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"Alfred, what is that?"

"What is what?"

"That sound. Don't tell me you don't hear it."

"I don't hear it."

"Well, it's right there! Just ... just every now and then. It sounds like ... like a tiny baby with the hiccups. You don't suppose we have mice, do you?"

"Everyone has mice, Dora. Where have you been? It's the mice that are eating us out of house and home! Now turn yourself over and try to get some sleep. We have a big day ahead of us."

"Alfred! You never said we had mice!"

"Good God, woman! ... what difference does it make? After tomorrow all this will be theirs anyway! I shouldn't doubt it'll be the mice that inherit the Earth. Now good night, Dora!"

~~ MEANWHILE, two floors below in the Main Ballroom ~~

"Number 999!"


"Uh, huh ... always at least one smart ass, isn't there?" sighed the brown uniformed, snow white Mus-Commandant with medals blazing on his chest. "When I call the roll, you answer 'here!' like everyone else ... got that? ... I said, 'got that' 999?"

"Yes, O Great One!"

"That's ... 'yes, Sir' ... O Great One!" the Commandant barked before wearily removing his thick "Coke-bottle" glasses and placing them gingerly on the lectern. "You know, every day I ask myself why I continue to put up with ignorance. And you know what? ... I don't have an answer, other than the fact that every mouse in the world is stupider than I am!"

The Commandant's voice was rising and beginning to get a bit squeaky.

"You folks are idiots, and I just can't take it anymore!" he blared. "If it weren't for lame brains like you, I'd still have my tail today! ... so what does that tell you?"

One very bold mouse spoke up ... Number 007.

"Uh-h ... that it pays to use caution around humans who are wielding knives? ... yuk, yuckety, yuck."

"You're damn right it does, Yukster, and it's no laughing matter. How'd you lose your tail, by the way? ... as though I needed to ask."

"Well, I guess ..."

"Never mind! It's a rhetorical question! And another thing, Yukster ... I'm removing your wife from your daily segment behind this podium. She adds absolutely nothing to the conversation. If I want talking heads that do nothing but emulate "The 700 Club," I'll call in Number 700 along with his slut of a girlfriend ... it certainly doesn't have to be you along with that stupid wife of yours."

"I'll tell Mama!"

The entire company let out a gasp that was heard by the moles clear out in the rose garden.

"Silence!" the Commandant ordered. "You'll wake up the dead! As for you, Yukster -- always yucking it up after every dead-headed comment -- you have no clue as to our mission, do you? We're federalists, remember? How is it that I'm up here every day extolling the virtues of Alexander Hamil-Mus, huh? ... while you keep fawning over that stupid sod buster, Thom-Mus Jefferson? Don't you get it? We're establishing a dictatorship here, you imbecile! And I don't care what acting job you had or what senate you served in."

Then carefully hooking his wire-rimmed specs over and around his ears before grabbing his cat-o-nine-tails riding whip, the Commandant strode toward his older brother ... all the while slapping the tails menacingly into the palm of his other paw.

"If you breathe one word of this to Mama," the Commandant whispered as he leaned forward, making sure Yukster could see through his own "Coke-bottle" lenses the anger displayed on his brother's face, "it'll be what's left of your hide at the end of this whip, so help me God!"

Then suddenly -- as though struck in the seat of the pants by a bolt of lightning -- the Commandant shot upright while squinting toward the back of the hall.

"Where is our esteemed eldest, by the way? ... the Drugster. Why has he not shown up for roll call?"

"I dunno. So am I -- like -- my brother's keeper all of a sudden? ... yuk-yuk-yuk?"

"Yukster, I'm warning you ...."

UPCOMING ~ "Grass Roots and Some Unnatural Highs"


If you would like to see how far a former U.S. Senator can fall, tune in to the Fred Thompson radio program on almost any AM dial where you'll find him expounding upon Constitutional integrity, fiscal responsibility, less intrusive government, all forms of regressive taxation and the dismantling of entitlement programs, which he prefers to label as "dependency programs."

