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Rated: R for violence, language, and adult content.

It's believed that without the existence of mutants the United Nations would not be so full of corruption, and they would use words more often than force, but perhaps too many words are used already?

Inside a U.N. building, somewhere in American, a group of men sit around a table looking at the translation from the Seer, a telepath who they all work for and against in an odd quest for power. After that, they listen to a recording left from a mutant in their employ named Sharon Marx, who has infiltrated the Harii.

"These events are linked." Mr. Mallory says in a very as-a-matter-of-fact tone.

"Of course they are," says the raspy voice belonging to Dr. Graymose, "Archon is just bait for the Remnant: I saw to that when I sent his contacts those satellite photos."

"And if Archon manages to kills it?" says Mr. Gilligan who at the ripe age of 48 is the youngest of them.

"Mallory, what would happen if someone shot your wife in the head?" Greymose asks.

"I'd kill them regardless of strength, size, or political complications." Mallory responds.

"And if they killed you?" Greymose asks with a smile, then catches his breathe before explaining more. "He'll stop at nothing to kill them, or if we're lucky he'll be sloppy by torturing them...that would allow them the chance to disable him...the second that happens we have an assault team kill them...then we use the nano-technology to become immortal!" he starts coughing from his sickness.

One of their members named Craw who appears to be troubled by something speaks up for a moment nearly yelling "Why'd we bring Gilligan here to be another victim for Archon and his horde!"

"Mutant's aren't all fools..." Gilligan starts, "You all agreed to bring me here because I was the head of a task-force assigned to take him down...I joined you because the one time we thought we had him barely got his attention, but it was enough for him to murder us all. A couple of us disappeared, and the rest simultaneously became infected with a form of non-transmutable H.I.V., 'must have been a mosquito!' the doctors said. Archon was trained in East Germany as a spy, he's still doing their work; his final mission was going to be to do a silent invasion of America using the mutant population; his Harii team is just another attempt at that." He slams his fist down on the table.

One of their members named Craw breaks down crying, after nearly a minute he speaks up. "The retirement home I sent my parents away at was bombed earlier today; they were the only casualties; but when the fire was put out a letter to us was found imbedded in mom's prosthetic leg!" He goes back to sobbing for a moment before telling them what it said. "It was the most incredible thing; it gave the orders of our deaths starting with me." At that, he takes a pistol out of his coat and a mere second later discharges it into his own heart.

Brisbane Australia, Archon's team prepares to fight Fordon; the man they believe to be the current incarnation of their enemy. Reaver is given a suit of condensed-spidersilk armor that doesn't fit right, everyone else's seems to be skintight and flow almost as well as his or her own skin. Over the armor on all of them except Hybrid are additional equipment placed to be both assessable and not get in the way; mostly small weapons and gadgets, along with a black metal shell over the armor to add to it's tolerance and help it act as a containment suit. The most noticeable piece of the armor is the helmets with glass filling where there's not metal; the glass is in a 'Y' shape similar to the ancient roman design. Over each of their right eyes is a thermal-sight.

Reaver hates the feel of the armor; he enjoys aged items, but he has the distinct feeling that such armor is almost flawlessly designed; and in the hands of police would save many officers lives; but no government puts such a high price tag on life.

Reaver has only two reasons to go with them: Archon seems to be able to get his hands on large amounts of Meta, which Reaver needs to sleep even short amounts of time without having horrible nightmares. The second is more important; Archon has information about his mother.

He puts on the helmet for an instant only to discover that like all glass it catches emotions too strongly for him to see through it properly.

Archon puts on a suit of armor that is slightly heavier than the others, but with the exception of Hybrid he's the biggest person there. Even with a fair number of gray-hairs, he is in better shape than most young weight lifters are.

He picks up two knives from the bottom of the equipment and slides them into slots on the back of his armor perfectly fitted for them going upwards, each one is nearly the length of a short sword, and along with having blood-groves they are serrated; the final noteworthy detail is the lazar-sharpened edges capable of cutting through stone.

Hybrid begins to stare out at the balcony; her ears twitch as if she's listening for something. When everyone else has their armor almost ready, Hybrid points one of her clawed fingers outside, almost instantly Archon turns his head to look. Reaver glances out through the open doors to see emotional traces of two people coming out from inside an object flying through the air some distance off.

The only two people that seem to notice anything are Hybrid and Reaver, but everyone starts to look in the direction; its Echo who starts hearing what is coming, and she tells them while starting to run

"HELICOPTER!" she screams.

Hybrid responds to the threat by jumping out onto the balcony, the exact instant her feet touch the ground her wings spread out and she kicks off flying towards the threat. Archon grabs hold of Succubus and they both turn into energy allowing them to teleport to safety.

Tracker runs for the staircase knowing it will be faster than an elevator, even with a head start Echo sees Tracker run past her at extraordinary speed, as she circles down the stairwell she sees him jump across the opening in the center of the stairwell a floor and a half at a time; catching on, then jumping again.

