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They will not give up on the idea of "immigration reform" (so-called) while refusing to accede to the fact that if the pieces in this (or any other) design project don't fit together, the final product will fail.

While American jobs are being shipped to the farthest corners of the world, the designers of immigration reform on both sides of the political spectrum seem to be unfazed. Their plans call for the importation of foreign workers to take up the "slack," if you can believe it ... the sole purpose of which is to fill as many of the remaining jobs as possible at fairyland wages. So what else is new?.

Well John Boehner, Mitch McConnell and Harry Reid have it exactly backwards. There is no slack--there is nothing but tautness in a line that is about to snap. These "imported" workers are not taking up jobs that Americans eschew; they're robbing millions of hard-working Americans--including the fully naturalized--of the jobs they want and have been filling ever since the Industrial Revolution began to really take off in this country. It would be an absolute no-brainer to say that most migrants from outside our borders have their eyes focused on skilled jobs well ahead of those offered by the big Ag-Man, for example.

Do we need an army of produce workers? Currently, we do. Is that likely to change? ... only out of necessity. But for the present, what we're saying is, "Let them become American citizens first if they're so hard working ... not just because they're here already ... no cutting in line...but in the same way the Irish, the Italians, the Poles, the Armenians, the Koreans, the Taiwanese, the ..."

Granted, it's a long list. We're a "nation of immigrants," as they like to say. But there is a word they don't like saying and one they refuse to utter, actually, even though they clearly know the difference between legal *immigration* and illegal *migration*.

Immigration is to migration what INTER-murals are to INTRA-murals, where inter-mural sports equates to "going outside" the conference or even beyond. Participation in intra-mural sports means to play "within" the boundaries of a conference or township, but not beyond. How difficult is this for some folks to understand? Admittedly it wasn't all that easy for many high school freshmen to catch on, especially those who weren't sports oriented.

So who is still a freshman here? Can they be made to understand that when we speak of migrant workers (see note 1) we're talking about those who are already legally within the country, but that this conference--the USA Conference--begins and ends at the U.S. national border? So if you're in the U.S. legally, migrate anywhere you want. But if you're not, you need to emigrate first (look it up), which means following the rules America has set up for immigration--the most generous immigration guidelines, by the way, of any nation on Earth. This includes learning a modicum of U.S. history and acquiring enough of the English language to be able to read a newspaper and be able function as an American citizen.

Which, of course, takes this particular rock right to the immigration hard place, meaning that it's time for American naivete to come to an end. Consider the billions of U.S. dollars that flow outward across our national borders each year just to support families who don't live here and who, in all likelihood, have absolutely no intention of living here. We're now talking about remittances (see note 2)--the dollars that could and should be supporting *local* civic governments and *local* businesses. It's an absolute wonder that George W. Bush supported immigration reform as concocted by people like democratic California Senator Diane Feinstein ... until one realizes that it's only wartime profiteers like Feinstein who--along with G. Dubya--never met a war they didn't like, including the War on the Middle Class now playing to packed theatres all across America.

So to big government, hear this ~ There are those of us who are ready to strike a bargain with your twin devils--Congress and the President of the United States--and here's the deal: No increase in H-1B and H-2B Visas but with new limits on the currently unlimited H-2A. Nor shall there be any relaxation of current immigration quotas while the average national unemployment figure is above 7.0 percent--all of the above included. Whad'd'ya say? Deal or no deal?

Ah-h, but wait a minute. There's a catch, isn't there? (details ~ see note 3) ... just like there was a catch in the way Wall Streeters were betting on the failure of the very instruments they were selling to everyone else, knowing full well that they were selling sows' ears while passing them off as silk purses.

And as for Big Ag business, here's a challenge for you ~ Modernize, for chrissake! Since something like 200 years before the American Revolution all the way through to the mid 19th Century, slaves--followed by a generation or more of indentured servants--had been forced to pick cotton by hand. The only bright spot in this entire time period (for blacks, that is) came in the 1790s with the invention of the cotton gin, which brought some relief from the drudgery associated with this highly labor intensive industry, but not nearly enough. Why, then, 100-plus years since the appearance of the cotton harvesting machine in 1889--probably the first necessity driven crop automation invention ever--are America's *economic slave owners* still forcing the hand picking and packing of almost all of today's truck farming produce?

We're shouting it from the rooftops ~ Immigration reform is about nothing more than the further empowerment of the "pickpockets" who circulate freely in American society ... couching everything in patriotism while wrapping it all up in the American Flag. Well we're not fooled by it and it's almost impossible to imagine who would be ... not after the unnecessary torture we've been put through lately.


Not everything we read and absorb, even at the college level, can be called education. Some of it is political propaganda, to wit, university professors who cling to the now discredited notion that there is a perfect and infallible "unseen hand" that regulates free and unfettered market capitalism. Similarly, not everything that is presented as course material can be called enlightenment. Some of it is opinion, as in that which you have just read, while much else can only be called indoctrination, to wit, the phenomenon known as Bible study.


(1) Wikipedia on migrant workers ~ "The term migrant worker ... is generally confined to lower-wage fields, perhaps because the term has been indelibly linked with low-wage farmworkers and illegal immigrants (sic). Examples of professions which could be called migrant workers ... include: electricians [and] other construction workers who travel from one construction job to another ... wildland firefighters in the western United States; temporary consulting work; and Interstate truck drivers."

(2) Wikipedia on remittances ~ "Mon(ies) sent home by migrants ... vary(ing) from US$250 billion ... to US$301 billion ... contribute to economic growth and to the livelihoods of needy people worldwide. Remittances also foster, in the receiving countries, a further economic dependence on the global economy instead of building sustainable, local economies."

(3) Could we be betting that the national unemployment figure will never again see seven percent--not this year, not next year ... not ever? Isn't this the same as betting against America? Well, isn't that what they did? ... the bankers, the Wall Street brokers and the fund managers? ... the very same people we've allowed to pick the pockets of ordinary Americans whenever they felt like it?


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The following comments are for "A Quick Course on Immigration"
by fritzwilliam

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