Now, to the extent that the Constitution is being compromised at all, it is coming from an ultra-right leaning U.S. Supreme Court and Republican Congressional corporatists along with their corporate media apologists [not to be confused with the intransitive verb, "apologize" (see note 1)]. And while an apology to the American people by Thompson and those who share his anachronistic conservative views is warranted tremendously, that apology, of course, will never be forthcoming.

They refuse to apologize to the American people for supporting "wars to nowhere" ... two of them, while pretending that fiscal responsibility is somehow beyond the pale in these instances. What Thompson and others have said to the American people is, "Mistakes were made" [transitive passive] as though these are the types of mistakes that simply make themselves.

They refuse to apologize to the American people for blatantly repeating -- even reinstating -- fiscal mismanagement strategies that have been responsible for leading the U.S. economy into three or more of the largest financial collapses the world has ever seen.

They refuse to apologize to the American people for their unreasonable stance against labor and the policies that have caused tens of millions of clean, decent and high-paying jobs to be exported to the rest of the world.

They refuse to apologize to the American people for an annual death toll of over 42,000 men, women and children who might otherwise have lived were it not for the corporatists' outsized support of Big Pharma and Big Insurance industry practices ... a super greedy elite in both the public and private sectors who are committed to protecting corporate profits at all costs -- even when weighed against human life.

~~ The Yukster's Eyes Are Blind ~~

... To any individual medical solution when it comes to abortion, and he's saying that yours should be too. How's that for government intrusion into the lives of ordinary Americans? Abortion has long-standing legal precedent in this country. Does that not "cut it" in the [dim and dimmer] eyes of someone who would have us believe he's paid his dues on the side of "Law & Order?" Doing what? ... if we may be so bold -- acting out his fantasies on Non-Reality TV?

The fact is that they simply cannot separate their life roles into separate camps -- reality vs. fantasy. They just can't. Reagan couldn't do it, and neither can Thompson. He's still reading from the script he was handed, which is why it all sounds like just so many yucks to the man.

~~ The Yukster's Eyes Are Also Blind ~~

... To a tired and worn-out conservative ideology that has, since 1920 and the 9 ensuing Republican administrations, dragged the U.S. economy through a combined 12.7 years of painful recession (2007-'08 recession not included) ... many still with us having lived through every one of those agonizing days, months and years. In that same time period (44 years) under the stewardship of 7 Democratic administrations (counting FDR as two) there have been just 5.0 years of recession, all told. (see note 2).


They're on radio so one can only picture the two sitting side-by-side in blissful matrimony behind a pair of microphones giggling, chortling and guffawing to themselves and to each other over the plight of hard working yet far less fortunate Americans. They're that great American duo, Thompson and Wife. To hear them tell it, we're in the midst of a "slacker" crisis, and that the economy wouldn't be nearly as bad as it is today if only there weren't so many people who felt that the world owes them a living ... if only people weren't so picky about the kinds of jobs they'll take on. So what if they can't afford bread. Let them eat cake.

This is sick. Truly ... truly sick.


~~ The Federalist Papers ~~

The Federalist Papers (see note 3) are a collection of essays written mainly by Jefferson, Madison and John Jay, promoting to a newly enfranchised populace -- via the press -- the merits of the newly-written U.S. Constitution. The "sell" was on the idea of a new federalism (see note 4) ... not wholly popular with colonists who had just wrested themselves from one king and were not eager to risk being saddled with another. They knew what "Sovereignty" was, and as states with constitutions of their own already, popular sentiment for a new layer of sovereign government was hardly within all of them.

~~ Thompson the Federalist ~~

Thompson has said that "federalism is [his] 'lodestar'", which provides "a basis for a proper analysis of most issues," before going on to ask, "Is this something government should be doing? If so, at what level of government?" (See note 5.)