Hybrid comes at the helicopter finding it heavily armed. The moment the people inside spot her they open fire with a mini-gun, she pulls downward just in time to avoid being hit, then springs up using an updraft from a building almost as quickly trying to take it from below. She quickly discovers that the propellers generate enough wind of their own to throw off her flight. The people inside ignore her for the moment and fire several rockets into the top floors of the building.

Inside, Echo feels the heat of an explosion above her, then her arm is tugged and she quickly finds herself flowing through everything as she's teleported out by Archon.

Reaver is not so lucky; he went outside not understanding why such powerful mutants would be so scared of a helicopter. The rockets missed him by mere inches and the force of the explosions knocked him off the balcony leaving him to fall.

Tracker is more than half way down the building when the force of the blast hits him, and he was just in the middle of a jump, the force knocks him straight down, but he manages to catch hold of a railing three floors down. He curses to himself and flips over onto the stairwell using the strength of one arm.

Succubus waits almost a block away, police vehicles drive past her to secure the area, she notices someone falling from the top floor of the building, she holds down a button on the neck of her armor and says "Someone's falling! Hybrid, get back to the hotel and catch them!" All of them with helmets hear her through the com-link.

Archon appears at the bottom of the staircase and looks up to see Tracker still two floors above. "Vhat is taking so long?" he asks not meaning it as a joke, a second later he hears the message from Succubus, and freezes not wanting to lose his telepath so early.

Hybrid outruns the helicopter with ease; the problem this causes is allowing them to see her results in a large volley of bullets being fired at her. The gunner notices exactly what's happening, and as such adjusts his aim towards Reaver.

Hybrid manages to catch Reaver a few feet above the ground; she starts to pull upwards when a series of bullets digs through her left wing near one joint. She lets go and the telepath collides with a crowd of people as they flee the building. Hybrid crashes into the building missing any windows and falls, her mouth opens as if to scream, but being mute no sound louder than breathing comes out, she runs in the opposite direction than the one Reaver was thrown; otherwise even more people would die from the gun fire. Leading it away is far harder for her than running through the first floor of the building would have been.

Reaver takes note of a man feeling nothing but enjoyment for what has happened; there is no familiarity, just another explosion in an action movie. Reaver slides a knife into the jerk's neck and instantly feels better from it as he drains the life force rushing out from the corpse. He starts running not even paying attention to how he nearly died, and how he probably would have settled for anyone to heal at the time.

Hybrid lefts a sewer lid nearly destroying it with her claws and dives into the opening with her wings wrapped tightly around her so that she can fit. She catches her breath slowly and notices that mixed in with the other smells are gun oil and several unfamiliar chemicals. She starts to move and hears someone's footsteps moving through water not far away. She sees a man in black armor with red markings coming around a corner loaded down with weapons.

Before she can do anything, a bolt of concentrated kinetic force goes past her burning like fire with a red glow. She charges and ducks to the side slightly as the second blast is fired, the feeling of her scales and flesh under it being torn up serves to make her even angrier, she dives at the attacker but feels herself being driven back when she's just a few inches away from removing his head. Instead of hitting the ground she floats in the air starting to drift backwards as if in slow motion with no way to defend herself from the third blast that rips into her gut forcing her tar-like blood to sprinkle out.

After Hybrid falls to the ground the enemy walks up to her casually; he takes careful aim for the heart seeing through layers of muscle and bone using the targeting system over one eye to find its exact location. He squeezes the trigger, but her tail pulls out his leg from under him causing the shot to go high and into her shoulder instead of the heart. He starts to pull away not even realizing that his gun is out of his hand, Hybrid rolls on top of him digging her claws through his armor, she opens her mouth dripping acidic-saliva onto his mask and bends down to bite.

His gun slides into his hand being magnetically pulled. He presses it against her side and fires repeatedly. The first shot damages her badly, but she keeps pushing trying to use the strength of the pain to kill him, but it's almost useless. The next couple of shots go into the same spot; a couple shots later part of her spine is gone. The remaining shots go clear out her back not having anything left to rip through. She goes weak from the pain and no longer being able to use her legs. He shoves her off of himself and stands up.

He aims carefully at her now erratic heart-beat, but suddenly he feels pain and electricity cut into one of the claw wounds, the electric charge increases to the point where he's knocked into the wall; but the knife is left sticking out of his back. Archon stands there pulling his second knife while glancing at Hybrid who is twitching from the electricity that escaped into the shallow-water at their feet.

On the surface Echo looks at the helicopter turning to aim for the sewer opening, light glints off a missile on the side of it, only being able to use her sound-blades up close she thinks quickly and channels the noise surrounding the helicopter to inside it, this would barely be noticeable considering how the propeller blades are silenced. However, the system used for that is blocking the sound waves with a repeat of the same ones; in reality, the sound is there twice, but it's not noticeable because of the way it travels hitting a copy and nullifying. She focuses the way she would to create a sound-blade; only less from inside her, instead of taking a shape it hits the two people inside just bombarding them with noise from across the city causing the windows to crack.

