

has now become imperative that we use it, or we are risking an eventual mutation in the dimentions of entire galaxies, and perhaps even megaverses, or

beyond. Thanks for taking the time to read this letter Dr. Orotu, I hope we can count on your continued support, and if there is anything we can do to help

ensure the securing of this technology, know that we are fully prepared to cooperate in any ways possible. Viva."

Dr. Orotu was still heavily in shock at the music he had heard, Dek had said that it came from earth. That it was passed along through all the beats since

its collapse. The two films he watched seemed like advertisements for the A.R.C. Federation, as if the people who made these things knew what was about to


"If the America people ever allow private banks to control the issuance of their currencies, first by inflation and then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around them will deprive the people of all their prosperity until their children will wake up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered." ~Thomas Jefforson

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The following comments are for "Dek in Space"
by roach

what is a "beat"
the idea behind the "beat" concept of time, is simply that time is relative to the gravity of the matter which experiences it. With so much empty space in, uh, space, humans would have to find a way to record events in a linear fashion and keep track of the linear path they traveled since earth, as well as understand other events going on in the A.R.C. universes which were distanced so far as to make accurate "earth timing" impossible. I'm still working out the idea, but i want to delve into that, as well as other crazy ideas i have, in the book, if I write it :x

( Posted by: roach [Member] On: July 9, 2010 )

ok, that didn't explain it well enough..... events are recorded from thier "birth" the moment a thing happens, to the end of thier life span, or until they stop happening, in "beats", each beat being a record of time between specific points of the event progressing.... Its kind of confusing, because while it keeps interspace "time" linear, the varied events measured mean each beat is relative to the object, or event, or what have you, for which a progression over the major dimention of "space-time" is being monitored and recorded. I promise, if i write the whole book, that I will make this make sense :)

( Posted by: roach [Member] On: July 9, 2010 )

But the Beat Goes On and On....
Where does it begin and where is the end? In reality, that is, in real time, there is neither beginning nor end. It may be only convienance that we establish those restrictions on what is going on around us. Biblical solution is quite substantial and to the point of all things, I am the beginning and the end. But is it that simple? Dark Energy, it has been very well established, creates more space as more space is required for expansion of the universe. Dark Mass, of cours is the culprit, our only true enemy, and if Dark Mass had its preference, it would quickly overcome the expansion by Dark Energy and collapse the entirity of the Universe back onto its self, in the very beginning. What would result, of course, is another Big Bang, we would siply play the very same beat again, over and over and over....

( Posted by: veebdosa [Member] On: July 9, 2010 )

The hardest thing I see here - and true of all sci-fi is to take this background of uber-science and have a story that will be of interest to the reader. Seems pretty heady a background to create a plot to which the protagonists the reader could connect. If you can't sell the science, why it matters in an immediate way to the protagonist, and fix it so that the reader gets it and is satisfied at the end - well there is the rub. I wrote a novella about the truer nature of time and place , where my remote viewing hero could see and move to whatever he could see - he ending up in the future where universe travel was commonplace. It didn't work. I couldn't create a society that had that ability - what would make it hold at the center? I wish you all the best in the attempt - still a worthy goal. Good luck.

( Posted by: jonpenny [Member] On: July 9, 2010 )

Wait for the movie...
Ah, Yes. Only a scant handful among us even have a clue what we talk about, rather, what we write about, all of the rest will just have to wait for the movie out of Hollywood. LOL Sad, but so true.

( Posted by: veebdosa [Member] On: July 9, 2010 )

@ veebdosa
beginning and end? i think they are the same thing. beginning and end are both the now moment. The rest of it is whats been called by some "chaos", and we can chose to make it amazing, or just wait for the beat to go on!!!

( Posted by: roach [Member] On: July 10, 2010 )

Its good to see you again man! its been a while since i've been around :) :) :) I feel you on the plot problem. I have a lot i'd like to put into this, and finding a way to make it tasty to the general public now is gonna be hard, but even if I don't, everything i've ever done is saved online somewhere, and if I can at least put a copy of it up, maybe it will be held onto until it can really be enjoyed :p maybe once dek gets the time travel tech of that time, he comes to live here and the plot becomes an internal struggle for what "right" really is (beyond his own situation). I know there isn't any real "right" when you look at it from most smarter folks point of view, but i can throw that into conversations with others that he doesnt understand.
This could be fun, but staying on it will be a hard ass thing to do. Maybe if I can get a rough draft concept before nanowrimo this year, I can actually finish the challenge!!

( Posted by: roach [Member] On: July 10, 2010 )

BEATS - it becomes obvious quickly to a thinking person that you can fractalize the beats, and what sorts or amounts of energy (relative to a specific mass) would constitute a significant enough change to cause a new beat, and perception is affected by each individuals point of view, so i'm thinking that A.R.C. standardizes perception through cyborg sensory technologies, which by then would waaay surpass brainwashing and chemicals. I got a lot of good stuff, now (thank you jonpenny) keeping it coherent as a consumable storyline is gonna be the priority.

( Posted by: roach [Member] On: July 10, 2010 )

@ jonpenny
what holds reality together is infinite universes, that idea gives room for each person in that society to become their own universe, literally. It's like stepping through a window that you can only step back from, how and when you chose. Of course holding reality together is gonna be tough, but i'll try working on that one by interweaving treaties by what we generally call now "higher spiritual forces"

( Posted by: roach [Member] On: July 10, 2010 )

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