Confusion is winning the day here ... it may be in terminology, but perhaps not. When Fred Thompson suddenly turns actor once again, waxing nostalgic over Jeffersonianism, First Principles and "American Grit," he isn't talking nearly as much about federalism as about that old "Devil Moon," anti-federalism.

~~ Thompson the Anti-Federalist ~~

You see we're pretty sure that if the 21st Century mind of Fred Thompson could be taken back in time and implanted into a late-18th, early-19th-Century body, that person would not have been a happy camper as a federalist (see note 6). That person would have been an anti-federalist (see note 7) based on Thompson's present-day speeches, thoughts and writings on rugged American individualism, dictatorial government initiatives and of course, states' supremacy.

Let's look at the evidence. It doesn't matter whether he's talking health care or day care, what one hears repeatedly from Thompson's rhetoric is the phrase, "government takeover." Thompson and his ilk are to this day obsessed with the idea that President Obama is orchestrating a coup d' etat ... planting the seeds of dictatorship on American soil, which is a very old irrational fear and one which hasn't been taken seriously for over 175 years. (see notes 6-a,b,c).

~~ Thompson the Hamiltonian? ~~

To make matters worse, Thompson would've reacted in abject horror at the positioning of Alexander Hamilton, the founder of the Federalist party, who insisted that the British had evolved the best system in the world.and one that should be emulated by favoring a strong central (national) banking system, which almost by definition extends to other forms of governance as well (most notably via Article 1, Section 8, Clause 18 -- the Constitution's Necessary and Proper Clause). So you see facts are facts, as they say, and you simply can't have it both ways.

So while Thompson (along with the Cato Institute) would like very much to side with Jefferson ideologically, Jefferson didn't even come close to being a federalist in a practical sense. It's Thompson's rhetoric that we're talking about ... that, along with a rigid ideology that is driven to seek justification -- even if false -- for its existence.

~~ Thompson the Chameleon ~~

But the real clincher is that many anti-federalists -- once again, Jefferson's old Democratic Republicans -- were also fervent secessionists back in the 1780s (sorry if this bursts anyone's bubble) and Fred Thompson would have been one of them. Jefferson -- even more than Lincoln -- had his hands full just keeping them on board. And what about later? ... after the collapse of the Federalist party? Are you kidding? Thompson? ... a "federalist" Tennessean? Well, maybe as a "Know Nothing" (see note 8).

So who is Fred Thompson, anyway? Is he Thompson the staunch conservative who stands so bravely with the Founding Fathers -- flags waving in the distance ... singing the praises of their First Principles? Maybe, but unfortunately, not the First Principles that eventually succeeded.

Thompson's conservative philosophy was on the wrong side of issues then just as they are today. But who remembers? It's been 230 years ... why not switch sides? ... not philosophically, however --in name only. Like, wow! ... federalism! It has that old Betsy Ross, Mom 'n apple pie ring to it, doesn't it? Who would ever know the difference? That would be the expedient thing to do ... come up with some catchy phrases, write a book declaring victory and melt back into the woodwork.

We need to pay much closer attention to what people say when for no reason other than celebrity they have a microphone thrust in front of them


~~ Thompson the Self Made Man ~~

"Thompson entered Florence State College (now the University of North Alabama), becoming the first member of his family to go to university [10]. He later transferred to Memphis State University, now the University of Memphis, where he earned a double degree in philosophy and political science in 1964, as well as scholarships to both Tulane and Vanderbilt law schools [9]. He went on to earn his Juris Doctor (J.D.) degree from Vanderbilt in 1967."[10]. [from Wikipedia]

Now you see, if this list of accomplishments doesn't look like your list, then you're not trying hard enough. Truth to be known, you're nothing but a slacker. You obviously don't believe in the American dream and are simply not worthy of asking the federal government for assistance (even though in one way or another you've probably paid into the system your entire life) just because times get tough or when you happen to be down on your luck. And of course unless you have a resume like Thompsons, you are going to need all the luck you can get.