The pilot screams as his eardrums painfully burst, this leaves him in too much pain to control the helicopter; and it crashes into a non-evacuated building claiming many lives.

Archon dives to the side as a shot from the enemy is fired; he then thrusts himself forward as a shot goes past his ear along with the sound of a Fordon yelling out of annoyance and pain. The third shot directed at Archon is well aimed, but Archon turns into energy and disappears just before the shot can impact. Too fast for the enemy (also known as Fordon) to react Archon's left arm goes around his neck from behind putting him in a headlock, followed instantly by Archon stabbing his knife into Fordon's head just below where the added protection of the helmet starts. Fordon responds by elbowing Archon in the gut with enough force to crack a rib, and Archon's armor hardly does any good against it, the force of the hit seems to hit twice because most of the force that would normally channel back into the attacker doesn't.

Archon falls to the ground dropping something that goes unnoticed. Fordon struggles to pull the knife out of his head ignoring the voice he hears telling him to ignore it. He screams as it comes out doing almost as much damage as when it went in, falling to the ground, he doesn't see either of the mutants anymore, just a small metallic object known as a grenade. He blinks as the white-hot flames pour out reducing him to little more than ash.

Succubus looks at the fire coming out of the sewer; white-phosphorus-grenades are capable of melting tanks in half if placed right, even the strongest mutants fear them. She hears Archon's voice in her ear "It's over, ve von." his voice is cut off when he teleports again needing to get Hybrid medical attention immediately.

Echo looks at the bodies being carried out of the hotel; it wasn't some super-villain that did the killing there, it was a United Nations helicopter sent to kill every one of them including her. She looks at a pay phone knowing that it's time to leave a message to update them, as she walks towards it she notices that it's the same one she used earlier, she forms a sound-blade and cuts it horizontally in half while going past it.

From on top of a rooftop Reaver points his head in the direction of the most fear, from there he realizes that the emotional traces all seemed close to normal, and what's worse there was only the faintest traces of recognition from the enemy. Reaver's seen stronger emotional bolds from men reading playboy; even if Fordon had seen Archon before there was no real hatred. The truth dawns on him, but before he can do anything an impact over the back of his head knocks him out preventing him from alerting the others as to what's really happening.
To be concluded....

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The following comments are for "Children of Extinction (five of six)"
by Ragath

Too long for me,
make it nice and short
next time.

have a lovely day bye bye
see ya soon e e.

( Posted by: Lava Inferno [Member] On: May 30, 2003 )

Got it
The later chapters I try to keep to five pages or less, the problem was that when I started I didn't use the same formatting, so this first story is longer than expected; now days it would have ended up being seven chapters.

From what you read what did you think of the ideas contained in it?

( Posted by: Ragath [Member] On: June 1, 2003 )

I think the action sequences are a good idea in the latter stories; once the plot was established, you let fly with the motion. I like it. But to be honest, could you elaborate on what ideas you were trying to get across? Any deeper meanings, etc.?

( Posted by: Washer [Member] On: June 8, 2003 )

I play around with different ideas a lot while I'm bored... I assume that you were at least in part referring to the opening bit about the United Nations? That was basically a reference to the fact that if there was "power" (for lack of a better term) in the real world, it would in turn make things no different as far as corruption goes (if you consider me to be wrong study what the U.N. did in Rwanda).

In my writing the United Nations have official control over all telepaths (smart governments probably keep a couple hidden in their upper ranks), along with most matters pertaining to mutants (the mutant code mentioned in chapter one). In my writing the United Nations became a police dog group for governments to control mutants without receiving much blame for violating human rights, and in turn having a monopoly over such things with the freedom to use it to crack down on countries that are too weak to make machine-guns/dynamite/nukes/mutants; mutants don't exist in our world, but I bet there would be the same statement "With these things around no one would want to go to war: that would be suicide!" In addition to that if there's one group with control of something they'll give up a lot to protect that control... in the story above they located a breach in their control over telepaths, that had to be dealt with, and a few dozen dead humans is a low price to pay to exterminate one rouge psychic.

As for Archon killing someone with a hand grenade...the big-bad-current-weapon is often over hyped, it jams, it doesn't do everything you want it to, but a conventional weapon that works brought into a fight relying on the new one could prove better: The English rocked with their muskets; the lead poisoning they gave the natives was great, but light rain or snow and they were useless ... on the other hand the natives had bows which were considered obsolete; but in fact they were longer ranged, more accurate, could be used in any weather type, and far more powerful.

I should have number six up on Thursday after my finals are done with, sorry for all the delays, and once again thank you all for taking the time to read stories produced by my limited imagination.

( Posted by: Ragath [Member] On: June 9, 2003 )

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