~~ Thompson the Lawyer ~~

"In the 1980s Thompson worked as an attorney, with law offices in Nashville and Washington, DC,[11]. handling personal injury claims and defending people accused of white collar crimes [12]. He also accepted appointments as Special Counsel to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee (1980-1981), Special Counsel to the Senate Intelligence Committee (1982), and Member of the Appellate Court Nominating Commission for the State of Tennessee (1985-1987)."[9][10]. [from Wikipedia]

"His clients included the German mining group and Japan's Toyota Motors Corporation [13]. Thompson has served on various corporate boards. He also did legal work and served on the board of directors for engineering firm Stone & Webster."[14]. [from Wikipedia]


~~ Thompson the Watergate Figure ~~

"Thompson's appointment as minority counsel to the Senate Watergate committee reportedly upset Nixon, who believed Thompson was not skilled enough to interrogate unfriendly witnesses and would be outfoxed by committee Democrats [15]. According to historian Stanley Kutler, however, Thompson and Baker "carried water for the White House, but I have to give them credit - they were watching out for their interests, too... They weren't going to mindlessly go down the tubes [for Nixon]."[15]. When the Watergate investigation began to pick up speed, tapes revealed that Nixon remarked to his then-Chief of Staff Alexander Haig, "Oh shit, he's dumb as hell."[16]. [from Wikipedia]

"Journalist Scott Armstrong, a Democratic investigator for the Senate Watergate Committee, is critical of Thompson for having disclosed the committee's knowledge of the tapes to Buzhardt during an on-going investigation, and says Thompson was "a mole for the White House" and that Thompson's actions gave the White House a chance to destroy the tapes."[17]. [from Wikipedia]

~~ Thompson the Lobbyist ~~

"Thompson lobbied Congress on behalf of the Tennessee Savings and Loan League to pass the Garn-St Germain Depository Institutions Act of 1982, which deregulated the Savings and Loan industry [13]. A large congressional majority and President Ronald Reagan supported the act but it was said to be a factor that led to the savings and loan crisis [18]. Thompson received $1,600 for communicating with some congressional staffers on this issue."[19]. [from Wikipedia]

"Billing records show that Thompson was paid for about 20 hours of work in 1991 and 1992 on behalf of the National Family Planning and Reproductive Health Association, a family planning group trying to ease a George H. W. Bush administration regulation on abortion counseling in federally-funded clinics."[21][22]. [from Wikipedia]

"After leaving the Senate in 2003, Thompson's only lobbying work was for the London-based reinsurance company Equitas Ltd. He was paid $760,000 between 2004 and 2006 in order to help prevent passage of legislation that Equitas said unfairly singled them out for unfavorable treatment regarding asbestos claims [14]. Thompson spokesman Mark Corrallo said that Thompson was proud to have been a lobbyist and believed in Equitas' cause" [23]. [from Wikipedia]

"After Thompson was elected to the Senate, two of his sons followed him into the lobbying business [24], but generally avoided clients where a possible conflict-of-interest might appear [24]. When he left the Senate, some of his political action committee's fees went to the lobbying firm of one of his sons" [25]. [from Wikipedia]

~~ Thompson the Talker ~~

In May 2007 Thompson took a break from acting in order to run for the 2008 Republican presidential nomination. In 2009 he launched a radio show, The Fred Thompson Show, on Westwood One, co-hosted by his wife, Jeri. In 2009 Thompson took over on Westwood One's east coast noon time slot, hosting the talk radio program The Fred Thompson Show after Bill O'Reilly ended The Radio Factor.

~~ Thompson the Know-Nothing ~~

Of course it's a double entendre, but let's press on.

On Wednesday, March 16, 2010, Thompson took the on-air opportunity to relaunch his continuing barrage of attacks on the 2009--2010 health care legislation winding its way through Congress by misrepresenting the truth over the Medicare funding portion of the bill. Thompson characterized the Medicare funding portion, which has been approved by the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) as being deficit-reducing, by saying, (para) "... it's like taking money from one governmental pocket and putting it in another."

Maybe the former Senator should be placed on Medicare. Doing so would educate him to the fact that Medicare is not a "dependency program" ... his favored terminology for entitlements. Doing so would open his eyes to the fact that Medicare is a health insurance program like any other. Participants pay insurance premiums (see note 9) just as is true for policy holders with Aetna or any other commercial insurer. (Supplementals offered later by the Bush administration are out of scope in this discussion.)

Medicare premiums are of course paid to the government, not Aetna. So when Medicare claims benefits are paid to "beneficiaries" (note the "entitlement" implication simply because of the public underwriter), deductibles occur; prescription coverage is separate, and in short there is virtually no difference except for the cost involved. We wonder just what it will take for Fred Thompson to realize that he is lying through his teeth.

~~ The Political Positioning of Fred Thompson ~~

"Thompson states 'Roe v. Wade was bad law and bad medical science,' and that judges shouldn't be determining social policy [26]. Thompson has also stated the government should not criminally prosecute women who undergo early term abortions."[27][28]. [from Wikipedia]

"Thompson does not support a federal ban on gay marriage, but would support a constitutional amendment to keep one state's recognition of such marriages from imposing gay marriage on all states."[29]. [from Wikipedia]

"Thompson says citizens are entitled to keep and bear arms if they do not have criminal records[30] and the Gun Owners of America says that he voted pro-gun in 20 of 33 gun-related votes during his time in the Senate."[31]. [from Wikipedia]

"Thompson says U.S. borders need to be secured before considering comprehensive immigration reform,[32] but he also supports a path to citizenship for illegal aliens saying “You’re going to have to, in some way, work out a deal where they can have some aspirations of citizenship, but not make it so easy that it’s unfair to the people waiting in line and abiding by the law.”[33]. [from Wikipedia]

Thompson supported the U.S. 2003 invasion of Iraq [34] and is opposed to withdrawing troops,[35] but believes "mistakes have been made" since the invasion."[36]. [from Wikipedia]

"Thompson initially supported the McCain-Feingold campaign finance legislation, but now says certain parts should be repealed."[37]. [from Wikipedia]

"Thompson is skeptical that human efforts cause global warming and has pointed to parallel warming on several planets such as Mars."[38]. [from Wikipedia]

Nixon was right. Thompson truly is dumb as hell.


(1) a-pol-o-gist (a-pal-o-jist) n. [[Fr apologiste : see APOLOGY]] a person who writes or speaks in defense or justification of a doctrine, faith, action, etc. [Compton's Interactive Dictionary]

(2). In 528 months of Republican presidents, the nation was in recession for 153 months, or 31.8 % of the time. Coincidentally enough, in 528 months of Democratic presidents (current not included), the nation was in recession for 42 months, or 8.7 % of the time. [from Reuters list of U.S. recessions back to 1923 .]

(3) Published in newspapers -- chiefly the New York Times -- in 1778, the Federalist Papers were aimed at garnering the kind of public support that would be needed for ratifying the Constitution by the individual states. It was a one-sided affair and yet there were plenty of folks who took exception to various clauses within the Document, these being chiefly the anti-federalists who worried that the federal government had been given too much power. Worst of all, the President, it was feared, could too easily take the country down the road to dictatorship.

(4) Federalism in the 1780s

"Federalism was the most influential political movement arising out of discontent with the Articles of Confederation. Leading Federalists tended to be [or be sympathetic to] merchants, traders, craftsmen and manufacturers, and capital-holders -- almost all non-farm workers, in effect. In their opinion, only a far stronger national government could address the many, and growing, crises roiling the infant United States, which they identified as:

* faltering domestic security
* uncertain economic conditions and investment climate
* fragmented markets and hampered internal commerce
* poor and declining international credibility
* failure to provide for the common defense against Native or European threats
* lack of protection for property and coin lent out or otherwise risked
* inter-state feuding over land claims, contributions, etc."

"Federalist" Thompson's political ideology, being, as pointed out earlier, much more in line with principles stemming from the Articles of Confederation, has the singular distinction of having given America all of the above in the 1780s. So in reviewing the list, one is driven to ask, "What's changed under those old "confederationists" and the "Laissez-Faire" capitalistic notions of Reagan/Bush since 1980?" [from Wikipedia]

(5) Thompson, Fred. "Federalism 'n' Me", AEI (2007-04-23). Retrieved 2007-05-13. [from Wikipedia]

(6) "The Federalist party of the United States fell apart in the early 1800s. Prior to this, they were heavily opposed by the anti-federalists, which included powerful [Democratic Republican] figures such as Thomas Jefferson. The anti-federalists mainly believed that:

(6a) "The Legislative had too much power (mainly because of the Necessary and Proper Clause) and that they were unchecked.

(6b) "The Executive branch had too much power, and that there was no check on him. A dictator would arise.

(6c) "A bill of rights should be coupled with the constitution to prevent a dictator (then believed to eventually be the president) from exploiting citizens. The federalists, on the other hand, argued that it was impossible to list all the rights, and those that were not listed could be easily overlooked because they were not in the official bill of rights. Rather, rights in specific cases were to be decided by the judicial system of courts.

(6d) "After the Civil War, the federal government increased greatly in size and influence, in terms of its influence on everyday life and its size relative to the state governments. There are several reasons for this, including the need to regulate businesses and industries that span state borders, attempts to secure civil rights, and the provision of social services.

(6e) "Many people believe that the federal government has grown beyond the bounds permitted by the express powers. From 1938 until 1995, the U.S. Supreme Court did not invalidate any federal statute as exceeding Congress' power under the Commerce Clause for over fifty years until United States v. Lopez overturned the power of the Federal government under the Commerce Clause (see also, challenging the Gun-Free School Zones Act)." [from Wikipedia]

(7) "Advocates of a weaker federal government and stronger state governments are those that generally favor confederation, often related to early "anti-federalists" [favoring states' supremacy] and later the Confederacy." [from Wikipedia]

(8a) "The Know Nothing movement was a nativist American political movement of the 1840s and 1850s ... It spread to other states as the Native American Party and became a national party in 1845. In 1855 it renamed itself the American Party. The origin of the "Know Nothing" term was in the semi-secret organization of the party. When a member was asked about its activities, he was supposed to reply, "I know nothing." [from Wikipedia]

(8b) So the question becomes, "Why would they feel the necessity for secrecy? Would it be to prevent suspicions of xenophobic amorality from coming to the attention of slave owners in high places?"

(9) A typical Medicare premium rate for the average Social Security recipient would fall into the 16.5% area. It would take a right-wing corporatist to argue that this figure is too low and should be higher in order to sustain the billionaire lifestyles of insurance company executives.

[9]. Lawrimore, Erin. University of Tennessee Special Collections Library (2005).

[10]. "About Fred" via (Official Site). Retrieved (2007-07-13).

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[22]. The records show he spent much of that time in telephone conferences with the president of the group. He also spoke to administration officials on its behalf three times for a total of about three hours, but it is unclear who in the administration Thompson spoke with or when. When the work became controversial in 2007 in light of Thompson's pro-life stance and 2008 presidential campaign, a Thompson spokesperson said, "The [lobbying] firm consulted with Fred Thompson. It is not unusual for a lawyer to give counsel at the request of colleagues, even when they personally disagree with the issue." See Jo Becker, ’Records Show Ex-Senators Work for Family Planning Unit , The New York Times, (2007-07-19). Retrieved 2007-12-22.

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